❖ windchime forest


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☾ jazael white 6 months ago
@☾ nymeria ursulae weird, jazael thought as he crossed his arms right atop his chest. he didn't like this suspicious aura naia was emitting and where this would lead him to - the way she smiled was just proper and polite, but god, did those eyes scream mischief. was this how she would usually react when people asked her for help? he heard that she liked doing business - perhaps that thought popped up in her mind? though whatever jazael would be dealing with, he crossed fingers that it would be worth it.

he hummed. "now, why would you care?" he retorted with a raised brow. "my wand's missing," he replied curtly, "i want you to help me find it, but i know that it'll cost a price - am i correct?"

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☾ nymeria ursulae [A] 7 months ago
@☾ jazael white what naia had initially wanted to do in the forest was to collect ingredients for her potions, and not meet anyone else on the way to and from the sea of the trees. however the moment she heard the footsteps coming out of the forest, she knew that she wasn't about to have the peace she wanted. this was a potential customer, however, and as such, a smile automatically found its way to her lips, head tilted a little bit sideways. polite, yet her eyes gave away anything that would suggest contrary to the innocence her smile would have conveyed.

"that's not the correct way to ask for a favor, is it?" she said, her arms instinctively folding by her stomach. jazael white — son of the white witch, if naia's memory served her right. abilities were similar to the solberg brat from the heroes department. "what do you want?"

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☾ jazael white 7 months ago
@☾ nymeria ursulae never did he ever had thought of losing any of his valuables, but in this case, he lost his silver wand.

and that was why jazael was in this very forest, pushing himself past through shrubs and bushes and avoiding large, bumpy tree roots along the way. perhaps he had misplaced it somewhere and anyone could have stolen and used it for their own greedy goods, and the thought of it just made him silently mutter angry incoherent words under his breath.

he had trained himself with some solo sword-fighting a few hours ago in this forest, but as he had finally managed to find the spot he had went to earlier, his wand was, unfortunately, nowhere to be found. it looked like there wasn't a chance for him to retrieve it back, so as he was feeling hopeless, he recollected his steps out of the foliage, only to find the perfect person who could possibly assist him.

"oi, you! naia!" he quickly jogged up to her, desperate, "can you help me out?"


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kodachrome [A] 6 months ago
open fairytale parents :

snow white
cruella de vil
dr facilier
sleeping beauty
peter pan

open fcs :

park chaeyoung
jeon jungkook
kim jiwoo
park jinyoung
park junghwa
yoon dowoon
momomochi 6 months ago
sana please as daughter of rapunzel from tangled :3
disrespect 6 months ago
seraphine 6 months ago
ahn yujin as the daughter of princess kida as second? uwu
alaskafka 7 months ago
lalisa manoban as the daughter of the genie please and thank you!!
f675991ac8aaad66cd8c 7 months ago
i've requested for a second notice me senpias ;^;
grimraven 7 months ago
Are internationals allowed?
-oliver 7 months ago
Song mingi as son of Hector Barbossa please~
-lukas 7 months ago
kang younghyun as son of sir lancelot pls,,, make his name brian fhskxk
-oliver 7 months ago
I would like to request Choi San as the son of tinkerbell please ^^
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