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dorm 02
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☾ hestia of sicily 6 months ago
@☼ mateo abendrot Hestia rose an eyebrow in disbelief. “Passing by? At three in the morning? In a locked dorm room?” Sensing her aggression, Grim increasingly got more hostile in an attempt to protect his owner. “Do you think I’m some sort of idiot?” She cackled at the tiny blade in his hand. It was the equivalent of bringing a knife to a gun — or in this case, fire — fight. “And do you really think that toy is enough to protect you?”

She narrowed her eyes at the stranger’s jab, the tone of voice and choice of words clearly indicating him to be around her age. A student here perhaps? Maybe a hero, considering how he got caught. She wasn’t sure. But who the hell was he to call her short? Her hair had ignited by this point, both as a defensive mechanism and a response to the stranger’s incompetence. But the fire intensified at the way he was talking down to her.

“Look kid, you come into /my/ dorm, to do God know’s what, and insult me? Do you know who the hell I am?” She yelled agitatedly. Her patience was running thin, and she was extremely close to burning the stranger to a crisp. But a clock chimed angrily in the background, signalling yet another hour had passed by — and was another hour closer to her alchemy deadline.

So Hestia sighed in frustration, pinching the bridge of her nose with her free hand. With the flame still aimed at the intruder, she spoke out through tired eyes, “Look man, I have a paper due at noon, and the only thing emptier than that is that Aurora kid’s brain. So cut the crap and just tell me who you are and what the hell you’re doing in my damn dorm. Don’t waste both of our times.”

She looked up, eye-bags darker than the midnight sky, and threatened lightly, “If you do, then maybe, just maybe, I won’t feed you to my dog.” Grim barked loudly after for emphasis, as if he knew he might be getting a new chew toy. Hestia threw a small smirk in its way, glad that her pet was as dramatic as she was. Good boy.
☾ cole winchester 6 months ago
@☼ ameena al mansouri As the lone wolf was on the final stage of her euphoria, when someone asked in the right side of her ear. Cole yelps and threw her console to someone behind her in surprised and sees the annoying female once again, failing the game entirely. "What the are you doing here?!" She asked, gritting her teeth and clenching her fists.
☼ ameena al mansouri 6 months ago
@☾ cole winchester finished with surveying her surroundings and filing the bits of information away for 'future purposes', the half-genie pads across the room. her footfalls are silent; only accompanied by the electronic sounds coming from the other female's device. meena is in no hurry to announce her presence, no. hunched over her console and eyes trained on the screen, there's a faint grin gracing cole's normally frigid features - and meena finds it a bit of a shame to have to be the one to wipe it away. just a teeny tiny bit though. nowhere near enough to stop the nuisance extraordinaire from parting her lips and shattering the fragile silence with a simple - "having fun?"
☾ cole winchester 6 months ago
@☼ ameena al mansouri Cole just playing games and never got distracted by anyone unless it is food, she was eating chocolates and potato chips while pushing buttons in her console. She smiled, she often grin or smile when she wasa bit intrigued on something. Busy on her video games, she didn't noticed Meena is inside her room.
☼ ameena al mansouri 6 months ago
@☾ cole winchester there is a familiar tugging sensation creeping up her spines -- and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sole warning meena's got before gaudy plumes of purple smoke swallow her whole. when she finally opens her eyes a moment after, she finds that the rows of tables and chairs belonging to the cafeteria are nowhere to be seen and in its place is a square living space, fully furnished and fit to house about three to four people. a flash of something pink in her peripheral vision catches her attention. the lass turns her head; the thin branch of cherry blossom sticking out of the trash can is the only confirmation she needs. she has, indeed, got teleported into the lone wolf's dormitory and despite everything, meena smiles.
☾ cole winchester 6 months ago
@☼ ameena al mansouri Cole walks back to her dorm and opens her ps4 before getting some foods to eat then when she was going to get a bubblegums from her pocket, she took one bubblegum along with a flower. She didn't remembered picking a flower from the garden before she shrugged it off and throw it to the trash can then plays her game.
☼ mateo abendrot 6 months ago
@☾ hestia of sicily Loud, shrill barking could be heard ringing through the room and Mateo flinched at the piercing noise. So...this bloody creature chose to make his presence known to the whole room huh...The snarling was so intense, Mateo bets it could be heard by everyone within the academy.

At least he’s not going to be food. But that was only one piece of good news; he now has to figure out how to get out of this place without getting caught by its tenants. Whilst looking around to find an opening, he was desperately trying to stop the mutt from causing a commotion— if Mateo was lucky enough, those residing in this dorm were all heavy sleepers and wouldn’t bother checking out what the uproar in the common space was all about. He attempted to hush the hound by waving his arms around, making shushing sounds as he made tiny steps towards the large beast.

‘Help me out here. If you shut up you won’t get scolded by your owner for barking in the middle of the night and I’d be able to slip out, come on man’ he was caught in a plight and found himself talking to the animal— has he really fell to this sorry state...all for one rob.

Occupied by only the dog, Mateo had once again neglected another’s aura in the room. The slight colour of blue flames being ignited was captured from his peripheral vision caused him to whip his head around where he was met with a girl; looking very irritable. Immediately, he draws out a mini knife from the side of his boot, pointing it at the uninvited guest— which was not a very smart move, for the monstrosity he decided to ignore started getting increasingly aggressive at him.

‘Erm. Grim?’ must be the dog’s name...He corked a brow in slight confusion, using the chance where the fire-haired being was talking to get a good look at her, mentally gauging his chances at winning (without waking the whole academy up) and decided he was going to have to talk this one out.

‘I was just passing by?’ a string of nervous chuckles followed remark, lips tugged up into a sheepish smile. ‘Your dog decided to say hi to me, very cute pet, haha’

Blanking out, Mateo decided to try his luck by flipping the tables on her. ‘And who are you young miss? Shouldn’t you be asleep, it’s past bedtime and you’re not going to be growing any taller by staying awake’ he moved forward, away from where the shadows hid his identity to expose the top half of his face. He straightened his back and tried to tower over the other; though it wasn’t much as he was still a distance away from her.

‘Perhaps this is all a dream, you know...So just leave and you can go back to sleeping a peaceful sleep’ he probably should’ve shut up, he didn’t know Hestia hasn’t slept a wink so she could definitely call him bluff.
☾ hestia of sicily 7 months ago
@☼ mateo abendrot Hestia’s face slammed into one of the many thick, open book of potions splayed out in front her. Her eyes jolted open in shock, a stray piece of paper sticking on to her mud mask that she had left on for way too long.

It was the dead of the night, and the villain was up late rushing a potions essay that was due the next day. Or at least, she was trying to. Don’t get her wrong, Hestia was usually on top of her studies; alchemy being one of her favourite subjects. However, when it got to the theory part, Hestia couldn’t stop herself from letting her mind wander to other more exciting, less boring things.

She let it wander too far apparently, and now she was stuck writing a 5,000 word paper debating the superiority of organic matter to manufactured ingredients. She threw an envious glare at her roommate sleeping soundly under the covers, and pouted at her own empty bed. It looked so, so inviting right now, but alas, she was the designer of her own catastrophe.

And that catastrophe happened to only total 400 words at the moment. The brunette stretched her arms over her head, before engaging in a little scream therapy to relieve some of her (self-inflicted) stress.

Hestia flinched in shock when she heard a loud growl from the next room over. What the heck was Grim doing? She ignored him at first, choosing instead to idly screen through the blurry words of another open book. But the barks wouldn’t stop, and the thud of her roommate’s pillow hitting the back of her head forced her to go out and investigate.

“God damn Grim, why the hell are you so loud for?” she groaned out, dragging her heavy feet towards her 3-headed blood hound. But a sudden shift in movement caught her attention, and her hair lit up into blue flames alarmingly as she instinctively pulled her defences up.

She caught sight of the dark figure her dog was snarling at, crouching against the wall with their hands stuck out in defence. Hestia lit a cobalt flame in the palm of her hand to shed light on the sudden intruder.

“Who the hell are you? What are you doing to Grim?” She was too tired to deal with this. She was cranky, on a time crunch, and was in her damn silk pyjamas for crying out loud.

“And what the hell are you doing in my room?”
☼ mateo abendrot 7 months ago
@☾ hestia of sicily The sky was black tranquility married to a poetry of stars. It was the softness that called body and brain to rest and let the heart go to its steady rhythm. Night came as a reward of sorts, a restfulness above to calm the soul. The academy was drowned in a sense of serenity, contrary to the chaos that ensued in the morning.

However, not for one particular male.

Instead of being in bed fast asleep at 3 am like the rest of his peers, Jaemin was found lurking around the villain’s corridors. His body could be seen — though not clearly, it takes a keen eye to be able to spot him, he was after all dressed in a full black attire — shifting around and hiding among the shadows.

Quick and quiet movements of his deft figure eventually led him to his destination— dorm 02. He has heard about the wealth that this room holds thus decided to see for himself; if rumours were true, he’d be able to steal said fortune and distribute it to the poor.

The thought of victory egged the young lad on, imagining the praises he would be receiving and perhaps he’ll finally be able to gain recognition among his hero peers. Whilst he was lost in his fantasy, Jaemin had subconsciously managed to break the lock open and had made his way into the room. Unfortunately, this was where he had neglected a presence.

He was too occupied by the abundance of antiques and other various treasures he had laid his eyes on and as if moth drawn to flame, he had moved towards the riches when he heard a loud growl coming from the corner,,,,behind a chair?

A cold shiver hit down his spine and that was when the boy knew he had messed up. With a swift turn of his head, he was met eye to eye— more like eye to eyeS— with a 3 headed,,,,dog? What dog had 3 heads? Jaemin knew he was in trouble either way and he could only bite down a nervous chuckle, easing himself away slowly to put some distance between himself and the hound.

‘Hey there...little...buddy,’ hesitantly, he raises his hands out while he crouched over with eyes gazed onto the floor. This could go two ways; the first where the creature in front of him causes a ruckus and wakes its owner up or the second where Jaemin was a mere snack to it; both of which were his dead ends. Now this is when he thought he could use one last prayer.
☾ cole winchester 7 months ago
@☾ maleficent /nods and bows a bit at her/ Thank you.
☾ lancelot legume 7 months ago
@☾ maleficent thanks mother monster
☾ maleficent [A] 7 months ago
@☾ lancelot legume @☾ hestia of sicily @☾ cole winchester @☾ adrian grimhilde hello, children. this would be your dorm from here on. do not try to make too much of a mess, or i'm afraid i'll have to kick you out. enjoy.


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kodachrome [A] 6 months ago
open fairytale parents :

snow white
cruella de vil
dr facilier
sleeping beauty
peter pan

open fcs :

park chaeyoung
jeon jungkook
kim jiwoo
park jinyoung
park junghwa
yoon dowoon
momomochi 6 months ago
sana please as daughter of rapunzel from tangled :3
disrespect 6 months ago
seraphine 6 months ago
ahn yujin as the daughter of princess kida as second? uwu
alaskafka 7 months ago
lalisa manoban as the daughter of the genie please and thank you!!
f675991ac8aaad66cd8c 7 months ago
i've requested for a second notice me senpias ;^;
grimraven 7 months ago
Are internationals allowed?
-oliver 7 months ago
Song mingi as son of Hector Barbossa please~
-lukas 7 months ago
kang younghyun as son of sir lancelot pls,,, make his name brian fhskxk
-oliver 7 months ago
I would like to request Choi San as the son of tinkerbell please ^^
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