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Wang Yibo 1 month ago
@Julia Choi The tavern was a loud cacophony of drunken patrons, giggling and yodels from the barmen as they tried dwindling down the unruly bunch. The Witcher sat at the bar, fingers of a hand wrapped around the hilt of the fourth glass of ale he nursed, the corners of his lips twitching in amusement as he eavesdropped on the conversation of the men who sat behind him.

“That forsaken Witcher is supposed to be passing through town tonight! Gah, watch how he drains Dubthain in blood just like he did with Rackpoint!” The merchants were meant to be whispering between themselves but Yibo’s ears had perked up at the mention of his names and title. There was little to no truth on what the men said: he was in passing through Dubthain but only for business purposes. Rackpoint though- he couldn’t resist speaking up.

“Is Dubthain a demon-town like Rackpoint? Then we have a problem,” the Witcher grumbled as he took a sip of his ale, finishing the tall glass in one go and slamming it on the wooden counter. He turned around slowly to look at the two men who had stopped talking, their faces that of frightened stupor as they took in the man who stood in front of them.

Yibo knew what they were looking at, having seen that reflection countless of times in the polished glass, still water and even the rough-edged sword he held at the hip. His hair was a wispy mess of flame blue, the elven tips of his ears that had been hidden by the hood of his cape peeking through the locks. He towered over them, standing proud and impressive in his built splendor but the terrifying part was the pair of eyes that stared back at the men; it was like liquid gold, shifting and moving as if water treading between little pathways, framed by sooty lashes and topped by the heavy set of his brows, it was enough for the men to cower back. That was until the shorter on of the two stepped forward, idiotic bravery etched on his face as he raised a fist at the Witcher.
“Leave Rackpoint alone, Demon Child!” he screeched, earning a grimace from Yibo- his ears needed to be spared if he needed to do his job right but that was not what ticked him off.

He wasn’t a ‘Demon Child’ as the man had so kindly put it (or was he?). It was funny how preaches and sermons from pretentious men had all made those like him the villain. They weren’t the spawn of some supernatural being, nor were they all evil. Witchers were mutants, bred and experimented on for no one knew what reasons. There had been several questions about the existence and birth of one but none of them were answered even as time flew, the only thing certain was that they were beings of extreme caliber. Their talents had been enough to rise fear all over the world, causing their race of mutants to go almost extinct with only a handful peppered around. And Yibo was one of The Last Ones, a title he held with pride.

“Your town has nothing for me,”Yibo spoke calmly, his face composed and devoid of any sort of emotion despite the way he moved, graceful even if he did something as minuscule as pulling a gold coin out of his coin bag to toss over the counter to the awaiting hands of the barman. It would be enough to cover the expenses of the three men’s drink, Yibo thought to himself, his mouth starting to curve upwards in a toothy grin. “Unless you point me to Hvita. I’m looking for Fisil, the Mage. Anyone know where I can find him?”

He was off on his way barely a moment later, pleased smirk concealed once again by the hood of his cape. His steed, Bucephalus galloped with power, surging through the little town of Rackpoint and past the enormous jungle that surrounded it, it's wild mane the color of iridescent obsidian whipping in the wind. It was a fearsome scene for one's eyes to fall upon; the beast on top of a bolting beast with a gleaming sword at his side. Who would be at the end point of it? No one knew who would fall victim to the Soul Eating Sword. Yet there was an inclination when the Witcher reached Hvita, the ghost town. It didn't look like one, with lush greenery that was cared for and an otherwise prospering atmosphere. Unlike it's neighboring Rackpoint, the sun always shined here. And Yibo knew it was unnatural, the work of the man he was searching for. With a grunt, he hopped off Bucephalus, patting the stallion's sweaty side as he looked around, gaze quick and assertive.

It was ironic how it was called a town when there was only one house that sat in it's middle, grandiose in it's beauty but empty and rid of warmth of what one would call a home. It reeked of glamor, the veil meant to conceal secrets and deceive the eye. Pushing the doors open, Yibo walked in, his steps careful with his hand ever-ready on the hilt of his sword should he need to brandish it. His suspicions were confirmed; the house was empty. Rage was quick to fill the Witcher, his fist lashing out before he could realize it to crash against the sand wall.

Time and time again, Fisil the Mage had managed to escape Yibo who had begun losing count of how many towns he had ransacked and passed through just to get to this one man. The man who started it all and could put an end to his misery. His mind had started running, way too fast for the thoughts to be comprehensible and the throbbing in his temples had started again. Golden gaze that had turned fiery from the rage closed as he tried finding a new route for his plan; the battle between him and Fisil seemed never-ending at that point. But he wasn't who he was if he gave up so soon. With a resilient sigh, he picked himself again, shoulder square and chin proud as he his heels, the same rage and fury fueling his blood. Something knocked against his boots, causing his steps to come to a halt and when he looked down, a papyrus scroll flitted with the cool breeze, knocking gently against the leather skin. With a flick of his wrist, the scroll was in his palm, unfolding on its own for him to read.

It was just a blank sheet of papyrus at first but Yibo was used to the mischief of the mage; his index raised, a little blue flame at it's tip which he shot off to the paper, watching with an amused smirk as the words came to light. Fire Magic, typical of the Mage. The snort that had started bubbling in his throat died, face contorting into one of calm as if ready to unleash the storm that had boiling in his entire being.

"Heavens fall and come Hell, you will never find me, Witcher. Your mighty sword will never taste the blood of the Great Mage! But should you want to break the curse... find her, for she is key. Adieux, dear friend!" Yibo could hear the change in the wind that had suddenly picked up, the motions and rhythms that of an evil cackle. His fingers had tightened around the corners of the papyrus, claws digging into the fragile paper as the words dissolved to reveal the portrait of a.. little girl? She looked no older than 15 summers with the delicate curves and lines of her face. Yibo would have not paid much attention to one like her had it not been for the pair of eyes that stared back at him. He recognized it far too well, mostly because it was his own gaze that smirked back but at the very back of his head, the memories he'd kept buried had started bubbling out of the shadows, likely going to haunt him until whenever he could tame his demons down.

Bucephalus was mounted again, the Herculean beast's speed rivaling that of a lightning bolt as the Witcher bound the road for the capital of Temeria. He needed answers quick and he knew exactly where to find them.
Jung Jaehyun [A] 2 months ago
@Sofia Jamora 【 beep: you've got a message! 】— You got accepted! Welcome to Love Shot. Now, don't forget to put up an OOC profile within 2 days if you want to keep your character. In your profile, include gmt, writing preference, writing length/style, character orientation (please don't forget this!), preferences/limits (if you plan to partake), and even a sample if you're comfortable with sharing. Also, please take the time to mingle around and check out our rooms so you know how to navigate for plots and rping.

To give you a general breakdown:
1. Basics: rooms for ooc related and admin related along with weekly writing challenges
2. Plotting: rooms to plot, workshops to help build character, places to publish your plots
3. Au rping: aus for you to rp from your au chatting or plotting with others
4. Nonau rooms: locations of nonau related places where you are idols/k-industry
5. Locations: various places that can be used for both au and nonau of any plot

And last but not least, your individual room aka this room! Once you are done reading this welcome message, do take the time to read the description of your given room so you understand the purpose and usage.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay with us. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, commentary regarding this place. There are rooms under basics where you can reach out to admins for any clarification or assistance!

Happy writing and hope to see you around soon!


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TheKpopRPGlossary 2 weeks ago

Hello, beautiful admins! Please, please, forgive us, if we have reached out before! We are simply just making sure that we are inclusive of EVERY rp possible in order to be fully thorough and available to the rp community on all platforms! After noticing the lack of open and active roleplay directories on tumblr, here we are. We are The Kpop Roleplay Glossary™ and we are honored to be able to invite you to join us! We would love to be able to assist you in growing your members, promoting your rp, and/or anything else we can do for you. We are here FOR YOU... and we would be extremely honored to be able to list your rp on our roster in order to promote your roleplay. We are unbiased, nonjudgmental, and offer 100% unconditional assistance. Whenever you get a free moment, please read through our rules and when you are ready, please submit your application - you are more than welcome to submit your application via an email address if you do not have a tumblr blog.

The rules: https://thekpoproleplayglossary.tumblr.com/rules
The application: https://thekpoproleplayglossary.tumblr.com/submit

A million +1 thank you's and we very sincerely look forward to having you join us!
~The Kpop Roleplay Glossary (#krpgloss)
KingsRight 1 month ago
Question.. Are kid ulzzang faceclaims allowed?
Hwannie 1 month ago
applied for Koo Junhoe
ProudShawol 1 month ago
applied for lee taemin
ProudShawol 1 month ago
hello. are inactive charas open to be taken?
[comment deleted by owner]
hibernate 1 month ago
I would like to join, yes — but I have forgotten how to write
nitric 1 month ago
Can I please get Kim Chungha back? I went inactive because I was sick for quite a while.
02653af7b49e4d3c186b 2 months ago
please a&r nam joohyuk, thanks.
periphrastic 2 months ago
can i ask for shin ryujin?
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