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Oh Sehun 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta The tension within the room lingered more noticeably than the scent of the lasagna wafting into Sehun’s nostrils. It reminded him of a home-cooked meal from his mother which nearly annoyed him further—how easy it had been during his high school days; he had no idea the storm that awaited him during college and graduate school. He had gotten lost in thought, pen doodling random figures on the corner of the paper before he was brought back into reality by Yuta’s rough grasp.

Glancing into his lover’s irises, Sehun ignored all other distractions and focused intently on the words. Lips curling into a sly grin as the offer was presented to him—it felt almost ridiculous to try and find free time within his schedule, but he remembered that a study group had cancelled on him for this weekend which was approaching quicker than he had originally thought as his irises glanced to a calendar on the wall behind Yuta. “Saturday. Prove to me that you still have something worthy of my time in those pants and we’ll see about trying to make more time for it.” He quipped with a pleased grin, tilting his head to side with a feigned attempt to appear negotiable.
Song Mango 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta The words the older let slip through his lips were simply unbearably embarrassing to Mingi -- realising that he's been played within the palm of Yuta's hand all the way from the beginning. The grip on the older's shirt just becomes tighter by the second, letting out a slightly indignant sigh as he looks up just to meet the other's gaze -- and he was lost for a moment, the depth within it, and the way there was a slight sparkle drawing him in with each moment passing. Subconsciously did he bite down on his lower lip, momentarily gulping before a choke manages to bring him back to his senses -- immediately turning his head away. If pushed even more, the younger felt like he was about to burst out into tears, his other hand reaching up and holding it up in front of his face just to shield himself away from Yuta, "I never once took it as a joke. I've always wanted you. And maybe you see me as a plaything now, or a toy, but I -- I just... I just really adore you, hyung."
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Song Mango This Mingi was different from the first one he had met: the one so eager to voice his apparent 'thirst' for him, the one so demanding of kisses. Yuta feels the warm fondness grow for Mingi as the other holds him, like a tether. In reassurance, his own hand comes up to encase Mingi's. He draws in a breath, gathering the words for a proper answer. "Well, I was curious at first how serious you'd take this," Yuta begins, his gaze never wavering from Mingi, "I wondered if this was a joke, or if you just... did things for attention's sake. That's why I didn't want to go further. Clearly... you care a little more than that. Unless...?"
Song Mango 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta His gaze averts, barely managing to flash the older a brief look before he turns it away again. Heart clouded with confusion and hesitation, he gives Yuta a small nod of his head to agree and acknowledge both of the older's questions, as one hand slowly lifts just to curl his fingers around the older's shirt with caution.
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Song Mango "Nervous for the kiss?" Yuta asks curiously, cupping the younger's cheek with care he might not have afforded mere days ago. The elder's hesitation seemed to have transferred to the younger, rather than evaporating into thin air as he initially thought. "Are you wondering 'why the sudden change' in my heart?"
Song Mango 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta There was a brief moment where he hesitates, taking a step forward as he allows his gaze to properly observe his hyung's beautiful visage. It was then that his breath gets caught in his throat, as he stands there motionless, jaw slightly hung wide open -- maybe he couldn't do it after all. He slowly lowers his head, the apples of his cheeks now tinted with a bright shade of red. "I'm nervous."
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Song Mango You may.
Song Mango 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta Yuta, can I kiss you here?
Wong Yukhei 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta [] this is velvet and shimmer.

"I might go bankrupt if you charge me, yuta." He has met a lot of people. All kinds of people. Yet here he is, somewhat deluded into thinking there's something different about this man beneath him whose smile is worth a thousand or maybe more in his line of work, and his humour may grant him employee of the moth. Yukhei had a little anxiety earlier— busines with friends and family always is tricky in his opinion— that has dissipated a lot more.

"care for another drink? It'll be the best since I'm here." He hums, swiping his thumb along the hair line of Yuta's neck, with a smile, his attention focused on yuta solely while he pulls away to stand on his feet. His hands linger on Yuta's shoulders and moved to the front, got three buttons undone. "Unless you've work in the morning. Or a flight to catch?" He is by the table, his gaze fleeting between yuta and the alcohol. He can get tipsy since Yuta's the only client he has for the night, and despite being light weight, Lucas loves alcohol. "What's your business's about? Beside fighting a board full of egoists with brain. What's the fun part?"
Son Chailee 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta a pretty blush had crept on her cheeks with the way he stared at her, so soft yet with something much more unreadable yet real in his eyes. And suddenly, Chailee wasn’t scared anymore; of wanting to feel such gentleness or affection. He was too good to be true but he was definitely... hers. The realization hit out of the blue and everything made sense in the world. Were pigs flying outside?

It was one of the sweetest liplocks she’d ever had in her life if not the best; he tasted of sin and salvation at the same time and it was addicting. She on his lower lip before grazing on it gently with her teeth even when her breath audibly hitched when he started touching her. You’d think she’d gotten used to his touch— she had yet this time, it was completely and irrevocably different. Chailee’s breaths came out in short little shakes as she pulled away, her forehead resting against his. Her fingers then had reached to the back of his head, fiddling and intertwining with the little hairs that grew there. Studying his face often made two thoughts run in her mind: one was to get a sketchbook so she could draw him and the second one was to just kiss him. And the second one was triumphant at that very moment.

She reciprocated his kiss again, allowing him to ply her mounds into his rough palms. Her s had hardened into perky little pebbles, the cold air mixed with the warmth of his touch a feeling that was close to bliss. Pulling herself away, she let go of his head, hands moving to rest on his chest, the soft pink of her nails a stark yet beautiful contrast against his tanned skin. “Lie down for me.”
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Son Chailee https://open.spotify.com/track/2GMbt84y4zGlFXhpDmQJQE?si=-MR9rN0HTBOqbHyaSQOXRA

Chailee shed her top and Yuta witnesses a change. The same skin he’s seen before seemed to glow as it feels new. Seeing her now holds a sense of sacredness as he revels in all the ways she moves: they were in no rush. They were unhurried. Time escaped him completely and the world outside of their arms didn’t exist.

His head tilts back at her behest, greeting her soft lips and gentle lip lock. He holds onto every press of her sweet petals, indulging in the way there is a slow burn in his belly. Yuta didn’t know when his hands came to her sides, but they slide up inch by inch till his thumbs rest just under her s. Again, he’s touched this skin—bit, , lavished attention onto it—innumerable times before... But the newness of treating her body with nothing but heartfelt reverence made his chest swell and his heart clench. Was this what it meant to ‘love till it hurt’?

Hands cup her shapely mounds, greeting them with a soft press of his fingers to the flesh. “Hmm?” He answers softly, lips parting to take her lower one between his. He delivers a soft as his thumbs lazily graze over her s.
Son Chailee 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta her heart had taken it upon itself to start going haywire, picking up so fast Chailee thought it would spill out of thee confinements of her ribcage. Granted, he often had that effect on her, the type to always leave her speechless for some reason and yet, it never ceased to amuse or surprise her how completely putty she was in his hands.

Hands.. his were hot and just the right amount of calloused on her skin as he fiddled with the strap of her tanktop. His featherlight touch had caused a line of goosebumps to raise on her flesh and she shivered both under his fingers and gaze. She still stood in front of him, still wrapped in his arms and Chailee found it unfair; leaning back slightly, she pulled off her top in one fluid motion to reveal her bare upper half and then proceeded to get closer, taking a seat where she had always sat on as if it was her throne.

Her knees pressed to his sides as she plopped heavily on him, core resting against his covered one. Her own fingers fluttered the length of his arms up to his wide shoulders so she could cradle his face, urging his head in an upward tilt so she could bring down onto his. “Yuta,”she whispered against his lips before taking in those succulent tiers into a slow and languid kiss, very much so the opposite of the carnal and over excited ones they’ve shared before.
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Son Chailee His surprise is gentle, a relieved exhale as he melts against her gentle touch. It would be a lie to say that a woman like Chailee made him feel a bit of fear--until now, things were spicy and fun. They were exhilarating as they explored each other and rode on the coat tails of a carefree love. Something in Yuta wanted him to land from their soaring, slow for a bit and perhaps show her a different time. But her words completely wipe away the fear that she wouldn't be interested in taking it a step deeper, and he takes the dive.

Leading her by the hand, he seats himself at the edge of the bed. She had taken care of his shirt a good while ago--it was his turn to return the favor. A finger plays with the thin strap of her top, and he presses a kiss to the skin where it once lay as he pulls one strap up and off her shoulder. "Beautiful," he breathes against her caramel skin.
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Wong Yukhei [ absolutely not-- me UP with that velvet ]

Yuta didn't have any particular requests for tonight. Man or woman, at the end of the day, he was just looking for a good time. Where the conference /was/ fun, it was still stiff. He spent the entire day as the young millionaire spearheading the videogame tycoon, NEOMOTO Inc, representing the company on panels, in interviews, and while partying. The entire day was spent proving his worth to old men, firmly set on their chairs and hanging onto their crowns in old age, but Yuta had no fear in rising up to them. The entire day was spent proving to the world that Yuta was not set to up.

"Lucas," Yuta parrots softly, tipping his chin up at the newcomer who made himself at home over Yuta. "I had a good day, sure," he chuckles under his breath, and clicks his tongue, "I was hoping the night would get better... The name's Yuta." It sounds too formal, too dry, but what could he do? There was still some winding down to do. Instead, he lets his natural warmth bleed through, and he adds with a dash of his snark, "Usually I would tell people to take a picture if they want to stare, but I think I can make an exception for a beaut like you."
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Oh Sehun Touché. Tiredness burned around the edges of his eyes and at the fringes of his thoughts as a headache started to manifest, but Yuta holds himself together. Sehun's sharp tongue was a familiar presence, one he would usually not answer. If anything, he would accept it was his fault and move on with a small apology--anything to rectify the tension between them when the stress of work already was too much. Something in Yuta decided that this time would be different.

He continues to watch Sehun, surprising himself with his own calmness. Whereas Yuta, usually inspired by self-righteousness and a need to prove himself, would react sharply, he's unnervingly calm. The oven mitts are pulled off one by one and set on the counter with more poise than he had the set down the pasta dish, and Yuta rounds the corner of the dinner table, even if it was a short distance to Sehun's side. "And it's especially not going to get up with that attitude... My semester is ending soon, so," Yuta makes his point evident when his hand dips down and cups Sehun's chin, leading his attention back up to him, "I want to know when you have a night off. Or can take one off."
Oh Sehun 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta Furious scribbling comprised the majority of Sehun's day, and though this particular evening was a weekend, graduate school did not let him breathe. He did not have the time nor the motivation to properly even /think/ about satisfying his carnal desire despite the fact that he desperately wanted to. It had been weeks since he had been ed into the mattress of the pair's shared home. However, at the dinner table, pen in his right hand with the fork in the left. It it weren't for lust being so pent up from the past few weeks, he doubted he would have even heard the utterance that fell from Yuta's brims.

"You're going to me? Yeah that's likely considering you haven't been able to get it up in ages. Hell, I'd rather take the disappointing that's in the box under the bed at this point." He retorted, scoffing and returning his focus to his mindless scribbling. There was malice in his tone, but it was also combined with his own frustration, both at himself and his partner. Though the words weren't meant to leave a lasting impression, he could not deny his anger and ual frustration. "Get it up, and then we'll talk."
Wong Yukhei 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta [ sue me but I'm using the damn velvet ]

The boy makes sure he is perfect head to toe for one last time before making his way in with a practised smile on him. "Good evening! I'm Lucas." He is dressed in his favourite velvet suit. He slips the coat off, draping it on the single couch and makes his way to his client's side.

"Assuming you had a good day so far?" He's gentle with a humming tilt to his voice, his attention focused on his client. His friend had mentioned the name when he was asked to do a favour. Especially, be nice. His friend never cares this much. It was intriguing, though he can't allow personal curiosity get the best oh him.

He expects for the introduction while he climbs on the couch with his hand making room for his knee between the legs while his other knee straddles his thigh. There's still a little room of separation between them, if that makes sense somewhat. His friend hasn't been particular as to what. A simple, be nice. So, he is nice. His arms casually draped over the shoulders.

It is nice that the client has handsome features, and he stares a little too much.
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Oh Sehun He didn’t mean for the loud clatter as the lasagna was set down on the counter to cool. He couldn’t help it. Ever since stuffing the ricotta cheese into the pasta shells, Yuta hadn’t stopped thinking of euphemisms for ing the daylights out of Sehun until both their tension melted away. Alas, tension remained thick in the Oh-Nakamoto household as work chipped away at his own patience and libido. His was half hard, shamefully tucked away in the confines of his baggy sweats. It hadn’t been up for weeks, let alone days.

He looks up from the lasagna and regards his boyfriend with nothing short of blind determination. “I’m going to you.”
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Wong Yukhei "Enjoy your time sir," the concierge closes the door as he shuffles out, leaving Yuta to his own devices in the room. He expected nothing less than grandieur at the top of the Lux, a chic hotel that overlooked the city. The presidential suite was vacant for the moment, and for a night overseas, what reason was there not splurge a little? Including a stripper seemed like a pleasure he could allow himself this one time.

He shrugs off the weighty blazer, letting it drop into a chair as he encircles the room once, then seating himself on the edge of the bed where a delicate cart--decked with alcohol from top to bottom--stood idle, just begging for his attention. He eases himself into the evening with a shot, followed by a bite of lemon, patiently awaiting his company for the night.
Son Chailee 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta the moment his warmth left her, a protest had started building on her lips, wanting to ask how he dared leave her high and dry, but that thought or rage was brief; he sure had a way to pacify her down. she shifted her head slightly to look at him, eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he began speaking, the look in his gaze taking her aback. “Hmm,”the hum came as an answer to her name being pronounced, sounding like such a prayer on his succulent lips, she almost had a heart attack right then and there. Lower lip was taken between pearly whites, her hand flitting up to grasp his wrist of his hand that had reached up to her face as she leaned into his warmth. Whoa, making love? That was a whole new concept in itself; Chailee nodded, breathe shaky as she mumbled, breath warm and sweet as it fanned his handsome face. “I think I’d like that, Yuta.”
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Son Chailee [ continuing from walls ]

He breaks from her embrace, pulling her back against him. Her advances were stopped midway, rudely--he's aware it seemed like such a flip, to turn from hot to cold so quickly. His breath slows, nose pressed to her cheek as he holds her, hands pressed to her navel. Something... something in him stirred when he saw those marks begin to bloom across her skin. "Chailee," Yuta softly whispers, making his thoughts known in a humble confession, "I think my my heart got in the middle... Instead of going rough tonight..." His lips press against her cheek, and his hand comes up to sweep her hair away, to one side. "I want to make love, baby girl," he holds his breath for a beat, and adds under his breath, "Worship, but different."
Jung Jaehyun [A] 3 months ago
@Matthew Kim 【 beep: you've got a message! 】— You got accepted! Welcome to Love Shot. Now, don't forget to put up an OOC profile within 2 days if you want to keep your character. In your profile, include gmt, writing preference, writing length/style, character orientation (please don't forget this!), preferences/limits (if you plan to partake), and even a sample if you're comfortable with sharing. Also, please take the time to mingle around and check out our rooms so you know how to navigate for plots and rping.

To give you a general breakdown:
1. Basics: rooms for ooc related and admin related
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And last but not least, your individual room aka this room! Once you are done reading this welcome message, do take the time to read the description of your given room so you understand the purpose and usage.

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