+ hoseok l.

This is your own individual room made for you to easily keep all your threads in one place and keep track of them while boosting rp activity.

You are welcome to use other location rooms and au rooms as well! When discussing plots, it is your choice and your partner's to decide which room/location you'd like to rp in. 

It is required for you to rp at least one thread in this room so we can measure your activity as we are not able to see your pms. This is the room we will check when it comes to activity checks and multiple character requests as well.

Happy writing!

individual room |
For your personal use。
Jung Jaehyun [A] 2 months ago
@Lee Hoseok 【 beep: you've got a message! 】— You got accepted! Welcome to Love Shot. Now, don't forget to put up an OOC profile within 2 days if you want to keep your character. In your profile, include gmt, writing preference, writing length/style, character orientation (please don't forget this!), preferences/limits (if you plan to partake), and even a sample if you're comfortable with sharing. Also, please take the time to mingle around and check out our rooms so you know how to navigate for plots and rping.

To give you a general breakdown:
1. Basics: rooms for ooc related and admin related along with weekly writing challenges
2. Plotting: rooms to plot, workshops to help build character, places to publish your plots
3. Au rping: aus for you to rp from your au chatting or plotting with others
4. Nonau rooms: locations of nonau related places where you are idols/k-industry
5. Locations: various places that can be used for both au and nonau of any plot

And last but not least, your individual room aka this room! Once you are done reading this welcome message, do take the time to read the description of your given room so you understand the purpose and usage.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay with us. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, commentary regarding this place. There are rooms under basics where you can reach out to admins for any clarification or assistance!

Happy writing and hope to see you around soon! [Reply to this message if you understand everything I've covered.]


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TheKpopRPGlossary 2 weeks ago

Hello, beautiful admins! Please, please, forgive us, if we have reached out before! We are simply just making sure that we are inclusive of EVERY rp possible in order to be fully thorough and available to the rp community on all platforms! After noticing the lack of open and active roleplay directories on tumblr, here we are. We are The Kpop Roleplay Glossary™ and we are honored to be able to invite you to join us! We would love to be able to assist you in growing your members, promoting your rp, and/or anything else we can do for you. We are here FOR YOU... and we would be extremely honored to be able to list your rp on our roster in order to promote your roleplay. We are unbiased, nonjudgmental, and offer 100% unconditional assistance. Whenever you get a free moment, please read through our rules and when you are ready, please submit your application - you are more than welcome to submit your application via an email address if you do not have a tumblr blog.

The rules: https://thekpoproleplayglossary.tumblr.com/rules
The application: https://thekpoproleplayglossary.tumblr.com/submit

A million +1 thank you's and we very sincerely look forward to having you join us!
~The Kpop Roleplay Glossary (#krpgloss)
KingsRight 1 month ago
Question.. Are kid ulzzang faceclaims allowed?
Hwannie 1 month ago
applied for Koo Junhoe
ProudShawol 1 month ago
applied for lee taemin
ProudShawol 1 month ago
hello. are inactive charas open to be taken?
[comment deleted by owner]
hibernate 1 month ago
I would like to join, yes — but I have forgotten how to write
nitric 1 month ago
Can I please get Kim Chungha back? I went inactive because I was sick for quite a while.
02653af7b49e4d3c186b 2 months ago
please a&r nam joohyuk, thanks.
periphrastic 2 months ago
can i ask for shin ryujin?
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