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When requesting a hiatus please comment in this room with the form below. Do not tag admins in this room. This room will be checked by an admin periodically.

You may also use this room to state that you are leaving the rp, if you wish.

You are not required to give a reason for your hiatus, but you may if you wish.

Hiatus type: semi/full
Expected End Date:
Charas involved:(if you have more than one character)

Sen Mitsuji 1 month ago
It’s was great to be here but Sen will have to leave. Thank you for the time.
Jessica Oh 1 month ago
jessica oh will be taking her leave. thank you for everything!
Angelina Ryu 1 month ago
I'll be dropping Won. And a heads up: in the event that no other replies come to me by next week, I may be leaving altogether
Emily Mei 1 month ago
hello, i am dropping emily and yoona for now. i will be back when the rp get revamped!
[H] Hwang Yeji 1 month ago
hii umm i decided to drop in my 3 charas (yeji, yukhei and dahyun), been very busy in real life i'm afraid i need to drop them unu; thank you for the great time tho! i really enjoyed it here, good luck to everyone and stay safe! uwu
Park Hyungsik 1 month ago
dropping Hyungsik for now. might pick him up again if this place gets more active!
Shin Ryujin 1 month ago
Shin Ryujin
Ryujin, Chan and Yeosang
Shin Ryujin 1 month ago
chan, yeosang and ryujin, sorry lack of muse.. but loved it here! keep up the great work
Jung Wheein 1 month ago
Decided to drop both Somin and Minyoung!
[H] Timothée Chalamet 1 month ago
timothée and maxence will be taking their leaves. thanks for everything!
Dennis Oh 1 month ago
Dennis Oh
April 20
Only Character
Sana Minatozaki 1 month ago
Sana Minatozaki will have to leave. Thanks for everything :c
[H] Lalisa Manoban 1 month ago
hello! i'm sorry for this, but lalisa, jeonghan, and margot will have to dip due to lack of muse. good luck with the rp, guys!
Im Yoona 1 month ago
Yoona im
April 30th
Im yoona, Jung yein, rose park


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moriarty 1 month ago
ciao, take care
12cf7f90d15ff7da4ebb 1 month ago
love you all. maybe some other time ♡
insomniadreamer 1 month ago
later guys,love,very much
shoshin 1 month ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
yexian 1 month ago
can I have Zhao Yue as my fourth please?
crust_of_summer 1 month ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
8acc2c4735ff21ed4709 1 month ago
hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
thelema 1 month ago
could you add jorge lopez for me
piixiedust 1 month ago
Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
amillionstars 1 month ago
Can I have Gloria Tang please?
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