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week 1




do you sink or swim?

What is better than letting go as the seasons change, as spring blossoms into warm summer? This summer night is proving as hot as it is in day: nightlife reaches its peak, and the allure of party cruise ships is too tempting to miss. Packed from deck to deck with activities for all, we find ourselves on one such party cruise ship. Mini golfing, strip clubs, shows for audiences of all ages, a hot tub for your whole family... You name it and the ship has it.

The summer night is clear, the drinks are passed around, and there’s— a leak in the ship?!! Having risked a course sailed too close to shore, the ship hits a rocky outcropping. The party goes on, the ship is sinking, and people might not know what’s going on until it’s too late. In this race against time... do you sink or swim?

character roles

You do not have to take these roles. they are not mandatory. they are only suggestions if you don't know what to be! You are free to rp whatever you may like. 

lifeguard: your job is to overlook everyone in the big indoor pool on the main deck.

stripper: you are a highly paid stripper for the private mini club on the cruise.

bartender: You can make tropical juices or alcoholic drinks for people on the mini juice bars or bars on the cruise.

performer: You are an important celebrity (singer/dancer) invited onto the cruise to perform.

citizen: you are one of the people on the cruise here to have a good time.

crew staff: one of the many occupations on a cruise ship.

remember you are encouraged to think outside the box and be anyone you want! these are only suggestions.


Follow this calendar so you are accurately rping with everyone else!


first 3 days: party on deck

last 2 days: ship is sinking

6th day: chill day dedicated to you finishing your chats, threads, move to other rooms if necessary

how it works

There will be a bot character that will occasionally post how much the ship has submerged to update everyone on the situation so we all are on the same page. If you miss the bot’s post, simply read the room posts here to catch up so your character’s actions are aligned with everything that’s happening live.

【 B O T 】 [A] 2 months ago
【 Update — 04/11/20 】

12:59am — Life boats from the ship have set sail already and evacuation procedures continue. First rescue crew from shore arrives.

1:15am — A substantial number of people are evacuated on the second of three large rescue ships. Crew is evacuated last.

1:30am — Third rescue ship arrives. Mainly crew members are left. Body count is unknown.

1:42am — Ship capsizes, succumbing to the weight of the water. First shoreline rescue boat arrives at shore, along with lifeboats dispatched from the party ship. Survivors are met with emergency responders, care, blankets, towels. Wellness checks and headcounts begin.

2:01am — Second rescue boat docks.

2:29am — Third rescue boat docks.
【 B O T 】 [A] 2 months ago
【 Update — 04/10/20 】

11:30pm — Lights (and electricity) go out. Music stops. Communication to shore is cut.

11:40pm — Captain is frantic, running about aimlessly. Chaos ensues. Confusion reigns over the sinking ship.

12:15pm — Ship lets out another shrill metallic cry. Water gathered in hallway builds pressure against the door: door bursts open below deck. Water is gathering into more and more rooms, sinking. The starboard of the ship dips lower and lower into the water. Life guards are departing shore, an hour away.
【 B O T 】 [A] 3 months ago
【 Update — 04/09/20 】

09:20pm — Shore radios in, asking for the status of damage. No one is present in the cockpit at the time. Radio goes unanswered.

09:30pm — Water in the hallway has reached a solid foot of depth. As the water gushes and roars forth, it bars entry into the hallway as the door is pressed shut by the raging water. Water goes unnoticed as it only pools just under the door in spurts.

10:30pm — The ship jolts as the rest of the air is pushed from the hallway, escaping through the hole in the ship, and bubbling up through the calm waters. Electrical room, boiler room, and the old steerage room are filled with water. Ship has a slight, noticeable incline from the promenade.

10:56pm — Captain is awakened from a drunken stupor by a drenched crew member [redacted]. Captain needs a moment to [redacted]. Captain relieves himself, and radios to shore.

11:01pm — Captain radios to shore.

11:06pm — Captain radios to shore.

11:11pm — Captain radios to shore. No answer.

11:14pm — Water in the electrical room begins to short circuit wiring. lights begin to flicker all around the ship.
【 B O T 】 [A] 3 months ago
【 Update — 04/08/20 】

05:30pm — Boat hits rocky outcropping. There is a jolt, the ship is filled with the haunting screech of metal, and it stops as abruptly as it starts.

06:43pm — Maintenance faculty discovers the leak in the boiler room. In a panic, the door is left open and faculty runs to alert Captain. Captain not found. Leak is unreported.

07:30pm — Captain found making a speech in the Grand Exodus Dining hall, welcoming guests to supper. Leak unreported. Maintenance member unable to find captain. Boiler room is filled with several inches of water, spilling into the hallway.

08:23pm — Leak reported to captain, two more maintenance members finding more and more water in the hallway, and the boiler room is gushing. Ship is not yet sinking. Another whine of metal interrupts the party night and Captain ignores.

08:45pm — Captain is drunk. Radios to shore saying it is a small leak. Maintenance and crew members begin whispering about the leak. Boiler room and motor room overflow with water. Ship gradually feels a little more slanted (not noticeable unless you look at a table of drinks).


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