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Lee Felix 2 months ago
@Park Chanyeol Felix should have believed his gut-feel. He should have listened to the odd feeling in his chest the first time he heard everyone screamed because know, he found himself surrounded by cold water, his lips parted as he tried to clutch onto the lifevest in his chest. He was trembling against the ripples of the water, and the undying screams were everywhere. He found it hard to breathe, flailing on the surface as he tries to call out for his family. The last thing he remembered before jumping off of the sinking cruise was Chan's voice.
[H] Minnie Yontararak [05/08] 2 months ago
Having been stuck on the first floor below deck after helping passengers get up to the deck, Minnie kept trying to push the door open against the rushing water in the corridor to no avail. As the ship sinks further, and the room fills with water, she takes in one more breath of air before her head goes under, and she tries to hold it for as long as she can to prolong her death. She looks around the room that had been part of the ship that employed her, a good enough time as it had been, and glances down at the ring on her finger before closing her eyes. Maybe her fiancé would forgive her as she finally opened to breath in the water that was surrounding her.
[SH] Kim Wonpil [06/01] 2 months ago
When Wonpil's lungs fill with water, it's terrifying and then it's gone. Everything is cold but also so fuzzy, like he's looking at the world through blurry glasses. He feels weightless, all of the panic melted away. He's at peace in his last moments.
【 B O T 】 [A] 2 months ago
【 Update — 04/11/20 】

12:59am — Life boats from the ship have set sail already and evacuation procedures continue. First rescue crew from shore arrives.

1:15am — A substantial number of people are evacuated on the second of three large rescue ships. Crew is evacuated last.

1:30am — Third rescue ship arrives. Mainly crew members are left. Body count is unknown.

1:42am — Ship capsizes, succumbing to the weight of the water. First shoreline rescue boat arrives at shore, along with lifeboats dispatched from the party ship. Survivors are met with emergency responders, care, blankets, towels. Wellness checks and headcounts begin.

2:01am — Second rescue boat docks.

2:29am — Third rescue boat docks.
Jung Wooyoung 2 months ago
@Kwon Boa Wooyoung looked over at a familiar voice and tapped one of the other staff on his shoulder to keep ferrying people on. It had been an hour since he'd made that announcement, and the number of people to shuffle onto the boats had died down. Luckily, aside from hysterical screamers that were quickly dispatched of before they sent everyone into a mob panic, everything was going as smoothly as one could expect with people and children in an extremely tense, extremely obvious emergency situation. If the ship tilted any further, the life boats would be harder - but not impossible - to launch, and Wooyoung was counting on those last minutes. He wasn't going to waste time on idiots, and he wasn't wasting time poking around sunken rooms. Spare seats in the life boats, well, more like capsules, meant more life jackets, more rations, and faster moves to shore. Shouldn't be more than a few hours at the most and there were days of supplies packed.

Tilting his head to the side, Wooyoung gave a little smirk and waved the woman towards a nearby life boat. "Well, this is what I'm paid to do, isn't it?" he chuckled. "The more people I get onto the boats, the more lives I can save." A peppy little hum and he stepped back to soothe a frantic teenager and send them off to a life boat. "Whether I live or otherwise, people will remember. And either way, I'll be a hero. I suggest... I suggest you get on a boat too, ma'am. Or at least get a life jacket on. Best not worry your family or friends."
Go Yujin 2 months ago
appreciating the thoughtfulness of the boy in front of her to be considerate of her shorter height, it brought a smile to her lips. chivalry is not dead, well at least for now it wasn't. until this boat took them both to their final resting places, chivalry would live for an hour, or maybe even a few if she was really lucky. she was lucky to find a nice, handsome boy on this ship.

the movie like tug made her heart flutter a little, despite her cool facade all of the time and she felt herself melt completely. perhaps it was the whole strange scenario that brought about this dreamlike state to her, she thinks that this boy could do anything and she'd like it to some extent. coming up for air after the kiss, she heaved softly, the kiss taking all the air out of her lungs.

"i've missed out on not kissing boys for so many years."
Han Taehwi 2 months ago
having already sacrificed his polo shirt in an effort to save a wounded passenger, taehwi was left at the rails of the boat, reminiscing over his regrets in his final moments of life.
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
trying to visibly refrain himself from reacting with another pout, taeyong sighed and picked up a random floating item. it was someone’s picture. cute.
“well.. what’s there to escape to? endless debts, student loans, loneliness, a job you hate in a place you despise? out here, it’s kind of simple,” he replied softly, gazing up at the sky that spanned his entire field of view.
“out here, you kind of just.. enjoy gazing at the stars until you don’t. it’s simple.”
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
to make it easier on the girl, who still remained unnamed — it had a certain charm, not knowing each other’s name — taeyong bent down so that their mouths were more or less on the same level. hearing her speak, he couldn’t help but provide a knee-jerk response of, “someone would even say we’re in the same boat.”

with a soft huff of a laugh at his own pun, taeyong tugged the girl closer like he saw countless people in movies do. her confession surprised the young man too, given how beautiful she was. at least they could cross this one off the bucket list.

his own eyes fluttering to a close, taeyong sealed their mouths together in a soft, experimental kiss. was soft, sweet, everything he had wanted to experience before death arrived to take him.
Ten Leechaiyakul [A] 2 months ago
dodges the poke and moves over some to maintain his personal space, sighing once more but still maintaining the conversation for reasons not even known to himself.
don't take this the wrong way, but why are you talking to me? shouldn't you be trying to escape?
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
hair flattened against his head like an easter egg, taeyong’s lips curled into a pout. he opted to float beside this strange man, reaching out to poke his arm.
“well, i mean, you should be. sharks are scary. they’re also kind of cute. but mostly scary.”
Go Yujin 2 months ago
the small confession surprised yujin, but it also made her smirk. even at the end of both of their lives, they were both going to make an unforgettable memory with each other. how cheesy. perhaps some big hollywood producer should have made a movie about them. she moved herself up close to the boy, chest to chest, her arms winding around his waist comfortably as he brushed some hair away from her face.

"i'm glad we're on the same page here." yujin stated matter of factly, going on her tippy toes to get closer and closer towards him. "that's alright, i've never kissed a boy before so i guess we're both getting some firsts out of the way." she then carefully pressed her lips upon the boy's own, eyelids shutting on their own.
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
[[ ffs that was supposed to be a growls ]]
Ten Leechaiyakul [A] 2 months ago
lolls his head over to look at the other and furrow his brows together until one rises, confused at what he was trying to attempt.
uh... wow? i'm scared... i guess.
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
taeyong, a fellow passenger who was floating amongst some of the ship’s contents out in the water, noticed a male a couple feet away. he paddled forward in his lifejacket, chilled hand pretending to be a shark.
“raaawwrr, i’m a shark-“ he grows convincingly(?) at the stranger.
Ten Leechaiyakul [A] 2 months ago
chillin in his life vest and just casually floating on his back with the water, he heaves a heavy sigh and thinks aloud.
i knew i should have just stayed in my dorm back home...
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
the honesty brought out a highly amused giggle from taeyong. here he was, a couple hours away from his inevitable end and he was enjoying the fact that this girl had managed to fall asleep watching the most cheesiest movie ever. soon enough, distracted as he was by her company, they were mere centimetres apart. the young man blinked a bit, startled but pleased. he had never been so close to a girl before.

“i’m not surprised.. hm, i guess we have to, if we’re going to make a believable rendition of it, right?” taeyong mused out loud, hand hesitantly coming up to brush a stray lock away from her face. “i must confess, though — i’ve never kissed a girl before,” he added, lips splitting into a semi-timid, semi-cheeky grin.
Go Yujin 2 months ago
chuckling, yujin shrugged carelessly. "if we're going to be honest here, i fell asleep for the majority of the movie so i also don't know the details. but, perfect!" boldly reaching over and grabbing the boy's hand she hummed as she shuffled in closer into his space, taking it slowly so that he would have time to back down at anytime. "even though i slept through most of the movie, i do know one thing they did was share a passionate kiss... should we?"
Khala Boa [A] 2 months ago
@Jung Wooyoung This queasiness was compounded by the way she could see the starboard sinking. Time was slipping from her hands, and her shock suddenly evaporated: adrenaline begins to course through her. Never in her twelve years of life at sea had she been on a sinking boat, and neither did she ever feel like she had employ the training they repeat annually.

In the chaos of bodies flying about, voices rising and falling, and the death cries of the ship’s structure, Boa sees a beacon of hope: a confident force unmatched and calm in the wake of terror.

“What are you doing?!!” She asks, hobbling over, grasping the railing to keep her balance, “You should be leaving too—get on the next boat!”
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
only was he brought out from the cacophony of his own thoughts by a female’s voice next to him. slowly turning his head, taeyong regarded the woman in front of him, an eyebrow raised while his lips twitched in amusement.
“funny story, i never actually watched the movie. i know what happens, of course, but- you know what? why not. let’s make our own real life version of titanic,” he responded with a smile.
Choi Yeonjun 2 months ago
he trembles, having no strength left in his body except for the occasional spasms his body let out as he was strangely coerced into an . there was no telling if the wetness on his face was from tears or from the melted ice cream but he couldn't deny the automatic reaction to having someone touch him like this. he wondered if this was how he'd die -- being pushed to an that would take his last breath.
Go Yujin 2 months ago
as she continued stomping along, she noticed a very cute boy leaning on the railing. a smile immediately lit up on yujin's face. yes, this will be her jack and she shall be his rose, well she's skipping a lot of the movie right now but she doesn't have the time. striding easily up to him, she tapped on his shoulder. "hey, cute boy. want to be the jack to my rose before we die?"
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
fatalistic to an end, and with no motivation to help himself, taeyong perched himself at the front of the boat. he leaned on the railing and gazed out at the dark sea, wondering what his final thoughts would be.
Jung Wooyoung 2 months ago
Once the lifeboats were filled with their people, Wooyoung waved them off to detach and fall into the ocean, having grabbed a life jacket in between handing them out to people who hadn't come from their rooms.
Go Yujin 2 months ago
brushing out her long blonde hair, yujin angrily stomped her feet as she exited her room on the ship. the lights were completely out and the relaxing music was gone too, which was the original reason why she was awake in the first place. don't ask her why she hadn't made it out of the boat yet, but she was ready to go out with a bang. and that meant she wanted to relive the titanic's final scene with jack and rose. but first, to find a boy.
Park Yuri 2 months ago
".... So y'all think John would be okay with an ocean burial? I mean, he'll have lots of us to accompany him."
Go Yujin 2 months ago
a snicker left yujin's lips as she used the camera's lens to continue filming the almost comedic sight in front of her. she was far enough away that no one would really notice her and her trusty camera, but close enough that she could zoom in and film everything going on. someone throwing a fork while they started ing? amazing. so many people would pay a pretty penny for any type of out there. looks like her time on the ship wasn't all for waste.
【 B O T 】 [A] 2 months ago
【 Update — 04/10/20 】

11:30pm — Lights (and electricity) go out. Music stops. Communication to shore is cut.

11:40pm — Captain is frantic, running about aimlessly. Chaos ensues. Confusion reigns over the sinking ship.

12:15pm — Ship lets out another shrill metallic cry. Water gathered in hallway builds pressure against the door: door bursts open below deck. Water is gathering into more and more rooms, sinking. The starboard of the ship dips lower and lower into the water. Life guards are departing shore, an hour away.
Oh Sehun 2 months ago
Giving Johnny a final grind, he nodded his head, turning around to pat Johnny's cheeks and closing his eyelids. Shuffling over a mere few feet to Jaehyun, he leaned forward to whisper into the other male's ear, relaying the wishes of his the male's lover.
Johnny Suh [A] 2 months ago
it was a glorious tweak, bringing peace to his mind. eventually, his head slipped off the plump globes,"Sehun, tell Jaehyun that he needs to survive, no matter how hopeless. That he needs to survive for me." And with that, he faded to the quietus.


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