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Kim Taehyung [A] 2 weeks ago
@Victor follows along behind you easily, unable to wipe the stupid smile off my face as i keep my eyes on the back of your head
you really do.. i mean.. i didnt realise you paid that much, that even the small things i said that weren't important..
pouts my lips as i shuffle forward first, turning to face you before i tug you forward gently, pressing a tender kiss to your lips
i swear i fall for you more every day..
Kim Mingyu 3 weeks ago
@Yuri allows my doting gaze to slip down to your smile, unconscious mimicking the saccharine expression as i hum; pulling away enough just so i can tug you gently along with me to the door
i'd hope so. because i'm most definitely whipped.
well... i guess i just pay a lot of attention to my princess.
laughs softly, shrugging as i lean forward to open the door for you and gesturing for you to go first
besides, you get so excited about things i can't help but notice.
Kim Taehyung [A] 3 weeks ago
@Kim Mingyu inhales quietly as your lips press the lightest of kisses over my fingers, my eyes softening as i give you the most adoring look, my heart clenching a little in my chest as i smile
mm, it's okay i'm totally biased as well, don't worry.
you.. you remember so much of the dumb things i say.. how..
nods my head quickly, pulling you down gently so i can press my lips to yours
yes, i'm ready to go
Kim Mingyu 3 weeks ago
@Kim Taehyung breaks out into one of my signature silly grins on seeing pink dust so prettily over your cheeks, bringing your hands to my lips so i can press kisses on each of your digits as i chuckle
maybe i am just a little biased-
i remember you watching it multiple times so i figured. you ready to head out now though princess?
Kim Taehyung [A] 4 weeks ago
@Kim Mingyu my cheeks burn a little and i let out a soft laugh as i give you a shy look, my hands squeezing your fingers gently as i shake my head
nonsense~ you just love me so much you're blind, heh
oooh actually i really did love that a lot!
Kim Mingyu 4 weeks ago
@Kim Taehyung lets my gaze flutter downwards to meet yours, eyes twinkling with incontestable affection; heart seeming to swell the longer i hold your gaze as i release a soft sigh
you're so effortlessly beautiful angel, it's insane.
you really like the live action of aladdin, right? because that's the first movie on the list.
Kim Taehyung [A] 4 weeks ago
@Kim Mingyu lets my eyes slip closed as your lips press to mine, my hand reaching up to hold your cheek gently before i smile as well, my heart fluttering a little in my chest
i'm.. surprised. i didn't think you'd remember something like that.
this sounds like the perfect evening to me ~
Kim Mingyu 4 weeks ago
@Kim Taehyung shrugs the comment off a small but tender smile adorning my tiers as i lean in, letting them press upon your own for a brief moment
well of course i do. i remember a lot of what you tell me.
then we'll do just that. i've got a whole lot of disney movies downloaded just for this.
Kim Taehyung [A] 4 weeks ago
@Kim Mingyu smiles when you come back to me, looking back at you a little surprised when i hear your comments
you remember the pear wash? that's- wow, you're really incredible.
that sounds soo lovely, gyu.
Kim Mingyu 4 weeks ago
@Kim Taehyung pulls away from you just enough so i can grab my keys and wallet, returning to the embrace as swiftly as possible, squeezing your smaller frame gently against mine.
yeah? and i bought some of that pear wash you use - we could make dinner and then end our day with a bubble bath and movies.
Kim Taehyung [A] 4 weeks ago
@Kim Mingyu smiles and finds your hands so i can lace my fingers together with yours, smiling happily to myself as i listen to you
oh~ i'd love to do that for sure! definitely works. as long as im with you im totally happy
Kim Mingyu 4 weeks ago
@Kim Taehyung plants a lingering kiss upon your forehead; chin resting upon the top of your head gently as i sway us from side to side, humming joyfully under my breath.
i was thinking about our grocery store date idea if that works with you?
Kim Taehyung [A] 4 weeks ago
@Kim Mingyu smiles softly when i feel you come up behind me, leaning back into your arms as i let out a slow breath. relaxing easily just by your presence alone
i am definitely ready for this date. im so, so ready
Kim Mingyu 4 weeks ago
@Kim Taehyung slips over to you, arms wrapping around you from behind to embrace you tightly, nuzzling into the crook of your neck as i revel in your warmth; a content yet silly smile plastering itself upon my visage.
you ready for that date princess?
Kim Taehyung [A] 1 month ago
@Kim Mingyu *wheezes a little but nods*
yes i did like it a lot -
Kim Mingyu 1 month ago
@Kim Taehyung i'm taking that as a "yes, i did like it" princess :"
Kim Taehyung [A] 1 month ago
@Kim Mingyu Babe-
Wow what a tease!!
Kim Taehyung [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Mingyu rubs my hands slowly over your back, just taking a moment to breathe you in, letting my eyes stay closed for now
um.. i want to lie and say its been good but i cant. so it's been pretty horrible. but.. i'm surviving. so don't worry
Kim Mingyu 2 months ago
@Kim Taehyung squeezes your smaller frame tightly against mine, chin resting upon the top of your head as i let out a contented hum
i'm glad you've been resting. has work been alright? i've been alright myself.
Kim Taehyung [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Mingyu smiles softly when I feel your lips against me, my arms wrapping around you as well as I breathe out a sigh
I mean.. I've been okay. I've been exhuatsed so I'm sleeping a lot, but I'm okay. How about you?
Kim Mingyu 2 months ago
@Kim Taehyung lets my arms drop to the sides of your hips, deftly sliding them to the small of your back as i lock my digits there, planting a lingering kiss on your cheek forehead
i love you too. how have you been?
Kim Taehyung [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Mingyu Kisses you back gently, my fingers clutching loose at your shirt before dragging you closer to me
I love you.
Kim Mingyu 2 months ago
@Kim Taehyung i missed you so, so, so much.
cups your cheeks, laying my lips upon yours for a few moments
Kim Taehyung [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Mingyu I missed you so much babe
Give me a kiss?
Kim Mingyu 2 months ago
@Kim Taehyung i love you just as much.
Kim Taehyung [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Mingyu I love you so much
Kim Mingyu 2 months ago
@Kim Taehyung my beautiful princess.
Kim Taehyung [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Mingyu My sweet prince.


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cherrychobani 2 weeks ago
I’m gonna deactivate this account soon so is it fine if I apply for rose aka chaeyoung from my new account?
tataebae 2 weeks ago
can I have room notifs turned off please and thank you?
[comment deleted by owner]
iuiuiu 1 month ago
park junhee of ace please
sak_lena_09 1 month ago
Can I get Son Chaeyoung of Twice, please?
SHYJJTN 1 month ago
Can I please reserve Kang Yeosang of Ateez please and thank you.
lukhei 1 month ago
may i get wong yukhei please?
mehxhyuckk 1 month ago
Can I drop Kim doyoung and change it too choi soobin?
conangray 1 month ago
park jinyoung if he's available, please. ♡
KingsRight 1 month ago
I have a question firstly
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