ushijima wakatoshi 3 weeks ago
the river brings a well-deserved sense of peace and quiet after all the ruckus of the events that had happened as of late. it's a place where ushijima can be alone with his thoughts, where he can channel them into his music. here, he can shuck away the problems of being who he is. here, he can simply listen to the sounds of nature and let them bring a sense of melancholy deep within his chest. for the time being, he forgets all the troubles and worries constantly clinging on his back, at this moment, he is not a famous person; his features are hidden behind a nondescript mask and cap, and if one isn't paying attention, they'd never realize that there's an heir seated by the river, turning his thoughts into music that helps ease the hollow feeling within him.

but unbeknownst to him, there is someone paying attention.
nishinoya yu 2 months ago
@midoriya izuku The walk was quicker than Noya thought it would take. Between the comfortable moments of silence, it was filled with of their voices dancing and laughter making its way to their eyes. It’s been a while since he felt this comfortable with someone. He feels at home, at ease, as if he could tell the other his most sheltered secrets and Deku would only smile and tell him he doesn’t think any less of him. He wonders, does the other think the same way, too? Yes, of course, after their crying fest not too long ago, there was no doubt in his mind.

Noya dropped the bags as soon as he was at the doorway. He was struggling by the end of it, but he wanted to be big and tough for Deku, so he it up and showed off; he knew the other would more than happily help, but pride was something that was heavy in his personality. Noya almost dropped the damn melon, but he saved it just in time to where it rolled to Deku’s feet instead of cracking on the hard floor. He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

Bags were dragged from the door to the kitchen, Noya resting his sore limbs on the cold tile as soon as the groceries were delivered. He groaned in pleasure, the sweat from his brow fading away and he let the other do the rest of the work. He was doing a good job, so noya trusted him to pack enough and not too much- they were going to be gone the whole day, but he was sure they’d be occupied and not thinking about filling their face.

Once Noya’s eyes opened, they were met with the inviting gaze of a ball. Oh, a ball! He could take it with them. Though he was tired, his movements were always speedy, and he crawled on all fours like a toddler obsessed with a toy, happy to have it between his hands. He rolled it to the door after a few test bounces to check for air. He was so excited for their trip he could barely hold it in. His smile was bright as he looked up at Deku, still sitting on the floor.

Once the bags were filled generously, he grabbed one of Deku’s old backpacks and shoved the fruits with it, wanting the other to carry the ball and net for later, along with two towels for them. “Have your key,” he checked with his crush and give a thumbs up, closing the door behind them after getting situated. He led the way with a hop in his step, jumping every so often with excitement in front of Midoriya. “Ah!! I’m so happy! You make me so happy, Izuku. Thank you.”
asuna yuuki 2 months ago
(/silently walking along the path that lead to the river side with earphones in my ears listening to some soft music continuing to walk and when i reach a good spot i sit down cross legged looking out to the river folding my hands on my lap letting out a soft sigh as i feel my eyes get watery but i try to hold it together wiping my eyes with my handkerchief still staring as the water calmly moves feeling the breeze blow against my face closing my eyes to feel the crisp air around me)
oh sangwoo 2 months ago
"What a drag" sangwoo uttered to himself, voice sounding a little gravelly brought by his posture as he was lying down on the grassy field with his hands tucked under his head for support. It was still quite early in the morning, around seven or maybe even six AM though he wasn't completely sure, as he hadn't worn his watch today. The usual humdrum of the city was still kept in check, allowing anyone who was blessed with enough time to spare with a couple of minutes of serenity. Cautiously looking around the grounds if anyone was around, he nonchalantly moved and used his arms to push him up in a sitting position; he then pulled a pack of cigarettes from his backpack and started to smoke one. He was supposed to go and finish several projects but heck, it's sangwoo, he could practically get away with anything.


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dokkang [A] 10 hours ago
bust an uwu with us and join
dokkang [A] 10 hours ago
oikawa tooru ʷᵃˡᵏʸ ʷᵃˡᵏ [A]7:44:14 AMReply
thank you all for the efforts you put in to add to that padlet, and into making the rp what it is now :''') i'll always be making sure to keep this a safe haven for all of you so you can come and talk whenever you need it, escape reality with us here. also a safe haven for you nasties to post links but thats a diff story. thank you for the vibes you all bring here, and also for being supportive of each other when someone might be feeling in the dumps. i wish you all nothing but the best because youre all really great people, even though yous bully me for my flaT but if its to ensure you guys have fun and feel better, keep it coming by all means. i love you all very much uwu please stay the great ppl and writers that you are
Crixus 21 hours ago
oikawa tooru [A]10:30:34 AMReply
If we can post links why cant we talk about our mental health
oikawa tooru [A]10:30:34 AMReply
If we can post links why cant we talk about our mental health
oikawa tooru [A]10:30:34 AMReply
If we can post links why cant we talk about our mental health
TiredSenpai- 1 day ago
im jugyeong [A]1:09:58 PMReply

us: for legal reasons, thats a lie
TiredSenpai- 2 days ago
i need a break from rpr too, I'm extremely sick hdksjf can I get another semi-hia? hhh
lucky4432 2 days ago
okay y'all i'm actually gonna need a hiatus/semi-hiatus. work has not been kind to me ;;
brosoverhoes 3 days ago
Kirara Mayuzumi
choker 3 days ago
tfw you can't choose-- hepp.
pickypicky 4 days ago
ccan I get steven universe's garnet as my sixth *pleading emoji* ;u;
MonBabyX 4 days ago
hello! would it be okay if I got my nagisa shiota and jonathan joestar back, please? ; u ;
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