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gulf's room
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *continues to sleep, smiling at some point as I see you in my dream*
Mew. . .
*mumbles softly in my sleep and rubs my face against your chest*
Hmm. . .
*hums in my sleep and after a few hours, I felt that pull to wake up and felt something warm atop my head*
M-Mmhh. . .
*whines softly and opens my eyes halfway and notices a figure beside me*
W-Who. . .
*rubs my eyes and blinks slowly as I adjust my eyes and finally notices that it's you*
Mewie. . .
*smiles sleepily and glances at the wall clock*
7:00 am. . . still early. . .
*mutters to myself and decides to sleep in a bit more and rests my cheek on your chest, yawns softly and gets lulled to sleep as I listened to your heartbeat*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ /slips out of you, and walks into your bathroom to wet a washcloth and clean you off and then himself before turning you over so you face him/
You were amazing Gulfie, I love you so much
/finishes cleaning you off and grabs you a clean pair of boxers from your drawer, grabbing one for himself from his own bag and slipping them on/
So beautiful
/puts the boxers on you before slipping back into the bed and pulling you close so your face is buried in his chest, he closes his eyes and finally falls into a deep sleep/
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *closes my eyes as you drag your tongue up and down my neck, tilting my head to give you more room and space*
*groans softly as I felt something warm and thick inside me as you continued to up*
Mew. . .
*calls your name out softly and I was soon faced with your lips against mine as you kissed me*
I love you, Mew. . . so much. . .
*my voice soon fades as I slowly fell asleep, my body succumbing to the much-needed rest*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ /drags his tongue up and down your neck slowly and sensually/
Mmm, you look so lovely like this, the way your blush goes all the way down your chest/
/s into you harder and nips on the tip of your ears/
and the way your delicate ears get so red..
/ you faster and on your ear as he s into you, bringing you more pleasure/
I'll make love to you every night my sweet little pup
/feels you clench around him and you through your , making sure to get every drop and holding you closely as the clenching of your tightness brings him over the edge/
Mmmph Gulfie..
/he mumbles as he spills inside of you and presses kisses to your back/
G-God that was incredible
/wraps his arms around your waist and turns your head to kiss you in your dazed state/
sweet dreams
/he whispers in Thai/
my love
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *tilts my head up as soon as I felt your lips trail along my neck and chest, hearing your words yet not all of them sinking through as my mind and body focuses on the pleasure I'm feeling*
*bites the back of my hand again as you started to faster and harder, tears trails down my temple as I close my eyes and open them halfway again*
M-Mew. . . Mew. . . p-please. . .
*pants heavily and bites my bottom lip as you now change our position, making me tremble and quiver as this allows for you to go deeper inside me, feeling each heavier against my hips as you up*
A-Ahhh~ Mewie. . .
*throws my head back, my nape perfectly cradled against your shoulder, feeling your breath against my neck as you spoke*
I. . . I love you. . . so much. . . m-make love to me. . . always. . .
*mutters under my labored breath and lets out a muffled scream as I bite on the back of my hand again once I felt you *
*cries out in pleasure, writhing heavily as you continue to up and my length*
I-I can't. . . i-it's happening. . .
*whimpers softly, my hairs sticking to my cheek and neck as sweat glistens atop our skins, making that squelching noises as you up inside me continuously, feeling your member pulsate and twitch inside me*
M-Mew. . . Mew. . . I-I'm close. . .
*grips on your forearm and with another deep , I felt it, that feeling of being emptied*
N-Nngggh~ Mew~!
*screams your name out as I finally came, my body flinches as my hips jolts from what is still happening, my mind fuzzy and my body numb yet very sensitive as I've fallen off the edge of this pleasure you induced in me, slowly going limp in your arms*
Mew. . .
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ /wraps his arms around you tightly as he s into you, loudly as your walls clench around him/
. Gulf~ you feel so good
/leans down and leaves open-mouthed kisses all over your neck and chest, ing into you hard and fast, the noises you're making and the way you're biting your hand to muffle your moans driving him closer to the edge/
I don't think I'm going to last long Gulf. you look so y right now, it's driving me crazy
/shifts positions and lays you on your side, quick to lay behind you and lift your leg to into you again, pressing kisses to your back/
This is making love Gulfie, the feeling of unconditional love from your partner makes the moment even more special
/wraps his arms around your waist, moving his hand down to wrap around your leaking member, slowly stroking it/
Tell me when you feel it again, that bubbling sensation
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *feeling your member pulsate and twitch inside me, my walls clamped tightly around as you now start to all the way inside me, making me quiver and arch my back*
Mmhhh~ Mew~
*tilts my head back and looks up at you again, my hand on your forearm as I have the other up as I now bite the back of my hand, the way your member creates friction against my walls is making me lose my mind at how warm and good it feels, making me whimper*
M-Mew. . . nnnngggh~
*groans softly as I move my hand off my lips and grip on the sheets, tugging it up until my knuckle turns white from gripping it, trying to ease the overwhelming pleasure I am feeling*
A-Ahhh~ M-Mew~
*bites down hard on my bottom lip as I pant and writhe heavily the second you started to pick your pace up, wrapping my arms around your nape I then pull you close and rest my forehead against your shoulder, feeling shy at how loud I am and how lewd I must look in your eyes as I continue to moan out your name and for more to be done*
S-So good. . . I. . . ahh~ . . . never felt like this before. . . you're driving me crazy. . .
*mutters under my breath as my chest heaves up and down, heaving and panting heavily as I try to comprehend a word for what I'm feeling yet can't come up with anything other than pleasure*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ I've got you Gulf,
/slowly pressing in further, and finally ing all the way/
It's okay, I've got you
/gently wipes the tears from your eyes and presses a kiss to your eyelids as he uses his hips to /
A-Ah you feel so good Gulfie, so warm
/wraps his arms around you tightly and holds you there as he kisses you back and then lets you kiss his forehead, his hand coming up to tuck your hair behind your ear/
I love you Gulf
/looks down at you with love in his eyes as he faster now/
it feels so good baby, you feel so good
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *whimpers softly as you stretched me further with your fingers as you both quickly inside my hole, my walls immediately clenching around them*
Mmhh~ Mewie. . .
*pants heavily and lets you maneuver our bodies, seeing your face again as you hover above me, tilts my head to one side as you kiss me deeply, nodding at your words*
I trust you, Mew. . .
*mutters softly and closes my eyes as you kissed me, frowning as soon as I felt your member slowly ease up inside my hole, feeling the difference between your fingers and your member*
*groans and whimpers into the kiss, my voice muffled and as you pulled away, I'm already writhing and panting, tilts my head back then looks up at you, my eyes languid and tears brims my eyes*
G-Go on, Mewie. I'm fine, love. I trust you.
*wraps my arms around your nape and pulls you close, kisses you softly then presses my lips against yours then your forehead*
I'll be fine. . . I-I want you to move. I want to feel you move inside me. . .
*bites my bottom lip as I rest my head back down the pillow, meeting your gaze with mine that's filled with love and adoration as I look up at you whilst caressing your cheek with the back of my hand*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ / his fingers along with his tongue, in and out of you, a deep moan coming from his throat/
I'm almost done baby, okay? Just hold on for a little longer
/spreads his fingers apart once more to make you're thoroughly stretched, ing his fingers in and out quickly and pressing kisses to your bottom/
I think you're ready Gulfie, It's still going to hurt but it's going to feel really good after that, okay?
/gently pulls you up and turns you around, pulling you into a deep kiss as he flips the two of you over, slipping a pillow under your bottom to make you more comfortable/
I'm going to put it in now, okay?
/kisses you and presses inside slowly, he glides his tongue around your own to keep you distracted/
It's okay, I got you Gulf. I'm right here
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *as I felt you pick your pace up, I can't help but tremble, my walls immediately clenching tightly around your finger*
*closes my eyes tightly and pants heavily as you now slip a second finger inside my hole, making me quiver and stop moving as I felt way more stretched than before*
B-But- Mew. . . nnngggh~
*moans out after pulling away from your member, my skin prickling at the sensation and pleasure that's drowning me all at once*
W-Wait- ahhh~!
*throws my head back as you now use your tongue as well, giving me a different feel, my mind going haywire as I can't comprehend what is it that I feel, all I know is that this is pleasure and that sensation in my belly is intensifying*
I-I can't- nnnggggh~
*pants heavily as I'm now only slumped atop of you, lifts my head up and does my best to still take your length in my mouth, bobbing my head yet again but in a faster pace and deeper reach, not caring anymore if I'm gagging as I can now taste a bit more of that sweet release in my mouth*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ /runs his hand up and down your back as he laps at your hole while ing his finger in and out slowly at first, then building up speed.
how does that feel baby?
/stops for a second/
Gulfie are y-ohhhh god
/has to take a second to focus as you take more of into your mouth, making the pleasure heighten/
O-Oh wow
/lets out a shaky breath and slowly presses in a second finger but keeps the pace slow, not wanting to overwhelm you but finally decides to pleasure you more and slips his tongue in beside his fingers, open you up more/
mmph you taste so good baby
/feels your hole clench around his finger/
shhh don't release yet, not until I'm inside you okay baby
/spreads his fingers apart and continues to tongue you as well/
mmm so good
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *feeling the air against my bare skin, I realized that you've finally removed my bottoms, I was about to continue to stops for a second as I felt your tongue drag down my balls then my hole, making me tremble*
*lets out a muffled groan, gagging a bit as you bucked your hips up, causing for your member to go deeper inside my mouth*
*lets out a deep, shaky breath as I try to breathe, panting heavily as I felt you rub my hole again and slowly ease in a finger, going deeper every time you pull out then back in*
*closes my eyes and continues to focus on giving you pleasure, hollowing my cheeks all of a sudden as I gulp to not let any saliva trail down my chin, moves my head faster to take your deeper in my mouth as I realized that you seem to like that*
*moans around your member yet feeling that familiar, weird clenching and churning in my belly again, my body trembling to the other level of pleasure this brings me as you continue to push your finger deeper inside me, leting you your hips and member deeper inside my mouth*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ /pulls your pants and boxers off the rest of the way, tossing them onto the floor/
that's better
/spreads your cheeks apart and your hole, dragging his tongue down to your balls, on one of them and then dragging his tongue back to your hole to lap at it/
If I don't prepare you then it'll hurt you when I make love to you
/he stops his actions and lets out a loud moan, his hips arching up from the pleasure/
oh god Gulf!
/continues to lap at your hole and then on your balls, switching between the two and finally grabbing his pants and pulling out a packet of lube that heats up to make the pleasure better, he rips the packet open and pours it on your hole, slowly rubbing it in and dipping just the tip of his finger inside before pulling it out again, each time he does this he pushes his finger further in/
just like that gulf, just like that baby, keep going it feels so g-good
/ his hips up into your mouth again/
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *nods to your words whilst I'm still the tip, taking a bit more in my mouth, continues to the tip as I saw your reaction and hearing your encouragement*
*moans around the tip and pants softly as you pulled me away*
W-What is it?
*watches as you move and move us both to have my lower half on your face*
Prepare me?
*mumbles softly and bites my bottom lip and continues, the tip of your member before it again, slowly moving my head down to take more of it in my mouth*
'Like a popsicle. . .'
*perks up as I thought of that and starts to using my lips as I bob my head ever so slowly, around your member tighter than before*
'I want more of him. . .'
*mutters in my mind and continues to bob my head up and down ever so slowly, making sure my lips are pressed around your member and my tongue is pressed against the underside, thinking of this as a massage for your member, feeling pumped up as I want to hear you moan and know that I am making you feel something so good*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ yeah, but don't force yourself or you'll choke
/continues to run his fingers through your hair/
/he throws his head back against the pillows, loud moans coming from his lips, lightly pulls on your hair to encourage you/
keep going baby, just like t-
/clenches his fists in the sheets and tries not to buck up into your mouth, a deep groan escapes him as you on the tip of /
I have an idea
/gently pulls you off and lays us down, pulling your lower half to his face/
I'll prepare you while you continue?
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *glances up at you as you spoke and run your fingers through my hair*
R-Really? I can?
*bites my bottom lip and moves back a bit and leans close, gives the tip small just like when I'm my favorite lollipop or candy, glances up at you to watch your reaction and also to get affirmation if I'm doing it right or wrong*
*hums softly and parts my swollen lips and takes the tip of your member in my mouth, giving it small that vary in tightness as I continue to the exposed part of your member, doing all of that while my eyes are still on you*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ /gently wipes your lip, some of it still on your lips/
It doesn't mean I get to tease you, but I still want to Gulfie. I love making you flustered
/runs his hands up and down your arms, moans continuing to escape from his lips/
It's a pre release
/laughs softly at how excited you are, reaching up to your ears/
you're doing good baby, keep going
/looks down at you and runs his fingers through your hair, letting out a choked sound as you ask to taste it/
I didn't want to pressure you into it but if you want to then go ahead. taste it, if you want to you can on it too
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit * my bottom lip and bites it as I can taste my own release in my mouth as you kissed me*
Y-Yeah. . . it's hard but also soft and really warm. . .
*hiccups softly and purses my bottom lip*
But that doesn't mean you get to tease me. . .
*pulls away from your body and sits in front of you, my legs folded back on either side of me as I continue to *
O-Okay, Mewie. . .
*trails off and looks down as I watch the tip of your member ooze out with the same liquid I had*
It's coming out. . .
*my doggo ears perk up as my tail swishes behind me as it's perked up too, swaying gently*
I-Is this okay, Mewie?
*picks my pace up, faster than earlier as I grip a bit around your member, gets a whiff of your oozing release, whimpers softly*
I want to taste it. . .
*bites down on my bottom lip as I frown a bit, conflicted if I should it off but also worried that you might scold me if I do something that you didn't tell me to do*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ I know I am, which makes it even more special to me
/softly chuckles and kisses you again, letting you taste more of your release, letting out a shaky breath as you wrap your hand around his /
It's a strange feeling isn't it? soft and warm
/laughs into your mouth as you hit his chest/
But you're so cute, so innocent. yeah it feels good
/lets his head fall back, deep throaty moans coming from his lips/
F- gulf, yes. just like that. just keep doing that, switch between slow and fast and change pressure when you want to, I'll tell you if it's too tight
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *bites my bottom lip as you pointed that out*
You're the only one who can make me feel like this. . .
*watches you as you now the rest of my release, making me hiccup softly*
O-Okay. . .
*listens to your instruction and wraps my hand around your member*
I-It's so hard. . . but also soft and so warm. . .
*looks up at you and hits your chest gently*
S-Stop teasing me. . .
*starts to slowly move my hand up and down, making sure that my wrist is the one doing the movement*
Does that feel good, Mewie?
*glances up at you then down your member and feeling it twitch in my hand*
I-It's moving. . .
*mumbles to myself and continues to move my hand, picking my pace up a bit*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ Look at you, such beautiful rosy cheeks
/grins and looks at you as he raises his hand and laps at the rest of your release/
To know that I can make you look and feel this way, makes me so happy
/bites his lip and nods/
Y-Yeah, I'll show you. Let's just do something simple first
/s his pants and pulls down his pants and boxers/
Now wrap your hand around it, and move your hand up and down with a slight movement in your wrist.
/chuckles softly/
You're so adorable being shy now after I made you
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit "Let me have a taste."
*hears that and my words drown into the kiss, making me blush profusely*
I-It's sweet. . .
* my lips and feels your crotch hardening against my *
M-Mewie. . . you're hard. . .
*curls in my lips then looks up at you to meet your gaze*
C-Can I also pleasure you? T-Teach me?
*looks down again and fiddles with my shirt as I also shy away from looking at your bare torso as you removed your shirt earlier*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ /uses his clean hand to brush the hair back from your face/
It doesn't matter, it's not like any of them aren't loud
/looks down at his hand watching as you it, his face flushing and his pants tightening/
Sweet..yes it came from you. let me have a taste
/grabs the back of your head and kisses you, his tongue gliding against yours and softly whispers/
very sweet
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *lets out a deep breath as I closed my eyes, opens them and looks down, catching a glimpse of your hand*
B-But my moans were so loud. . . what if someone heard me. . .
*blushes deeply and holds your hand in mine, seeing something white liquid on your hand and fingers*
What's this, Mewie?
*sniffs on it and it, my dog instincts taking over at that moment*
It tastes sweet. . .
*looks up at you*
That came from me?
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ / his lips and focuses on stroking you faster, and bringing you more pleasure, nipping lightly at your ear as he does so/
I know baby, I know
/gently wipes the tear that escapes from your eyes, pressing a kiss to your cheek/
it's okay, you're doing so well. I'm right here
/feels you stiffen before you arch your back into his touch, stroking you slowly through your making sure to get everything out before removing his hand and wrapping his arms around you, pulling his shirt off to wipe the sweat on your forehead/
You came, much harder than I was expecting
/presses a kiss to your temple/
you were so lovely gulf, you're moans were such a beautiful sound
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit *with my mind focused on the kiss, the second I felt your hand wrapping around my member and stroking it quickly with my tail, my back arched as I throw my head back against your shoulder*
A-Ahhh~ Mew~
*whimpers softly, tears brimming my eyes as I felt so overwhelmed with the sensation and pleasure spreading like wildfire through my body and pooling in the pits of my abdomen*
Nnngggh~ p-please. . . I. . .can't. . .
*squirms in your arms and holds on one of your thighs as I can feel something coming yet can't put my finger on what's bound to happen*
I-It's. . . so weird. . . Mew~
*moans your name for the nth time and with one more , I felt it*
W-Wait- . . . it's happening. . . a-ahhh~ . . . Mew~!
*arches my back up as that feeling of being emptied came and I can feel something hot and wet in between my legs, my tail stiffening for a second before slowly going limp in your hand, I then slowly slump against your body again as I bury my face against your neck whilst my chest heaves as I pant and catch my breath*
Mew. . .
*lets out a deep, shuddered breath as I can feel my body slowly go limp in your arms*
W-What happened, Mewie?
*mumbles as I pull my face from your neck and let my cheek rest against your chest as I let my head hang low, my eyes still languid from what happened*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ /'s your pants with one hand and pulls your zipper down, slipping his hand into the front of your pants, wrapping his hand around your , stroking it quickly/
You're doing so well Gulf, just like that
/disconnects our lips to kiss your neck, gently nibbling the flesh to bring you closer to your /
Let it go, let it overtake you
/ your tail and your member in sync, into your ear as you continue to writhe and move against him/
♡ gulf suppasit ᵈᵒᵍ 1 month ago
@★ mew suppasit Nnnggh~ Mew~
*throws my head back, my chest heaving as I pant heavily due to your actions as you continue to make me feel these sensations and pleasure I never felt before*
M-Mew. . .
*blushes profusely as you spread my legs again, my body stiffening for a second as you palmed my crotch, making the experience move onto another level as I felt fuzzier and dizzier*
M-Mnnggh~ Mew~
*pants heavily, tears brimming my eyes as I can't explain further how I am feeling, my parted and slightly swollen lips from the biting and kissing continuing to let moans slip past*
A-Ahhh~ . . . I-I can't. . . my belly. . . i-it's going to pop. . .
*holds onto the forearm of the hand that's palming my crotch, gripping on it to ease the overwhelming mix of sensations and emotions I am feeling*
*bites down hard on my bottom lip as my skin soon becomes slick from sweat starting to form atop my skin, my chest still heaving as I writhe and pant from all of your ministrations*
★ mew suppasit 1 month ago
@♡ gulf kanawut ᵈᵒᵍ /circles his finger tips around your hardening s, pinching them lightly and tugging on them, he found the way you lost yourself to the pleasure to be incredibly y/
That's it, just like that let me take care of you
/tight end his hold around your tail, and continues his slow stroking, he started again at the bottom, squeezing and letting go as he d/
How does that feel Gulf? You look so lovely like this
/he moaned into your mouth as your tongue dragged along his, let's out a loud moan as you shifted and brushed against his hardening member/
/let's go of your tail to spread your thighs open again, one hand now palming at your bulge, his other once again returning to your tail/
Does it feel like its getting more intense? Like its building up?
/tilts his neck to give you better access, letting out a soft groan/


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