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XiaoJun 9 hours ago
@Jaehyun Doy and his family was my host family the first year here. /hums out to answer you
I didnt realize you were doy friend til after our one class we had. Plus ive only been to a few of his parties not all.
/listens to you for a bit understanding where youre coming from
I....might know someone...if you need help for the payment this week
Jaehyun 9 hours ago
@XiaoJun /raises brows in shock
you're friends with doy too? so you were at the party?
/looks down at my coffee, playing with the straw as i contemplate whether i should tell or not. a friend of doyoung must be a friend of mine too, right?
it's just some financial problems... i need to pay my rent and bills by the end of the week. i don't think that's enough time for me to make loads of money.
XiaoJun 10 hours ago
@Jaehyun /sits back down as i look at my drink for a bit before looking back up at you, frowning a bit
Not good...? /being the worried person i am, i bit back asking questions
/takes a slow sip watching you aince i also recognized you because of Doy
Not good is something to worry bout. Especially if youre friends with Doy too. /ignores the question bout myself for now
Jaehyun 10 hours ago
@XiaoJun /my lips twist upwards slightly as i take the seat, amused when i did not fail to notice your stuttering
i'm good- but not good either.
/takes a long sip of my coffee, wondering if i should share with you my concerns, though, we're strangers
hmm, nothing to worry about though.
/i lie, before turning to you, smiling
XiaoJun 11 hours ago
@Jaehyun /quickly gets up gesturing for you to take a seat no problem.
Please have a seat. I dont have much ro do today anyways.
/mentally beats myself over stuttering and not offering a seat earlier
H how are you lately????
Jaehyun 11 hours ago
@XiaoJun i just felt the need to.
/smiles warmly before pulling out the chair across you, nodding at the introduction.
dejun... i hope you don't mind if i keep you company?
/gestures to the vacant seat before looking at you.
Jaehyun 12 hours ago
@Yuta @Johnny @Doyoung it has been a long while since the four best friends would plan a simple hang out like this, and it had jaehyun all jittery, nervous yet thrilled when the day finally came. finally arrived at his destination, he peered through the semi-open blinds to take a peek of their usual spot inside the cafe, only to see the three already interacting and talking amongst themselves. perhaps he was late, he thought while entering the building, catching the familiar whiff of coffee and baked goods as it engulfed him whole like home. he placed his bag down while slinking into the only seat left and had his usual, cheeky dimpled smile on show. "i can't believe we're all here..." he said in awe, as if it was their first time inside the cafe together. "oh, also- hey guys, i'm sorry i'm late." he scratched a brow, letting out an awkward chuckle.
XiaoJun 6 days ago
@Jaehyun Ah, please. No need to thank me. /waves it off shyly
As i like to say, just pay it forward to the next person.
/sips on my coffee. I only know a few people as well. I mostly just keep to myself since im busy most days.
/looks at your hand before reaching to shake yours, smiling
Xiao Dejun is the name.
XiaoJun 6 days ago
@Taeyong Ive survive enough on take out. Hehe.
But ive been practicing and all. I can cook as long as i allow myself go learn it.
/watches you in anticipation as you examine the kimbap
Celebrate..... /thinks for a bit. What kind of celebration??? does it taste????
Jaehyun 6 days ago
@XiaoJun well... thank you.
/smiles genuinely in gratitude, before tilting my head at that
really? i've never gotten to know all of my peers, so i'm sorry if i haven't known you yet... but it's nice to meet you.
/chuckles awkwardly, offering a hand to shake
Johnny 1 week ago
@Yuta @Jaehyun @Doyoung It was only few days after Johnny was told to go away by Doyoung. He knew he probably shouldn't even show his face to him anymore, and Johnny afraid that Doyoung would storm out once he get inside the cafe. But he wanted to meet Yuta and Jaehyun anyway, so he still come, wearing the all black that can never go wrong and top it with brown coat. He entered the cafe and smile while he spotted them, they always sat there back then and Johnny having a flashback of them playing games and messily loud on the same table wearing the school uniform. Yuta really had a good taste, as always.
Johnny walked to them. "Hey," he patted Yuta's head before sitting down in the spot that probably reserved for him as he always been taking that spot, in front of Doyoung. He turned his head to the side and sigh, avoiding to look over Doyoung's way, "did you order?"
Doyoung 1 week ago
@Yuta @Johnny @Jaehyun Doyoung was debating with himself ever since he got Yuta's message for the meetup. Yes, he wanted to see his friends once again and have a chat like the good old times but whatever happened with Johnny in the parking was too embarrassing that he didn't want to face the guy this soon. But finally, his love for the friends won in the end and Doyoung decided to see them. Maybe this time things will change for good.
He finally arrived at the cafe Yuta asked them to come to, dressed in his go-to blue sweater and some ripped jeans. And he ain't gonna think about the good one hour he wasted choosing an outfit. When the film production student walked into the cafe his eyes scanned the whole place before spotting Yuta and his silver hair. Doyoung walked to his best friend and sat right beside him with a small smile on his face. "You purposely picked the same spot we used to hangout didn't you? So dramatic you are, Yuta"
Taeyong 2 weeks ago
@XiaoJun You def can't survive on takeout. But can you cook ?
*raises a brow, examining a piece of kimbap between my fingers in the light*
You know dej, surprisingly ive never had your cooking before. *eyes meeting yours when you bump my leg taking a sip of the coffee while looking at your paper with a smile.*
All this stress and you still did great. We should celebrate ?*pops the kimbap in my mouth dusting off my hands while i chewed.*1
Taeyong 2 weeks ago
@Ten [] you're right. I got an idea. We're gonna get food and then im gonna kidnap you and drive you somewhere else less crowded bet?

/Swerving through traffic, I hit the highway speeding around the cars as if they were standing still to make this shortcut an even shorter trip, hyperaware of your every move and how your hold didnt loosen at all around me during this ride. Zooming to the exit, I turned, slowing down as we neared the restaurant, easing the bike to a halt in front of the restaurant and pushing down the kickstand with the heel of my shoe. I pulled off my helmet and waited for you the follow suit as i cut off the motorcycle.
You good Ten? /turns looking you over, still koala'ed around me
Ready to eat ?
XiaoJun 2 weeks ago
@Taeyong Ma been trying to tell me to cook so that i dont have to survive on take outs
/grins excitedly. It's not an i owe you. think of it as get to try my cooking skills.
It wont kill you...i mean unless it taste horrible or something.
And drink your coffee. ive noticed you've been tired lately /nudge your leg under the table
ahhh.... /pulls out my paper for you. Look Ge, i got almost a full mark on my paper i was stressing on about.
Taeyong 2 weeks ago
@XiaoJun /suddenly sit up in my chair to see what you made hovering over the tray
This is korean food ? Did you make this yourself
/pushes the coffee to the side because i only get it as a courtesy anyway.
Dej I told you you dont owe me anything what is this hmm ?
Yangyang 2 weeks ago
@Kun *I look at the menu for a moment longer and grin before setting the menu to the side* I just want thd chicken tender meal and vanilla milkshake. What about you, handsome? *I take your hand and pepper small kisses against your knuckles, up to your fingertips*
XiaoJun 2 weeks ago
@Taeyong /laughs happily following you to the table sitting down as i open my backpack pulling out my homemade packed lunch
I told you i owe you food. /push it to you grinning
Its kimchi fried rice with spam, egg rolls and kimbaps.
/drinks my coffee happily. Also...... /smiles happily. Thank you for the coffee Yong Ge.
Kun 2 weeks ago
@Yangyang I really like it *I glance at the menu, taking in each word slowly trying to decide what to order. I steal some glances back at you, considerably your lips, when you aren't looking and I blush to myself, butterflies still fluttering* Do you know what you want? Have you decided?
Yangyang 2 weeks ago
@Kun *I smile softly and left forth a small giggle at the knuckle kisses, my eyes gazing over at you for a moment before sitting with you. My heart races quickly in my chest as I lean over and press a kiss to your cheek* You're perfect, honey. *I beam at you and blush before grabbing a couple of the menus for us to look at.* It really is nice, huh?
Kun 2 weeks ago
@Yangyang // sorry I forgot to tag you ;;
Kun 2 weeks ago
/I observe one of the few empty booths for a while before deciding and sit us both down/ it's perfect, angel. /kisses your knuckles/ there wouldn't be a lot of space left anyway /smiles as I stare at you, feeling my eyes filling up with nothing but love and my body fluttering with butterflies/ this cafe is so nice, I see why the club likes it
Yangyang 2 weeks ago
@Kun *walks into the cafe with my hand in yours, taking you over to one of the empty tables* is this okay, love? or do you want one of the small booths?
Yuta 2 weeks ago
@Johnny @Jaehyun @Doyoung Yuta tapped his hand on the table, looking at the time in his phone and hums. It’s been a while since the four of them met up and he can’t wait to see them. He missed Johnny the most, the other being so far away and stopping contact with everyone. He cant wait to see how all of them have grown and he’s excited to see if they would still click, like before. “They better show up or I’ll really kick their asses..” He mumbles to himself.
XiaoJun 2 weeks ago
@Jaehyun Its....paying it forward kind of thing
/tries to play it off as that before noticing that you recognized me
Me....i go to school here. /smile softly. I think we had classes a few years back
Ten 2 weeks ago
@Taeyong () I don’t think we have a restaurant X’D But we have a cafe and we’re RPing in it SKKSKSKS

/rolls my eyes with a huff at your first comment and squeezes your waist a bit tighter as if trying to suffocate you/ Just ride your bike! /nods against your shoulder to your command before resting my chin on it, holding a bit tighter once the motorcycle started moving and closing my eyes against the wind blowing by
Taeyong 2 weeks ago
@Ten Dont say let’s go if you not really holding on Ten... /slides my helmet back on after smoothing my hair out my eyes. If you need me to pull over just tap me three time when your fingertips and I’ll feel it and pull over. /Checking to make sure your arms are hugged properly around my waist I then kicked up the kickstand and slid into Traffic on the way to the restaurant, weaving through traffic as only a motorcycle could move.

( do I skip to the restaurant or is there anything you wanted to add to this ride?)
Ten 2 weeks ago
@Taeyong () LOLOLOL it's perfectly fine uvu

/perks up after hearing the sound of a motorcycle revving, a happy grin forming upon seeing you and quickly gets off from the patio chair to walk up to you, laughing lightly at your compliment/ thank you. and yes, we can go now. /nods while taking the helmet you're holding, putting it on while getting behind you on the motorcycle, wrapping my arms around your waist once i clipped the helmet around my head/ let's go!
Taeyong 2 weeks ago
@Ten () perf cuz I fell tf asleep mid typing sorry

*engine revving loudly, causing the surrounding area to hum with the sound, I pull up on my motorcycle and pull off my helmet, glancing from your legs up to you and shaking out my hair* you look nice... you ready to go ? *taps the shiny helmet that was meant for you when I ask*
Ten 2 weeks ago
@Taeyong () o u o
just dropping this here in 1st skskkss you don’t necessarily have to answer eeyyy u v u

/swings my legs back and forth while sitting on the patio chair, checking my phone from time to time while waiting for your arrival


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can i get jaemin <3<3
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could I apply as kun pleaseeee
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