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Yuta 1 week ago
@Mark Of course, just for you~ /grins and winks before laughing out aloud/
Mark [A] 1 week ago
@Yuta I’m not totally against it. But you don’t want to, and that’s okay babe.
/hum . Softly as I nod mostly to myself/
As long as you pose just for me that works.
Yuta 1 week ago
@Mark /laughs at your words and rolls my eyes playfully/ You seem to like it if I go and show off huh?
Mmm.. if they can't touch, then maybe I may like to do that~
Mark [A] 1 week ago
@Yuta Wel,, if you’re not comfortable then you don’t have to. It’s alright hyung.
/laughs when you poke my cheek/
Hmm well, I’m sure your boyfriend doesn’t mind showing you off, after all they can’t touch. /winks playfully/
Yuta 1 week ago
@Mark I don't think I'll like it if they'll see me like that~ /smiles and pokes your cheek/
Besides I don't think my boyfriend would want that, right?
Doyoung 2 weeks ago
@XiaoJun Doyoung adjusted the glasses on his nose bridge while scanning the library to find the person he wanted to find. And as soon as his eyes met the guy who was waving at him like crazy, the film production student walked towards the desk he was sitting and placed the small bag of cheesecake and the cup of coffee on it. "Were you keeping an eye on the laptop? Let me go grab it first" Doyoung turned around and walked to the lost and found section in the library to retrieve his laptop. Within few minutes he returned with a MacBook, hugging it closer to his chest as if someone would natch it away. "I thought my life ended when I realized I lost this...thank you Junnie"
Doyoung 2 weeks ago
@Johnny The sound of the car door being shut was enough a cue for Doyoung to quickly break down into tears, spilling all that he was trying so hard to keep at a bay. He gripped on the steering wheel and gritted his teeth trying not to make a sound, but he could not control the loud hiccups and heaves. The guilt and regret is now eating him up. He felt like he lost Johnny for the second time. Why the heck he could not put his damn ego away? It's true that Johnny /was/ a jerk to him but now when the guy wanted to make up to his mistakes, Doyoung had to be a fool and push him away. Well done Kim Dongyoung.

He should have just hugged Johnny. Tell him that he missed him and he waited for him all this time. Tell him how worried he was for all three years and how ing happy he is to see his best friend again. But yeah, Kim Doyoung is known for his egoistic closed up self and now he again lived up to his reputation. But he was always different with Johnny. He should have been today too.

In the coming few days Doyoung didn't see Johnny again. He knew Jaehyun and Yuta were on touch with Johnny but he felt too ashamed and guilty to reach out to the guy. Even though he tried his best to deny, he was expecting that Johnny would show up at his door once more. Doyoung was sure if he comes back Doyoung is just gonna do everything he could not do the other day. But Johnny never came and Doyoung could not be more miserable. He had no hopes until Yuta texted him and the other two for a meetup. Maybe this time Doyoung won't be a big idiot like he has been for all these years.
Johnny 2 weeks ago
@Doyoung Johnny really couldn't understand. One moment Doyoung pulled him and kissed him. The next moment Doyoung push him away, as if he just did a mistake with the kiss. The look on Doyoung's eyes were things that Johnny couldn't read, despite how they spend years and years with each other. Johnny had never been so lost. And now Doyoung asked him to leave, just like how Johnny asked Doyoung to leave back then before he left the country.

Johnny nodded his head at the other's request, "alright," he sighed and opened the car's door quickly. He got out with jaw tense and run his fingers through his hair, brushing it up with a frown. He was kind of pissed. Was Doyoung doing a revenge on him? He shook his head and walked away without glancing back even once.

After that, he stopped coming to Doyoung's house to apologize. He kind of gave up. That was until Yuta message him asking for a meet up, along with Doyoung and Jaehyun that Johnny decided to maybe give it another shot to revive their friendship over again.
Mark [A] 2 weeks ago
@Yuta /laughs softly/
You’re not skinny know /laughs/
You’ll look Greta hyung. /smiles feeling special at your words / awww thank you~
Well, I definitely don’t mind being the only who sees you like that.
Doyoung 2 weeks ago
@Johnny The feeling of warmth from Johnny's lips was quickly overpowered by a huge wave of embarrassment the moment Johnny pulled away. Doyoung's body was slightly shaking from nervousness as his eyes were darting ever so quickly to avoid Johnny's gaze. He was screaming inside his head at this point. Like, what the hell did you just do Kim DongYoung? What's wrong with you?
This wasn't what he planned to do when he sees Johnny. Yes, he was shutting the door on the man's face every time he came to talk. It's because he was confused and feeling overwhelmed each time Johnny came to his close proximity. But Doyoung was ashamed that when they finally met, his years-long feelings for Johnny were what came out roaring and nothing else.
Doyoung's breath hitched when he heard Johnny's question next. He quickly moved away from the man as if he got electrocuted and leaned back on the car seat. Lips quivering and eye-lids fluttering as he finds an answer to the question. Well, he tried. What can he possibly say? Yes I do? Is that something he can easily tell Johnny after all this time? What if he says yes? Will Johnny reject him? God knows if Johnny is already in love with someone. Or if he eer considered Doyoung as someone to love that way. No it didn't sound like the best thing to do. Does he deserve to get his heart broken twice??
"Please go away, Johnny" the words came out hoarse and almost inaudible as the younger was trying his best not to break down. Doyoung really didn't want to face Johnny right now. He was embarrassed, scared, hurt and he felt so small knowing how weak he gets when he is with Johnny. "Please get out...I wanna go home"
The Vision 3 weeks ago
@Taeyong < please read the new announcement regarding the Vision >
Taeyong 3 weeks ago
@The Vision [] tf is this?
The Vision 3 weeks ago
@Yuta @XiaoJun @Ten @Taeyong @Renjun @Mark @Lucas @Kun @Jungwoo @Johnny @Jisung @Jeno @Jaehyun @Doyoung @Donghyuck @Chenle hacks the school system making a public announcement

Hello all. Welcome to my campus. Here I make the rules and what not. Therefore, you better be watching your backside. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

<also, pm me yall individual Twitter names for accurate twitter gossips in the future. If not, I'll be making my own.>
Johnny 3 weeks ago
@Doyoung If you knew Doyoung long enough, you would know that this guy barely get mad at things. Loads of nagging, loads of sulking, yes, but never really angry. Johnny thought that this was maybe how Doyoung's anger looked like. Just by staring at Doyoung's eyes would tell you how many unspoken things that he hold inside. Doyoung was clutching to his collar and tug him forward and Johnny defenselessly submit to that. Johnny deserved this anyway. Like Doyoung said, 'a sorry isn't enough' Yeah, Johnny deserved the punch. He didn't mind bleeding if his apology would be accepted.
Only what came next was something that Johnny didn't even deserve. A warm lips on top of his. Johnny was too surprised to react and he gently pulled their lips apart, gradually putting gaps between their warmed up lips, his hand took Doyoung's wrist and slowly pull them away from his jacket. Johnny's eyes staring at Doyoung's between his confusion. Thousands of scenarios flashing through his brain, yet he couldn't put a proper reaction to this. "You--" he let go of Doyoung's wrist from his grasp, "do you like me?"
Doyoung 3 weeks ago
@Johnny The memory of his last meeting was too vivid in Doyoung's mind. How he found an air ticket in Johnny's apartment and how he questioned about it. When Johnny refused to answer Doyoung got more frustrated and as always he started arguing. It all ended up with Johnny asking Doyoung to leave and of course with that anger and frustration Doyoung storming out of that place. Doyoung regretted it from the moment he got to know that Johnny left the country. He always repeated the incident countless times in his memory and thought of all the possible things he could have done to cling to Johnny and not let him leave. Not without a proper goodbye or a proper reason.
Doyoung let out another empty chuckle at Johnny's apology. Tears started to pool uncomfortably in his eyes and his throat ached. It was again that weird wrenching feeling of anger and pain. "Haha...of course you are sorry" He hated himself for feeling so weak by just one word of the other guy. "But a sorry isn't enough for everything I felt for all these years Johnny" His voice broke as he spoke. "and yes I wanna punch you and see..." Doyoung clenched his palms into fists "if that would be enough or-" he then turned to face Johnny fully for the first time, to look the man square in the eyes through his own tears...but oh.
Doyoung felt like he was hit by a truck when he saw the expression on Johnny's face. That face which he was longing to see all this time, the same honey brown eyes and bow-shaped lips, the same smile the same ing handsome face!
Everything that happened in the next second felt burry. Doyoung's brain went into a momentary blackout. And only when it finally starts functioning that Doyoung noticed what he was doing.
He was kissing Johnny. His lips were on the elder's own and his clenched fists are now clinging on the other's jacket and he almost...almost closed his eyes at the warmth radiating from the man. " are screwed"
Johnny 3 weeks ago
@Doyoung That answer really pierced Johnny's heart. He couldn't deny the fact that he left. He left everyone as if he threw them away, as if they were only a speck of dust in his life. To make it worst, the last word he said to Doyoung was that harsh 'leave me alone' and that 'i don't want to see you right now' but now here Johnny was begging to see Doyoung again. What an irony.
Johnny wanted to tell him that all this time Johnny was suffering too because he couldn't see him, couldn't see all of his friends, the one mean the world to him. The one gave him strength to fight his cancer only through pictures and videos. He really thought that he would really disappear from this earth, but he was still here instead, and now he couldn't manage any answer to one of the dearest person in his life because Johnny couldn't include that he could potentially having a relapse in future. Johnny was bad at lying. "I'm sorry," that was the only thing he could manage to say. He turned his head to face Doyoung and smile thinly, "I'm really sorry," he repeated softly and reached for the other's hand, "hit me all you want, I deserve it."
Doyoung 3 weeks ago
@Johnny Doyoung still can't figure out if he is mad at the man sitting next to him or he is overwhelmed with the feeling of missing Johnny all these years. At one moment he thought he miss this guy. He missed the gentle and caring voice of the other, he missed how Johnny always made sure he wasn't skipping any meals or losing sleep due to stress. He just ing missed the presence of this guy which he got so used to. But Johnny's words reminded him of all the reasons for him to be mad at the guy. He left without a word, as if Doyoung, Yuta or Jaehyun didn't mean anything to Johnny. And all these years Johnny didn't even bother to send a single text message. He left Doyoung to suffer alone when he very well knew that Doyoung needed Johnny the most.
The younger one scoffed in disbelief at Johnny. "Why do you care Johnny? You didn't care for all these years...why now?" Doyoung spat, but inside he wanted to hug Johnny and cry on his chest so bad. He wanted to tell the older how lonely and lost he felt all this time. He just wanted the 'old' them. But does Johnny deserve to be treated like that anymore? Doyoung wondered. "why are you back?"
Johnny 3 weeks ago
@Doyoung Johnny loosen his hold on the other's wrist and eventually let go as he heard how the other talked to him, sighing because it was the truth, he actually didn't know what to talk either. He couldn't be just--hi, i'm back, let's be friend again because i miss you. He couldn't. Because he left pain when he suddenly disappear from the country. And all he could do now was just staring at his friend wordlessly, holding back whatever pain inside his chest that get his palms cold. They caused a mini scene there and thankfully Doyoung dragged them away from there. Johnny quietly followed from behind and get inside the car too. He looked at Doyoung before he closed the car's door. Then he was just staring to nowhere to their front.
Johnny went quiet after. Trying to get them both calm in his quietness, trying not to talk in chaotic emotions and mind so he wouldn't regret a thing.He then spoke with his usual soft voice, "How have you been? You've been alright?" he speak without looking to the other's direction, "did you eat well?"
Doyoung 3 weeks ago
@Johnny Doyoung came out of the college gates without giving much attention to his surroundings. So when something or someone grabbed his wrist out of the blue he never thought that it could be that one person whom Doyoung has been avoiding for days since they came back to Korea. Doyoung couldn't help squinting at the tall guy in front of him but it would be a lie if his heart wasn't beating faster and louder with each word that the man says. "Why are you following me?" Doyoung spat and he hated that he had to sound like this. He was imagining the day he reunites with his old best friend...or now ex-best friend, for almost three years and when finally it's happening all he can be is bitter and rude. "I don't think we have anything to talk about Johnny" Yes, the moment that name left his mouth, a huge wave of memories crashed into him. Oh, how bad he wanted to hug Johnny tight. But his self-respect wasn't letting him. It took a moment for the other to calm down and notice the weird looks of people passing them by. This might not be good for his image so Doyoung finally took a deep breath, and spoke while avoiding Johnny's gaze on him. "Let's go somewhere else..." His eyes immediately caught a bike nearby and he knew it was Johnny's by first glanced. "And I'm not riding that...let's take my car" He turned around without a warning and start walking towards the parking lot where his car is parked. Doyoung didn't even bother to look behind to make sure that Johnny is following him and got inside the car, closing the door behind him.
Johnny 3 weeks ago
@Doyoung Johnny didn't know what makes Doyoung so persistent on not opening his apartment door for him. Or he did know but he was in denial. But well, Johnny needed to try other solution and that's what he was doing right now, standing in front of Doyoung's college's gate leaning to his big bike and he walked to the man from behind and grab the other's wrist. Giving it a soft tug to stop the man, he said, "Hey, can we at least talk about it first?" The people around them were staring and passing by, but Johnny's eyes were set on his dear of a friend in front of him, "please," he continued with softer tone.
Yuta 3 weeks ago
@Mark Because I'm a bit skinny? Well I'd rather just model for you baby~
That way only you can see me~
Mark [A] 3 weeks ago
@Yuta /furrows my brows as I look over at you/
Okay..they won’t. And why would they ever make fun of you?
/chuckles in disbelief/
Yuta 3 weeks ago
@Mark Mmm... I could..? It would sound fun, I just hope your classmates wont make fun of me~
Mark [A] 3 weeks ago
@Yuta Hmm okay. Remember what you said! /nods/
Would you do it still, but well, only with your boxers for the class?
Yuta 3 weeks ago
@Mark /chokes on my own words a bit as i look at you/ U-uh, yeah, I'll do it for you.. I mean, its weird if your whole class see me .. /mumbles and purses my lips a bit/
Mark [A] 3 weeks ago
@Yuta /boo’s you wheN you say no, but the stops as your other words register/ you would do it for me? Hmm that’s just perfect then.
/chuckles as your words go right along with my project/
Yuta 3 weeks ago
@Mark /squeezes on your hand and shakes my head/ Well.. I'd only do modelling for you, but I wont do it for your whole class to see, that would be embarrassing~!
Mark [A] 3 weeks ago
@Yuta What!? No it’s not that /laughs/ though that’s tempting....but it isn’t that. It’s my own project not everyone else. So you’re good. But now you gave me the idea to volunteer you for my class. Would you do it?
/holds onto your hand as I start walking next to you/
Yuta 3 weeks ago
@Mark Now you got me scared, I hope it's not one where I need to get infront of a lot of people
/tugs your hand and walks us out of the pizza place, humming as we walk back to the college
Mark [A] 3 weeks ago
@Yuta /shakes my head as I finish my pizza and my drink/
Oh no...I’m not telling you! Definitely not. I think you might coward out. And I don’t need that.
/chuckles. Once done, gets up as I grab our stuff to dispose of it. Pats my tummy/
So full. Thanks for the food~


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RenSung 1 week ago
Hi Mark babe~ We put in the applications.
SoftBoiHours 2 weeks ago
Can I reserve Taeil?
yangyang 2 weeks ago
can i get jaemin <3<3
stillwithjk 2 weeks ago
could I apply as kun pleaseeee
EtherealMoonlight 2 weeks ago
could i get yangyang plith
mehxhyuckk 2 weeks ago
let me re apply for hendery
Nofaxjustprinter 3 weeks ago
Is slow paced roleplayer okay?
johnnys_coffee 3 weeks ago
Yeah we still don't have a Johnny so come grab him
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is kun open?
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s should I?
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