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Come have a nice coffee date, enjoy a snack...or two. No rated content. No OOC talk, if done please keep it in ( brackets ). Be respectful and have fun.
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fuccboiwonho 9 hours ago
Can I get Park Kyung from Block B as a second?
LilacTears 1 week ago
May I get Kim Wooseok?
I was Kim Wooseok on an old account before but I forgot my password ahshfhsb
ssibal 2 weeks ago
Any room for old man Park Jungsoo here?
nocchi 3 weeks ago
yang hongseok for me please
willpass 3 weeks ago
yeo changgu please
sak_lena_09 4 weeks ago
Hello, I was wondering if I could have Kim Woosung?
self-love 1 month ago
I have a question
saintpepsi 1 month ago
a&r lee donghyuck pls.
mononoaware 1 month ago
Can you please add and reserve Kim Jongin?
CaraLover 1 month ago
Hey, Kwon Hyuk will be leaving. I'm so sorry that I wasn't active, my schoolwork is already piling up again and I don't think I have the time to be on as much anymore. I really wish you guys good luck and hope that you'd find more members though!
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