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kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /he has no response to your words and before he can come up with one, your lips has him silenced and he feels so overwhelmed by the emotions that he feels in that kiss, his eyes close taking in greedily everything you give to him, wanting to feel everything as he pours out his own into the kiss, he feels like he is drowning but in a perfectly good way and he doesnt want to reach the surface because the emotions fills him up so much happiness that he wants to stay that way forever/
/he pulls you close, his lips moving into a slow rythmn matching with yours/
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /my nose scrunches up, face resembling one of a kitten after you've kissed my nose
me? but you're the angel--you're the magical one--/my words stop for a moment as i listen to you and each one of yours makes my swell until its ready to burst from within, and i just move in closer to you, my hand cupping the side of your cheek as i stare at you with such a deep fondness, no--its love struck, and i bite my lower lip before whispering/
you've wrecked me junmyeon. /presses my lips to yours in a tender kiss, its like pouring a waterfall's worth of emotions into a bucket/
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /shakes his head giving your nose a peck/
Its you with the magic Lulu.
And you dont seem to know you have the magic in you. You pull me in and make me drown in you and all i can think about is you.
And you are the one who has the strings that control me. You tug at my heartstrings with everything you do and i can't help but surrender to you.
/smiles at you, the whipped look on his face that says so much of how deeply he had fallen/
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon yes you are ~
/laughs softly and watches with fondness the way you make different expressions
magic? do you think i put a spell on you angel? and here i thought i was the one bewitched by you
/asks with an amused smile on my lips, i feel so good in your arms, a sense of being home come to me when i'm in them, and to part from them leaves me with gaping emptiness, i curl into you and look at you and whisper/
you've got me wrapped around your finger angel
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han I know right. I am certainly a genuis.
/says with a playful smile before crinkling his nose at the thought of having to part even for a short moment/.
You have certainly gotten me really whipped.
Have you been practicing magic Lulu? How come i dont want to ley go of you even for a short moment?
/asks as he tightens his arms around you, feeling so content to have you fit in his arms, a whole new emotion filling him up from within/
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /your arms come around me all my bones and muscles melt into you/
i must since i think i used your shower /laughs softly and presses my face against your neck for a moment, and breathes you in slowly, and all at once i'm reminded that i'm surrounded by you in this room, in your bed, in your arms, i smile a little at the comforting though and nestle into you more/
you're a genius...now we're both back in bed until the food arrives--too bad someone will have to get up to get it
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /lets out a surprised squeak as you get on top of him before it turns into a chuckle, his arms automatically wrapping around you, his nose reaching your hair taking a whiff of the shampoo/
You smell nice.
/once in a more comfortable position, he looks at you and smiles giving you a nod/
Yes i did. I didnt want to make you wait later so i thought that i should take one as well while you were taking it. So now we have more time to cuddle.
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /holds my pout for a moment longer but its so hard when you smile at me like that and take the clothes along with the towel/
thank you angel. /says before i close the door and quickly dry off, i throw on the clothes and i'm out of the shower drying my hair and back in your room, smiling when i see you in bed, i let the towel down on a chair before i make it to the bed and jump on top of you, yelps softly as i scramble on top of you before settling in a more comfortable position for the both of us/
i'm back! and you showered too--/says as i roll to the side and curl up beside you/
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /grins happy to know that you wanted to be with him just as fast as he had wanted to, making the warmth spread beneath his chest again and he would jump if his old self didnt remind him that he wasnt a teen anymore to act that way/
Ok ok.. here are the clothes and the towel.
/he tried to give them to you through the small opening, his back facing towards the door just in case and then heads back to the bed laying down on it with his arms spread wide while facing the ceiling letting you get changed/
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /hears your voice and i feel the embarassment of my silly mistake as you tease, and i don't know what it is about you that gets so flustered i forget the simplest of things, it makes me feel like a teen falling for the first time/
nO I just wanted to get back to you quickly--i forgot about everything else!
/blurts out, i have a tendency to just admit anything and everything with you, and once i sense you're at the door i make my way to it, whining at the cold sensation before opening the door slightly to peek my head through and look at you with a pout/
don't tease me jun~
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /he decides to go to another room for the shower not wanting to prolong the wait by doing it after you so he takes everything necessary and walks to the other room and soon gets into the shower and tries to make it quick/
/he is soon freshened up and dressed and makes his way back to the room just in time to hear you/
/chuckles and moves to get a spare towel and some clothes for you and walks towards the bathroom and knocks on the door/
Are you sure you didnt forget it on purpose lulu?
/teases you as he waits for you to open up the door/
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /smiles at you and puts in your order along with mine/
should be here soon okay? /says before i kiss your forehead and nod/ i'll be super quick!
/hops up on my feet and heads to the shower, i'm quick to brush my teeth as well as the water heats up and then i'm stripping down and stepping in the shower, sighing softly as the warm water runs over me, but i don't bask in for too long because i want to return to your side, the only way i'd last longer in this shower if you were in it with me, bites my lip at the thought, and focuses on getting cleaned up, after 15 minutes i'm turning the water off, and ready to head out but i realize i forgot my towel and set of clothes to change it because i was in a rush, bites my lip and stands there and wet/
damn it. /mutters and i look around before sihging and calling out to you/ jun! i forgot...a towel...and clothes
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /nuzzles your cheek and looks at your phone and hums/
Maybe waffles or pancakes?
I am fine with anything really as long as i get to eat. /says with a shrug because right now, enjoying the breakfast with you was much more important to him than the kind of food/
/crinkles his nose not wanting to let go of you but then remembers he needed to shower as well anyway so nods/
Alright. I need one as well. /grins and pecks your cheeks/
Lets do it fast because i am already missing you.
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /smiles at you once you've sat up and presses a kiss to your temple as we hold each other, and i wonder if every morning to come could be like this, if only i could be that lucky/
okay lets order in and stay in bed today--i know this great diner we can order from /pulls out my phone and taps away it for a moment as i pull up an app to order food, and put in my order and then i look up at you with a small grin/ what would you like my angel?
while the food is being made i'm going to take a shower--don't want to be all gross while we cuddle that okay?
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /lazily gets up in a sitting position having no wish to leave the warmth of the bed and you even though his grumbling stomach says otherwise so when you suggest breakfast in bed, he nods more than once with a grin showing how happy he was with the idea/
/his own arms circle around you, a content sigh escaping his lips having you back in his arms and filling up the emptiness and he soon realises he was addicted to you in a wonderful way and he didnt want to be cure of it/
Lets order in. So it will be cuddles and something else for breakfast. Such a perfect morning.
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /blinks a few times, and stares at you in wonderment for a moment--as if taken surprise once again that you want me just as much as i want you, and it leaves me in awe that someone like you would want me the same way i want you, looking at your endearing expression makes my heart swell within my chest/
it does? we can comeback later for more cuddles--/hears your stomach growl and mine quickly follows in suit and i can't help but laugh softly and make myself sit up, i tug at your hand until i'm out of bed/
should we stay in for breakfast? then we can stay close to the bed /grins at you and waits for you to get up and once you do i'm quick to wrap my arms back around because i don't want to go without touching you, holding you/
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /the kiss is perfect, it stirs up so much emotions inside him, ones that had laid dormant till now until you showed up in his life again and activated it all and it swirled within him with each soft movement of your lips/
/he didnt wish to part away, a small whimper escaping his lips as pull away, his eyes still closed till you speak up and he looks at you, your grin making his heart go even wilder than before and he returns it with one of his own that looks equally smitten/
Staying here all day with you doesnt sound so bad. But you are right.
/as soon as he says that, his stomach grumbles telling him that he needs food and he lets out an embarrassed chuckle/
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /the kiss lingers like the first rays of sunrise, it warms me slowly and leaves my skin tingly with the sun beams that caress it, our mouths move like a slow waltz, something timeless and so wonderful i feel my breath stolen by you once again, i smile against your mouth before pulling away slowly, not wanting to end the kiss quiet yet but i know we have a day ahead of us/
junmyeon, /murmurs your name oh so softly over your lips and my eyes open and i look at you with that smitten look i've only ever had when i'm with you, the corner of my mouth stretches into a lazy sweet grin and i reach for one of your hands, and i say/
come, lets eat something before we stay here all day
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /his heart is beating wildly underneath his chest as you move close to him and he can see you so clearly, your clear eyes, your long lashes, your soft skin/
/your touch makes him lean more into it seeking more warmth that it provides and he smiles, one that shows he understands now, his feelings weren't one sided/
/his eyes flutter close when he sees you move, his lips ready to be claimed and it doesnt even take him as a surprise, perhaps because he intended to do it too and he was waiting for this moment/
/his moves slowly with yours, fitting perfectly with yours, the sweet temptation being fulfilled/
wu yifan 1 week ago
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /moves myself upwards so i can face you, my face just barely an inch away from you, lashes still lay heavy over my eyes for a moment before the widen--your words strum a sweet tune inside me, another song creates itself within me, but the melody is just your name/
yeah? /asks softly, to make sure because maybe i'm still dreaming--i smile a little and grows when you kiss my forehead, the affection making my heart soar within my ribcage, and i bring my hand to your cheek and caress it reverently before whispering/ i'm glad.../and then presses the softest of kisses on your lips/
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /continues to move his fingers in your hair, the soft tresses feeling smooth under his tips, smiling at your answer, glad that you had a good sleep/
/looks down at you and your words almost dont register, almost being the key word because he manages to hear it and he nods, how could he not agree when he wants it too/
I would like that.
/he answers in the softest of whispers and without much of a thought leans in to place a kiss on your forehead, his lips lingering for a while before he pulls away/
I would really like that.
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /smiles knowing my words don't match my actions, but how could i know want to hold onto you tighter, longer, all day if i could/
mm...okay whenever you want angel
i'm glad...i slept really well /murmurs softly and my eyes close with your fingers in my hair, and i have to resist the urge to drift right back to sleep--your fingers are magic like that, i open my eyes again to look at you, my lips before whiserping/
hope we can do it again...sleep together
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /lets out a chuckle seeing how contradictory your words and actions were before letting out a hum and a small nod/
We can eat in a while.
I had a great sleep. I was ded to the world before i even realised.
/he figured it was your presence that helped him too but the thought of saying it loud sounded cheesy to his own self so he kept them to himself/
How was yours?
/he moves his hand to place in your hair playing with the strands/
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /watches you with a since of deep serendipity settles in as i watch you wake up, smiles at you before your voice sends a warm tingle over my skin and i want to listen to you talk even more, laughs softly as your arms tighten around me, and turn my head to press it against your chest/
but we have to eat silly bun /murmurs softly but i don't want to get up either, i turn my body towards you to hold you tighter too, and hide a smile against your chest/ did you sleep well angel?
kim junmyeon 1 week ago
@lu han /a little after you fell asleep, he finds himself drifting off to sleep as well and it is the soft kiss on his chin that has him waking up from the sleep, his eyes fluttering open, his vision a little blurry before it adjusts and settles on the sight of you and a lazy smile tugs at his lips/
/his voice is groggy, for a while he wonders if he is dreaming but the warmth of your body in his makes him realise that no, it was all real and he tightens his arms around you not wanting to let go/
Breakfast sounds great. But more cuddles first. I don't wanna get up just yet.
lu han 1 week ago
@kim junmyeon /and with your final wish of night, curled up beside you in your arms its all it takes to finally fall asleep, and for hours i sleep so quietly and peaceful, barely stirring and when i do its only to press myself closer to you or tangle my legs with yours, awhile later my eyes begin to open, slowly lashes flicker open until i see the world anew--because i'm awake in your arms, i tip my head back and look to you smiling to myself and can't help it when i press a butterfly light kiss to your chin/
hello angel, /murmurs softly, my voice is raspy with sleep, i stretch a bit but i don't move away from you, letting out a content sigh/
so, how about instead of spicy noodles and chicken--how about breakfast angel?
kim junmyeon 2 weeks ago
@lu han /smiles and places his arms around you and moves closer to you letting his fingers tread back into your hair to move in a soothing motion/
My final wish is for you to go to sleep now.
/you could hardly keep eyes open and all he wanted for now was for you to rest and get that much needed sleep that you had been keeping away because of him/
I will be here when you wake up.
/he whispered into your hair and placed a kiss on top of your head/ Sleep Luhan.
lu han 2 weeks ago
@kim junmyeon /while your finger traces under my eyes they close for what feels like a brief moment, but i could've easily slipped right into sleep right there, and its your voice that gently keeps afloat before i drift again, i don't argue any fruther simply let you move me to my feet before i curled up in your arms, head lolled to the side and resting on your shoulder as you carry me to the room, for a moment this feels like a dream to me/
/once laid down i let out a soft noise as i stretch my limbs, groaning softly as sleep beckons me, my shirt lifting up a bit before i curl right back down and when i finally feel you beside me i shamelessly scoot closer to you/
cuddles. /mumbles and my hands reach for you blindly because i can't keep my eyes open anymore, i press my face to your shoulder and inhales deeply, your scent comforting me so much, and in whisper i ask/
final wish?
kim junmyeon 2 weeks ago
@lu han /his fingers trail under your eyes, watching in awe as you lashes flutter with each effort of yours to keep yourself awake and it tugs at his heart/
/nods at you slowly/
I will.
/he wouldnt want to be anywhere else anyway, he helps you up just enough to let you stand on you feet before he hooks his arms under you and takes you in his arms carrying you towards the dorms, towards the room and towards the bed not wishing to keep you up any longer, because he believes that you will keep your promise to him/
/lays you down gently on the bed before getting in to lay beside you/


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can I get park Jisung please?
butterflly 1 week ago
can i get xiao dejun please?
RenSung 1 week ago
Can I have Renjun?
starrynigghts 1 week ago
uhh, winwin pls?
bubbletea 2 weeks ago
can we get a jisung, chenle, renjun, and winwin pls and thank u
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do my eyes deceive me or
is park chanyeol not taken
dreamytaemi 2 weeks ago
Hi can I please reserve lu han?
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Moon Taeil, please?
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renjun pls? :' )
yangyang 2 weeks ago
i heard cries for yuta and so i am here
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