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johnny suh 2 weeks ago
@moon taeil /chuckles softly as you groan, clinging onto you when you give me a nudge, even the one as gentle as you do
i think you could afford letting things go to your head sometimes
a whole talented man and he thinks he's average
/tuts softly before i laugh at your wording about my arms this time, shaking my head to myself and explaining
no but i'd like to keep them. i can't do that if i just eat any and everything
i wish bodies worked like that
/snorts and its my turn to groan at your mention of 'juicy details', turning my face against your chest and with it, your shirt as i grumble
define juicy
/sinks down on the bed beside you a little more, my head tilting back so the laptop is completely out of my view now and i'm left staring up at the ceiling instead
i mean, i'm dating?
for the first time since i left the states really
so... there's that
moon taeil 2 weeks ago
@johnny suh Let me dream once in a while that I have a healthy social life.
/meeting your teasing tone with a quiet groan, I reach to nudge your shoulder with my off hand, repaying you for it in the only way I can think of
Alright, I'll accept that. It won't go to my head if I have good timing.
/snuggled up on your bed, the bag of snacks that I spent so much time carefully picking off of the shelves in the convenience store are easily forgotten in favor of paying attention to you, particularly when whatever has you bothered leaves a poor taste in my mouth when it comes to food
You've got a great body-- just saying.
Are you going to watch yourself get beefier arms?
/with your head resting on my shoulder once more, I tilt my head, my cheek resting against your hair as I turn my eyes to the screen, but even then you have my ear, and I pay you an occasional glimpse from the corner of my eye
I can't say there's been anything interesting that I haven't told you already.
If anything, I bet you've got the juicy details.
jung jaehyun ♟ 2 weeks ago
tosses a bucket of water onto the scene of the crime before can explode
lee taeyong★ [A] 2 weeks ago
*whistles as he places a fire work inside of jaehyuns room next to some candles and lights them all up. runs out of the house and away from the crime scene*
johnny suh 2 weeks ago
@moon taeil pfff. more like /i/ would have been that friend bruh
don't lie
/teases a little before i'm smiling a bit, glancing at you from where i'm still leaning quite happily into your side, trying not to squish you but also needing cuddles
maybe its your timing i should thank you for then?
/shakes my head a bit when you ask about snacks, motioning for you to go on though if you want to while i'm content with my hair pets
no i'm good
i know i encouraged you to eat but i'm still watching everything i eat myself since i'm trying to keep my body as is
at least for a while
/turns back to the screen, my head on your shoulder as i smile at what i'm seeing, snorting softly before my eyelids weigh down again and i just listen to the voices of our members
anything interesting happen on your end lately?
moon taeil 2 weeks ago
@johnny suh I didn't mean it like that, just that if I was going out with a friend-- I probably would have told you about it this morning.
If you insist about practice, though, I'll let you know.
/watching over your each move, there's some part of me that feels more like an overprotective sibling than your member, or even your friend, while it's clear that something has you bothered, even if it's less clear what that something is
/your thanks is unexpected while we lounge together in your bed, and I glance away from the screen and the quiet background noise to give you my attention, nearly undivided
You don't need to thank me for coming home.
/not thinking much of it, I reach over, gently carding my fingers through your hair and pushing back a few strands from your fringe, moving them from your brow
I'm glad it didn't worse. If that even makes sense, I don't...
Speaking of snacks-- do you want anything else?
johnny suh 2 weeks ago
@moon taeil you make it sound like you don't have any friends, taeil
next time you go practice bring me with you? i could always use the extra work
/murmurs as i rub at my eyelids with my sleeve, nodding and taking a moment before i bother to move and grab my laptop from my bedside desk, opening it up before i just end up putting on nct daily vlogs, volume down low so its comfortable background noise
/i end up chuckling now and then at some of the shenanigans that always inevitably happen when the group is all together, though i'm quiet and just curled up against your side for the most part
...thanks, hyung
/mumbles when i'm struggling to keep my eyelids open, not sleeping, just listening as i rest my sore, puffy eyes, though i do want to thank you for just being here for me of course
tonight would have a whole lot more if you hadn't shown up
cute snack stash and all
moon taeil 2 weeks ago
@johnny suh That's just life right now, right? But there are worse things.
/when you smile, I smile a little wider, pleased to see that expression on your face even when you seem so tired, but my grin briefly falters
Oh-- that. No, not hanging out with anyone.
I was just spending a little extra time practicing.
/that's a thin excuse when "a little extra time" meant I hadn't come back to the dorm until well after my normal hours, but that doesn't make it untrue
Besides, you know that there aren't a whole lot of people I would just be hanging out with.
/my hand affectionately over your back, offering that little extra care before I release you from my arms and stand from the table to make sure we gather all of my secretly purchased snacks
Perfect. Then we can call it a sleepover and nobody else has to be bothered by it.
/following you to your room, I make myself at home on one side of your bed, back resting against a share pillow, and my arm lifted to make a space for you against my side
Maybe something... upbeat?
We could look for a comedy or something... so we have something to smile about when we fall asleep.
johnny suh 2 weeks ago
@moon taeil uh huh. time is just a concept these days, even with schedules it seems
/lifts my hand and lightly rubs at my eyelid with my sleeve, sighing tiredly before i smile a bit at your grin, knowing i'd much rather see you eating than starving yourself anyway
you're usually never out this late
were you hanging out with someone, hyung?
/mumbles as you hug me back, my face hidden against your shirt before i nod at your suggestion, popping my head up and smiling tiredly
haechan isn't here either so we don't have to worry about waking him up
/murmurs before i squeeze you in my arms, reluctantly letting go to get up, helping tidy up and carry things through to my own room, placing them at the foot of the bed before i sit down with a huff
/it doesn't take me long before i'm curling up against your side, tucking my long legs up while i nuzzle up to you, already half asleep
what do you wanna watch?
moon taeil 2 weeks ago
@johnny suh It is. That just now dawning on you?
/the thought that perhaps you had forgotten the day is perhaps more concerning than anything else, but I keep that to myself
Diets are like rules-- meant to be followed... until doing so does more harm than good.
/my smile verges on cheeky grin as I lure you to grab one of the sweets
/after stroking your hair, I free my hand and reach for one of the milks, the yellow barrel and green foil lid caught by the tips of my fingers and rolled partway across the table
/the sudden greeting of your arms wrapped around me pulls me back in, milk abandoned, and my arms wound around you instead
Thank my legs wanting to give up on me today.
Want to bring the junk food back to your room and watch something until we fall asleep?
johnny suh 2 weeks ago
@moon taeil Crap- yeah its friday isn't it? Early hours Friday but still friday
/groans softly before I close my eyelids, appreciating the affection right now without really needing to voice it to you, my eyelids closing as I let myself begin to relax finally
Taeil saying screw a diet - we love to see it
/chuckles softly but it dies out quickly, my eyelids briefly opening to see the food you got before I read a hand out, picking up one of the sweeter items and turning it over between my fingers
Thanks hyung
/i place it back down and then turn to you, wrapping my arms around you and hugging you properly, cheeks slightly squished as I lress my face against your shirt and hold on
...thank you for coming home when you did
I really needed this
moon taeil 2 weeks ago
@johnny suh Then no one else had to hear me sneaking in.
/it's a joke, albeit a dry one, and one I chuckle at myself, but seeing that shift in your demeanor is enough to make it clear that in order to persist, it's at least slightly forced
It's been a long week, huh?
/strength isn't exactly something I have to offer in large measures, but what I have to offer is there on offer in the smallest gesture as my hand passes to your shoulder, giving it a small squeeze
/as you scoot closer, your head coming toward my shoulder, I bring a hand to your hair and over it before I lift my other arm and offer a mock hug to your head
Hmm? Oh, right-- those.
/withdrawing my hand, I reach out for the bag and carefully draw it closer on the table, making my wordless offer to help yourself a little less subtle
I was having a craving and figured... why not?
Except I didn't exactly know what I was craving.
johnny suh 2 weeks ago
@moon taeil its cool. its just us, the others aren't around or are upstairs, i don't know
/shrugs my shoulders slightly before i drag my hand down my face and then finally look at you, watching as you come over with your belongings
/glances up at you when you ask if i'm okay, its always that one question 'are you okay' or along those lines that pulls an invisible string, making my eyes tear up a bit
uh yeah, yeah i'm-
/clears my throat and sits upright a bit more, swallowing down the lump in my throat but my voice cracks when i mumble a small 'fine'
yeah- super tired
/laughs out the words in a rush, frowning to myself as my vision blurs, ending up scooting my own chair closer before i slump my head on your shoulder and mumble softly
did some late night essential shopping?
moon taeil 2 weeks ago
@johnny suh /the sudden voice while I'm in in the midst of tugging the fitted knit at my wrists catches me off-guard, and the hitch in my shoulders is all too apparent
Oh-- oh hey! I didn't...
/my smile doesn't disappear as I realize you're there at the table, at least not until I take stock of you sitting there with that half-full glass sitting on the table in front of you
/rather than try to ferret away a few guilty impulse-purchased snacks, I lift the plastic bag by the handles and come to the side of the table
/one hand sets the bag down, the other drapes my jacket over the back of the chair before I pull it out for myself
Everything okay?
/placing a hand between your shoulder blades, I give you a gentle pat before taking the seat I pulled out for myself and quietly opening the bag to reveal plastic barrels of flavored milk, a candy bar, and a small bag of chips on silent offer
You look...
/my bottom lip briefly slips between my teeth as I rethink what I was about to say
You look like you could use some rest.
johnny suh 2 weeks ago
@moon taeil /i can't sleep, the hours keep on ticking by and i just... but the most frustrating part is its not because i'm /not/ tired, god knows i am, i'm just wired up and no matter how many cups of chamomile tea i've forced down me, or water, nothing is helping
/so i leave my bedroom to grab a new glass of water after emptying my bladder, the dorm quiet, most of the members aren't even here, split on upper and lower flowers anyway, its just been me and my shadow for company mostly
/its as i'm sitting in the dark at the kitchen table, glass of water half drunk in front of me, that i hear the loud entrance and a familiar groan, smiling a little to myself
/i don't expect you to come in but then i'm watching you move around, wincing when you flick on the switch and i flinch away from the bright light, eyes swollen enough its already hard to see
uh, i know
/mumbles as i bow my head forward onto one of my hands, holding up the other slightly to gesture to myself and let my presence known since you didn't seem to clock it at first
moon taeil 2 weeks ago
@johnny suh /it's getting late when I return from a little self-flagellation via the training rooms, and by the time I make it back to the dorms I fully expect everyone to either still be out or attempting to catch a little shut-eye if they're in
/my attempts to sneak in, however, are far from ideal as I drop my keys in the midst of juggling a plastic bag from the convenience store down the block, my wallet, and my phone, while trying to fish for them
/there's no soft jangle, just a metallic "clank" where they hit the exposed strip of the threshold in the hall
/with a quiet groan, I bend down, collect my things, and let myself in with a rattle of the plastic bag and the jangle of my keys as I stuff them into the pocket of my jacket
/as I pull the door closed behind myself, I glance around, my fingers quite literally crossed as I hope not to walk into one of the other members
/once the door is closed, and locked, it's just a matter of stepping out of my shoes, and crossing the floor in sock-clad feet for the kitchen
/reaching out, I snap the light on and set the bag beside the refrigerator, abandoning the few snacks I had bought in a rush
Perfect. No one needs to know.
/self-satisfied, I smile, my expression most prominent in the crescent curves of my eyes, as I shrug out of my jacket, no longer concerned with the little sounds of old keys and loose change as they're jumbled in my pocket
jung jaehyun ♟ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo “that’s a loaded question,” jaehyun laughs, placing a clean chicken bone on the paper box lid and grabbing another piece. “it might be hard for us to understand since we live in a much more homogenous society but at least with america there’s the whole issue of representation— or lack of representation for a better word of people of color in mainstream media. it’s a problem when you have such a diverse country and yet most of the superheroes and role models on screen are white… anyway, i think it’s cool that they made miles morales the protagonist.” jaehyun catches himself before he can ramble any further but he hopes that his answer made at least a bit of sense. he hums along to the familiar tune of post malone’s sunflower as the introduction sequence begins to play even though his gaze remains trained on the younger. “yeah, you are,” he mumbles, carding his free hand through the other’s soft locks. naturally, jaehyun softens when he meets jungwoo’s gaze. he could easily get lost in those deep orbs that shimmered with mirth if he ever stared too long.
kim jungwoo ♕ 1 month ago
@jung juan jungwoo nods while making a vague gesture that is supposed to be a whole hearted confirmation at the elder's movie pick. "no, it's a good one! i've watched spider verse too and the animation was gorgeous, i love it. though i can't help but wonder–" he pauses to take a bite of his chicken before continues: "–do you also think that character globalization is becoming the trend these days? like, giving a character a race that's different than their original one– which is usually white. i wonder what's up with that, really". wiping his hand onto a napkin to reach for his coke can, jungwoo's head snaps up at jaehyun's unexpected comment. that is indeed something he has noticed, his teammates' penchant of spoiling him. jungwoo guesses it is a natural response to the aura he radiates, with him being called a puppy and all. but not everyone is vocal about it – usually it's only doyoung hyung who admits to taking pleasure in such a thing – so it's quite a pleasant surprise to hear it from someone like jung jaehyun, no less. this hyung is normally more reticent– warm, but reticent when it comes to expressing endearment. "is it because i'm too cute?", he presses on quite cheekily, a small giggle falling out of his lips after.
jung jaehyun ♟ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo “can we watch into the spider-verse? it’s such a good film,” jaehyun almost gushes despite having seen the film numerous times before. he logs on to his netflix account and promptly locates the title before pressing play. “let me know if you want to watch something else though. i’m not too picky.” he gently places the laptop down on the bed so that it’s sitting equidistant in front of them and grabs a spicy wing. jungwoo had a point. that is, jaehyun was almost always the one to pay for their meals whenever they ordered out, which he wasn’t proud to admit that they were doing more of lately with their increasingly busy schedules. one could say that jaehyun was just doing his job as a good hyung but perhaps it was really just because he had developed a soft spot for the younger male somewhere down the line. “i guess i just enjoy spoiling you,” he muses, the spicy sauce clean from his lips.
lee taeyong★ [A] 1 month ago
*drags in a broom begrudgingly behind him as he walks into jaehyuns and junguwus bedroom looking at the mess he had previously made. as he eyes the disaster in the room, he suddenly feels even more guilty than what he did before he had done it.* okay... maybe that was a bit too much. *taeyong sweeps up the debris on the floor sweeping them into a dust pan and then tossing it into a trash can. after sweeping the floor, taeyong throws away the broken items, fixes up the mattresses and calls a guy to fix the hole in the wall he made with the bat*
kim jungwoo ♕ 1 month ago
@jung juan "animated film? sure, your pick! i brought my laptop with me too, here--" gently depositing said laptop onto the elder's lap, jungwoo quickly pops open the coke cans for the both of them as he lets jaehyun go for whatever he has in mind. surely he wouldn't go for something disastrous, right? they have watched movies together countless of times anyway, he is sure he can at least have trust in the other's taste. "i would be okay with whatever you are feeding me, to be honest", letting out a huff of laughter, jungwoo goes straight for a lemon pepper wing, "it's not as if i were paying for our dinner, were i?". enunciating his playful remark by leaning closer to his roommate's space and lightly bumping their shoulders together, he happily munches on the chicken with his usual vigor of a huge foodie. as one might expect, nothing can go wrong with good food and good company-- certainly they are his definition of "small but certain happiness".
jung jaehyun ♟ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo jaehyun pulls out a few cans of coke as he ponders over jungwoo’s question. for a moment he’s tempted to suggest a horror movie because he knows how much jungwoo hates them and it would just be an excuse for the younger to latch onto him like the child he is. but when he meets the other’s gaze glimmering with pure joy at the sight of food, he decides to save that for another time. “do you want to play an animated film?” jaehyun deduces that it was probably a better idea to go with something more uplifting even if it was just going to play as background noise; the movie would be a nice distraction to cope with the fact that their own room had just been utterly destroyed for no apparent reason by their 'leader' out of all people. tragic. “i got hot wings, classic, and lemon pepper. i hope you’re okay with that.” he pops open the box and slides it over to jungwoo, patiently waiting for the other to grab one first.
kim jungwoo ♕ 1 month ago
@jung juan jungwoo's ears perks up at the sight of his favorite hyung and the smell of delicious food wafting around the room as he quickly sits up on the bed, clapping excitedly. "god, you are a savior. i think my stomach is gonna eat itself if i go on without food for any longer", he adds in a playfully dramatic comment, moving from his spot to open the windows to let the fresh air inside. personally, jungwoo would much prefer doing this in the familiar confine of their own room – having grown used to its comfortable space into which jaehyun and him have put a lot of effort making, but as it is now in shambles quite literally – beggars can't be choosers, right? "should we pick a movie or some music right now, or do you want to do so after we're done eating?" plopping onto taeyong's bed once more, he quickly settles on a spot next to jaehyun while peering at their dinner with a laser-point focus. if he had a tail, it would be waggling wildly in excitement much like a dog's would right now– jungwoo just loves food that much.
jung jaehyun ♟ 1 month ago
@bonito niño you're being disgusting and twisting my words smh
lee taeyong★ [A] 1 month ago
@jung juan YOU ING MY MOM
lee taeyong★ [A] 1 month ago
jung jaehyun ♟ 1 month ago
@bonito niño what.
lee taeyong★ [A] 1 month ago
@jung juan WAIT WHAT
jung jaehyun ♟ 1 month ago
@bonito niño go cry to your mom that's not working on me today.
jung jaehyun ♟ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo “i’ve got the goods,” jaehyun declares with a cheeky smile as he closes the door behind him and flops down onto taeyong’s bed. he rummages through the bag and pulls out a box of fried chicken and a container of tteokbokki, not giving much care to the fact that they were most likely going to be staining taeyong’s sheets with the greasy food.


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Hi can I please reserve lu han?
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