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but dont eat nuts (@ the babies)

lee taeyong★ [A] 15 hours ago
not to be a hoe but im saving that love shot gif just sayin
lee taeyong★ [A] 15 hours ago
jung jaehyun ♟ 1 day ago
park chanyeol ♚ 3 days ago
i'll end on this
park chanyeol ♚ 3 days ago
ten lee ♕ 3 days ago
Although the last one is more cute than y
ten lee ♕ 3 days ago
See yeol is y


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thequeso 3 days ago
can I get park Jisung please?
butterflly 1 week ago
can i get xiao dejun please?
RenSung 1 week ago
Can I have Renjun?
starrynigghts 1 week ago
uhh, winwin pls?
bubbletea 2 weeks ago
can we get a jisung, chenle, renjun, and winwin pls and thank u
prompto 2 weeks ago
do my eyes deceive me or
is park chanyeol not taken
dreamytaemi 2 weeks ago
Hi can I please reserve lu han?
ssibal 2 weeks ago
Moon Taeil, please?
loch_ness 2 weeks ago
renjun pls? :' )
yangyang 2 weeks ago
i heard cries for yuta and so i am here
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