room #005

The humble abode of Wonshik, Yugyeom, and Joohyun.

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⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤjoohyun b。 [A] 1 month ago
"huh? oh.. uh--" there was a part of her that wanted to say something, that wanted to find an excuse to stick around and see him longer. even despite the words she had said before, she knew that there was something in her that wanted that excuse. joohyun looked around before catching sight of the suitcase she had already neatly tucked under her bed, leaning down to pull it out from under there. "well.. maybe... could you help me get this up on the top shelf in the closet? just so its out of the way." catching her lip between her teeth, she shifted on her feet, fingers curling into the handle of her suitcase.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤwonshik k。 1 month ago
Wonshik looked ahead, taking in the other side of the room. Just as quickly, his gaze rose toward the corners of the room. Security cameras? Nanny cams hidden in the knick-knacks? It was too hard to tell, and too much to risk saying anything that might be taken out of context. He glanced over watching her smooth out her covers, in spite of the fact they looked as if it was a freshly made bed anyway. "I'm sure we'll all be comfortable." He lifted his hands and folded his arms across his chest. "Anything you need done? Bag stored on a high closet shelf maybe? May as well help each other out when we can."
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤjoohyun b。 [A] 1 month ago
"yeah. something like that." jooyhun brushed her fingers over her ear, pushing her hair back and out of the way while looking down toward her feet, curling her toes slightly. something about his words made her hesitant to look back up, but when she did, her cheeks were flushed and she very quickly casted her gaze away. thinking to distract herself, she turned to her bed once more, idly fixing the blankets that had not yet been disturbed. "oh of course. only the best beds for this-- this show, right? we have to be comfortable, at least. right?"
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤwonshik k。 1 month ago
"Life got in the way, huh?" He glanced to the bed that she had claimed, and he knew well enough to give her her space. For a brief moment he worried that perhaps he might look like a bully, standing in her way while she stood there, nervous, laughing shortly and stammering. There was no use making a scene. He turned to the nearest bed, stepped around his bag and dropped himself onto the edge like dead weight. The mattress sprung him up with a short bounce, and he placed his hands on either side of himself on the bed the moment he settled. "This works. It's pretty springy. Nothing better than a springy mattress."
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤjoohyun b。 [A] 1 month ago
for a brief moment, joohyun wondered if she went too far. but she stood her ground while wonsik stepped closer, tipping her head back to look at him, her hand falling back to her side. "have no idea, not yet, actually. i put my things in here yesterday and..." she trailed off when she realized where her sentence was going to go, clearing before glancing away with a short little laugh. "i guess i just got distracted. a-anyways, feel free to take any bed. i chose-- this one." pointing to the bed she had just shoved her bag under, she offered a small, wavering smile.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤwonshik k。 1 month ago
His jaw was clenched. Her playing along shouldn't have made him feel anything. It was the only logical thing to do when both of them were under scrutiny and in front of cameras. Whatever he should have felt, the vein in the side of his neck said otherwise. If she wanted to leave she would have to get through him to the door, and from where he stood that wasn't happening. He could fake a smile for her, at least. His right hand rose to his hair, brushing the dark strands back from his brow. "I was hoping no one would notice." One step closer. "Guess we're sharing a room then." Another step closer. "Any idea who our third is?"
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤjoohyun b。 [A] 1 month ago
she stood there for a moment, gaze directed to the floor. she wrung her fingers, taking in a deep breath before lifting her head, offering a small smile that didnt quite reach her eyes. she could fake a smile normally, but his words stung a little more than usual. "yeah, long time no see. i should--" joohyun stopped, lifting her hand before turning around to look at her items, pursing her lips a little as she headed over to nudge her bad under the bed. "i should let you unpack. you must've had a long night, since you're just coming in today." two could play at that game, she reasoned.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤwonshik k。 1 month ago
"Nah, you're not even in my hair." He glanced around the small room and in a short, sharp breath through his nose. He took a single step inside the door and let his duffel bag fall from the other shoulder, his hand stopping it short of falling to the floor with a much louder thump at the foot of the nearest bed. His thumb brushed against the finger he wore on his index finger, spinning the thick, steel band around the digit slowly and focusing on the movement of the metal. He could have said anything to make it less awkward. "Long time no see, Joohyun." Correction. He could have said /almost/ anything to make it less awkward. But the rapper chose the road less traveled.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤjoohyun b。 [A] 1 month ago
she was sitting on her knees, putting her favorite pair of jeans in the bottom drawer, when she heard the door open. turning a little, her eyes went a little wide at the sight of wonsik in the doorway, and immediately she stood, dropping her gaze to the floor. smoothing her hands on the front of her skirt, it took a moment for joohyun to find her voice. "no, it's fine. im just about to finish, and i'll-- i'll get out of your hair."
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤwonshik k。 1 month ago
Wonshik should have been at the house much sooner. He had made plans, but plans, like rules, were made to be broken. He wouldn't have traded what he had accomplished the night before for money, he wasn't about to do so in order to look like someone he wasn't in front of however many cameras were located in the house. He had been lucky to get by without running into any of his housemates, get his room assignment, and make his way to the appointed room. When he reached the door he twisted the knob and nudged it open with his shoulder. The sight of another person was enough to give him pause. The sight of her... He quietly cleared his throat. "Sorry, didn't know anyone was in here. I'll come back later."
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤjoohyun b。 [A] 1 month ago
her stuff was already in the room but unpacked, something she was going to tend to the night before. but plans had changed, and she couldn't say whether it was for the better or not, and now she had to handle that on the actual day of filming. there were plenty of things on her mind, namely what had transpired the night before, but she sought distraction with unpacking her bags into the dresser and closet, thankful that the room is her own while she does so. after all, she had to collect herself before she met her roommates for the show.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤten。 [A] 1 month ago
@⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤyugyeom k。 @⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤwonshik k。 @⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤjoohyun b。 [ +* ] Hello!! Tagging you all to let you know that you're in room five. Thank you for joining and I hope you have fun with your new roommates!!


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