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come out and eat, piggy's.

✧ lalisa m. [A] 1 month ago
@✧ chaeyoung p. habe it not been for the few nights that boosted her mood up from the tragic love songs that cursed her entire week then she couldnt have been here today. rose had asked to meet with lisa after awhile of not seeing each other due to their own personal lives.

lisa dressed herself in an attire that was comfortable enough for her to show up at the restaurant. to be honest, horrific traumas of late nights and insomnia battered the girls face in such horrendous ways that it was visible to the eye. shorts and a crop top was enough to suffice as lisa opened the glass pull doors to the said location as her sneakers clanked against the floor.

the beautiful blonde was seating at a table not far away from the entrance. putting on the best approachable smile, lisa walked over and wrapped her arms around rose who was facing her back at the other. a wide grin grimaced her baby like features as her eyes turned into crescent moons. the dewy honey look of genuine happiness illuminating her features and eliminating the once exhausted and sleepless nights from her eye bags to her smile. "rose." lisa called out the elders name.
✧ chaeyoung p. [ ℋ ] 1 month ago
@✧ lalisa m. "Here for a reservation, Ma'am?" The lady standing by the door of the restaurant greeted me with a genuine smile to which I replied with a short nod, my lips smiling back at her behind the face mask I'm wearing. It's been what? Two months since the government announced a lockdown and now that it was lifted up, the first thing to do on my bucket list was to eat & drink at my favorite restaurant. I usually do this alone, not because I want to but because I got used to it. Tonight, however, I invited a friend with me because I wanted to change 'what was normal' for me.

"Table for two for Ms. Roseanne Park." I told the lady and she made a quick scan on her guest list before looking back at me with that same genuine smile and leading me to where my table is.
✧ yuqi s. [A] 1 month ago
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floraison [A] 1 month ago
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please do not advertise your roleplays or any other links that may disrupt other members or people who are interested in joining. we are currently not taking affiliates. thank you.
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floraison [A] 1 month ago
✰ ᴀᴄᴛɪᴠɪᴛʏ ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋ!
we just finished our ac! therefore, many faceclaims are available. if you are a member that was kicked out due to not fulfilling the activity check, you have 24 hours to re-apply for your faceclaim that has been deactivated. fail to reach the time period, your faceclaim will be deleted.
thank you for joining us! we will now focus on our revamp.

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KingsRight 1 month ago
Quick inquiry
floraison [A] 1 month ago
- checked -
blirknight 1 month ago
kris wu for me and byun baekhyun for perfectionism
feithfuxx 1 month ago
park jihoon for me pls and bae jinyoung for stayanon ifthatsokie
floraison [A] 1 month ago
- checked -
s 1 month ago
Can i get Bright Vachirawit pls b
mehxhyuckk 1 month ago
Can I put hiatus at lee donghyuck?
localfrickboy 1 month ago
Hi can I get hwang hyunjin again Tn T
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