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ꕥ yook sungjae. [A] 4 months ago
@ꕥ suda anna. @ꕥ shin ryujin. @ꕥ park jimin. @ꕥ minatozaki sana. @ꕥ lee sungkyung. @ꕥ lee hwitaek. @ꕥ kwon hyuk. @ꕥ kim taehyung. @ꕥ im changkyun. @ꕥ bright vachirawit. Hi everyone! A lot of the people already here didnt comment on the announcement and if your new dont worry about it! But please make aure to read to get in on the fun and if you are set to send the first letter out try and do thay [if you want it is not mandatory] and pm me if your new and wanting to get in on the penpal event!
ꕥ yook sungjae. [A] 4 months ago
↷┇F.I.L〚 opening event 〛 announcement has been released! Bring any questions to your admins!


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insolence 4 months ago
blackpink’s lisa, please?
mercury_ 4 months ago
suda anna for me please~
suganoya 4 months ago
shin ryujin please : )
a17688375b929ee7ff42 4 months ago
lee hwitaek please
real_fake 4 months ago
Jeon jungkook pls
Tobiko 4 months ago
Lee sungkyung pls uwu
bemore- 4 months ago
im changkyun please
orxnges 4 months ago
bright vachirawit for me pls ❤️
893646318ec516323525 4 months ago
minatozaki sana please ^^
tartaglia 4 months ago
park jimin pls
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