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ꕥ suda anna. 4 months ago
@ꕥ lee hwitaek. /i looked up at you before looking down at the menu to look for that said food, whistled in agreement/ that does looks and sounds delicious /my eyes fell unto the food next to it, chuckling softly when i see it's salmon and cottage cheese on bread/ hey look, it's your breakfast /i chirped, looking up at you and beamed. i skim through the menu, clicking my tongue/ yeah i think i'm gonna have waffles for lunch- /i suddenly gasped, putting the menu up for you to see and pointing at an image/ look! there's a chicken and waffle tower!! /half-whispering and half-yelling in excitement, bouncing slightly at the thought of eating 2 waffles and 2 fried chicken/ i'm going to wolf it all down /squinting my eyes at the image as if staring it down/ what are you going to eat?
ꕥ lee hwitaek. 4 months ago
@ꕥ suda anna. /since the place isn't very crowded, we have many tables to choose from. I let you make the decision, nodding in agreement once you pick a spot for us. I take a seat at the opposite side of the table, facing you and liking how there's a window by our side, letting us shower is some daylight. when the waitress approaches us, I welcome her with a small smile, before taking the menu from her/ I will have sparkling water. /I say after you, looking into my menu card once the waitress leaves us to get us our drinks and give us some time to read into the menu. there are many interesting positions and I'm not quite sure how I will be able to pick one/ sounds delicious. I'm tempted by that smoked ham and cheese savory crêpe.
ꕥ suda anna. 4 months ago
@ꕥ lee hwitaek. /i shrug at the question/ eh anything i can eat would be fine, i was just craving some Thai /i rub my belly as i pout/ now i just want to eat /another giggle came out as i pointed at a seat, tilting my head in question if it would be fine to sit there. i slid into the seat as the waitress came to put the menu down, asking if what drink would we like/ oh may i have some orange juice? /the waitress nodded as she turns to you for a drink option. i started to look down at the menu and bit my lip, my eyes sparkling just looking at the delicious variety of food/ oh they have lunch waffles... /i mumbled to myself, gulping in hunger/
ꕥ lee hwitaek. 4 months ago
@ꕥ suda anna. well, I'm not a pro at anatomy, but I'm sure there's something inside you that will keep the food inside. /I add with a little smile over my lips, when we walk to the diner. as you seem to be so eager to let me get inside first, I don't protest, crossing the door step and quickly looking around the place to at least sense the climate of the restaurant/ it doesn't seem like they do, but that's not a big problem, right? /I ask to make sure that you're perfectly okay with this place. after all, it was you who craved some thai food today and I would hate, if you had to force different cuisine into your mouth/
ꕥ suda anna. 4 months ago
@ꕥ lee hwitaek. *a soft giggle escaped me, happy to make you laugh and happy that you would like a hug. enveloping you in a hug as i slightly rubbed your back. when you pulled away, i bounced on my feet excited at the mention of food*
to be fair, it's all just dust inside. so there will be nothing to keep my belly contained *i let out an evil dramatic laugh as i walked up to the diner. opening the door for you while playfully curtsying* milady~ *chuckling softly as i follow you inside, looking around* i suppose they don't have Thai food here huh? *my eyes averts to you, grinning widely*
ꕥ lee hwitaek. 4 months ago
@ꕥ suda anna. /your little acting performance gets me worried for a short second, but the more cheerful follow-up calms me down. I even let out a soft cackle at how playful you already are, so relaxed, when we're basically a pair of strangers, who met to change that obviously/ hug. /I reply to your question, with a wider smile on my lips letting myself be caught in the embrace of your arms. I wrap my own around your smaller form and pat your back lightly, before letting you go/ let's go. hopefully there are still some remains of your stomach to fit in some delicious food.
ꕥ suda anna. 4 months ago
@ꕥ lee hwitaek. *i typed a quick okay to you alongside a smiley face, blowing my hair away from my hair before deciding to tuck it. tapping my feet lightly, seeing a bus rolling in and you coming down from it, my face lit up and i excitedly waved back at you, grinning from ear to ear*
*i gasped at your words before clutching my stomach dramatically, my face contorting in pain*
i have been waiting here for years...my stomach turned to dust... *i half-groaned, my face contorting more before grinning again*
and by years i mean 5 minutes, i am starving though
*chuckling softly, i spread my arms and tilted my head*
hug or not?
ꕥ lee hwitaek. 4 months ago
@ꕥ suda anna. 「text」: give me 2 minutes
/I type on my phone, while still being on the bus as today's traffic doesn't seem to be very supportive of befriending new people. I look through the window, eagerly looking for the bus stop I'm supposed to get off and when it finally appears in my eye sights, I get up from my seat and go to the door. as soon as the driver opens them for me, I jump off the bus and taking quick steps, I head to the location we agreed to meet at. spotting your long pink hair from the distance, I smile immediately, waving a little as I approach you/ hey, hey. sorry I'm late. the traffic jam was almost sure, I should've taken an earlier bus. I hope you didn't have to wait for me too long.
ꕥ suda anna. 4 months ago
@ꕥ lee hwitaek. *adjusts my shirt a little bit as i stand outside the diner*
*looks around, lightly moves from side to side, taking my phone out*
*decides to text you*
anna to hwitaek:
heyya~ I'm here c;
*i smiled to myself, putting my phone inside my pocket and looks at the kids on bicycle*
ꕥ suda anna. 4 months ago
@ꕥ lee hwitaek. i'm here~


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insolence 4 months ago
blackpink’s lisa, please?
mercury_ 4 months ago
suda anna for me please~
suganoya 4 months ago
shin ryujin please : )
a17688375b929ee7ff42 4 months ago
lee hwitaek please
real_fake 4 months ago
Jeon jungkook pls
Tobiko 4 months ago
Lee sungkyung pls uwu
bemore- 4 months ago
im changkyun please
orxnges 4 months ago
bright vachirawit for me pls ❤️
893646318ec516323525 4 months ago
minatozaki sana please ^^
tartaglia 4 months ago
park jimin pls
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