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lee donghyuck 2 weeks ago
@hwang hyunjin /smiles at you and tugs you onto the sand, taking in a deep breath as I can smell the sea, letting out a loud sigh in content as I turn to you with a bright smile, nudging your side gently.
Come on, let's stash our valuable stuff somewhere safe and then we can dive into that water. Ahh, I just can't wait honestly!
It's crowded here..but not overwhelmingly crowded. I think we could find a nice spot in the sand for us to set up our little 'camp'.
hwang hyunjin 2 weeks ago
@lee donghyuck i guess i don't let me bring out the little in me too
/laughs lightly with you, and follows you out as you me out of the bus, once out i take in a deep breath, enjoy that sea breeze air i love so much, my eyes close and i listen to the sound of the ocean, all while my sun is kissed by the sun gently, i open my eyes slowly and look at you with a blooming smile/
me too and its wonderful
/my smile widens and i follow after you once agian as you tug me towards the beach, i feel the heat of the sand already, and i can't wait to just dive into the water/
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin I'm a little who can't seem to control my own gross thoughts, sorry, babe. You'll have to live with that if you want me to be here. Although..I don't think you really mind.
/laughs softly and kisses your cheek gently as I slowly stand up, tugging you towards the middle of the bus to walk out slowly.
/as we walk out, I take a deep breath and laugh out softly before turning to you.
I can already just smell the beach, come on then!
/waits till the bus drives off before tugging you towards the beach.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck of course. i only want you hyuck. forever
/promise with a soft peck to your lips and a smile lingers on my lips before i blink a few times and then cover my mouth with the back of my hand laughs shyly
why is that the first thing you think about? /turns to look ahead and lets out a happy squeal before hopping out of my seat, grabbing your hand and tugging you up with me/
yes! we shall~
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin Only if you will have me forever as well.
/smiles at you and brushes your hair out of your face to press a gentle peck to your lips before pulling back to look at you again.
That so? Now I can't help but imagine you in a little speedo. That is something I HAVE to see one day. Oh, look, we're here.
/looks out of the window as the bus stops at the busstop near the beach.
Shall we?
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck you'll have me forever?
/asks with slightly wide eyes, though a smile blooms over my face over the thought, and then lets out a small giggle nodding shyly/
i guess you could call me that. i use to be on a swim team in school too--there's just something about being in the water that is incredible
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin Mmm, so forever you mean.
/smiles at you and watches you as you talk, chewing on my bottom lip with a fond smile on my face as I slowly nod my head at your words.
Sounds like someone here is a merman. But that's okay, because I am too. I love being in the water.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck you'll have me long as you want me
/says soft and timid like but your smile brings me comfort and warmth before i fall back into your touch looking at you with stars in my eyes, dimples rosey and bright/
i love the beach...if that wasn't obvious--i just love being in the water and swimming all day long
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin And so will I. I'll always be grateful, because I have you now.
/smiles at you and nods my head, turning to glance at you as I gently brush your hair out of your face before looking back out of the window, smiling at the ocean.
Just a little bit, we're nearly there.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck it is a funny thing but i'll be always grateful it brought me to you
/grins at you before you kiss my forehead and i lean into in contentment as the bus continues to ride along, i lift my head up with the scenary changes, i can see the ocean now and i smile widely sitting up
yeah! ah~ i can't wait to get there
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin Fate. Fate can be such a funny thing, hmm? I am just glad it brought us together. Fate worked in our favor for once, huh?
/looks at you and presses a kiss to your forehead before going back to staring out of the window again, letting out a soft sigh in content.
We're close, hmm?
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck fate brought us together and i've been so happy ever since
/smiles at you and rests my head against your shoulder and looks out the window watching the scenary, my mind drifitng with it slowly as i feel so at ease and happy right now in your arms, the smile lingers on my lips
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin Mm, that sounds nice. I haven't really felt like this about anyone before either, so you and I are in luck together.
/laughs out softly and kisses the side of your head as I hold you close, glancing out of the window with a small smile on my face.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /leans into your touch as i slowly lift my head up and look at you with enamored smile/
mm...never felt like this about anyone before /whispers softly, and the bus goes over a large bump making me bounce on your lap and lean back forward against your neck i yelp softly and cling onto you
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin /looks at you and caresses your face, running my fingers through your hair slowly as I smile brightly at you, chewing on my bottom lip.
I am really glad that you adore me just as much as I adore you.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /squeaks when you pull onto your lap and i look at you with wide eyes but i melt over each kiss, turning a giggling blushing mess that i try to hide when you're all done, pressing my face to your neck and mumbling/
me too...i adore you so much hyuck
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin /walks after you towards the back and moves to sit down, tugging you into my lap as I pepper kisses all over the side of your face and your neck, soft giggles coming out of my mouth before I pull back to look at you with a fond smile.
Gosh, I adore you so much.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /lets out a soft sound when you tug me in by my waist and i fall against you, letting out
a small delighted laugh i let my head fall onto your shoulder and smile
can't wait.../whispers and kisses your cheek just as the bus pulls up and i grin tugging you up the steps and into the bus, sliding my bus pass for us, before walking towards the back
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin /chuckles softly and lets go of your hand instead to wrap my arm around your waist as I tug you closer against me.
Exactly. I'll officially be your boyfriend and we'll be able to go on many, many dates.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /lifts my gaze back to you and my lips part in a surprise gasp
You’re going to ask me out after our date? So you’ll be officially my boyfriend ~ /smiles widely with dimpled roses cheeks, laughs and bumps your shoulder back
exactly ...we’re good for each other
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin I haven't even asked you out properly yet, but I promise I will. After we've had our first date, of course. You're right however. Everything came just so naturally that it already felt like we've been together for years. But that's how you know that we're good for each other.
/chuckles out softly and bumps my shoulder against yours gently.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck Oh my...out first date—I can’t believe we haven’t gone on a date yet /laughs softly and shakes my head, because in my head I feel like we’ve been together for so long it all just happened so naturally, I smile to myself and squeeze your hand back
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin Exactly. Just you and I spending time together. I guess we could consider this our first date then?
Since it will be just us.
/gives your hand a gentle squeeze and laces our fingers together.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /nods and then gives you an adoring smile when you kiss my hand, cheeks warming up a bit
best of all I’ll be with you
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin Yeah, me neither.
/smiles at you and lifts your hand up to my mouth, kissing it gently.
We'll have lots of fun!
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /squeezes your hand and tugs you in the direction of the nearest bus stop, smiling at you widely
today’s a perfect day for the beach too ~ I can’t wait to get in the water
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin /smiles brightly at you and laughs softly at your enthusiasm as I follow after you.
Alright, alright
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck Yay! We can go right now~
/smiles over your sweet kisses and lays a half dozen on you back before sitting up and tugging you with me
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin Sounds like a date. I'm in, babe. When are we going to the beach then?
/smiles and kisses your nose and then your lips afterwards.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck doesn’t it? And then when the sun goes down we can take a walk along the boardwalk
/grins and nods but then cross my eyes a little to look at your finger on my nose and then giggle


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taehyung is leaving, im getting too busy
wangxian 2 months ago
Could you add Wang Yibo please?
gordonramsay 2 months ago
kim chaewon please
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okay, bear with me. Could you please add kim-ah-joong?
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park jihoon please
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Add and reserve Cho Miyeon please! Thank you
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Chu Sojung please
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chrysalis 2 months ago
hello there, i'd like to reserve bae irene (hopefully i didn't miss her on the masterlist)
dalgonabirdie 2 months ago
hi! could i get son hyejoo <3
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