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kim taehyung 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook Taehyung thought his friend was the most patient person in dealing with his attitude and grumpy self. Because he never once snapped at him and being the chill person that he usually was. They were a complete side of each other, Jungkook usually beaming with so much energy around him and on the other hand Taehyung was just really dull. He admitted that.

They were contrast to each other and people usually wondered why they became friends in the first place. Seeing the older male lost his temper unlike him who had a quite short one was a new sight to see, his eyes stared at the other in amusement when he saw his act in attempt to get himself together. “Right, I am sorry.” He never really apologized because he had a big pride but the other seemed genuinely upset and even he had his attitude, the male still had some kind of manner.

A small groan left his lips followed by a smile of amusement in realizing they did not really know each other even though they had been together all these years since they were just a little kid. Maybe they were just too closed of to tell each other about their lives. “Yes. I need to pay my rent after all and buy other necessities to live. I work as a cook at a restaurant near here.”

“Nothing much actually. I just work and study as usual. And it goes well, even though it can becomes stressful sometimes.” He admitted and took his water bottle on the table, drinking down the water down his throat. “How about you? I can see you are stressing. Maybe we both should relax after all.” He let out a small chuckle and shook his head in amusement.
choi yoojung 2 months ago
@cho miyeon Yoojung hoped the girl consider her suggestion. She blushed a little upon the sudden praise by her newly made friend- she supposed. She had always tried to help people around her as she didn't like leaving people who felt unwell alone. "That's the least I can do, it's not easy to be in college," she said, as she gave a reassuring smile back at the girl. "Oh no worries, I did some of the tasks in advance so I'm not that busy. I can give you an accompany,"
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@kim taehyung The older was aware that his short temper had given himself away, his usual aloof front slightly exposed and he struggles to regain his composure, shutting his eyes and taking a deep breath to calm his mind. He knew he was at fault but perhaps the tone from the younger brushed Jungkook off the wrong way, and he finds himself getting annoyed by the way Taehyung addressed him.

"Right, no need to start calling me names either -- Just pointing a fact out, damn," he sighed, hand lifted to his forehead as fingers massaged at his temples whilst he scrunches his face in frustration. He was never one to lose his cool - maybe only under the influence of alcohol - and to show another side of himself made the male feel a little vulnerable. Awkwardly, he lets out a shaky chuckle, palm finding contact against his cheek to slightly slap himself out of his thoughts.

Ready to be the bigger person and apologise, though reluctantly - it bruised his ego of course - he opened his mouth only for it to be left hanging agape, surprised by how his childhood friend has handled the situation. Truly, he was the mature one although Jungkook was older. Shaking his head and allowing a more genuine laugh slip past his brims this time, he gave Taehyung a pat on his back as a sign of appreciation, though he was left puzzled at the younger's statement, "what do you mean salary,,,,have you been working?" Hand scratched as his nape as he tried to recall what job the latter has taken up before wondering if he wasn't told about this at all. It was now that the engineering student realised how little he knows about the law student.

Growing up, they never really pried into each other's backgrounds as there was a solemn air around it, as if a silent agreement that they would not talk about their family. But along the line, they ended up not sharing much information about each other as well. "Hey, what have you been up to these days? How's your studies?" Jungkook wasn't one to ask much but it could be due to his sudden realisation that prompted him to question Taehyung; besides, how could he call him his childhood buddy when he doesn't even know what work he's been doing outside of studies?
cho miyeon 2 months ago
@choi yoojung Miyeon hated looking vulnerable to other people but she knew Yoojung had a point. She needed rest. She needed to stop acting like her whole life depended on those pieces of papers. She let out a sign. "Thanks, for a stranger, you are pretty nice," Miyeon admitted, smiling a tiny smile--after all, she was not too used to smiling before others especially a stranger. "I guess I can have a little break and relax for a while." Then, she paused. "Once again, sorry for kind of ruining your plans for you. If you're busy, I wouldn't mind if you decide to go on your way."
kim taehyung 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook To say Taehyung was surprised is understatement. They had known each other for so long and they usually got involved in playful bickering when he was being an by being the most blunt and sarcastic person that he was. But Jungkook looked genuinely annoyed so he thought the older male must not having the best day after all that made his worry rose even more for the other.

A frown made its way to his features, annoyance started to grow inside of him and he was not that good at hiding his emotions inside so it clearly showed on his expression. “It is none of your business the way I live my life.” He voiced out with malice on his words before taking a deep breath to calm himself down. He was completely aware that his life was dull, the fact it was just a truth made him more annoyed. “You have a bad day but don’t be a to me.”

He let out a small sigh when he heard his friend and raised his eyebrow slightly. This was actually the first time the other actually told him about what he felt so it was something rare for him to see. The fact that he admitted it to him showed that it really bothered him. “You’ll do great. Like you always do.” He encouraged lightly and nodded his head in agreement, decided not to push it any further. “I’ll treat you to eat after this. I just received my salary.” He tried to lighten up the mood since maybe they needed to relax after all.
choi yoojung 2 months ago
@cho miyeon Yoojung nodded her head at the girl's reply. She understood the amount of workloads that would flood in during the semester and the lecturers just expect you to finish them up before deadline. Although have to chase for the deadlines and make improvements within such a short time, she knew it wasn't easy but it's never impossible. All Yoojung saw from the girl was she needed a break, before facing all of these again. "I see, maybe I can help you out later if there's anything that you are struggling on," she offered her help, "but I think you would need a little break now, you know to refresh your mind and recharged to face the works."
cho miyeon 2 months ago
@choi yoojung Pursing her lips, Miyeon nodded. "Yes, all of those and more," she dreadfully replied. She had always known college was difficult but there were still days when she would feel upset because she could not be the best version of herself. She had always had a problem with appearing as someone who was "good enough". That's why she had moments like this one when she just wanted to escape, when she just wanted to be someone who could get along with others without worrying about her academics so much. However, such thing appeared to be quite difficult at the moment.
choi yoojung 2 months ago
@cho miyeon yoojung sat facing to her, getting ready to listen to the girl's issue. at that moment, she sincerely wanted to listen and help out the girl, if possible. as she listen to miyeon, she understood what the girl was facing. she nodded her head as she continued to listen. her words brought yoojung back to high school, when she was stressed out on everything. she soon realized that she wish to help the girl as she saw the past of her within miyeon. "i understand what you meant," she nodded. her gaze shift towards the papers on miyeon's table. "are these all your work right now?"
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@kim taehyung Perhaps it was due to the way Jungkook was raised -- with strict parents in a very serious environment where jokes and laughter were shunned away -- but the way Taehyung's response was so solemn and stern vexed the older male, though he knew that it wasn't the law student to provoke him. Normally, he would laugh off the younger's remarks, especially since he was used to his retorts and never once took it personally. However, the stress must have caught up to Jungkook, drowned in the pressure of doing well and not disappointing his parents, and his annoyance was evident in the sharp click of his tongue as he lifted his head, gaze piercing at the other's countenance.

He contemplated his words for a few seconds, weighing his options, after all, Jungkook wasn't one to shoot his mouth off, "you can work hard but play hard too. Don't you think your life is a little dull, like a boring old man?" He wasn't trying to be malicious, and he was cautious when he spoke, making sure his frustrations didn't seep through his voice but it proved to be difficult when the faintest of his woes was laced in his words. Dismissing himself after his statement, he rested his back against the couch, hands finding purchase along the curvature of his cheeks, only to rub them as if waking himself up.

"Nothing's wrong," by now, Jungkook's face has softened, knowing the freshman was only prying out of concern. Despite knowing him ever since they were kids, the both of them were never really the kind to engage in deep conversations, and their interactions consist mostly of comfortable silence or playful bickers. "I'm just worried about my exams,,,because it's The Big One y'know," his voice was hushed and could barely be perceived -- this was the male's first time showing any sign of weakness and he was feeling a little awkward. He didn't felt compelled to say it, rather, he felt relaxed enough around the company of his childhood friend to be able to let his guard down. "Anyway, we've wasted enough time huh? We should study hard now!" He was quick to change the topic, once again putting on his front.
cho miyeon 2 months ago
@choi yoojung Miyeon hesitated. She was not used to telling anyone her problems but she could really use a listener at the moment. After all, strangers aren't supposed to judge you, right? "Well," she her dry lips. "I'm just really stressed out at the moment. You know, the readings and all those. Plus, my parents are pressuring me to do better." She let out a sigh, ruffling her own hair in frustration. "It's not really that much of a big deal but you do get me, right?
choi yoojung 2 months ago
@cho miyeon yoojung nodded her head at miyeon's question. "sure, if you don't mind tho," she answered with a friendly smile. she pulled the chair beside the girl quietly, not to make noise in the library and sat down. she turned to miyeon, thinking how she should initiate the conversation without making it seem forced as they barely knew each other. "mind sharing what happened or bothered you?" she asked boldly, "since talking it out may let you feel better, even though we just know each other-"
kim taehyung 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook Relax was not really in his dictionary for Taehyung. He sometimes envied the older male that he could look so laid back but managed to get a good grades at the same time not like him who usually pulled on all nighters. He also needed to support himself by working part time along with his studying. Maybe the harsh life he was living was one of the biggest reasons why he acted more mature than his actual age. “I am serious. There is no slacking off for me or my scholarship would be taken away.” He stated quietly.

“It just because I just gained a scholarship I can start playing around.” He added soon after and his lips curved into a snarky smile hearing the older male’s statement. “Heh. When that happens I will call you hyung for the entire day.” He mocked as he shifted his gaze to the other, eyes challenging.

Taehyung might appeared nonchalant about everything around him but he actually took his time to observe, it was just that he preferred not to get involved with people. But with Jungkook it was different, he would realize if there was a sudden change of mood on him like right now even for a seconds. “What is it? Is something bothering you?” He asked, straight to the point as usual.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@kim taehyung Hands busied themselves with retrieving his notes and laptop out of his bag and once he had laid out his study material on the table, he quirks a quick brow of curiosity at the younger, always finding it entertaining to irritate Taehyung— his reactions were serious after all, contrary to the engineer’s rather laid back attitude, and Jungkook enjoyed torturing his friend; like an older brother bullying the younger brother.

“You seem pressed, won’t you relax a little?” the older knew better than to poke fun of the prospecting lawyer, but he couldn’t help himself as he let out a dry chuckle, propping his elbow against the desk to rest his chin upon the palm of his hand. “I’ll show up on time one day just to prove you wrong— besides, I’m the one who’s graduating soon. You still have time but you’re always so serious,” flipping his papers open, he reverted his gaze to his assignments, focusing his attention to his tasks at hand instead.

“Same old, same old. My class was dismissed late, seniors are stressing over the finals,” Jungkook’s merry tone had dropped a few pitches and as much as he tried to hide his worries, there was a hint of anxiousness laced in his voice. He was too proud to admit that he has been facing problems with his studies, so whenever the chance he gets, he would stay behind to clarify his questions with the professor. To the older’s immature thinking, it sounded like what nerds would do and he was afraid it would affect his ‘bad boy / clown’ image. Waving the younger off with a pen in his hold, he mumbled a short, “do your work, don’t you have tests too?” before his whole demeanour shifted to a serious one, brows furrowed in concentration.
kim taehyung 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook Taehyung was not always like this. When he was a kid he was leaning more to a soft side, a little cry baby even and took Jungkook as his big brother he never had. But as he grew older, he grew into more stoic and reserved person with sharp words that kept escaping from his mouth. They had known each other for a while so there was no hard feelings between the two of them since they knew each other very well, so he thought. But at the same time there were some parts from two of them that remained hidden.

His phone vibrated signaling he received a new message, rolling his eyes when he saw the reply from his childhood friend before putting his phone on the table. Thinking it would probably take quite some time for the other male to get here, he started opening his books and just started reviewing on his own. It might be seen odd seeing two of them study together every week when both of them had different major, like the exact opposite. But he enjoyed the other’s company even though he did not want to admit it out loud.

He suddenly could hear familiar voice when he was just start highlighting his book, did not bother to look at the latter’s way just his eyebrows furrowing when he heard the remarks from Jungkook. “You did, idiot. I totally give up the idea of you can be punctual in the future.” He commented rather sarcastically before finally turned his gaze on him. “So, what is your excuse for this one?” He raised his eyebrow with a bored look on his face.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@kim taehyung Senior year proved to be Jungkook’s busiest year as he was once again swamped with assignments, his scheduled packed to the very last minute with barely any second to spare for a break. Once again, his class was dismissed late, with students rushing to clarify their doubts and requests for additional notes to aid in their revision. Whilst packing up his belongings, the male took a quick glance at the clock and noticed it was already 5 minutes past the agreed time to meet his childhood friend. “I’m late again huh. Well, he should be used to waiting for me by now,” as a person who was almost always tardy, Jungkook wasn’t the least bit worried of showing up late, choosing to take things in his own pace without caring about the other party’s feelings.

Walking out of the hall and towards the library, he was distracted by the vibration coming from his pocket— cuing him to fish out his phone where a very irritated text from his little study buddy drew forth an amused chuckle. He was slightly irked that Taehyung had never addressed him with formalities but Jungkook wasn’t conformed to traditions so he was able to brush it off. With a heavy sigh, he replied a quick “coming” and sped up his steps, easily manoeuvring his way into the library where he spots a familiar face, seemingly painted in annoyance.

Hand in pocket with a rather sheepish grin tugged upon his lips, the older sauntered over to the law student, dropping his bag on the floor as he plopped onto a seat. “Hey, don’t frown so much, you’d get wrinkles.” He knew how much punctuality means to Taehyung, yet, he could never take his ‘rules’ seriously and was always joking around. “I didn’t make you wait too long, right?”
kim taehyung 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook Even though Taehyung had a scholarship for his study, he did not want to slack off. He did not want to lose it along the process on to get his his degree. He had goals to achieve and he would do anything to get it. He was now in a library for his weekly study with his childhood/best friend Jungkook. They had known each other since they were just kids. He already took him like a big brother he never had even though he was annoyed whenever the other treated him like a kid just because he was older. The raven haired male scanned the place, looking for one particular figure but he was nowhere to be found making a frown made its way to his face. He was late, again. Taehyung absolutely hated tardiness because he always thought every little bit of time was important and couldn’t be wasted so carelessly.

He fisted out his phone to text the male where his whereabouts. ‘Where the hell are you?’ He also never talked to Jungkook formally and never really called him hyung when they grew up. He just thought it wasn’t actually necessary and he also loved to see the reaction he got from the older male when he called him by his name.
cho miyeon 2 months ago
@choi yoojung Miyeon her already dry lips. She did not know if she should talk about her problems to a stranger but it had been said that strangers would not judge her. For a moment, she was willing to risk it even if she knew she was going to regret it after. "Do you... wanna sit down?" she asked, hoping that she did not sound so creepy. Because that was the last thing she wanted to appear as. Seeing that she was crying was one thing, being seen as creepy was a totally different matter she did not want to experience.
choi yoojung 2 months ago
@cho miyeon yoojung pat the girl's shoulder lightly, hoping to make the girl feel better. that's the least she could do. she stayed by her side quietly. if the girl wish to talk about the problem, she would be gladly to be her listener. she did not wish to push the girl to tell her anything, she hoped for her to feel better instead. "you are welcome, I hope you feel better," she replied with a small smile. she nodded her head when the girl introduced herself, taking mental note to remember her name as she wasn't that good with remembering people's name. "I'm yoojung."
cho miyeon 2 months ago
@choi yoojung Taking the tissue from the girl, Miyeon suddenly felt bad for trying to push away the girl. But she was not the friendliest person on Earth so instead, she cleared once again. She tried to speak up by opening but no words would come out. Why was making friends and socializing so difficult? Miyeon did not know but she did wish to find out. "Thanks for being understanding," she finally decided to mumble. "And thanks for the tissue. You're a nice person." She paused. She decided that she should probably introduce herself. "I don't know if you wanna know but my name is Miyeon."
choi yoojung 2 months ago
@cho miyeon after asking the girl, yoojung felt awkwardness filling the atmosphere. who am I to suddenly ask a stranger, probably the girl wanted personal space instead, yoojung thought after noticing the girl's expression. but her instinct told her to initiate, in case she could help out the crying girl. the girl's answer didn't seem convincing enough. numerous questions came into her mind, as of her curiousity. she held back on the questions, trying to be careful of what she say as she would never wish to hurt the girl with her words. "its okay if you don't wish to talk about it, and don't be sorry," she said while handling tissue to the girl.
cho miyeon 2 months ago
@choi yoojung Crying is a sign of weakness, or so she had been told. That's why Miyeon was so embarrassed when someone noticed her in her emotional mood. While half of her was grateful, a part of her wanted to question why the girl did not just get on her way and ignore her. That seemed better for Miyeon's pride. But Miyeon, no matter how emotionless and cold she might appear, could never turn down people with good intentions. That's why she forced herself to answer, her face was once again expressionless and her voice was distant. She cleared . She turned to the girl. "Nothing is wrong. Sorry, was I disturbing you?"
choi yoojung 2 months ago
@cho miyeon carrying her laptop in hand, yoojung walked into the library right after her class. its finally a day where she had lesser amount of work, she sighed in relief. still, she decided to fasten her pace to complete her tutorials. library was a wise choice, she supposed as it gave her a peace of mind when doing work, and of course the free internet access. she spotted an empty seat beside a girl and sat down. as she began typing on her laptop, she heard a soft sniffle beside her. she turned around and saw a girl crying, with papers on her table. torn between to let the girl cool down alone or to voice out, she found herself reaching out and pat the girl. "hey what's wrong?", she asked softly.
cho miyeon 2 months ago
@choi yoojung Miyeon hated crying. No. So, why the hell were her eyes watering at the freakin' library while she sat in one corner? She was not sure. It must have been the pressure. It must be because she was acting strong for a long while. She wiped her eyes and tried to remain as the emotionless girl she was. She looked at her readings and sighed. She would not be able to finish those anymore, not when she was being emotional.


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