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pool. swim and play. very good exercise.

choi yoojung 2 months ago
@manoban lalisa /chuckles at your words/ i could have win, if only i was born with longer legs. /stays laying on the grass as the weather is nice, it feels comfortable to stare into the sky/ well, you do have your phone with you but you put it at the back pocket? that's the easiest place for me to take your phone. plus you looked tense, i was just trying to release your stress, even if it's just a bit. /pats your leg playfully and nods my head/ i know you are joking, and- i was joking too. /holds your hand and get up, beams at your words/ after a chase food and drink seems nice!
wang yibo 2 months ago
@kim minju Hot and sunny days were always something Yibo enjoyed; especially during a pool party. These free drinks was also something that he enjoyed. During the weekend he let himself have at least one beer but since they didn't have anymore, he was given a mixed ice tea. A long island ice tea? That's what it was called. Yibo hummed a tune to himself as he sipped at his third cup. Which was weird because his lips were already tingling and he was feeling even hotter than before.

To be fair the person who served him never said it was a drink. They just tasted really good. Yibo swayed to the thump of the music as his eyes trailed over foliage that surrounded the campus. His mind spitting out facts on impulse. So lost in thought he ran into someone. "Ah, sorry! I was thinking of.. plants." It was the pathetic truth and it only made him laugh at his own ridiculousness. His cheeks burned and he let his eyes focus on a very pretty face. "You're sooo pretty."
koo junhoe 2 months ago
@manoban lalisa Ouch
/I say with a small smile as I move away from your fingers, my free hand covering the place where I've been pinched. I let out a short laugh at your words and quickly shake my head/
Thought some freshman was trying to steal my pack... I was about to jump them and tell them to get their own
/there is some playfulness in my voice as you snuggle to me, my body relaxing further as I bring the cigarette to my lips once more as you shade the couple by the tree. I then turn back to face you when you speak up again, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion but a smile still in my lips/
Well, you found me! Anything I can help with or you just missing my company?
/before anything else can be said, you are getting up and dragging me along with you. feeling that this should be important I say nothing else and simply allow you to take me somewhere else, noticing how there are less and less people around, and how the music from the party starts to fade. the heaviness of the situation starts to weight down on me and I'm scared of speaking afraid I might say something wrong. your words are demanding and your expression tells me that you are serious and I'm dreading this moment knowing there is something I should tell you but I can't bring myself to also there is no way you'd know about that as we'd both agreed not to say anything, so it should be something else, but what?/
I don't think so Lisa... What happened?
/i manage to let out as a million thoughts are still clouding my head/
koo junhoe 2 months ago
@seo johnny Junhoe could tell Johnny was internally struggling with the same dilemma as he was, wanting to seem casual but still avoid direct interactions. Junhoe wasn't sure how to directly talk to the other as he had always been bad at lying or concealing, and he was sure he'd give it away in one way or another, so he was rather surprised when Johnny did actually address him directly and want it or not, he knew it was showing on his face that he was kinda taken aback.
"Oh hm... Yeah I guess? I've just been here and there, talking to different people..." He said mentally slapping himself for the vague and awkward response before taking his drink to his mouth to clear his throat and force out a better reply. Although Junhoe could tell it was as awkward for the other as it was for himself, he could also tell Johnny was really making an attempt so he forced a fake a smile back.
"I think we're at that time of the party where those who started drinking too early are already pretty wasted, and those who didn't are still too sober to deal with it so it's kinda awkward right now" He added sounding a bit more confident and playful. For the past few minutes before meeting up with Johnny and his friend he'd bumped into various friends of his, most pretty wasted, while he who had arrived late was still waiting to feel the effect of the alcohol. He wasn't sure which situation was best though, dealing with his drunk friends or him and Johnny getting over analyzed by their friends right now.
manoban lalisa [A] 2 months ago
@koo junhoe /raises my eyebrow upon almost hearing you finishing your sentence and just pinches your side a little, taking another inhale when I stare at you/ ohh? dont tell me you got scared, jun /snorts and nudges your side playfuly, upon hearing my boyfriends name I quirk my eyebrow once again and just looks at some people that are making out before making an 'ewww' sound and turns my head into other dirrection, but the music is way too loud for my liking when I lean forward to speak/ no, Im not, I was actually looking for you /suddenly I have the same image of you and johnny in my mind once again and it drives me crazy, I mean I know its all in the past but youre my best friend and knowing you were hiding this fact from me is hurting me so I grab on your hand without saying another word and take you somewhere more secluded, where that ing music will fade away, so once we are only ones around I face you with a click on my tongue/ do you want to tell me something? junhoe?
manoban lalisa [A] 2 months ago
@choi yoojung let me catch my breath, Im tired from all this chasing after you, how did you even manage to snatch my phone away? I always have it with me, you sneaky girl /nudges your side and grins at you before raising my back but still sitting down on the ground as the sun shines on us brightly, today its not that hot because you can feel the wind blowing softly so its refreshing being outside, smiling towards the sun and pats your leg a little/ you know I was just joking right? /chuckles and reaches out for your hand to hold it/ anyway- you want something to drink? eat maybe?
seo johnny 2 months ago
@koo junhoe it's really still awkward for them to face each other again after what happened yesterday, and now Johnny is contemplating whether to keep his total-stranger act or greeting Junhoe casually like he's a good colleague since people may think it's kind of strange for two people who're in one project to ignore each other; besides Johnny got this question this morning, out of nowhere, from his close friend who asked about the rumor between him and junhoe two years ago; so he thinks that it must be better to put aside his ego and put a mask in front of people here.
"Hey Jun, nice to see here. Enjoying the party?" reaching out his bottle to clink onto Junhoe's, Johnny gives the younger his best friendly smile, trying to be his social butterfly self when deep inside he's already cursing his bad acting. he sounds so fake, his gesture is so awkward that his friend looks at him with knitted brows and odd gaze.
choi yoojung 2 months ago
@manoban lalisa noooo i'm not giving back! /i run away from you after successfully get your phone. since it was thrilling while running like that, chased by you, i laugh all the way without a care about the world. teasing you has been a fun thing as you have great reactions./ catch me if you can! /i tease as i run but due to my short legs, i can see the distance between you and me getting smaller. i know i'm going to lose in this chase. end up you tackle me and i laugh./ okay you won lisa. /i frown a little upon your words./ ouch the thoughts of you hating me hurts.
koo junhoe 2 months ago
@manoban lalisa /with the loud music playing in the background added to the sound of the people talking and just generally having fun, I completely missed the sound of someone approaching me which consequently made me jump a little when I tried slipping my pack of cigarettes back in my pocket only to have it snatched away/
What the-
/my words get cut off as my eyes met with your familiar ones, my previously tensed shoulders relaxing immediately/
Lisa, you surprised me!
/I let out a short chuckle, getting comfortable again as I watch you light up your own cigarette. I hadn't seen you all night and honestly, there were still things on my mind that made me a bit uneasy standing in front of you, but most of all you were still one of my closest friends so your presence also brought me some peace/
I'm sorry, I thought you were with Johnny...
/there is an attempt to keep my words light and teasing but they still come out somewhat distant and dismissive as we both know this is not a topic I enjoy getting into. I've made it rather clear that, even though I just want what's best for you, I am not a big fan of Johnny/
koo junhoe 2 months ago
@seo johnny Junhoe's eyes were still glancing around the crowd when he heard his name being called so he swiftly turned towards the voice to face one of his friends, more specifically the one who'd gotten him into the project with Johnny. Junhoe lifted his hand in a short greeting as he began to walk towards them before his eyes fell on the other tall man sitting right beside his friend, but it would be rude and weird for him to turn back around now so he continued.
"Hey, what's up?" He spoke up with a bright smile directed at his friend, reaching his hand forward for a quick shake, and then turning a bit to the side to face Johnny offering him a short nod in acknowledgment but no words.
"I'll join you then, if you guys don't mind" He added taking a sip from his drink, before moving to take a seat in front of them "What are you guys up to?" He asked, continuing to avoid direct eye contact with Johnny but glancing over every now and then to try and seem 'casual'.
manoban lalisa [A] 2 months ago
@choi yoojung heeyy yoojung give it back girl!! /laughs as I run after you, people looking at us like we are weirdos but hey I dont care you stole my phone and I bet you gonna post something ugly on my insta so I need to catch up to you as soon as I can, your evil laughter can be heard at the whole party as I just groan to myself because there is no way you gonna emberass me on my last year of college, so after the long run I finally catch you as I tackle as down on the grass and literally rolls over you to get back my phone and tickles you to have it back so once I won I pant as I lay down next to you, slapping playfuly your side when I joke/ I hate you, jung
manoban lalisa [A] 2 months ago
@koo junhoe /sipping on my beer as I stare at some people having fun, not me today, I still have that image of you and my boyfriend in my mind and as soon as I heard the rumours I wanted to talk to you as soon as I could, but I was looking for you everywhere oh so called my best friend and you were nowhere to be seen which made me so frustrated so I started drinking and here I am, leaning against a tree like a total loser because I should be having fun just like everyone else but instead Im alone gulping that liquid down my throat with a big sigh escaping my lips but when I turn my head to side my eyes catch that one man and I blink a little because it cant be that easy after all the chasing for you, but of course its you with the way you have your hand slide in your back pocket to pull out a cigarette I could recognise you everywhere, Ive known you for so long I could literally draw your face with my eyes closed so with another big sigh and with the last sip on my drink I throw it away somewhere onto the grass and make my way towards you, when Im near you I reach out for the pack of your cigarettes pulling out one and quickly lighting it up with my own lighter as I inhale deeply and let the smoke out/ its rude, you were smoking without me, jun
koo junhoe 2 months ago
@manoban lalisa /the few drinks I had seemed to be kicking in, but being a heavyweight I was doing rather well. after mingling around for a bit and getting some snacks, I decide to go chill by the pool for a little while/
/noticing the pool was pretty much crowded, I let my feet lead me a bit further through the grass towards a quieter area where there was only some guy talking on the phone and a couple making out under a tree/
/slipping my hand into my back jacket's pocket, I fish for my lighter as well as my pack of cigarettes, quickly sliding one between my lips and bringing my hand up to light it up/
/I wasn't usually one to smoke too often, just on some social occasions and sometimes when I was feeling stressed or anxious. inhaling the heavy smoke into my lungs, I breathe in deeply before letting it out in a slow relaxed huff/
seo johnny 2 months ago
@koo junhoe the past week was so stressful for Johnny. well, truth to be told, it's not just this week, but this semester, since it's started months ago until last Friday, Johnny has been greeted by never ending assignments; papers, presentation and -the most tiring one- video making project that stole his sanity and his time. but the worst thing about his new video assignment is he has to work with a certain person he hate. well, hate is strong word, so let's say that Johnny has been avoiding this guy since around two years ago, though sometimes they met because Lisa is his best friend, but Johnny never talked more than 'casual greetings' to the guy. and now, he doesn't understand why fate always has twist for them; and it happened when one his group-mate of video-making project brought Koo Junhoe at their group meeting and introduced him as the talent for their commercials video because the said guy is so good looking and is the best option to fit image of their video concept. and Johnny hated how his friend was right, and how their group agreed and thanked Junhoe for his willing to help.

recalling the memory about his last group meeting with Junhoe in it makes Johnny feel so annoyed over again. he still remember how the younger acted like they're total strangers to each other; avoiding any contact -Junhoe even ignored his business smile- and only casually bowing at him before leaving. it's so damn annoying. he already can imagine how awkward the situation between them later, since Junhoe is their talent and Johnny is the cameraman for the project.

"You don't enjoy the party?" a familar voice greets him, pulling him from his own thought back to the party he's attending right now. He turns his eyes at the person, meeting with a familiar face of some girl he often met at the party, but can't remember her name. So, Johnny just smiling to her, raising his bottle of soju at her before drinking the liquor. "I do, don't worry," he gives another smile but his eyes then wander around, trying to find his girlfriend among the students. but instead Lisa, his eyes land onto a familiar figure of tall attractive guy with sharp gaze. their eyes meet in mere seconds, and suddenly he hears his friend, one who's sitting beside him, calling the guy over.

"Junhoe, join us!"

Johnny really wants to slap his friend right now for ruining his peaceful moment in this party. Or he simply wants to poof or be swallowed by the ground, but it's too late. Junhoe is walking to his group and Johnny can't run away.
koo junhoe 2 months ago
@seo johnny People talked about how the third year was one of the hardest ones at college, and Junhoe could now confirm that it was true indeed. Things had been rather chaotic for the last few weeks, he'd been too busy working on assignments and all other types of essays as well, as practical works for their performative subjects. Of course, this included the one group assignment that had him paired with none other than Seo Johnny. They hadn't really spoken to each other since their first year aside from the time Lalisa "introduced" them to each other, and a few awkward greetings here and there whenever the girl was present, so when he first heard about this work he was extremely hesitant and unsure how to even act around the other.
But that was the last thing he wanted to think about as he grabbed himself another bottle of beer. Some of the older students, he wasn't sure who and not that it really mattered anyway, had prepared this big party to let out some steam and just enjoy a break before they were back to the stress of classes and work, and Junhoe sure as well wasn't going to waste this opportunity. Downing a few long gulps of his drink, he the remaining alcohol off his lips as he walks along the grass looking for a familiar face to join.

(wasn't sure if you wanted to skip straight to the party, or if you want to do the assignment together first so i wrote the starter in a way to leave some room open for you to pick which you prefer, hope thats okay!)


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