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this study room is for history students only. it has all the equipment for them to study/practice their major.

manoban lalisa [A] 2 months ago
@cho miyeon /rubbing my temples together when I close my eyes, it seems like its gonna be a long day with the reaction you gave me, since Im not so easy to give up I just ignore your tantrum and pretend I didnt hear it as I grab on my pen and look at you/ can you answer my question? /seeing you having that little attitude of yours I just know you wont answer anytime soon so basically we cant move forward and whats the point if only one side is focusing on this, sighing I rest my elbows on the table and moves my book towards you/ listen, you can call it useless how many times you want, but that doesnt change anything- Im still helping you with this, your parents are paying me to teach you so can you focus? its only for one hour, Im sure you can do that
cho miyeon 2 months ago
@manoban lalisa /I let out a groan, continuing to stare at my own reflection at the mirror. It's not because I am narcissistic but my eyebags are quite obvious and it frustrates the hell out of me. What was even more frustrating, of course, was History. Things that no one really wanted to learn but was still forced to learn. Finally putting down my mirror, I let out a sigh of annoyance/
I don't really know and I don't really care. It does not make any sense that my parents hired you to teach me when I am capable of learning myself. Not that I am interested in learning such a useless thing in the first place.
/I am usually quiet but History brings out the worst in me so I glared at you/
manoban lalisa [A] 2 months ago
@cho miyeon okay miyeon lets start again alright? its really not that hard to remember all the dates, you know? just try better
/with another sigh leaving my mouth I try to keep my nerves under control because it really frustrates me how youre not even paying attention to every single word Im saying, Im here for you to help to get your grades up but it would be great if you for once put down the little mirror youre staring at, everyone at the campus already know youre beautiful so there is no need for you to keep on staring, I reach out for the said thing and put it down as I stare at you with a tight smile/ lets try again, when was the Treaty of Versailles officially signed?


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-cherryblossom 1 month ago
taehyung is leaving, im getting too busy
wangxian 2 months ago
Could you add Wang Yibo please?
gordonramsay 2 months ago
kim chaewon please
Shadysback 2 months ago
okay, bear with me. Could you please add kim-ah-joong?
doodling 2 months ago
park jihoon please
starstar_ 2 months ago
Add and reserve Cho Miyeon please! Thank you
oaixxia 2 months ago
Chu Sojung please
[comment deleted by owner]
chrysalis 2 months ago
hello there, i'd like to reserve bae irene (hopefully i didn't miss her on the masterlist)
dalgonabirdie 2 months ago
hi! could i get son hyejoo <3
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