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this study room is for performing arts students only. it has all the equipment they need to study/practice their major.

koo junhoe 1 month ago
@minatozaki sana Apparently there was a new performing arts teacher in school, a dance instructor to be more specific, and apparently that same instructor had the same surname as his ex-girlfriend. Glancing down once more at the crumpled paper in his hand, he confirmed the time of the girl's break before allowing his eyes to move upwards to the name scribbled by one of his teachers to re-check it for the nth time that morning.
His steps were slow as he walked towards the classroom where he was told said Miss Minatozaki would be and he wasn't sure how to feel about it. It surely didn't feel that great to be told 'hey so you need improvement, go get extra lessons with this new teacher' but at the same time he wouldn't complain too much, he would like to argue that he was not /that/ bad of a dancer but any type of improvement was always welcome. Then again, if this teacher was indeed Minatozaki Sana this improvement class might not be such a great idea.
The girl's break had supposedly started about five minutes ago, so Junhoe carefully reached his hand up and knocked on the door waiting to be allowed in before he got to face his new dance instructor and finally find out whether it was the girl that had left such a big impact on his life or someone else that simply happened to share the same family name as her.
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@jang yeeun "Mmm, I am sure it did. He's definitely not an ugly guy, so I get why you'd have with him. Attraction is also a huge part of it, of course." Hyuck hummed out softly and let out a soft chuckle, slowly shaking his head with a small smile on his face. "I see, so you're stealing my ideas, huh? Heh, no worries, they are pretty damn good ideas, huh?" He patted his chest and puffed it up before laughing out softly. "Pizza. huh? Let's get some then, or we could have pizza delivered right to the school. That would be something.."
jang yeeun 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck Yeeun giggled at his reaction and nodded a bit. "To be honest with you, it came so freely, there was so much attraction and oof he's a chef so.." She winks playfully towards him with a a lighthearted giggle and then looked to her sketchbook. "Oh no, some things I should talk to Jeno about in the long run.. But I'm glad you really like my bestfriend!" She smiled and then as he mentioned food her stomach rumbled quietly. "I am kind of" She asked as she placed her hand on her stomach .
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "Oh? Look at you, already having , hmm? I don't blame you, is just something..utterly amazing. Anyway, yes..moving in together...err..what are you doing? Why are you writing it down?" Donghyuck furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and looked at her sketchbook, an eyebrow raising before shrugging it off. "Hyunjin is..just perfect. And I want to protect him for a very long time. Ah, right..I didn't even answer your question. How about we go grab a bite together? I feel kind of hungry and I could eat something honestly."
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck "... Oh how that is most definitely a mood.." She nodded with a lighthearted giggle before he started talking about moving in. "Moving in-
that's a splendid idea!" she wrote it down in her sketchbook in a tiny corner and smiled as she understood how the boy felt. "Jeno is literally everything to me, so I understand you on the part in wanting to be with him for a lot time, plus Hyunjins amazing, Lord knows how many times he's saved me.. From even myself." She murmurs and tucks her hair behind her ear.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "Well, I am happy for you that you're comfortable with him. I feel the same with Hyunjin. I see a future with him. A future with..a lot of , probably." He laughed out softly and shook his head, chewing on his bottom lip. "Not only , however. Also, just a lot of cute things. Maybe moving in together, it depends on what he wants as well. All I know is that I want to be together with him for a long while."
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck "Hmm honeymoon stages are scary..but with him, I don't feel like we will have just a stage and get over each other, I can see a future with him, crazy to say.." She nods thinking about it before smiling to herself and nodding at his question. "We can most definitely go have fun! Where shall we go?" She asks tilting her head to look at him, lifting her fingers from the piano keys.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "Mmm, could've guessed that you were dating him. You look so sickingly in love. Which is definitely not a bad thing, but it's pretty funny. And somewhat cute to see too." Hyuck shrugged and raised his eyebrow as she pressed on the keys of the piano, letting out a soft hum before looking away. "So want to hang out before we start working on our stuff? Have a little bit of fun before it's all serious again?"
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Yeeun giggled at his wanting to know who she was dating. "I'm dating Jeno, we just.. it was as if we were meant to be.." She smiled to herself than cleared snapping back to reality, tilting her head to mimic him. "So yeah that happened.." She giggled to herself, nodding a bit as she walked over to the piano, pressing on certain keys.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "Oh? Boyfriend, hmm..I didn't know you had a boyfriend. Who is this mystery boyfriend of yours? Have I met him earlier? Do I know him? Tell me, tell me. I might just explode if I don't get to know who it is. But of course, if you'd rather keep it secret, that's all fine too, and I understand that." Hyuck ruffled his long hair and sighed out softly, tilting his head to the side.
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck She giggled and looked at the boy, she could tell he was head over heels for her best friend and it made her soft. She was glad she wasn't the only one who saw just how special Hyunjin was and was glad she could trust someone with her best friend who was really like a brother to her. "Mmm I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would pretty much be by me the whole time since its pretty much the same for us to be fully honest with you." She nods once again as she hugged her sketchbook to her chest.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "Sounds good, sounds good. Ah, I look forward to modeling those clothes for you. I hope I will be a good model! But I mean..not to brag or pe narcissistic, but I can make everything I wear look good. However, I don't doubt that your clothes will look good." Hyuck chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair, raising his eyebrows. "Hyunjin? Of course I'm familiar with him. We are...very familiar with each other. Are you sure it's a good idea for us to work together? Not that we can't work together, but I might get a bit touchy here and there. But if you don't mind, then it's okay."
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck "That's great okay! I will absolutely have the clothes done in time." She exclaimed excitedly as he asks her his last question. "To be honest I would have had to ask my best friend hyunjin to help.." She nodded truthfully thinking about him before smiling towards the boy. "You should be familiar with" she winked playfully and ran her fingers through her hair.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "Two weeks is more than enough time for me. Leave it all to me and you just get the clothes ready so I can model them for you." He smiled and nodded his head, running his fingers through his hair. "What would you have done if I didn't help you?"
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Yeeun let out a burst of giggles at his confidence before nodding. "Arasseo, you can model my clothes for me before the show." she nods and then hums at the time limit she will give him. "Is two weeks enough time for you?" She asked looking at him. " Well a deep red and black.. " she hummed at the colors
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "A flirty theme..color red..okay, I can work with that. How fast do you need it? I mean..I work pretty fast, but I still gotta know if I actually need to hurry, or if I can take my time a little bit." Donghyuck ran his fingers through his hair and tilted his head to the side in question before smiling brightly at her. "I'm great at modeling. I have a good body for it, so if you need me to model your clothes before they get shown off at the fashion show, I'm your guy."
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Yeeun smiled as she stood up grabbing her sketchbook and bag. "Hmm, it's a flirty theme, the color is red, but like a deep red." She picturing the scene and outfits in her head as she looked to the boy. " A thought crossed her mind as she looked at him before smiling. "How good are you at modeling on a scale of 1-10?" She asked .
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "Ha, well. That's flattering to hear, I guess?" Donghyuck chuckled softly and moved to stand up, walking over the piano as he gently touched the keys with his fingers before turning around to look at her. "So. What's the theme of your fashion show? With that, I can somewhat determine what songs you might want to hear. For example, if the theme is y, you'll need y and seductive songs. If the theme is romantic, romantic songs and so on." He sat down on the stool carefully and leaned his back against the piano.
natty suputhipong 2 months ago
@lee mark [] hi! sorry for the late starter, i've been busy!

Dang it, Natty curses inwardly as she attempts the combo once again. It's not even remotely difficult or past her level of expertise, but for some reason today, she can't seem to dance the way she wants. It's a simple chaîné-tour-pas de bourrée set into a triple pirouette, but she can't seem to stick it at all. A groan leaves her lips, obviously frustrated with herself as she sets herself up to try it again. This is to no avail, however, as the moment she steps out from her turn to prep for the tour, something goes wrong. She jumps into the air as so, but fails to stick her landing, instead falling to the floor in a pitiful heap with a painful squeal. The pain isn't too severe, not worse than a usual injury, but she's sure she's sprained her ankle with how she landed. "Ow," she moans to herself, grasping her ankle in pain.
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Yeeun looked at the boy as if he just saved her life when he agreed to help her. "If I could kiss you I would!" She squealed as she patted his legs gently, with a bright white smile, she hummed happily as she sighed. "You don't understand how you just saved my life right now.. Thank you." Her voice came out soft and sincere.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "Yeah, I have been told that I'm a dreamer by many people before. But I don't only wish for this to be a dream, I wish for it to be a reality, and I'll work hard to make it a reality." Donghyuck nodded his head slowly and chewed on his bottom lip before turning to look at her, smiling brightly. "Okay, you've got yourself a deal. I will help you. You convinced me enough."
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Yeeun understood the passion that burned within the boy all to well. It was as if she could sense it through herself. The same way she felt about Cosmo and Fashion was the way he felt about music and she admired that. "I admire someone who never gives up on their dreams, and actually has an idea of what they want to become in the future." She hummed softly with a nod.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun ((Hey, no problem at all!))

Hyuck pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his head on top of his knees, slowly nodding his head to indicate that he was listening to her, smiling a little bit. "Why made me want to do music? Well..I basically have the same reason as you. When I was young, I grew up seeing Michael Jackson perform and just being on stage and I idolize that man. He's just..amazing. I want to be like that. Well..not necessarily an idol or something or a performer, but just someone who gets to have his music played all over the world. I want people to listen to my music and just be able to fully enjoy. You know how certain music can make games and movies good? That's what I aspire my music to be. So, that's..why I wanted to study music."
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck ()sorry for the late reply TT

Yeeun smiled at the boy as she plopped down in from of him, crossing her legs she hummed at the question. "I love the different costumes and outfits that idols wear on television, I've always have even when I was little, even when my mom was alive and an actress, just seeing her make up bringing her character to life caught my eyes, so I thought why not be the reason people lol and glow and get admired at." She smiled and then looked at the boy once more. "What made you want to do music..?"
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun Donghyuck moved to sit down on the ground and patted the spot in front of him. "We might as well get comfortable if we'll get to know each other, right?" He chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair, humming out softly. "So, Yeeun. Tell me. Why did you become a fashion major? What made you want to do that? I would love to know." He leaned back a bit and watched the girl.
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Yeeun hummed and agreed with him. She had come off a bit strong and wanted to settle down a bit, holding her sketchbook in her arms along with her handbag hanging off her arm by the strap. "That sounds fair enough." She smiled and set down her belongings onto the floor and mimicked his position with a sweet smile. "I'm Yeeun, a pleasure to meet you, Hyuck."
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun "It's's fine. I am just happy I didn't get a heart attack or something." He laughed out sheepishly and ran his fingers through his hair before he walked back over to the piano, dropping his bag on the little stool in front of it before turning to her. "Yeah, like you said. We don't know each other and you want me to make a playlist for your fashion show. Look, let's just start with names first, and then we can talk a bit, and then I'll decide." He nodded his head and crossed his arms. "...I'm Donghyuck, but call me Hyuck."
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Yeeun looked to the boy and back to the piano. She felt bad for scaring him but laughed at his next question. "Me? Oh no.. I have never ever been able to play the piano! I'm a cosmo/fashion major." a though popped into her head before she smiled sweetly to the boy. " I know I don't know you, but I'd really really appreciate your help on a fashion show I have to come up with..I need a playlist, and I when it comes to music. " she chewed on her lower lip nervously. "Sorry for scaring you." She rubbed her arm gently.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@jang yeeun Donghyuck continued to play the piano and writing down notes, until he suddenly got the fright of his life and clutched at his chest, slowly turning around. ". I didn't even hear you come in..are you trying to kill me or something? Oh..and thank you for the..compliment." He muttered out and took a deep breath, slowly nodding his head. "I'm good..I'm good. Sorry for that, but..I hate being scared. you need to be here, because I'll go if you do." He shrugged and already stood up, grabbing his sheet music and stuffing it back into his bag before slinging it over his shoulder again. "She's all yours." He hummed out, referring to the piano.
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Yeeun had finally finished her class, struggling to accept the fact that she had to come up with her own fashion show, with her own designs and to add on music! The girl hadn't had one clue of music let alone a good playlist. She had passed the music room when she heard the piano and stopped in her tracks. Turning too peek into the glass window she saw a boy that looked around her age playing the piano. "He's amazing.." She mumbled to herself before walking into the room quietly. Once he paused she started clapping. "Bravo!! You are excellent!" she smiled.


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