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english class is done here.

koo junhoe 2 months ago
@choi yoojung As he set both his notebook and writing utensils on his table, Junhoe put his backpack down on the floor next to the desk, letting out a short laugh at the girl's reply "You might be right... But as long as I can improve and pass, I'll be fine" He replied with a quick nod, his smile still in place.
Yoojung seemed pretty focused right from the start already going through her textbook so Junhoe glances down at it as well humming a little in thought "I think I got the very basics down, but constructing sentences and all that still seems to come out wrong..." He admitted softly, his left hand coming up to rub at the back of his neck "So I guess if I could get that down it would probably help me a lot?" He suggested glancing back up at the girl in question.
choi yoojung 2 months ago
@koo junhoe Tapping her fingers on the table, Yoojung rested her head on the other hand. She had arrived the English classroom earlier to check if the room was occupied or not. Today would be her first day to tutor someone. She had been busy with her own studies and if she did not do tutoring now she would have been taking naps before doing revision of her own. Well, being a university student can make one go broke- and that's how she ended up securing a tutor job for a boy. She was willing to sacrifice her nap time because the pay was just nice. Lucky for them, the room was empty when she arrived. Being nervous is real, she wasn't sure if she could do well in tutoring him, but she was ready to do her best. As she heard knocks on the door, she looked up and gave him a smile and waited for him to settle down. "I think you'll be able to improve your English with me, but being a pro? Nothing is impossible," she answered. "Do you have any particular topics that you need me to start off with?" she asked as she flipped to the content of the English textbook used for the university course.
koo junhoe 2 months ago
@choi yoojung Equipped with nothing else but a pencil, a small rubber, and a clean notebook, all pushed inside the backpack he carried over his shoulder, Junhoe made his way to the English classroom he was rather familiar with.
He'd never been a great student in English for whatever reason. He listened to a lot of music in English and he watched so many series, movies and even musicals in English that it was kinda ridiculous how he hadn't picked up yet. It wasn't a problem with languages either since he was actually good in Japanese, so he really couldn't understand why the English grammar and vocabulary seemed so complicated to him.
Since it was his first tutoring session with the girl, he made sure to be on time, or almost as it was two minutes past the scheduled hour. He peeked through the door that wasn't fully closed and noticed the girl had already taken a seat in one of the small desks. He knocked twice on the door to get her attention, before walking in with a bright smile, turning only to close the door behind him he headed to the desk the girl had chosen pulling the closest chair to sit next to her "Are you prepared to turn me into an English pro?" He joked lightly as he set his backpack on the desk to get his things out.


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Could you add Wang Yibo please?
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