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lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@natty suputhipong Donghyuck was busy writing and listening to music, bobbing his head to the music as he tapped the pen on the paper before resuming his writing again. As he suddenly heard a voice, he jumped a little and stopped writing, looking up to see who the culprit was that scared him. He started smiling however when he noticed that it was Natty. Donghyuck paused his music once more and took the earbuds out of his ears, smiling up at her. "This is the second time you made me pause my music, but I don't mind it anyway. How are you doing? I didn't think you would come chill outside together with me, but it's not like I mind."
natty suputhipong 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck in the moment she takes to herself to encourage herself to simply ask for her pen back, she doesn't realize that donghyuck has all but disappeared from her sight. "shoot," she mumbles as she searches the crowd for him. eyes finally landing on his familiar shade of brown head walking away, natty quietly follows after him while playing with her fingers ever so slightly. if only she wasn't so shy... sometimes she wishes she could be more outgoing and bold, uncaring of what others things. kind of like... grace, who she oh so looked up to. leaning against a tree she watches as he plops down onto the grass. "just do it," she whisper-encourages to herself before nodding. emerging from the tree, she walks toward donghyuck, who is already writing with her pen. "e-excuse me."
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@natty suputhipong Donghyuck bobbed his head to the music and hummed out softly, not minding his surroundings at all. He did however look around quickly before shrugging and walking towards the exit of the school to sit outside for a bit. He doubted anyone would look for him or watch him, so he was able to slip away unnoticed. As he got outside, he plopped down on the grass and let out a soft sigh in content before reaching into his bag, taking out more papers and the purple pen before starting to write a few things down on the power, stopping a few times to think before continuing to write.
natty suputhipong 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck having paid so much attention to the act of carefully placing her things back inside her bag where they belong, natty pays little attention to donghyuck’s goodbye as he stands and leaves. she’s sticking her laptop back into her bag as she responds easily, “bye, hyuck!” it’s not until she wraps her hands around her purple pencil pouch, about to tuck in inside the bag, when she realizes—her pen. eyes widening, she abandons any previous intention to carefully rid her things and stuffs the rest of her stuff inside before standing to her feet. taking up a casual jog, she follows the class outside and immediately scans the crowd for donghyuck. once she spots him, she sighs softly, talking to herself. “it’s okay,” she tells herself. “just tap him on the shoulder and ask for it back.” she’s always been immensely shy..
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@natty suputhipong Donghyuck sighed out in relief when the class finished and the students started to pack up and leave slowly. He turned to the woman next to him and smiled brightly at her. "Hey, I'll see you around, huh?" He stuffed the papers in his bag and threw the pen in his bag as well, not even thinking about it as he zipped up his bag and stood up. He slipped his earbuds back into his ears and started up his music again as he pushed his hands into his pocket, walking out of the classroom nonchalantly.
natty suputhipong 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck “you’re welcome,” she replies brightly, turning back to her work as the professor walks in. pulling her scrunchie from her wrist, she ties her hair up into a tight ponytail with the white fabric. this is her first class of the day so she’s definitely energized and prepared to learn, proven in how she immediately begins to take notes on the professor’s lecture; perhaps even the unimportant parts. mid lecture however, she happens to glance over at hyuck to ensure that her pen is doing okay—it’s the cutest, really, with its purple ink and it writes so smoothly, hence why she loves it. when class finishes however, she quickly packs her laptop and notebook back into her bag.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@natty suputhipong He took the pen and looked at it before letting out a soft chuckle at the charm. "Cute. Anyway, thanks for letting my borrow the pen." Donghyuck nodded and turned his attention to the teacher who stepped in and began the class. Luckily Hyuck DID bring paper, so he fished it out of his bag and just started taking notes. He glanced to his side to look at Natty and smiled a little bit before turning back to focus on writing notes. He wanted to make sure to get everything on paper. Classes that had to do with music actually interested him too, so he really wanted to make sure he paid attention in this class.
natty suputhipong 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck laughing in self deprecation along with the stranger, a small flustered smile on her pink tiers, natty opens up her laptop to prepare for class. “nice to meet you.. hyuck. i’m natty,” she introduces with a soft smile, ping her pencil pouch to pull out a blue pen. natty begins to open her notebook to an empty page in preparation for the oncoming lecture, but her attention is soon pulled away once more when she heard donghyuck cursing in the spot next to her. turning at his comment, she blinks in response to his question before nodding. “oh- of course!” immediately she reaches back into her bag, dainty fingers looking through the pouch before handing a pen out to her. it’s a purple pen with a charm, the letter “N” for her name, dangling from the tip—her favorite pen. “here you go.”
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@natty suputhipong Donghyuck snickered and slowly shook his head. "I can tell that you are. I'm just kidding, just kidding. You're not slow, maybe a bit tired or something? Anyway, hi. I'm Donghyuck but you can call me Hyuck..or just Donghyuck. It's whichever you prefer." He mumbled and leaned back a bit, glancing at her purple pencil bag, which reminded him that class was almost starting so it was good to get his stuff in place before he was scrambling to grab stuff while the class already started. He reached down into his bag and searched around for a pen or a pencil. "..must've forgotten to bring one.." He mumbled softly and looked up at the girl. "Hey. Do you have a pen or a pencil or something to write with that I can borrow? I seem to have forgotten to get something for myself."
natty suputhipong 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck as she awaits his answer, having not recognized the earbuds popped into his eyes, she observes him—casual wear, light brown hair, and feet propped up on the desk, he looks much more at home than she does. at his answer though, she blinks when nods in understanding, already looking out for another seat. “oh, okay, sorry to bother y-” wait, she blinks, turning back to look at him. “oh, you mean me?” she laughs, quite oblivious. “sorry,” she apologizes as she pulls the chair out and sits next to him. “i’m kind of slow,” natty laughs while spreading her notebook and laptop over the desk. in the corner of the desk she places her little purple pencil bag.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@natty suputhipong Donghyuck let out a soft sigh as he noticed more and more people filling up the classroom, so he just moved back a bit and propped up his feet on his desk as he pushed earbuds into his ears, music filling his head. He closed his eyes and leaned back as he listened to the music. All of a sudden, he heard a voice talking to him and he cracked one eye open, looking at the girl sitting next to him. He yawned and moved to sit properly, pausing his music and taking the buds out of his ears. "Well, yeah. It's occupied by a beautiful lady." He laughed softly, shoving the earbuds back into his pockets.
natty suputhipong 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck as a dancer and a freshman, taking a music history class is the last thing natty wants to do, really. yet she has no choice, and she makes it her goal to do the best she can in every class—thus, the dark haired girl enters the lecture hall with her bag over her shoulder and her books clutched to her chest. class is going to start soon, hence most seats are taken already. oh! there’s one—over there, off to the side, an open seat next to a brown haired boy. she makes her way over, skipping, before settling into the seat. “is this seat taken?”


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