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koo junhoe 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck As he watched the other leave, Junhoe felt his blood boiling in anger. He felt angry and frustrated, both at his family and others who felt alike them and felt the need to express it and put others down for no ing reason. But he felt most frustrated at himself for being such a damn coward. He had always prided himself in being honest, straight forward and confident, and yet here was, hiding behind whatever image others wanted from him, refraining from stating his own opinions in fear of what it might lead others to think of him. Ridiculous.
He considered following after Donghyuck to try and figure it out, but if he knew anything about the other, it was that he probably wanted to be alone for now and take some time to gather his thoughts. Junhoe should take some time to gather his own thoughts as well. Even if he were to follow the other, he wasn't sure what he was even gonna say. It was not like much had changed in this couple of minutes, sure he felt much more guilty now that the other had directly confronted him with his feelings but he was still standing in the same spot he had been at that party. He was still not ready to stand up for Donghyuck. It was incredibly selfish of him, especially considering it was his own battle as well, but he wasn't ready to accept it. He wasn't ready to deal with it.
As a variety of thoughts kept spiraling and growing into his head, he became angrier and angrier and eventually felt his fist unconsciously raise and slam right back down onto the wooden desk sending a loud 'bang' echoing through the empty room along with a sharp pain that shoot up his hand and towards his elbow. That helped grounding him a little and he lifted his eyes towards the open door and onto the barely empty hallway.
Taking in a deep breath, he brought his hand down to his pocket to fish for his phone and opening his messages with his best friend. He hesitated for some long moments, he knew the other wanted to be alone and Junhoe was probably the last person he wanted to talk to at the moment, but maybe a text wouldn't be such a bother... He wouldn't have to reply right away or at all if he didn't want to, but it would at least show that Junhoe cared enough about him and their friendship to not fully ignore what just happened.
His fingers slowly typed out a short message to the other, and after a full minute of rereading it to himself and considering whether he should send it or not, he finally hit the send button watching the small text bubble show up on the screen with the short text 'hyuck, I really am sorry... I'll /try/ to talk to them next time I visit... we'll talk about this later, pls take care of yourself...'
He'd never been good at expressing himself in person and he was certainly not better in text, using more slang than actual words, so sending serious texts still made him nervous especially concerning such delicate topics and situations. Letting out a sigh, he pushed himself off of the seat not expecting a reply from the other just yet. Slidding his phone back onto his back pocket, he decided to go out for a drink or to get some air, get his mind off of things.
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@koo junhoe Hyuck frowned and leaned against the door from outside of the classroom, letting out a soft sigh and biting down on his bottom lip to try to stop his tears from coming out before walking away quickly and just letting his tears flow. He has never had this big of a fight, or disagreement with his best friend, and it really did hurt him, but Junhoe knew who he was and he knew what and who Hyuck was standing for. By letting this just go, it basically meant that he was going against what he stood for. He looked around and spotted a door that led outside. He really just needed to be by himself now so that he could cry without someone looking at him weirdly or immediately asking him what's wrong. He didn't feel like explaining what was wrong anyway, so he quickly walked towards the door, carefully pushing it open before walking outside to sit down on the grass in silence. He pulled his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them as he rested his head on top of his knees, his eyes slowly closing as tears continued to flow from them. After a while of sitting there, he slowly stood up again and wiped at his eyes, running his fingers through his hair before letting out another deep sigh. Since he was outside already, he might as well just go off campus grounds and get himself something to eat. He took out his phone to check the time and quickly nodded his head before stuffing his phone back into his pocket and making his way to the cafe to get a sandwich and a hot beverage.
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koo junhoe 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck Donghyuck's scoff and his reaction made Junhoe's jaw tense. On one hand, he completely understood why the other felt the way he did, on the other he was never good at dealing with this type of situation, and having the other scoff at him and that sarcastic chuckle had him nibble the inside of his bottom lip. He felt trapped, and when he felt trapped in situations he did not want to deal with he tended to snap so he knew this was not heading in a good direction for either of them.
At the other's words, it was his turn to let out a chuckle in disbelief "Ashamed of you? If there is something you should know about me by now, it is that I am very ing honest! If I were ashamed I would've told you that a long time ago and you know that!" He said his voice coming out a bit more strongly than he intended to but he couldn't help it. The other was rather calm compared to him and Jun could only guess it was because he knew he was wrong and he knew he should've said something. Even if he were straight he should've said something and stood up for his friend and he felt guilty and stupid for not saying something at the time. He felt like a coward, but at the same time, he knew that if he could go back in time and relive that moment he wouldn't be able to bring himself to say something "I know you do... Of course, I know... And I know it's harsh for you to be hearing that stuff and not having anyone take your side, but I just... I'm not ready to-" He was speaking at the same time as the other, but his last sentence cut off the taller boy's voice easily "What do you mean? That we're gonna take a break from being friends or something like that? You know I don't agree with that and I support you..." His own words had him thinking back to the scene at the house, how Donghyuck had attempted, to no vail, to defend himself from the 'jokes' his family had made about something he could not control, something that was part of him and that he had also struggled to accept and embrace. He really wished he could be strong and stand by his friend despite everything else, just so he could repay all the support Donghyuck had shown him for such a long time, but although he did not judge Donghyuck, he wasn't sure he could call himself a supportive friend either.
"Donghyuck, come on..." Were the last few words that left his lips as he watched the other walk towards the door, sparing him only a quick glance before leaving him alone in the otherwise empty classroom.
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@koo junhoe Donghyuck stopped pacing and just looked at him as he explained his reasoning for not standing up for him. He let out a scoff and then a soft chuckle. His words did somewhat sting, but somewhere he was right. Hyuck wouldn't have cared about what his family thinks of him and he still doesn't, but Junhoe obviously did. Then again, they had been friends for so long, he could've at least said something to them. "Look, if you're ashamed of me, just say so, okay? Don't bring me around your family again if they'll just say like that, because I won't take it. I will speak up about it and I will defend myself, and even you, despite you acting like you're 100% straight either. You do know, I'm your best friend? I know so ing much about you, you have no idea." Hyuck mumbled out and ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a soft laugh. "I'm just..I'm kind of done, you know. The first few times were fine because I knew you were struggling. You're still struggling, I can see that, and I would never out you without your permission or force you to come out, because that's a ty thing to do and everyone deserves time to come out on their own, but I can't be around someone who just lets others say ty things about me. About my romantic and ual preference." Hyuck frowned and bit down on his bottom lip, nodding his head slowly. "I'm sorry. Just..feel free to look for me again whenever you're ready." He muttered out and let out a deep sigh, nodding his head once more before heading towards the door. He quickly glanced at the male sitting there before letting out another sigh, pushing the door open as he walked out of the classroom.
koo junhoe 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck The other took his time before facing him and Junhoe could easily tell that it was serious even before Donhyuck answered his question. Still, that helped in setting up the tense atmosphere that was rising in the room, that and the other's actions that clearly showed whatever it was he wanted to talk about, it was making him a bit uncomfortable and hesitant. He was quiet as he watched the other take a seat, and faced him his expression serious as he spoke. By the other's words, he could only assume it was something he wouldn't like talking about, and Junhoe was never good at dealing with serious stuff, he tended to prefer ignoring them "Of course..." He replied softly unsure of what he really meant, if 'of course' their friendship would hold still, or if 'of course' he could and should just go straight to the topic at the end so they could solve it.
He gave Donghyuck his time to collect his thoughts and phrase them but as soon as he spoke them out, Junhoe knew this would be a difficult conversation. He felt his head move the slightest of motions to acknowledge that he did in fact remember that day, that comment, and the following conversation. His head was already trying to come up with the words and excuses as to why he couldn't bring himself to say something and why he didn't stand up for his friend, but there was nothing. He was just scared of the consequences. He was thankful for the hushed tone the other used at the end but still couldn't help the way his eyes glanced at the closed door, just to make sure they were indeed alone.
His eyes then followed the other as he paced the room, still trying to turn his thoughts into a coherent sentence that wouldn't sound completely idiotic and insensitive to his friend "Hyuck I... I'm sorry... You know I don't agree with them, but I just..." His words were coming out as an incredible mess, almost as if thrown around aimlessly and without any meaning being it though he did mean them "You know what they'd think if I'd said I agree with you! And you know I do... I thought that was enough?" And he knew that it really wasn't. He knew that it was always helpful to have someone voice their support and validation, but he just couldn't be that person for Donghyuck no matter how much he wished he could "I know that's what they would think... And that's exactly why I couldn't do anything at the time..." He really wanted to help the other and it was painful for him to hear that stuff as well, but at the same time he wasn't ready to expose himself like that and he felt like that was a terrible moment for it as it would've easily put him on the spotlight of the topic, which was something he was not ready to face.
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@koo junhoe Donghyuck took a deep breath and continued staring out of the window, chewing on his bottom lip when he suddenly heard the door opening and closing and then the sound of his friend's voice coming through. At first he didn't move until he heard that the other sat down. He then turned around and looked at his friend's face, nodding his head. "Yeah, something important." Hyuck glanced at the seat he was being offered and he hesitated for a second before walking over and slowly sitting down. "I know how you don't like to beat around the bush, so let me be direct. You know how much I love making things into a big story, but this is something..that we both need to face head on. All I can hope is that our friendship stays the same afterwards." Hyuck took a deep breath and frowned a bit. This really hurt him to talk about, but he just had to talk about it, he couldn't let comments like these slide. That was just not him. "Remember a few weeks ago, when we visited your family? Remember..when they made that one comment..about..gay people. Do you remember that? And then..when I took offense to it, because I also like guys, you didn't defend me? You didn't defend me. You told me to leave it. How..could you? We have been friends since we were ing 4 or something. And you still didn't stand up to them? If not for me, you could've done it for yourself. If you weren't aware, you are biual too." He mumbled the last part and jumped up out of his seat, pacing around slowly. "In your family's eyes, you're gay too. Even if you like boys and girls, like I do. But they don't care about that."
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koo junhoe 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck Junhoe was in one of the music rooms, his guitar laid across his lap as he strummed it lightly, humming along to one of his favourite songs. He wasn't actually practicing but was just pretty bored and his mood had been rather weird so he felt like singing for a bit but instead, he got lost in his thoughts and the last thing in his mind was the song he was currently playing out of habit.
The buzzing of his phone over his backpack got his attention and he stopped his hand movements to reach for it. Unlocking it he noticed a text from Donghyuck which was certainly not unusual, but the vibe from the text was... not that of the usual Donghyuck. It felt pretty serious and the way he'd written it translated some tension which had Junhoe a bit hesitant, but nevertheless he wasted no time in typing back a simple reply saying that he was on his way. Only stopping to pack his guitar and belongings, he then moved through the hallways, peeking into the few unused rooms for the one where Donghyuck was waiting for him. Once he spotted his friend, he walked towards the door, pushing it open and closing it again behind himself letting out a small 'hey, what's up?' in greeting as he walked towards the other that stood by the window.
Sitting backwards on one of the chairs near the other he gestured towards Donghyuck with his head "So... Something important?" He asked never being one to beat around the bush. Especially when it was something serious, he liked getting right to the point of the question.
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@koo junhoe Donghyuck held onto his phone and gripped it hard in his hand as he paced around the empty classroom, running his fingers through his hair with his other hand as he thought of what to possibly say or do in this situation. He let out a soft sigh and sat down on one of the tables, gripping on his hair. "ing hell, what am I going to do. No, I have to talk to him. I have to, I just can't let this slide like that. I am not like that and I know it myself. I have to do this. I'm sure it'll go..somewhat fine.." He mumbled to himself and looked down at his phone, moving his fingers quickly to text the male. "Hey, we need to talk about something. I'm in one of the unused classrooms. It's empty so, I figured we could use it." He took a deep breath and sent out the text, nodding his head slowly as he walked over to the window, staring out of it. He wasn't quite sure on how this would go, but he just hoped that their friendship wouldn't be over after this. They have been friends for years, so he couldn't really imagine that something like this could possibly ruin their friendship.
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