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go shopping! spoil your girl or your man. yes ladies,gents. your man/woman needs to be spoiled too! Shop till you drop! Or until your boyfriend says to stop~

jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /giggles as I nod in agreement/
Red bottoms it issss
/I skip to the shoes and grabs them going to the cashier to pay for them/
Hmm.. Maybe I did find someone..
/I smile to myself grabbing the bags/
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@jang yeeun /grins at you and tilts my head while i hum
i don't know~ perhaps a boy that is maybe not as cute as me--but you know decent?
/tease back at you and then my eyes widen and i duck my head down as i blush/
s-shut up...
/looks over at the shoes you point out and grin/
why not? i don't remember you ever actually sticking to your red bottoms shopping ban
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin / I smile and rolls my eyes at the mention of a date/
Oh yeah and who would I go on a date with besides you
/I tease and then looks at you/
Uh huh someone has a crush..
/I look around and then smiles at a pair of red bottoms /
should I add to my collection.. ?
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@jang yeeun /looks at the shoes and then at you for your reaction and just lets out a laugh knowing i picked well, obviously because i know you well/
i knew it. you better wear them soon!
on a hot date or something
/chuckles and looks around biting my lip and shrugs/
i dunno.../looks down and plays with the knot tied at my waist, glances up at you
and snorts because you're so endearing/
do you want any other shoes?
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /I look at them, my eyes gazing at them and my mouth practically watering at the beauty of the design/
Me like, me want, me take.
/I tell one of the employees to get me them in my size/
Hmmm, you could ask him..
He's only one call away, he'll be there to save the day
/I mimic Charlie puths song/
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@jang yeeun oh noooo the tiny giant is going to come for me~ ahhhh~
/teases back and waves my hands around as im trembling, but i just laugh lightly and shake my head/
i...i don't know if he'd like that /mumbles and looks around before pointing out a pair of heels, where the
heel is see through by has butterflies encased in them/
you'd look pretty in these~
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin Get heels and I'll be your worst enemy, unless you wanna get them and look y for Hyuck?
/I tease nudging you a bit following you into the store as I gaze at all the pretty heels, looking back to you/
I'm gonna get lost in here.. Or I might just buy the whole store..
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@jang yeeun /lowers my head for you with a grin/
sorry about that short stack
but you're a cutie all smol and little
/pats your head and glances around biting my lip
before i spot a store that may be what we want, i pull you towards it/
well~ i can't help it if im still a growing young boy
or if i decide to get heels with you just so i can still be taller
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /smiles as I wiggle my eyebrows/
Your short wifey is in dire need of heels.
/I stand on my tiptoes/
So I can at least reach your height..
/pouts as I squint up at you/
Can you like stop growing.. Thank you
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@jang yeeun h e y i know my left and rights--just sometimes i forget when i'm under stress!
/whines but i end up giggling with you
hehehe i knew it~
why else would you deal with me
/grins and swings our arms together and glances around nodding/
yeah...very classy perhaps we came to the wrong mall--/snorts and then looks
around for a shoe store/
wait--what kind of shoes do you want to get?
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin Of course, you barely know left from right
/I tease with a soft giggle as I roll my eyes once more/
I- I love you I guess
/smiles teasingly as I swing our arms back and forth with a firm nod/
/walks in with you seeing the new renovations to the mall/
It's so pretty and glassy in here..
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@jang yeeun well who else was she suppose to trust me with? myself?
i think the heck not
/smiles and reaches over to comb your hair back gently, and pinches your cheek while you roll your eyes at me/
you love meeeeee you loveee meee~
/sings while i hop out the car and make my way around to you taking your hair, looking on ahead/
so--shoes right?
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin Well if I don't, who will, plus your mom basically handed you over to me the day we left for college..
/I mumble and then giggles at you rolling my eyes playfully as I pull into the malls parking lot rolling my eyes/
I love you more dummy..
/I get out of the car and holds my hand out for you/
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@jang yeeun p s h i'll have a note on my desk that says 'ask yeeun first'
/laughs and connects my phone to the radio, starts playing some music
and looks over at you, batting my lashes extra sweetly/
yeah but you act like my mom~
/grins and sticks my tongue out at you/
but i love ya for it babes
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin No they wouldn't, they always go to the roommate first!
/giggles as I back out of the parking lot and begins to drive to the mall/
hmmm only if their designer will I let you come out in pjs..
/i nod firmly before glaring at you/
Yah! Your my age..
/i mumble/
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@jang yeeun /snorts and pokes at your side
you’ll be the first one they’ll come looking for if I go missing
next time I’m definitely coming out in pjs! but designer ones so you can’t complain ~
/grins at you while you pet my hair, I combs yours back gently
yeah we would and it’d be a great day one for the books!
/buckled up and then reaches for the radio
All set mom
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /rolls my eyes as you mention pjs and giggles remembering how you got in trouble for coming to school in pjs because you had to wash your uniform/
Yah! Come with me in pjs and I'll make sure you'll never see the light of day!
/I smile getting into the car as I pet your hair carefully so I won't mess it up/
I bet, we'd be here all day with you just trying to figure out how to turn on the car.
/I buckle up and looks at you sternly/
Put your seatbelt on mister.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@jang yeeun /sticks my tongue back out at you and whines when you ruffle up my hair i try to lightly bat your hands away, and comb it back into place
p s h you always look good wifey~
/coos the nickname and laughs shaking my head i nudge your hip a bit harder/
a y e--i'll go change and comeback in my pjs if you don't hushhhhhh
/says all flustered and i rolls my eyes but smile at you while we walk out together to your car, i go around to the passenger seat/
i'd hope so--because i don't know how to drive so we'd be outta like there babes
jang yeeun 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /I burst out into a fit of giggles, sticking my tongue out as you glare at me and then rolls my eyes playfully before ruffling your hair as you make your way back into your room/
Mm of course I do! I have to look good for my husband.
/I teasingly wink behind your back giving you a small tap on your before you go get ready/
My oh my, have I shown my bestie how to dress, dont you look y. Of course I'm ready, I'm always ready.
/I wink once more before linking our arms together and walking out of the dorms with you to my car/
I'm driving


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taehyung is leaving, im getting too busy
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Could you add Wang Yibo please?
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kim chaewon please
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okay, bear with me. Could you please add kim-ah-joong?
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park jihoon please
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Add and reserve Cho Miyeon please! Thank you
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Chu Sojung please
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chrysalis 2 months ago
hello there, i'd like to reserve bae irene (hopefully i didn't miss her on the masterlist)
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hi! could i get son hyejoo <3
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