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eunwoo x renjun!
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this is eunwoo's and renjun's room. please knock before entering.

huang renjun 2 months ago
rolling his eyes when he heard his roommate, a tiny smile on his face before he shouts back out, "shut the up, ."
cha eunwoo 2 months ago
"Your better not be whining because my room is only a tad bit bigger." He shouted over hoping his roomate could hear while he starts unpacking his bag.
huang renjun 2 months ago
grumbling as he set up his stuff in the other room, sighing softly as he looks around the room.
cha eunwoo 2 months ago
Makes way into the biggest room with his luggage to secure it first.
manoban lalisa [A] 2 months ago
@huang renjun @cha eunwoo done!


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-cherryblossom 1 month ago
taehyung is leaving, im getting too busy
wangxian 2 months ago
Could you add Wang Yibo please?
gordonramsay 2 months ago
kim chaewon please
Shadysback 2 months ago
okay, bear with me. Could you please add kim-ah-joong?
doodling 2 months ago
park jihoon please
starstar_ 2 months ago
Add and reserve Cho Miyeon please! Thank you
oaixxia 2 months ago
Chu Sojung please
[comment deleted by owner]
chrysalis 2 months ago
hello there, i'd like to reserve bae irene (hopefully i didn't miss her on the masterlist)
dalgonabirdie 2 months ago
hi! could i get son hyejoo <3
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