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hyunjin x hyuck!
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this is hyunjin's and donghyuck's room. knock before entering. please

lee donghyuck 4 weeks ago
@hwang hyunjin /slowly pulls my out of your mouth and gently hits your cheek with it, laughing out softly before tugging you up into my lap, glancing out of the window before looking back at you as I admire you, my hand going up to your cheek to gently caress it.
I think you deserve a reward..the best one of them all. Are you ready for it? Mmm..perhaps a bit of preparing, or maybe I just want to taste you.
/lays you down on bed gently and turns you over for you to lay on your stomach, rubbing my hands over the globes gently before parting them and leaning in to a stripe over your hole, humming out softly in delight.
I knew you tasted good.
hwang hyunjin 4 weeks ago
@lee donghyuck nn-mn! /mewls as i look at you with a tear streaked face, gone with lust as you my mouth and look so good while you do it, i'm entranced by your handsome face as you lose yourself to lust as well, i moan over your words even more, whining softly as i feel my lower tummy swell with heat, so close and yet not close enough, each into my mouth leaves me more boneless on my knees than the one before it, i knead myself onto your foot, desperate for friction, turned a wild thing for you, i tip my head forward, neck craned and glistening with a sheen of sweat, squeezing your thighs tight because i want that too, i want you buried inside me withy our dripping between my thighs/
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin /tugs onto your hair and stares down at you with an open mouth, eyes half lidded and my cheeks somewhat rosy as I continue to into your mouth. God, you're such a good boy, I can't get enough of you..I kind of just..want to you already, but having you here..in between my legs is such a pretty sight too..you're so beautiful, aren't you? /mumbles out as I bite down on my bottom lip to try and keep my moans in, applying more pressure to your with my foot as I gently rub it while ing my faster and harder into your mouth, deciding to just say it and starts letting out moans. Mmm..I don't want to in your mouth though. I want to just..bury myself so deep inside of you and then .
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /you can see the outline of your through my throat, the way it fills me up so well and leaves me choking on sobs around it, eyes fluttering with tears caught in my lashes, they roll back while i moan louder around your as you into my tight hot wet mouth, and i can only envision how good it'll feel to have you me raw into the bed, claim me as yours, leave my body in a mess aching for only you/ mm! /whimpers as you press your foot on my , the sensation makes me dizzy, leaving me shaking on my knees and holding you before i start to rut against your foot, effectively ing my mouth onto your too, and mewling like the pretty i am for your /
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin /pulls my hands out of your hair only to hold back your hair with one hand to avoid it coming into your face as I continue to into your mouth eagerly, over my lips and out at the lewd sounds you make before letting out a soft chuckle at the mere sight of you, biting down on my bottom lip.
Look at you, you're such a pretty for me. You're so ing gorgeous, my beautiful little .
/whispers and pulls your hair back gently, traling my finger over your jawline as I admire your face while continuing to my into your mouth at a somewhat fast pace, moving my foot to press onto your , gently rubbing it with a small smile on my face.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /the ache of your fingers tight in my hair draws a warm tingle over my body thats already so stimulated over everything you've done, still hot and red from your palm, i can't help the choked sound that comes from when you slam your back down into my mouth, the head of hitting the back of my throat mercilessly as you find your rhythm, the first time catches me by surprise but once you've got your rhythm my throat relaxes around your , loving the way you it, each drawing out deep desperate sounds from me, my own between my legs bouncing against my thighs and stomach over the impact, hard and wet with the sweet pleasure of being used so well by you, i squeeze your thighs and moan as i try to work my tongue around your length in between s, but you've got me such a mess on my knees for you, mouth so full it hurts but i wouldn't want it any other way/
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin /moves my hand to rest on top of your head as you get down on your knees in between my legs, letting out a soft hum as I watch you with a small smile, letting out a moan as you over the vein, running my fingers through your hair, tugging on it gently.
, Hyunjin, you're going to make me throw you on bed and you so damn hard. Which I will probably still do..but let me your mouth first. Wear it out a bit, hmm? Make your jaw hurt properly.
/moans out again as you on the tip of my before taking it all in, widening my eyes at you as my other hand flies to your hair to just grip hard on your hair, groaning out softly in pleasure, watching you with an open mouth and half lidded eyes before closing my eyes and letting out a soft chuckle, muttering a soft 'you're incredible' before pulling your head off of my , only to slam it back into your mouth, doing that a couple times until I find a good rhythm to into your mouth.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /there's a whine that curls at the back of my throat when you slide your fingers out of my mouth, i hate feeling so empty right now--but its that look in your eyes that smothers the sound and keeps me pinned in place for a moment, it beckons me to your will and when you tell me to take--there is nothing more than i want but to take all that you'll give me/
/moves down from your lap onto my knees for a proper mouth ing, moving in between them i bring my face close to your , nuzzling it gently, lips brushing over the tip and pressing light kisses over the head, my tongue gliding over the thick vein, and whisper/
mm...taste so good...feel so hot and big...hyuck's so perfect--want it in my mouth so bad /worshiping your in a silky tone before my tongue siwrls around the head, ling on it slowly and mewling around it before i begin to slide your entire length in my mouth, stretching nice and wide for you until you're fully seated in my mouth, heavy on my tongue, lips brusing nicely around the grith of it, my eyes roll back at the sensation of being perfectly filled, around your length, my hands squeeze your thighs urging to please my mouth/
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin /watches you with an expression filled with pure lust and sighs out in content, pulling my fingers out of your mouth slowly and tapping your lips with them gently, before letting out a soft chuckle. I want to tease you a bit, I really want to, by not giving you what I want, but how can I deny you when you've been nothing but good to me. That would make me..a very cruel man. /slowly moves my hand towards my and wraps my fingers around it, stroking it gently as I press the tip against your mouth, tilting my head to the side. Well? What are you waiting for? Take it in your mouth, show me how much you've wanted it in your mouth.
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck g-good boy ...please ah--
/whimpers as your fingers trace over plump pouty lips right before you slide them in and i gag around them with another strike to my , choking on a sobbed sound as the sting burns through the tender flesh, i see stars behind my eyes, lashes catching tears as i look up dazed with my mouth full of your fingers, i on them slowly but hard, relishing in the feeling of my hot wet mouth being full, nodding at the mention of something else filling up my mouth, something bigger, heavier, thicker, the thought makes me drool around your fingers, and whine pitifully, because i want it so bad, and i look at you with tose big pretty teary eyes, and they beg so sweetly 'please, please please, my mouth slow and hard until its raw/
lee donghyuck 1 month ago
@hwang hyunjin You're such a good boy for me, Hyunjin. You're so pretty for me, aren't you? My pretty boy..gosh, I'm blessed that I'm even allowed to look at you, hmm?
/guides my fingers to rub over your lips slowly, tracing the flesh carefully before pushing them into your mouth slowly, tilting my head to the side as I watch you with a small smile, raising my hand and striking it down on your asscheeks once again.
I bet you want something else in your mouth now, hmm? But the question is..do you deserve it? Have you been a good enough boy to deserve it?
hwang hyunjin 1 month ago
@lee donghyuck /lays over your lap letting quick shallow breaths as you squeeze my redden cheeks, the flesh so tender under your palms, i shiver as you kiss my shoulder and then let out a small sound when you bruise that spot so prettily, i tilt my head forward, my hair freefalling over my face, before i lift back up--ears perked up at your praises, which make me squirm over your lap, and whine softly,
h-hyuck! /gasps out another cry in the shape of your name over the impact, and it falls away into something broken and needy, a cry stretched into a moan, trailing off silky and wispy as i press my lips together and lashes flutter between tears/
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /gives the cheeks a good squeeze and sighs out in content, pressing a kiss to your shoulder and gently biting the flesh, on it eagerly until there's a bruise forming there, focusing my attention back on your as I draw invisible shapes with my finger, chuckling softly to myself.
You're so cute. Everything about you is cute..your personality, the way that you talk, your looks, the way that you adore me so much, your body. Cute, cute, cute. But also y. You're y.
/lifts my hand up and strikes it down on your cheeks again, giving the cheeks a harsh slap.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck /tilts my head to the side, hair following the movement as the warmth of your kiss ligners on my skin, and wish you'd draw the shape of your mouth over that spot, and leave it to stay for days to come, breaths in shallow breaths of excitement as your hand plays with my cheeks, my hips wriggle back into your hand/
i have no doubt of that.
/says softly before the bite of your hand explodes over my senses and i let out a small cry that fades into a breathless moan as the sting burns over my skin and you rub at it, my legs kick weakly and mewl out softly/
m-more please
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /looks out of the window at the moonlight shining through the window and fixes my gaze back on you, smiling softly before leaning down to press a gentle kiss on your neck, pulling away from you slowly as my hands go back to caressing and kneading your cheeks.
I would..love to see if I can manage to accomplish that. And even if I don't make you by just spanking you, you're going to tonight nonetheless of what I do to you.
/mumbles and raises my hand, giving the cheeks a hard slap again before rubbing over the flesh to soothe it.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck all just for you.../murmurs softly and nods as you lay me down on the bed and i watch you get up/
/watches with a glint in my eyes caught by the moonlight that pools in through the window, your skin even in the dark is gorgeous and i can't help but reach out for a touch once your shirt is gone/
you're so hot.../murmurs breathlessly and nods my head eager at the mention of you getting too and finally touching me, blinks a few times in mild confusion before i'm laid over your lap and i let out a surprised noise, my body bending over it prettily, while your hand rubs over my redden cheeks, making me shiver over the touch, bites my lip and tries to look at you and then asks with a challenge in my tone/
want to see if you can make me just by spanking me,
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin God, you're so y. So beautiful. And all just for me.
/chuckles softly and moves you off of my lap, laying you down on the bed as I move to stand up, slipping my shirt off that I had slipped back on while we were heading to our dorm.
I don't think it's fair to you if you're the only one , hmm? It's about time I get too, huh? And then finally touch you.
/slides my hands down to my pants as I it and pull it down along with my boxers, kicking them off to the side and quickly getting on the bed again, only to pull you to lay over my lap, rubbing my hand over your asscheeks slowly.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck /cool air touches my overheated skin and i let out a small hiss around your fingers, with every touch i've become more sensitive, your words make me whine needily with your fingers still in my mouth, squeezing toned thighs around your middle/
/my tongue lolls out after you pulled your fingers out, it over my lips as you finish stripping down , a intense rose red blush paints my face as i sit on your lap bare and vulnerable for you, mewling softly as you rub my , which has lovely hand prints decorating it, bites my lower lip and preens prettily under your praise, and then i whisper breathlessly/
t-touch me hyuck please
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /feels my twitch slightly as you bounce on my lap, quickly tugging off your jeans and tossing them to the side with a small smirk on my face.
You're such a needy little , aren't you? Look at you.
/mumbles softly and chuckles at you, pulling my fingers out of your mouth as I hook my thumbs into your underwear, not wasting any time as I tug it down and toss it to the side as well, rubbing my hands over your .
Look at that pretty of yours. So pretty..like you.
/raises your arms and swiftly takes off your shirt as well, leaving you completely and at my disposal.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck /your words stir something in me, heat pooling in my tummy and it tightens with each jolt of pleasure coursing through me, bringing my to life, tilts my head back enough to murmur these words in a gentle purr/
take hard and long--leave me in pieces /takes your fingers back to my mouth pushing them fruther in as you rub my tongue, and i play with them, moving my tongue between them and them up until they're nice wet, moving my head to le on the tips of them, each slap you lay over the tender skin of my makes me bounce on your lap with a loud cry, my throbs with the bitter sweet pleasure, and when you move to start stripping me down i lift my hips up to help you, meeting your gaze/
w-want it /whimpers around your fingers a bit slurred as i shimmy my hips while you tug my jeans down/
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin You want me to take you? Oh, I'll take you alright. I'll take you hard and leave you trembling. Is that what you want?
/rubs my fingers over your tongue and bites on on my bottom lip, letting out a moan as you on my fingers, giving the bare skin of your a slap this time before pulling my hand out and moving it to the front of your pants, swiftly ing and ping your pants with one hand, looking up at you.
Just stop me if I'm going too far, hmm?
/mumbles softly and tries tugging your pants down.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck /follows the direction of your head as it tilts, tilting my own and letting my hair cascade in a gentle curtain of gold, full kissed stained lips blooming in a pretty little smile as you watch me/
don't want you to resist--take me
/muses before you slide your fingers into my mouth and take them with an ease, a soft happy moan comes from me with the sensation of my mouth being a little more filled, but i'll want something longer, thicker, hotter, soon enough, for now i eagerly on them before letting out a small cry when you give me what i want, your hand landing on my cheek so hard--but so good--i whimper around your fingers as you rub over the bare skin, moves my hips back again, grinding against your hand while i on your fingers/
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /takes a deep breath as a shudder goes through my body, over my lips as I watch you in silence, tilting my head to the side as I just watch you for a bit before chuckling out softly, biting down on my bottom lip.
Do you even know how y you are? When you..look at me like that and on my finger. You're just so..irresistible.
/mumbles softly and widens my eyes a bit as you over the tips of my fingers, slowly pushing them into your mouth as my other hand still rests on your .
Your wish is my command.
/gives the cheek a hard slap before slipping my hand into your pants to rub a soothing hand over the flesh slowly.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck /tips my head up, my lips had been over your skin but i hold you in my stare, a deep lusty lost gaze, my pouty pink lips wrap around your finger with ease, around them with the satisfied ache of my mouth being filled with something other an gummy, tongue lolls around the digit on it sweet and soft before i draw my head back slowly, and let it pop out/
please? /asks in a low purr, leaning back in to catch your lips in a small peck, pressing the light plea to your lips before i'm pushing my hips down on yours, and murmuring in a honey cadence, taking your hand in mind and bringing to fingers to my plump lips, rubbing my lips over them as i murmur/
please...hyuck...i'd get on my knees--/says as i bring my lips to the tips of your fingers, tongue flicking over them and i look up at you/
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin Oh? You're demanding. Well..I told you if you want something, you'll have to beg for it, otherwise..it's not happening, babe.
/chuckles and reaches out to slowly trace your lips with my finger, pushing my finger into your mouth slowly.
I think it would be very hot to watch you beg for it. You're already hot, so seeing you beg for me..oh boy..I might not be able to contain myself then. But I get the feeling you don't want me to.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck /grins against your mouth when you whine, and run my tongue over your mouth, teeth sinking into your bottom lip and i pull at nice and slow, mewling softly as i do before you slap my and i let out a surprised squeak, letting go, the subtle sting runs through me and makes my eyes nearly roll back before my lashes flutter open and i catch you another dark hot gaze, cheeks flushed so pretty and pink, i murmur by your ear 'again.' drawing my lips down your jawline, dotting the softest of kisses while my hips push back into your hand and i say right over your adams apple with a small growl/
do it again.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /whines softly as you pull away from the kiss, and opens my eyes to look up at you, over my lips at the sight in front of me, quickly muttering out.
You're so ing hot.
/chuckles as you reconnect our lips, pulling one hand out of the back pocket of your jeans, to give your a gentle slap.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck /moans as you on my tongue, drawing it out into a hot messy kiss that last longer than my lungs can take, i break the kiss, and inhale sharply, ever breath perfumed with the scent of you and alcohol, i run my tongue over my bruised red lips and gaze you, lust heavy on my eyes, lashes flutter halfway and dip back down to catch your mouth in another kiss/
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@hwang hyunjin /smiles against your lips at the beautiful sounds you make and slips my tongue into your mouth, around and gently along the sides of your cheeks before finding your tongue to play with, slowly grinding back against you as I start to on your tongue, the smile still on my lips as I continue to kiss you eagerly.
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck /mewls against your lips as our mouths moves messily together, each nibble and tug bruises my mouth sweetly on yours, collecting the sofest of sounds meant for only your ears, my lips part for you with a delicate plea, inviting your tongue into my mouth, i press my hips down on yours, rolling them much like i did when we were dancing but now theres a hotter friction sparking between our bodies that i won't let up this time, my hands get lost in your hair as we kiss, and i murmur your name breathless between kisses/


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taehyung is leaving, im getting too busy
wangxian 2 months ago
Could you add Wang Yibo please?
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kim chaewon please
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park jihoon please
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