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wang yibo 2 months ago
We can always make edits or just plot in general but PM if you're interested! Also the numbers by the one plot just means I can do it a couple times before closing it lol.

1. You drank how much?!
Open [0/4], M or F 》 Humor or Romcom
Yibo has always had a low tolerance for alcohol. Even if he tries to deny it every chance he gets. Not only does he start laughing at everything; he blushes, says everything on his mind, and can't lie to save his life. He could at least have 2 beers and feel a little warm
Who would have thought a long island ice tea would have /that/ much booze in it without it tasting horrible. Now he's stumbled upon a kind stranger who is willing to take him home... or at least drop him off somewhere safe since he doesn't exactly remember where he lives.

2. Someone has an audience
M or F, open 》 friends or meet cute
Taking a break from studying is important for every college student. So when Yibo decides to check out the forest garden on campus, he couldn't have been more excited. It was a fantastic idea and he needed more specimen to study.
With all the tools he needs in hand, he sets out. It's only a while later that he finds a quiet place that's full of natural blooms. Yibo talks to the plants as he grafts a few and he doesn't realize that there is someone else in the garden. That can hear him.

3. Unknown Rival
Open, M 》Enemies to friends or hurtcomfort or E to F to L
Since the first day of school, Yibo has had a competitor for being the best in school. It wasn't really a competition to him since 1. He always won, and 2. He was going to school for his parents. Not to prove something to peers.
It really wasn't his fault if he was considered.. popular. Or that other students thought he was cool for having talents that didn't relate to school.
Due to this his "Rival" would start fights, pick on him when he could, and generally be annoying in Yibo's eyes. So when they meet again on campus, he can't help but wonder if this was a very strange joke from the universe.

4. Mr. Unlucky
Open, M or F, Professors only please》 then humor
Yibo isn't one to stop someone he deems gorgeous from hitting on him. It flatters him to no end anyway. He's definitely not one to turn down spending the night at their place. It's the weekend after all.
What he fails to remember is that you need to be careful when meeting someone near the campus. Because what happens when you walk into a new class on Monday and see your one night fling standing at the front of the room. Someone who is very much your new professor.
manoban lalisa [A] 2 months ago
gonna add some later
manoban lalisa [A] 2 months ago
we can change some plots to fit your way, I dont mind, PM me if youre interested in any of those <3

1. What the Hell?!?
- M or F; student any major ll comedy, casual
Lisa was making her way to the library, fully occupied with books holding close to her chest. While you had to run into her way, like seriously? Do you have eyes or are you blind? Senior like her will not be pleased with what happened as she stares at you with her raised eyebrow and just rolling her eyes as she kneels down to pick up them stuff while youre helping her and eventually you two have a decent conversation while heading to the library because youre both students trying to deal whats happenning around here.

2. History buddies
- M or F; student and professor any major ll slice of life, a person that actually finds history interesting
After visiting museum of the second world war Lisa cries when she finds out about the holocaust. She knew what the bad stuff happened in the chambers but whenever she remembers what happened she just cant get it over with. Trying to find her balance she has you to talk about it and other different things related to history.

3. People are looking
- M or F; student of performing arts but can be different majors too ll romance, maybe
You have your eyes on her, she is dancing in the lights of the field. Encouraging everyone to cheer when she smiles brightly while being the captain of the cheerleader team of the Thieta Pi. You had a crush on her since you laid your eyes on her and there is no way back. So after some practice you still find her stretching on the field, ready to go all over again with the choreography routine she just made but she winks in your way to come up closer and what do you think will happen next?

4. Come again?
- M or F; professor ll drama, can be angst
After the detention she got from you she is looking at you in the other way. The detention was unfair all the way- like please smoking inside of campus, people are doing more dangerous and you didnt catch them doing stuff. Squinting her eyes when she meets the said professor talking to her that Lisa needs to sort out her priorities. Clenching her fists- like come again??

5. Well you better
- M or F; student any major ll
Lisa was helping you repair your motorbike because apparently you didnt know how to do this and she has them skills. Being marked with oil all over her body and some sweat while working on the bike she looks over at you and playfuly winks in your direction, like maybe after doing her job she would get her paymen after all.

6. Get the hell away from me
- M or F; student any major ll drama, angst
You slept with my best friend just to make me jealous but I already have a boyfriend but yet you seem to not leave me anyway. Always coming back to me, I shake my head saying - no more, please stay away from me, Leave me and my friends alone, what do you want from me?
son hyejoo 2 months ago

'breakfast club' (4/5):
cho miyeon 2 months ago
3. Drunk Stranger is taken!
cho miyeon 2 months ago
These are not polished yet but we can polish it together orz

1. 24 hour Cafè
》(M or F; student)
Miyeon, despite her cold unfriendly nature, decided to have a part time job in a cafe. One day, a subject require you to finish a paper the next day. In need of a fast WiFi but lacking money, you stumbled upon the cafè. But the thing is, both of you had a really bad first impression of each other. Happy to piss her off, you ordered the cheapest drink and stayed until it's pretty late. That pissed Miyeon off and decided to get back by trying to not-so-discreetly ruin your concetration by annoying you and making sarcastic remarks.

2. "Stalker"
》(M; Student or professor)
Miyeon, the most heartless person she knew, had a crush on you at first sight after she was almost hit by your bike (or car). Not wanting to look so desperate yet still wanting to observe you to see whether she would end up hating you, she closely "stalked" you. She would turn up in your classes, follow you everywhere, and yes, you noticed. (Note: whether she would end up hating you or not would be up to what we decided and/or the flow of the rp)

3. Drunk Stranger
》(M or F; student) {You can be person A or B}
Person A is feeling upset with the academic load and decided to drink their sorrows away. Person B, who happens to pass by and realizes that Person A is from the same Uni, decides to help out a stranger. But helping out Person A is not easy. They would end up spilling embarrassing secrets, serious secrets, and even have the guts to barf. Yes, it will be a very long way home.

4. Math Tutor
》 (M or F) (student)
Miyeon is bad at Math. And she badly needs your help. But the problem is you remember her being a and she still is. Will you be willing to teach her?

5. First Love
》 (M) (Professor/Graduate student)
You are Miyeon's childhood crush and let's just say such a crush did not end happily when you finally got yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend. From then on, the two of you have never talked to each other again. How cruel can fate be when the two of you realize you're in the same uni?

6. Animal Training
》 (M or F) (Student, preferably Psych student)
You and Miyeon are assigned as partners for an animal training project. Will you get along with her?
lee minho 2 months ago
PM if interested. Feel free to change or add something.

° hallucinations by dvsn
× female ; 24+
× angst, drama, possible

you remind minho of his first love. the one and only woman he truly loved. his father was never there for him and his mother had a bad habit of living her life as if she didn't have a son. he was left in the care of his hostile grandfather and grew up alone. you reminded him of the one person who truly cared enough to stay by his side through his depression and truly loved him for who he was. but it wasn't the same and it never will be. he knows you are not her. he knows it very well but he can't find the courage to stay away.
cho miyeon 2 months ago
@lee keonhee Hi! I'm interested in Spirit Hunting if it's still not taken?
koo junhoe 2 months ago
@kim ahjoong sure thing ^^ i'll pm!
kim ahjoong 2 months ago
@koo junhoe Ayo, could I get EX?
I would be down to roleplay a semi-toxic relationship if it came to that!
son hyejoo 2 months ago

'i’ve been waiting for you' has been claimed!

'breakfast club' (3/5):
koo junhoe 2 months ago
//connection taken
//wingman taken
//experimenting taken
//childhood friend taken
son hyejoo 2 months ago
If you would like to be part of any of these plots please do pm me to claim em~ We can definitely change things up depending on how it works for the both of us! ♡

✩ breakfast club

↳ group plot — 5 members would be much preferred though maybe we can bend it and make it 6-8 if more people are interested.

↳ light-hearted — friendship based

↳ open to only students

↳ open to all genders

Undisciplined students from the past week have been assembled at the library on a Saturday morning to think over what they have wrongfully done. You have all been asked to write a 1000 word essay as a reflection on your past behaviour. You have 8 hours to do whatever, hang out and make friends with each other, finish the essay, or try to escape. The choice is yours. Be careful, though— the professors have eyes and ears everywhere.

✩ how long has it been?

↳ drama, angst, possible romance/ mending of a broken friendship

↳ open to any major

↳ open to all genders

↳ same age much preferred

You and Hyejoo were inseparable throughout your school years. You were each other's ride or die. You both understood and completed each other…So then how did you fall apart? Soon as the first semester of your freshman year rolled in, you both somehow lost touch with each other. You found your new group of friends while she found hers. Though she still missed the memories, you both shared. One fine morning you both bump into each other, locking eyes as reminiscences start to flood in. After all this time of ignoring each other, is there any way to mend your friendship back together?

✩ i’ve been waiting for you

↳ fluff, romance

↳ open to any major

↳ open to all genders

↳ same age much preferred

The moment you saved her from a near-fatal experience was the day Hyejoo had to know who you were. After accidentally tripping backwards down the stairs and you catching her, her heartbeat went through the roof. To say that moment was the most cliche thing to ever happen would be an understatement, but at that moment she knew you were the one. Unable to catch a glimpse of your face, Hyejoo decided to do the dumbest thing by leaning her back against many others after classes. It was her way of finding you when both of your backs touched each other from her fall. You are watching from afar— You can choose to stop her or let her tire herself out and approach her. It’s your decision.

✩ stop hating on me

↳ comedy, light-hearted/drama

↳ same major preferred (fashion design)

↳ open to all genders

↳ same age much preferred

Ever since the day Hyejoo stepped in the class, you despised her. You heard about her family and how business-oriented they all are so why someone like her would choose fashion design as a career option? There were no major fights between you both, just passive-aggressiveness being asserted when in close contact with each other. You both have to now work on an assignment that’s worth 60% of your grade. Will things end smoothly or in a catfight?
koo junhoe 2 months ago
not all that confident in these plots but imma leave them here in case someone wants to take them anyway :x
we can change up the plots a bit to fit your muse/interests » pm to claim!

1. EX
» female || angst/drama/slice-of-life
tw:// possible toxic relationship (depends on what we plot)
She was the only serious relationship Junhoe ever had. They were young and just testing out the waters but he got attached, only to realize he cared more about her than she cared about him. Of course, that was a big blow to his pride as well as his feelings, and thinking the other might be cheating on him he ended up snapping. It was the first and only time he was ever upset about a breakup. They fought and it got pretty ugly. It got worse when he saw her with a new guy at some party and he made a scene. He was pretty cruel to her then too, as he felt the need to hurt her as much as he felt she'd hurt him, and once again it was one of the few times he actually regretted being so brutal to someone. He picked himself back up when he got accepted into his dream University and that slightly helped him move on and focus on something other than his ex.
Having completely cut her off from his life, he had no idea where the girl was now so he wasn't exactly sure how to react when he bumped into her on the University campus.

» male/female || slice-of-life/
Their friendship was weird. They would barely talk on casual terms or if they bumped into each other on campus, only a short greeting being exchanged. But whenever one of them was feeling like , they'd call up the other. Sometimes for , sometimes just for the company. It could get very physical, just like it could be just them sitting on the rooftop talking about random stuff. Sometimes they share what is on their mind, sometimes they don't, it all depends on the problem itself and how they're feeling at the moment.
No one really knew about their close connection and they liked it that way. It kinda felt like a secret escape to both of them. It could be very casual while also being very personal at the same time.

» male/female || /could include more depending on how we develop it
Junhoe's friend has been talking to this girl that he met on some random app for a while now, and they finally decide to meet up in person. Afraid that things might not go as well as planned, or turn awkward, they agree to each bringing a friend along.
Turns out they were most definitely not needed, as their friends seemed to be hitting it off quite well. And that's how Junhoe ends up at some random bar/nightclub, sitting across some girl/guy he's never met, while his friend and his girl excuse themselves to go dancing. Of course, he wasn't about to just sit there all night, quietly sipping on his drink, so he strikes up a conversation with this 'stranger' with the intention of just entertaining himself and getting to know the girl's friend in case things turned serious between the two. He is not very sure how that happened, but not even a couple of hours later, he found himself with his body pressed against the other, lips smashed together.

» male || angst/slice-of-life/possible (depending on where the plot heads)
tw:// could contain homophobic behavior / internalized homophobia / toxic masculinity
As for most of Junhoe's 'firsts', the first time he kissed a guy was at a party. They were alone and young and he was too drunk to overthink it. Knowing it should be kept secret neither of them ever brought it up.
The second time the same guy tried to kiss him, he had been sober, so his first reaction was to push him away harshly. He wasn't gay. They didn't speak to each other for a while, until a few months later at yet another party when they found themselves alone once more, and this time it was Junhoe who initiated the kiss. Being closer to sober this time, he knew what he was doing. It was just experimenting. It was to remain an absolute secret. It would not turn serious. They both agreed on that. And so it became casual type of relationship, which Junhoe saw as an escape that he could use to otherwise ignore his interest in men.
But when the other tried to bring up feelings once, Junhoe called it off and never contacted him again. Fast forward a couple of years and they meet again at University, and Junhoe isn't sure how to act around him.

» (taken) male || drama
There is this one close girl friend of Junhoe that just so happens to be your girlfriend, and you really don't like the way Jun keeps playfully flirting with her and hitting on her, even if doesn't really mean it. The fact that there is a rumor going around that says they used to have a fling back in their first year isn't really helping the situation.
*our muses can be switched in case Jun is taken at some point*
*should be agreed with the third party - girlfriend*

» male/female || slice-of-life
The one friend that has accompanied Junhoe since he was a kid. Ever since his first few events with his mother, this one person had always been there as well and so they stick together, they played and joked and eventually became good friends, their relationship deepening as the years passed.
They were the first person Junhoe ever told about his parents, and the first person to know most of Junhoe's best kept secrets, and to this day their friendship remains intact. If they survived high school, he was sure they could survive college as well. No matter what life was ready to throw at them right?
*we can plot some angst, maybe some fight or something if you want to spice this one up*
lee keonhee 2 months ago
if there is a plot that anybody would like to claim or try with me (it doesnt have to be from this list), feel free to pm me, post on my wall or tag me here
winging is also welcomed! just tag me anywhere with a starter and ill happily go along. (should this be the case though, we'll start off as strangers without and prior connection)

→ collaboration
↳ connection: optional
↳ majors preferred: fashion design, literature, cosmetology
↳ status: open for more than one plot
↳ its that time of year again when theatre kids get busy preparing for for a massive spring performance. with their hands tied, keonhee is tasked with finding help from those of other departments as well as guiding them through the process.

→ script reading
↳ connection: optional
↳ majors preferred: open to all
↳ status: open for one person
↳ perhaps its the midsemester stress. perhaps its the consequence of sleep deprivation finally catching up to him. whatever it is, keonhee just cant seem to get these lines done and memorised. stumbling across the young male in agony outdoors, you offer your assistance by becoming his practice partner.

→ spirit hunting
↳ connection: friends
↳ majors preferred: n/a
↳ status: open for 2 people max
↳ bonding through a mutual love for all things horror, its become almost a traditional thing for you and keonhee to revisit sites and locations of all things terrifying. whether its a place of supernatural sightings, bad omen or murder, there's nothing more exciting in your book.

possible connections: (currently without any plots)
➟ tutor and student: must be a freshman or sophomore
having known each other through our parents & prior to your enrollment with this university i was asked by your mother to help tutor you. whether i was useful or not however is really only something you could decide.


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