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don't close your eyes. in this place crazy is going on. shhh

minatozaki sana 1 month ago
@wang yibo Sana had eyed the boy as he passed out on to the bed. Welp, tonight she wasn't going to sleep in any comfortable clothes. Signing softly she got up and went over to the bathroom taking a quick shower. Once she was out she threw on a pair of sweats with a tank top and collapsed on top of her bed, forgetting she had a guest over as she passed out along with him.

When the morning hit, Sana felt the warm sun against her face. She had been up before the boy, but closed her eyes when she felt him beginning to move. Oh how she died to laugh out loud when she felt hit sit up straight, and at a fast rate for someone who had been drinking the night before. Opening her eyes as she heard the creaking of the floor she sat up, with one knee raised up, running her fingers through her hair. "Yibo was it... You should really put something in your stomach, you drank quite a lot yesterday for someone who's not a heavy drinker I'm guessing .." She giggled quietly and stood up, walking over to him to stay in front of him. "I have an extra toothbrush in the bathroom.. Go wash up a bit and I'll make breakfast." She yawned, turning away and walking to the kitchen.
wang yibo 1 month ago
@minatozaki sana It wasn't like Yibo knew what was going on besides that the world was moving past him very fast. Sana? What a pretty name. He really couldn't comment considering he was in a car and IF he responded he just might vomit everywhere. There was a peaceful lull between them as the car moved. Where was he going? Did he live over here?

Not long before he was being pulled from the vehicle and his world was back to spinning. Have you ever been in a bouncy house? It felt exactly like that. The building they were in smelled really good. Yibo's brain was not working properly for obvious reasons but the room kept spinning and everything was really blurry. Then he was tipping over and laying a very soft surface. Within an instant he was asleep.

The next morning, Yibo woke up to a pounding head and a queasy feeling in his stomach. Even his eyes hurt. How much did he drink?? Then everything started to adjust around him and he realized he wasn't in his room. He shot straight up just to have his whole world spin. There was also a very beautiful woman beside him. Did he sleep with her?? No, he still had his clothes on. So why on earth was he here? Yibo swallowed thickly before slowly getting up from the bed, cringing as the floor creaked below him.
minatozaki sana 2 months ago
@wang yibo She stared at the boy in awe and smiled from ear to ear. He was adorable. She thought to herself and then eyed him as he rubbed his eyes. Stopping in he trail to look at him she decided to play along with him. "Sana Minatozaki, a pleasure to meet you." She bowed her head politely and then grasped his hand gently. "Come on it's getting dark." she murmured. If there was one thing Sana hated, it would be the darkness especially outside. She held one of his arms over his shoulder and managed to get him into the passengers side of the car, putting his seatbelt on and heading to the drivers side. This could get her fired. She thought once more before shaking her head and getting into the car. She'd rather get fired than hearing something happened to him at the party while he was drunk and she was able to help him.

She finally pulled up to her apartment and went to his side once more, opening the door and escorting him out of the car. How she managed to drag him up the steps was beyond her but she managed, what could she say, exercising paid off. She opened her front door and brought him inside. Her apartment was small but cozy, with one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room all perfectly furnished. Dragging him to her room she laid him on her bed and threw herself beside him letting out a sigh. "You owe me one kid..." she mumbled.
wang yibo 2 months ago
@minatozaki sana There was something Yibo wanted to say but as soon as he thought of a reply, it was promptly forgotten. Something about drinks? He had tilted his head side to side in the hopes he'd remember what he was going to say just before being guided out. "Wh- hey!" Stumbling over his feet, he reached back towards the party. "I wanna staaay!" Yibo had whined but still let the other drag him away, leaning against her.

After walking outside, with quite a few groans and huffs of disappointment, he squinted around. Where was he? The student looked down at the woman and a hiccup left his mouth. "You're small." He stated bluntly before holding out his free hand. "Wang Yibo." There was still a very obvious slur to his voice and his cheeks were extremely red. With the hand holding hers, he brought it up to rub one of his eyes. Really should have brought his glasses.
minatozaki sana 2 months ago
@wang yibo She giggled at how he acted when he was drunk shaking her head as he called her pretty. "You are very handsome and very young!" She shouted over the music, no that he would even care in this state he was in. She shook her head when he asked for another drink and laughed once more. "You could barely handle the first drink, I don't think your gonna be able to stomach the swings one." she nodded and looked up at him.

Sana blinked when he laced their fingers together, clearing gently as she watched him try to dance. Being a dance teacher there were things she wanted to teach and corrected him on but she remember they were just at a party and almost everyone was dancing in a bit of an outrageous way causing her to giggle once again. "I'm getting you away from this party.." She kept her fingers laced with his in one hand and let go of the other putting his arm around her shoulder helping him walk to the door.
wang yibo 2 months ago
@minatozaki sana Maybe he should have brought his glasses because Yibo's contacts were drying out rapidly. The student swayed a bit as he blinked a bit more to focus on the figure in front of him. Oh! "You're pretty!" He shouted over the music, leaning down as if she couldn't hear him. Without hearing what the other was saying; he erupted in a full body. "I think you should b-buy me a drink first before we leave!" Yibo slurred out before looking down at their hands curiously.

"C'mon let's dance!" It was a very enthusiastic order as he pulled their hands apart. Apparently just to fix them so they laced together better. Yibo pulled the other towards the "dance floor". Laughing all the way, he swayed and really tried to let his memory of years of dance classes assist him but to little luck. He did land a feel steps of footwork before tripping and laughing more at his mistake. "I'm so bad at daaanncing!!" Yibo whined out dramatically.
minatozaki sana 2 months ago
@wang yibo Sana had went to the party, she wasn't there to bust kids or to even get anyone in trouble. She herself wanted to have fun and if anything she wasn't even a true professor, all she did was teach children how to dance and the different types of music there was. So when she started to drink it just gave her a small buzz seeing as to how she had an excellent hold when it came to drinking.

When her shoulder was tapped, she had expected it to be a student. What other professor in their right mind would show up to a party? She turned and saw the obvious drunken boy and even giggled a bit, shaking her head just a bit as her eyes glanced over his figure, he stood a couple inches taller than her seeing as to how she didn't have much height on herself and the heels barely helped. /He's blasted../ she thought to herself and held the boys hand. "Let me get you out of here and somewhere safe!" She shouted over the music. She would regret not bringing him somewhere safe and just leaving him here in the state he was in.
wang yibo 2 months ago
@minatozaki sana For the weekend, Yibo decided he could go to a party. It was some random party that he knew no one at but one with free alcohol as long as he brought something. In exchange for– what he thought was –a weak mixed fruit drink; he had brought a pack of cheap beer. Which was gone within 10 minutes of being there.

All he wanted to do was just listen to the ramble of people as he went through some scientific papers on his phone. The science behind the growing assistance in edible flowers for other vegetables was a hot topic in his agriculture class at the moment. About 25 minutes passed, with 3 full cups of a the fruity juice since it was so delicious, Yibo's lips are numb and it's overly hot. Why is it so /hot/? He's feeling good and wants to dance. Dancing sounds nice. Without much thought, he stumbles over to a pretty woman and taps her arm. "M-Miss. Would you like to dance?" He asks as he takes off his jean coat, cheeks flushed from heat and a laugh bubbling from his mouth.
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Good~ See you later! Have fun! Don't forget the cookies!
*waving back with a smile*
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong I will, I promise! See you later, Chae!
/waves at you
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Of course~ Just message me when you want to~!
*already starting to clean up*
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong Mmm..okay! But we should hang out soon, okay? Like do something!
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Mmm... I'm sure~ Go on~ I don't want him to wait~ I've got this covered, Hyuck!
*giving a reassuring smile*
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong Are you sure? I could help you clean, I definitely don't mind!
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Alright~ Go have fun with Hyunjin~ I'm going to clean up here and go to be myself.
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong Well..if I throw up, it'll be because of the amount of cookies I ate.........and the booze, but still!
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Heh... That's why I took it easy on the booze~
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong Hey, you should be careful too! We don't want you to throw up either!
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Honestly... I've already eaten too many cookies today~
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong I promise to not eat too much. We really don't want to have a vomit fest in here.
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Well... There's plenty in that container... Just don't eat too many.
Okay? I don't need you getting sick~
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong Yeah? Mine would be chocolate chip cookies. I could eat so much of them.
Then again, I do get sick when I eat too much chocolate but it's just too good.
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Mine? Hmmm.... Definitely sugar cookies~
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong What's your absolute favorite cookie?
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck True that~ I loooove cookies~!
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong And you're absolutely right to be obsessed with them
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Heh... I'm obsessed with cookies~
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong That's such a cute handle, I'll hit you up, no worries!
lee chaeryeong [A] 2 months ago
@lee donghyuck Alright~ That sounds good to me~! Just let me know~ @chocochae.chip is my instagram..
lee donghyuck 2 months ago
@lee chaeryeong Tomorrow is better I think..


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