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⁰² yuna c. 1 year ago
✧ do you need a light?
> any gender, year and age, smoker
> strangers to friends, etc

you would always see them whenever you go for a smoke break. sitting on the pavement with a switch at their hands and a cigarette between their lips, their focus never breaks from their game. you never had the chance to talk to them because you don't want to break their focus from the game (or maybe you're just not that social). one day, you would see them again in the same position as usual, and you would go to your spot just a little bit away from them. then you realized that you forgot your lighter at home, but you still frantically look for it. you felt a nudge on your leg and when you look down, a lighter is on their hand offering it to you. you thanked them and the smoke break continues in silence until they bid you goodbye. the next day, the same thing happened, the only difference is that their lighter's fluid is out. you noticed it and you took your lighter as you walk towards them "do you need a light?"
⁰² yuna c. 1 year ago
✧ not for a long time
> any gender, year and age
> ually driven, flings/fwb, casual, could blossom into romance, angst or platonic friendship, etc
> (0/?)

you both could've met at a party or maybe at orientation, or at a dating app or any other place. either way, you found each other intriguing and before you know it, you woke up with yuna next to you in the morning. it has been going on for several months, whenever you're both in the mood you would go for a date then would end up in each other's arms. but it has never gone on to more than that. despite being friendly, the both of you never consider each other as more than acquaintance nor do you share personal things outside the bedroom. are you content with staying like this? or does this have the potential to be something more?
⁰² yuna c. 1 year ago
✧ the cruel hands of faith
> female, freshman or junior, a year younger or older than yuna
> angst, old love/first love, could blossom into friendship, etc

you and yuna were best friends since elementary school, you were glued at the hips, peas in a pod. everyone looks at you both and think "i want a friendship like that". little did they know, you both have a secret that no one knows; in a room where nobody can see, romance blossoms between you. where you shared kisses and the whispers of "i love you", the gentle stroking of your hair, and the affection that goes beyond friends. you held them like you held the whole world, and they love you as much. but you were caught, by the oppressive nature of yuna's parents. they ostracised you and yuna was punished for being themselves. when they were disowned and kicked out of the family, you offered to be their home. you wanted yuna to come home to you and run away together from this cruel world. but yuna doesn't want to hurt you, they don't want you to witness the hardships that they will endure. both of your hearts' broke; tears were exchanged and yuna muttered a goodbye, kissing you for the last time as they walk into the night, never to be heard or seen again. you were heartbroken but life moves on, and you steeled your resolve to come out a better person. years pass and you're at saebom university, the memories of your old love was a mere question of "how are they doing now?". to your surprise, that old love is sitting on the pavement near the university's entrance, with a cigarette on between their lips and a tired look. the past happiness came back to you, but the guilt and heartbreak ate you up. they looked up and your eyes met...
⁰² jeonghan y. 1 year ago
【 coriander. has been claimed!
⁰² jeonghan y. 1 year ago
【 marjoram. has been claimed!
⁰¹ felix l. 1 year ago
【 rain, rain, go away. 】
— any gender, any year
— comfort, friendship, etc.
 ⤚ everyone has their demons. for felix, its a batch of anxiety that creeps up on him every once in a while. usually, he's good at hiding it, taking care of it on his own. but this time, you notice that he's been in the kitchen all day, there are plenty of yummy treats packaged away on the counters, and it seems like he's on the brink of crying. why? he doesn't even know. but you know that he needs someone to take his mind off of things, and come to find out... he's thankful for it.
⁰¹ felix l. 1 year ago
【 baking my way into your heart! 】
— any gender, any year
— friendship, fluff, etc.
 ⤚ felix wants to make friends, and he hates being on anyone's bad side (not in a selfish way, he's just wholesome). so when it's clear that you're not fond of the boy and his happy-go-lucky attitude, he's determined to win you over. he tries with the little things first, with little notes and trying to do nice things for you, and eventually, he finally finds the trick: he leaves a little box of baked treats at your dorm, and you love them. and sure enough, felix begins to bake his way into your heart.
 ‣ note: its more fun if your chara is a lil more tsun to him even despite accepting his treats o w o
⁰² jeonghan y. 1 year ago
【 hydrangea. has been claimed!
⁰² jeonghan y. 1 year ago
【 marjoram.
☇ any gender, any age, any year level.
☇ friendship, fluff.
☇ rainy as it is, you are surprised to find the supermodel that you may or may not find familiar approaching you to share your umbrella. but even the umbrella cannot shield the both of you from the heavy rain ― so jeonghan suggests one thing that he likes doing: playing under the rain!
⁰² jeonghan y. 1 year ago
【 hydrangea.
☇ any gender, any age, any year level.
☇ friendship, fluff.
☇ you may or may not know jeonghan, but regardless of which it is, when you see that he clearly needs your help escaping a couple of people that seem too enthuasiastic meeting him. this happens more often than you'd like, and as much as it gets tiring to help him all too many times, you can't help but find a friend in the ever so charming yoon jeonghan.
⁰² jeonghan y. 1 year ago
【 goldenrod.
☇ male for male teams, any gender for coed teams. any age, must be junior to senior though.
☇ friendship, fluff.
☇ the first time you see jeonghan play sports, you just knew that you had to get him into the team ― that sheer talent bursting from his being, it'd be such a waste if it wasn't put to use! so you make up your mind to bring him to the team. there is one problem though: yoon jeonghan is lazy and so he says no, and you take it upon yourself to try and get him to join.
+ more details in pms!
⁰² jeonghan y. 1 year ago
【 coriander.
☇ any gender, any age, any year level.
☇ friendship, fluff.
☇ this is as simple as can be ― you need a model to promote (and/or kickstart) your business, and so when you get a literal supermodel right in front of you, you shamelessly ask for jeonghan's help ― except jeonghan's services don't come for free, of course; the lad has walked more runways than you ever could. luckily for you, jeonghan is feeling generous, but you have to do something for him in exchange for him promoting your business.
+ more details in pms <3
⁰⁴ mingi s. 1 year ago
[ revenge]

for anyone, any age or gender
themes: , angst, drama
connection: old fling turned into something else (friends w/ benefits, love/hate relationship, etc.), we can talk more about it when plotting

you and mingi were one of the relationships that he’s had back in your old high school days. everyone knew that you two were together and were the happiest couple to be with together. but things took another turn for mingi when you decided to cheat on him. this wouldn’t be the first that he’s been cheated on. you see, he’s been cheated, lied to, manipulated and the list goes on with his past relationships. once entering the university, that’s when and why he decided to change for the worst. while being in saebom, he notices that you attend the same university and it makes him feel heartbroken to see you again. doing his best to cover it up, ignoring how much he had missed the old times, all he wants to do now is continue his bad ways, and by doing so, he thinks about getting revenge on you, getting you back for cheating on him in the past, in order to forget you completely.
⁰⁴ hyejin a. 1 year ago
Ghost from the past

Any gender, any year
Probably drama, angst

You had been the witness to the accident that took place 6 years ago. You had seen the face of the girl who lay lifeless. The accident had always haunted you. You had seen the face of the people who had stood before the girl and made sure she was dead before the help arrived. You were the key witness yet you were too scared at that time to have done anything about it. Despite that, you have always felt a sense of guilt. Everytime you saw the face of the ones responsible walking freely, you would be filled with both guilt for not ever coming forward and fear that they would find out about you and you would have to face the same.
Years later, when you see her again, alive and well, you dont know how it could be possible. You watch her from the shadows trying to figure out how she could have survived when you clearly saw her die right before your eyes. One day, she catches you. Will you tell her the reason why you were keeping an eye on her? Will you ever find out what happened to her?
⁰² doyeon k. 1 year ago
the warmth we had before.
↳ male, 2nd year or up.
↳ angst, drama, heartbreak (potential love interest if plotting alludes it.)

↳ doyeon was never the one to fall so easily for a person. having had a sheltered life, she wasn't really exposed to the meaning of being in a relationship with another; for the love she knew and saw from her parents was far from the books she read to pass her time being locked up in the house. the love she gave to others were strongly platonic until she met you. her fear of being seen as vulnerable melted away and the two of you became lovers in the summer of her high school days before college; until you left, ghosting her in the midst of everything- until she runs into you again.
[post deleted by owner]
⁰⁴ hyejin a. 1 year ago
Life left behind is taken//
⁰² wonwoo j. 1 year ago
⧉ don't pretend you don't miss me.
↳ female. 2nd year or up.
↳ drama and angst. slight romance.

↳ the two of you had dated in high school, the two of you were named the power couple of the school due to how popular you two were, together and alone. the two of you seemed so perfect together, so happy and everyone thought that you were each other's soulmate. but little did they know that the two of you were toxic for each other, constantly arguing and fighting over the smallest things. you saw his worst traits and he saw yours. you were far from happy with each other. the only thing keeping you together was publicity and a deal between families.

just like everything else, you were abandoned by him when he disappeared years ago. now he's back as if he had never left. despite you trying to keep him out, he knows you too well even after all these years, making it easy to walk back into your life as if he never left.
⁰⁴ hyejin a. 1 year ago
Life left behind

Any gender, any year
Drama, angst

You have seen her and known her as Hwasa, the girl you played around with as a kid. Having been best of friends in the past, you recognise her as soon as you see her years later. But when you approach her, she claims to be someone else by the name of Hyejin, someone who looks like Hwasa but isnt. But somewhere in your heart you know its her. Not wanting you to get tangled in her lie, she pretends not to know you even though she longs to tell you it is her. You are the life she left behind.
⁰⁴ hyejin a. 1 year ago
Same but different

Any gender, preferrably junior or senior year
Bit of drama

You knew her. More than anyone else, for longer than you can remember. You lost touch with her in highschool when she suddenly disappeared. Years later you meet her again. Yet there is something different about her. She isnt as wild and loud and bold as you remember her. What you see before looks like the girl you knew but nothing about her is familiar. It doesnt take long for you to realise she isnt her. And when you confront her, you find out the secret you wished you hadnt looked for.
⁰³ dohyun l. 1 year ago
 ❛ perhaps in another lifetime.

↳ any gender, any age
↳ angst, romance

you and dohyun had started falling for each other and for once, dohyun had felt a little less alone. he had someone to turn to, someone to help carry his struggles, someone to reassure him and remind him of his worth. it seemed like nothing could go wrong, until eunbi spoke up. he hadn't realized it but he had been so occupied with this new relationship, he was leaving his daughter unattended to, forgetting small things or even running late to pick her up. he couldn't believe he had been so selfish and he decides that perhaps, it's best if you two break up. he wants to be there for eunbi and he can't have his attention divided, especially when she's still just a child. it hurts but it'll be worth it in the end, won't it?
⁰² chittaphon l. 1 year ago
 ❛ drowning.

↳ any gender, any age
↳ angst, comfort??

he hated rainstorms. the loud thundering booms that echoed in the night sky was reminiscent of his father's voice as he whipped down his belt on the boy's skin, striking him with a sharp sting like lightning. he hated storms. they made him want to die. you manage to catch ten on a rainy day as he's having a visible meltdown, having run too late to get home before the storm hit. it's a side of him you've never seen before. it's vulnerable. you decide to help him and he's too caught up in his fear and sobs of apologies to realize what's going on until he wakes up to you making him breakfast. he hates that he's been found out, that his mask is cracked, and begins to treat you like garbage but you know. you know he's in desperate need of saving.
⁰² chittaphon l. 1 year ago
 ❛ oh anna, if only there was someone who loved you.

↳ any gender, preferably around 2 years older/younger or equal to his age
↳ revenge plot + angst, ?

you had gone to the same high school with ten, having witnessed his unforgivable acts of blatant bullying through his blinded power trip and hated that he seemed to get away without a single scratch or even the slightest bit of remorse. perhaps you or someone dear to you was the victim. regardless, you're back and ready to let ten have a taste of his own medicine. you'll toy with his heart just like he did to many others, convince him you were the one, soften his soul and soothe his pains, only to rip his heart out at the very end. it was what he deserved, after all.
⁰² seungyoun c. 1 year ago
《 re:connect 》
— no requirement
— basically just long lost childhood friends reconnecting again agshsa
— on a summer of your tender childhood days, your destinies crossed path. it was amidst the sprays of salt water and the non-stop croonings of seagulls that you first found seungyoun, a slip of a boy perching dangerously close to the edge of the cliff, only a hair's breadth away from toppling over into the tumultuous waves below. as it turned out, the only thing that ended up in the churning water was seungyoun's sketchbook, which fell from his grasp the moment you yanked him away from his 'certain death'. understandably, he cried for five minutes straight and only stopped once you gave him the bubblegum pack you had been saving all day as a peace offering. ever since then, the two of you had been inseparable. you spent the long days of summer wishing they would never end and the rest of the seasons wishing summer would come faster. but one day, for one reason or another, you stopped spending your summers at the sleepy seaside town you had come to know so well. and all that was left there was a young boy struggling to function without the very thing he had come to associate with summer.

years passed and those lazy days spent picking up seashells and building sandcastles had faded into distant memories for both of you. but one day, when you are heading to the rooftop, you see a boy sitting very close to the edge, legs dangling freely in the air and a worn sketchbook in his hands. and suddenly your surroundings blurs into salty air, crashing waves, and the sun that burns as bright as your youthful days.
⁰² jungyeon y. 1 year ago
《 she 》 has been claimed!
⁰² jungyeon y. 1 year ago

《 she 》
— female, preferably within one to two years of jeongyeon's age
— unrequited love weeeeee
— inspired by this song : https://youtu.be/gEdZFhCEjWI
— note : they can be friends or not, as long as they have some sort of familiarity with each other! the important thing is that your character doesn't return the same feeling.
— it's unfortunate really. the first girl she likes out of all the crushes she had over the years and it's doomed from the start. jeongyeon will never tell you. she's terrified of losing your companionship, terrified that you'll see her differently, so she resigns herself to harboring this secret crush and not a soul to tell. as much as it hurts, being within your presence is enough.
⁰³ sooyoung h. 1 year ago
✱ ⁞ ❛ swipe right。❜ has been claimed!
⋱ no longer available.
[post deleted by owner]
⁰³ lalisa m. 1 year ago
〔 ✽ — ❛ ꜱʜᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴜᴄᴋ ᴜᴘ, ɪ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴏʙꜱᴇꜱꜱᴇᴅ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴜꜱ. 〕 ┊ ₜₐₖₑₙ!
[post deleted by owner]


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― ❝ ɴᴏᴛɪᴄᴇ❞
✦ upvote & favorite the roleplay before reserving.
┊ reservation lasts 48 hours.
✦ all years + majors welcomed!
wonholic [A] 1 year ago
― ❝ ᴘᴏᴘᴜʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ❞

✦ freshmen
┊females: 4
┊males: 6
┊total: 10

✦ sophomores
┊females: 5
┊males: 6
┊total: 11

✦ juniors
┊females: 2
┊males: 6
┊total: 8

✦ seniors
┊females: 3
┊males: 9
┊total: 12

― total: 41 students.
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