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⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. Upon hearing his response, she knitted her eyebrows in confusion before realizing the tightness of his hand gripping around her tiny wrist. In addition, she wondered why he would even bother her during her student's studies when in return, all she asked for was a cup of coffee. After all, he did his part and she did hers by giving him the money she had promised. At this point, she wanted to throw the cup of coffee in his face as she was on the verge of throwing a tantrum, the annoyance of this man rising higher and slowly causing her blood to boil like hell. Yet, feeling her energy drained from everything including the rage she built herself, she sighed and gave in. "Fine and only 7 minutes just because I need a breather."
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ hitomi h. (no worries igi!)

To say that his tutoring skewed female was...an understatement, to be sure. Though perhaps women were just more interested in poetry and languages, he reasoned, being one of the few men in his sonnet classes. But of course, there were always a few that flew too close to the sun. People who thought they could get to know him, dare they even say 'fix' him like he was obsolete for the world as is... and yet, they'd always soon give up after learning about the senior's personality. Despite his attempts to look more approachable while tutoring, he still always managed to be told he was too cold, too brash, too arrogant. To the point that even he sometimes wondered if that was really him. Perhaps such comments were why the man gave up dating before he even dared consider it... "English can be a difficult one to acquire, miss Honda...so if I'm going too fast, do be sure to stop me. I've been told I get ahead of myself." He offered a rare smile before he continued, beginning to explain the pages on the book with an excitement in his eyes that he only seemed to get when talking about the things he loved most.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ hitomi h. "Always nice to see you," He spoke earnestly, and yet his face stayed cold as ever, mind still seemingly on the books ahead of them despite the playful tone of her voice. Certainly, any man would ill to be where he stood, so close to a beautiful student passionate about all the same things as him. But Choi Seungcheol wasn't any man, far too dense to understand any nuances to their relationship, or to even think about pursuing the cute girl that was seemingly interested in him. "You certainly have a talent for language acquisition," he complimented, enjoying the slight accent she carried to Korean and English words. It was cute though barely there, one that you could only hear if you were searching for it. Yet to the linguist, it was all too endearing.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. just half way through out the hallway as he can felt the grip that wanting to be pulled apart, he stopped his track only to look at the latter one with a smile and holding even more tighter. "you're on the urge to cry, I'm dragging you out to the rooftop and let you scream first. with the fact, before your beautiful hair get rip off by your frustration- best to do it now," jaewon shrugged his shoulder while keeping the seriousness on his face without a doubt, her expression and the body language somehow doesn't seems to match but he gently let go of her hand yet with his palm still open. "I'm giving you one last chance, just fifteen minutes with me up to the rooftop or go back in there with your heavy heart that gonna explode anytime soon."
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. She rolled her eyes upon seeing the lad laugh in amusement before being turned around to face the classroom, many of them eyeing and whispering at the two. Yet, she looked at them all in puzzle because what was there to gossip about anyways? Besides, telling him to go away or asking for someone to bring her coffee wasn't a big deal. However, hearing the request he had ask and noticing many of them agreeing to it, she turned around immediately to him while being dragged out of the room. "H-Hey!" She paused in her tracks in the hall of the classrooms and tried letting go of his grip. "I never asked you to take me out. I asked you to simply get me coffee and that was it. You did your part and now my part is to sit in class, teach these kids with what they needed help on and sip on my coffee."
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ hitomi h. "Miss Honda." Seungcheol's voice stayed low as he looked out to the approaching student, hint of a smile playing on his lips as he recognized the woman before him. A returning student. Maybe he wasn't so bad at this tutoring thing after all, if he'd managed not to scare off his first pupil. "Please, sit." The older could only hope his words didn't sound as standoffish as they were certainly perceived, trying to follow it up with some friendly small talk. "It's nice to see you back here. You're certainly a diligent student, to be learning Korean and English in the same semester..." Maybe his suspicions should have been aroused, and yet part of him simply wanted to believe that someone was as excited about language as he always was. "In any case, shall we start?"
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. jaewon casually took the money from the latter and slided in his back pocket with the other hand that still opening for the offer to skip the class, looking at how stressful this place was- man, i wonder how much more stress when he gonna start his sooner. by her whisper and the sight of annoyance somehow made him laugh, with the shrugged shoulder before his hands placed on her shoulder to turn and face the class to let her witnessed at how her classmate seems to whisper and mumbling among themselves.

"would you mind, if i borrow her for a glimpse of time before the class would end?" he smiled which make some of the girls swoon and the lecturer somehow, stared blankly before unconsciously nodding by the request. "i guess it's a yes from them, don't worry I'm not kidnapping you," he whispered back close to her ear before grabbing the other hand that wasn't holding onto the coffee and lead out the way from the classroom
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. It wasn't everyday when she would ask someone from school to run errands for her, especially when it came to asking for help. However, she happened so to forget to grab her daily coffee on the way to the classroom and so, explains why she desperately needed someone to run and grab her dose of caffeine for her. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to survive being the classroom for too long while trying to maintain the image of being "calm" for her students and for the most part, when a few of them were ticking her off, pushing her to the verge of violence.

Fortunately, seeing that the person she so called "busboy" arrived, she handed him the money as she promised before reaching out to grab the hot cup of coffee from his hands. "Well, here's your $10 so thank you." Just as she was about to turn to go back to her desk, she paused in her tracks for a moment upon hearing his question before turning back around, raising an eyebrow once again but in confusion this time. "Skip class? What do you think this is? Highschool?" She whispered with the tone of annoyance in her voice, yet something tells her he was slightly new here on campus.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. he never knew what's happening with sort and stuff, especially when he overheard what the lecturers in their office were discussing over the party that the schoolmate threw, even though most of them doesn't seems to care as long there's no trouble or anything bad involved.

the tilt of his head towards the classroom and the sudden silence which made jaewon chuckled out of the awkwardness until the short figure walked towards him, he take a good look of her before looking at the atmosphere behind her. "I'm not the busboy but I'm here to deliver a special need for the special lady," he handed out the drink before reaching to her hand to place it on it.

he leaned down to whisper on her ear softly while looking at the students behind, "would you want to skip class with me?" he straightened his back and reach his hand out to him.
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. the last few weeks had been quite a disaster for her, considering the amount of hectic events going on. first, it was entering her last semester of college then the stupid party her former roommate threw that lead to a number of rumors, which consisted her best friend and ex. afterwards, it lead to a number of more complex things that almost drove her COMPLETELY insane. she just couldn't handle the amount of weight being built around her shoulders, especially when she was dealing with a lot of problems from her past.

yet, here she was in a classroom full of students, many of them struggling to comprehend the formulas and calculations in their head, as well as being distracted by off topic subjects. however, she never bothered to help them since college was almost like the fittest of the survival unless of course, they asked for help.

as soon as she heard the knock on the door and the head of a man peering out from the slit, she cocked an eyebrow up before standing up from her seat. "are you the busboy from the chatroom?" she asked while walking towards him, heels clicking against the floor amongst the sudden silence of the room.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. making an excuses to find the way around the school for the first week seem leisure for jaewon, but even though he received a request through the chatroom doesn't make any sense anymore. the way his social network and connection will be all in this school, not gonna make anymore sense to jaewon. thankfully that there was a cafe in the school and some out of it for the better spot.

"medium espresso with extra shot, huh?" finding it how ridiculous level of caffeine does she need, anyhow by the luck that not many places were actually crowded as he managed to get the order faster than usual he was expecting for. carefully to his way up to the classroon 323 and he witnessed how different this class was to compare to his, he paid attention to the name of the class located outside the door which made him nodded.

little that everyone would know, jaewon casually walked towards the door with the gentle knock and a smile which can beguile by it. "looking for, miss jisoo? is she around here?"
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 8 months ago
@⁰³ jungkook j. since childhood, jisoo has always grown accustomed to having jungkook around, and especially the friendship they've bonded over the course of years. nonetheless, explains why she agreed to pair with him right away as roommates when the two headed off to college. besides, it was an excuse for her to finally leave the house since their parents knew each other through medical school. and so, this gave her the chance to finally rebel on her parents. yet what was there to rebel anyways other than finally having freedom?

waiting for the lad to pick her up outside of her classroom (like usual), she sat down on a wooden bench not too far from the entrance of the building with her favorite novel in her hands, and that is until hearing the whispers and murmurs of other people around her, causing disturbance in her peaceful moment. fortunately, not too long after that, she heard the familiar voice nearby and perked her head up from her book before closing it shut, holding it close to her chest as she got up and walked towards her friend. "lets go."
⁰³ jungkook j. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. the reply from jisoo immediately prompts the male to pick up his walking pace, having already moved from where he was killing time along the gardens without waiting to check that she was indeed, in her health class. he knew her schedule better than his own after all; he couldn't be wrong. was it a concern that jungkook has been to the seniors' health class more often than his own film history class? probably. but he has always tossed that fact aside and reasoned that his lessons were not as tough as his childhood friend's. besides, the habit of walking her to class (whenever his timetable allows him to) and walking her back home has grown into a custom of theirs, and the only time he would bail out is if he had to attend to emergency meetings.

he contemplates a respond to the slip-up in his text, and in the end, opts to send: "i'll tell you about it in person", before he shoves his phone into his pocket. it would probably be easier for him to convey his thoughts when he was in her presence anyway. whilst he was lost in thought of how his recent events had coloured his life, his legs had naturally led him to her vicinity where he spots the familiar face almost instantly. "noona! let's go?"
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. lisa was left dumbfounded. not being able to have the last word. she stared at the address he wrote down on the piece of paper and could only think back to his words. she scoffed once and giggled after that. annoyed yet entertained. she can see why jisoo didn't like this man. his attitude was enough. "dont be late, huh.. hypocrite." gathering her things, she cleaned the classroom quickly before she made her way out and returned the keys to the teachers lounge. the project with mingyu was going to be an interesting journey.
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. closing her laptop, she crossed her arms against her chest. her tongue clicking as she leaned a little more forward, a gentle smile emitting from her tinted lips as she responded in a soft tone. "i don't dislike you but i dont know you so i dont like you either but because i heard a few things on your end - i don't have any other image of you besides of what i was given." using her pointer finger to gently tap on his chest as her smile fell midway. "you dont see that what you do can harm others, do you mingyu?"
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. she couldn't help but laugh. rumors.. how childish. there were mixed feelings about what he said. one, she was afraid of what her parents would think if this gets out of campus and two, people were always talking. being here for three years now, she is no longer phased with the things the student body says. "so you're the type to believe in rumors that easily?" the mention of jisoo only made her frown and the discomfort in her face became evident.
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. "lisa, yes." she responded as she wrote down on her planner to remember to make some time off her days to visit him. she already knew his background, everyone with a favorable background knew each other one way or another. "my deal?" this time her attention averted. now on alert with his question, she raised an eyebrow and eyed the tall male curiously. "what do you mean?"
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. turning her head, she stared down at the male with raised eyebrows. "your ideas aren't bad. i like it but - who said im not up for the challenge?" now intrigued, she turned in her chair as she rested her cheek on her palm. "we can meet up on weekends or even better after classes at least twice or three times a week to make things faster. we can discuss about the budget when we're settled and do proper research on materials we need."
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. "well, unlike what most students are doing. i want to actually handmake this thing. so we have to show how constructed it. i might know a few people who can help us. depending on what we decide on." lisa mumbled under her breath as she leaned against the table, eyes focused on her screen. a gentle chuckle escaped her lips from his cocky response, "we shall see.." taking a sip on her latte she proceeded, "what's trendy these days? what can we contribute to society?"
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. time passed and as she played with the settings of her laptop and her notebook profuse of writings, the door finally opened and just as she hoped it was, he had arrived. she sighed softly, "finally.." setting the latte aside, she patted a seat beside her before diving into their project. "i was just trying to figure out what our proposal would be. we have to advertise a product of our choice and present it to the class on why our product is worth buying. there's also this blueprint and entire packet we have to fill. it's just to keep track of our process, what our marketing strategy will be, etc." lisa stared up at the familiar face with her hands tapping onto the keyboard out of awkwardness.
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. "of all people," lisa breathed heavily through her nostrils and out her lips as she sat down on one of the desks. she requested to utilize a classroom after school hours and thankfully was granted permission. today was the first day she'll be discussing the fundamentals of a project she was assigned with none other than kim mingyu who she asked earlier that day to meet her back here. "where is he?" she whispered as she stared the clock.


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