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⁰³ jungkook j. 6 months ago
@⁰² yeji h. when the box cutter was in his line of sight, all his mind could picture was little chucky sitting atop a body that it had just stabbed to death. the way both yeji and the killer doll sports orange hair only fuels the imagery further, his wild imagination causing the hairs on his neck to stand as he visualised getting transpierced. 'jesus christ, did all that dye burn through the last shred of your sanity,' a testament to how he was truly feeling, but he bites on his tongue and refrains from speaking his mind - the last thing he would want is to have the sophomore think he was a scaredy-cat and nonstop about it. horror never really sat well with him. a shudder runs down his spine and although he knew that she was (probably) just joking, he thought he should make a safe bet by setting the penknife away. the strained smile on the latter's countenance was mirrored on his own visage, forced laughter tumbling past parted brims as he very swiftly pushed the blade aside, till it rests on the corner of the desk before he plays it off by grabbing the pack of snack closest to him.

nonetheless, there was something comfortable about the younger's presence, and he didn't find her too much of a threat; rather, he was sure she would need his help in the near future, asking for his aid to shield her from something or someone, and that was enough consolation to prompt short snickers from the junior. her jest was soon completely buried away once he had begun to munch on the chips he bought, "huh? i said i'd bring you some food too because . . ." why did he buy this much? their prior conversation long forgotten, he couldn't really provide an explanation. all he could offer was a mere shrug of his shoulder as he finished the last piece of tidbit, his eyes averting to focus on his companion after. there were various sides of yeji he was seeing today - from unhinged, to whining, and now to . . . well, he hopes she was happy now, appeased by having her stomach somewhat filled.

"i said you looked like death, didn't i? i think you'd still look /this/ bad after getting sleep though," in spite of his foul comments, mischief was evident in the tone of his voice and if the harmless banter wasn't obvious enough, the way a mirthful simper was now plastered on his face should suffice as proof of his cheeky demeanor. "are you sure you can't eat more than 2 packets? you seem very hungry," he couldn't overlook her body language, the way she was practically shaking their seats drew out genuine chuckles out from the male's throat. her question leaves him clueless as well, being one who does things spontaneously, he hasn't really planned out his night and was only focused on getting coffee milk to the lass. however, her query turned into an idea for him, "mmm we don't have to be here." his brain was whirring with all sorts of propositions, and it was clear that he was excited to get out of the studio to set out on a late night adventure, hands already busy packing up the various packages he laid out not too long ago. "let's go, if you're not hungry, i am. there's a restaurant still opened at this hour, we could grab supper. come on now, slowpoke!" he probably should've given her time to contemplate over his suggestion, but he was already standing up, the motion of him shooting out of his chair once more causing loud screeches to resonate throughout the room. extending an arm out, his hand folds over yeji's arm to tug on it impatiently, gesturing for her to hurry and leave with him.
⁰² yeji h. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jungkook j. the sound of the chair being dragged from under the table bounces off the walls, drawing annoyed and irritated glances from the few other classmates rushing to finish so they could surrender to the sweet release of slumber. and to be quite honest, yeji completely understood, usually being that one person who'd clear and wag her finger at noisy passerbys who distracted her from completing her projects. except, this time, this passerby came to the studio for her. who'd she be wagging her finger at now? herself? to avoid being outcasted by her class, she offers them sheepish smiles and a meek sorry on behalf of her accompaniment who has unceremoniously settled down besides her. the scrutinizing gaze she held dissolves into a look of pure confusion to see it being mirrored upon his own features, prompting a deadpanning 'huh' to tumble past her lips. "what are you staring at, koo koo bird. . ."

that question, of course, was left unanswered by the junior's gleeful response to her name calling. and at this point, she was honestly accustomed to it, merely responding with a drawled out sigh and a nod to herself. "right, i might be too weak but. . ." her lips curl into a strained smile as her fingers tap along the surface of the box cutter, an all too psychotic joke, but one she knew the other would easily brush off. it's only been a few days since they started talking, and yet, yeji was able to tell that /this/, whatever it is, was the dynamic that'll remain between them. at least, that's how it seemed like at this point in time. noticing the different packages spilling out of the shopping bag, the orangehead reluctantly pushed her project aside for the time being, piling excess cutboards and strips of paper into a cluttered mess far away from their little snack area. she had asked for one (1) thing, and yet she sees - well, definitely more than one. and yet, yeji wasn't surprised to find herself staring at the variety of snacks before her, picking one up to read its label in laughter. "what the heck, did you buy the whole snack aisle or something? i swear i only asked for a drink."

in comparison to her words, warmth bloomed within her chest out of gratitude for the latter - the first, no, second time that evening as her hand reaches out to take the offered coffee milk. "i . . . it's been one all nighter, god! are you trying to say i look ugly?! i swear i didn't look that bad an hour ago." her grumbling was easily drowned out by sips of caffeine, feeling the cool liquid reviving her stiff arms and joints from sitting in the same position for too long. "ahh. . . that hits. i love this drink on nights like this. i guess i have to admit, you did a good job, jeon jungkook. but-" placing the drink back down onto the table, her other hand shifts through the plastic packages to point at a random bright pink bag of chips. "i think i'd stare at you all weird too - who told you you'd finish all this within the night, i can barely eat two different pack of chips in a go as it is." sure, the crinklings of the wrappers only added to the noise they made, but her mind slowly slipped from feeling apologetic to . . . happiness? despite not noticing the way her legs began swaying to and fro at the sight of food (she may have skipped dinner), the smile that settles along her visage was obvious enough. it felt. . .nice, to have someone visit her at this hour of the night. it felt nice to have him around - like the comedic relief she needed within the stressful week. "but, wait, if you got all of this - i, huh, how long are you planning to be here?"
⁰³ jungkook j. 6 months ago
@⁰² yeji h. without so much as to wait for an invitation to sit nor answer her questions, he first dragged the chair that was tucked neatly next to the orangehead, the sound of metal being dragged across the floor soon surfacing to pinch at his hearing but he pays no heed, settling the bags of groceries rather roughly onto the desk as the rustling of plastic echoes through the partially empty studio -- needless to say, his presence was . . . loud; everyone in the vicinity would know he was in the room. it would be normal to feel embarrassed given his situation where he was receiving hostile hushes and hardened stares from students who were probably trying to meet their deadlines, except this was jungkook, and he thrives on the attention (be it good or bad). a cheeky grin tugs at the corner of his lips and he perches himself comfortably on the stool, obsidian orbs landing sight of the awkwardly constructed miniature tower which he realised, was only crooked due to his prior smack on yeji's back. he averts his gaze onto the sophomore afterwards, whilst he uses his feet to pull his weight in, fitting the bottom half of his body under the table. his own pair of eyes narrowed to mirror her expression and he scrutinises her, curious spheres following the dips of her face before zeroing in on the bags under her eyes. was she the kind to pull all-nighters for projects? or were the eyebags a result of staying up all night to binge her favourite series? a million different questions flooded his mind and he finds himself wanting to know more about this stranger he bickered with online.

afraid to be caught staring for too long, he clears his throat and began to banter, "are you calling me a snack? thank you, i know! you're too weak to actually put a scratch on me though." he wasn't fazed by her threats, her little name calling only falls on deaf ears as he busied himself with emptying the contents from his shopping haul, an array of different coloured packaging soon covering the wooden surface. despite the variety laid out in front of him, he was only interested in a certain brown can, scanning the products quickly before he finds it rolled against a pack of chips. "but hey, i promised you that coffee milk drink, didn't i? i'm a man of my words. . .i see why you asked for it, you really look like you haven't slept in days, hm? or is this just . . . your favourite drink?" he continues to blabber on while reaching out to grab the beverage, then extending his occupied arm to her to offer her the drink. "also, are you really that hungry? did you skip your meal? wow i really pulled in clutch by buying this much snacks huh, good job me! to think the cashier was staring at me all weird when i told her i was going to finish all this within a night!"
⁰² yeji h. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. the laughter she evoked out of him brought upon a smile that lit up her face, a feeling of satisfaction to have brought some form of joy to the latter evident in the way she tittered along. "if that changes closer to exam season, i'm going to take a while guess and say you go full on caffeine, then." gathering her own blueprints and rolled up sketches into her arms, the shorter lass quickened her pace to guide the senior down the hallways towards the dormitories. "hmm. . . no no, i think this is it. can't let you do all the work, i gave you coffee for you to enjoy!" as they turn another corner, she's squeezing the papers carefully within her arms to shift it out of her face, turning to glance at the elder. "have we met. . . i don't know why you seem so, hm, familiar. do you play sports?"
⁰⁴ seungwoo h. 6 months ago
@⁰² yeji h. the joke brought out yet another laugh from the older, immediately enjoying the girl's company more and more. playing along, he replied "i think it's more 90% caffeine and 10% water at this point, may change closer to exam season." he followed beside her easily, making sure to not walk too fast in front of her because of his longer stride. he took another drink of coffee before accepting the poster boards into his hands easily. seungwoo shook his head "no, i'm alright. these arms are good for something i suppose! and no, this coffee master has nowhere to go right now. is there anything else you need to bring before we go?"
⁰² yeji h. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jungkook j. tired, yet highly amused, the orangehead could do nothing else but to stare at the final few text messages sent by the latter. the kissy emoji, especially, brought about a small snicker before she's clicking the phone to sleep and averting her attention back to the model house she was piecing together. one that she had very much abandoned in the past 30 minutes or so because of a certain pink headed junior. to be fair, she couldn't blame him entirely - she had to admit, the stress of deadlines were daunting and if it hadn't been for the social media bickering game she indulged herself in, yeji would probably be going through a mental breakdown, all alone in the empty architecture studio. she had jungkook to thank for. . . but that's something she's taking to the grave with her.

sinking back into her chair, she begins measuring her next few walls, following the life size measurements to ratio it down into precise centimeters. it was all in the detail, she'd tell herself, as her figure hunches over the white cardboards to begin cutting out the piece with a box cutter. all was smooth and well - she's done this multiple times before she was practically an expert. the line itself was aligned until . . . she jumps, the smack upon her shoulder quite literally slapping her out of her work mojo. his greeting was only met with a sigh as she glanced over her shoulder to look at him with narrowed eyes before fixing her stare down once more only to find the perfectly cut out line appearing not-so-perfectly anymore with its sudden sharp cut inwards. "wow, koolaid man cosplayer. . . how convenient of you to say i look like death because that's the only thing you're going to be in the next few seconds !! dead!!" she's placing the box cutter down with a thud, lips pursed into a thin line as she scrutinizes the male behind her. "you better have brought me snacks or i'm going to eat you alive, mr. strawberry shortcake."
⁰² yeji h. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. it wasn't new for yeji to act comfortably around a stranger - sometimes, she was just /that/ good at faking it. but luckily enough, something about seungwoo merely felt. . . easy. maybe it was because he reminded her of inyeop. but those two were distinctly different, the thought itself brought upon a random bubble of laughter amidst their conversation. "your lifeblood huh? so, what are you composed off. . . i'm not too good with biology, say 80% caffeine 20% water?" the trip to her studio didn't take long, the tiny lass fiddling about to hold her drink in one hand and nudging a few large poster boards into the latter's arms. "is that too much for you? i think i could leave some things behind. . . are you in a hurry to head home, coffee master?"
⁰³ jungkook j. 6 months ago
@⁰² yeji h. coffee milk from the school's vending machine would have sufficed but jungkook was one who likes to exceed what was expected from him (though, academic wise, not so much), always enjoying going overboard at the expense of irking the other party; it was as though his happiness lies in other's miseries. thus explained the male parking in the design's block parking lot after dropping by the nearest convenience store to splurge on various snacks. the tidbits weren't exactly for him, no. it was more for a certain sophomore who has been annoyingly on his mind. he wasn't sure why he was doing this much for someone who he has never physically met; even more so when this stranger has been the bane of his anguish -- he had after all, dyed his hair an odd strawberry shade just to prove one of her many provoking statements her wrong. perhaps it was because the conversations he has had with her were entertaining albeit vexing. or perhaps the thrill of the unknown fueled some form of rush to impair his judgement. if this spontaneous meetup went south, the junior would simply curb it as one of his many failed adventures, it wouldn't be the first time he has made a bad decision; what has he to lose?

she said to meet at the architecture studio, and without even thinking of how he would be able to recognise her, the male had taken off, no further texts exchanged in regards to her identity. he could worry about the minor details when he gets there. alas, there was no need to. the striking orange dye was enough for him to know full well that the person he was looking for was the one situated in one of the many chairs. with an added bounce to his steps, he makes his way behind her where he lands a light smack to her shoulder before he clears his throat, "leftover orange peel? you look like death except death would die again after seeing the state you're in - terrible. i'm here now to save you from this boredom though, aren't you glad!"
⁰⁴ seungwoo h. 6 months ago
@⁰² yeji h. the high five surprised the senior, but it also brought him a cheerful smile and a laugh from how unexpected it was. "why thank you! i appreciate it, just hwang yeji." seungwoo replied, chuckling to himself as he clinked the drink against the girl's own. without thinking twice, seungwoo nodded, wanting to help this girl out and also a bit worried because it was so late at night already. "i can do that, an extra pair of hands will save you an extra trip after all." smiling gestured to the girl, "lead the way to wherever your projects are. we'll take them back to your dorm in no time and i can repay my debt to you for giving me my lifeblood."
⁰² yeji h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. the closer proximity allowed the fluorescent light right above them to highlight the latter's feature, giving yeji the chance to properly etch a brief image of him into her mind for future recognition. for some reason, it felt as if she /had/ seen him before. . . had she? probably passed by him around campus once upon a time. mirroring his nod, the sophomore brought her own hand up to meet the extended one. yet, instead of a handshake, she's giving him a horizontal high five. "hwang yeji! pleasure to meet you, very tired compsci senior. quite a label you got there. . i'm just hwang yeji. architecture sophomore -- and that high five is for you since you got through the day. good job!" the strange exchange of greetings was followed by a clink of her can of soda up against the other's drink. "please, consider it a gift. unless, you want to repay me now and help walk me back to my dorm. i have a few projects i need to drop by and i can't carry them all."
⁰⁴ seungwoo h. 7 months ago
@⁰² yeji h. the sight of the girl puts a small smile on his face. she seems sweet from first impressions, even though seungwoo's vision honestly is a little foggy from the lack of sleep starting to catch up with him. approaching, he accepts the can with a small nod and a relieved smile. "thank you very much, i appreciate this a lot." he replied. deciding that it was good manners to introduce himself properly, he stretched his hand out as well for a handshake "since it is the first time we're meeting face to face, i figure i should give you a proper introduction. hi, i'm seungwoo, a very tired compsci senior running solely on coffee. it's a pleasure to meet you, and i definitely owe you after this."
⁰² yeji h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. you wouldn't quite consider yeji a big spender - no, she was quite frugal with her money. however, with the boost of serotonin coursing through her veins due to receiving good feedback about her project submission, the little orangehead felt as if she could buy anything she wanted for anyone, and whomever she wished to buy it for. a treat for both herself, and the world - in a sense. the cluttering sound of a coffee can rolling through the vending machine snaps her out of her reverie, fingers reaching for the condensed drink just as she takes note of a figure at the end of the hall. a tall figure, friendly looking. . . older? she assumed so. this was the first time she'd meet seungwoo (she almost forgot his name in the short timeframe) but he didn't seem ominous enough to throw her off. instead, a grin tugs along the younger's lips as she holds up the can to the approaching figure. "hi! your coffee, as promised."
⁰⁴ seungwoo h. 7 months ago
@⁰² yeji h. honestly, the architecture hallway isn't super close to where seungwoo had parked himself to finish his assignment, but the prospect of free coffee was something that seungwoo had to get up for. also, he figured it would be good to walk it out a bit and stretch his legs after sitting and staring at his laptop for so long. turning the corner, he wondered a bit on what type of person yeji was. he hasn't met her before, but seungwoo was always up for making new friends and meeting new people. the vending machine was just at the end of this hallways, time to see what sort of person yeji was.


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