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⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ taeyang c. as much jaewon would want to approach him from the far but settling the mess first with the phone call and more of s were coming, the oldest one knew what to do as two of them were approaching towards the latter. even though the question threw them aback for a moment before one of them cracked their knuckles loudly as the sound were able to hear, "listen here, you came to wrong place and i suggest you not to start taking those especially when you're alone, that's pretty much obvious," one of them said with the composed look while the other one reaching down to his height level, "one word spread around, we are gonna find you."

as the man noticed how s settled with the little one from the far after getting the body away while clearing every single trace on the ground, wall and even the trash without any of the fingerprints. the gentle hold of the taller member held on the latter shoulder to turn him around and push him away before going towards jaewon. "we shall help you find the identity of the witness," they said with his response by a nod before taking the last glance of the younger looking one from the far which he can't able to tell who was it.
⁰¹ taeyang c. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. Taeyang was not expecting to have been spotted but then who was he kidding. They were the ones standing in the dark while he was out in the open with lights showing exactly where he was. He was tempted to make a run for it and away from the trouble that was sure to follow if he stayed there any longer. But he couldnt move his feet to the opposite direction figuring someone needed his help. He didnt know if he was being a complete idiot and trying to get himself killed but he made his way towards the group. It was a good thing his face was always a perfect blank that hardly gave away his inner chaos and now it seemed to hide the fear swirling within him.

"Are you guys the one who sells the 'goods' around this area?" He asked hoping his voice didnt tremble emphasising on the word goods as if talking about some kind of drugs and pretending to be there only to buy some of it and had not seen anything. "I am kind of new here and i kind of needed some. But i didnt know whom to ask." He made sure to move towards the guy he thought was in trouble as he spoke in his calm tone trying not to do anything that would tip them off.
⁰⁴ youngdae k. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. pregame was strong. youngdae spent about an hour waiting for the girls of the group to get ready and, in the meantime, ended up taking four shots of tequila and a good old dose of molly to get the party started. somehow, he was able to pretend to be sober enough to get past security and while in the club, took about two more shots. ah, it was going to be a fun night, alright. the strobe lights, the deafening music, and the girls in their short dresses grinding up on each other. if this was heaven, youngdae would be content.

through his drunk goggles, youngdae could see a girl by herself on the dance floor and as his shoulders bounced to the music, he aggressively made eye contact with her, trying to grab her attention by pointing at her and beckoning her over, going the extra mile to even rope her in with an invisible lasso. u n u how could she not come dance with him now?
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ taeyang c. walking around the bars and the clubs was just a normal things for jaewon especially dropping by to say hi to his friends that working and maybe his personal group of gang for himself, knowing that they can't rely on him all the time even though both of them convinced each other that they can get another job and only come down whenever they can, probably like on site works and a meal out. jaewon received a call from one of the members saying that how badly the other was injured due of the intruder of the other gang that were being caught.

that's where jaewon knew he need to do something, he ran down to the alley from the other side without knowing that there were someone who watching them from everything. urgh goodness, it was someone that jaewon was supposedly hunting and destroy them quietly but thankfully that one of the member does it but the only matter of time that they need to check eyewitness and clear this area as if they doesn't happened, not till the other noticed the dark figure from the far were actually watching and shouted "hey what are you looking at?"
⁰¹ taeyang c. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. Taeyang walked the familiar road after finishing his part time job at the convenience store. He had worked over time since the manager offered a great compensation that he couldnt resist. Not when he was trying to save money for a new guitar he had been eyeing for a while. It was already dark, the night life starting. He could hear songs being played from the clubs he passed by, saw people laughing and smiling as they entered different places, some already drunk and being dragged by their friends. The smell of cigarettes would reach him once in a while as he crossed alleyways and despite not liking it, his face remained as indifferent as it could be.

He kept walking, his pace increasing slightly with each moment only to accidently bump into someone. The smell of liquor was strong on the other's body. Not wanting to attract any trouble his way, he quickly apologised even though he wasnt the one at fault and tried to make a quick exit only to stop when he spotted a few people in the darkness of the alley. It was not like him to care about what went on. They were probably getting stoned. He thought but his mind changed its thought seeing one being cornered by the rest. Was the guy in trouble?
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ seokwoo k. a smirk plastered her lips as the male drew more closer to her on the dance floor. she felt prosperity in her bones as his hands s around her waist. automatically her hands ran from his abdomen to his chest and determinately curling around his neck where she played with the collar of his shirt. god knows she could care less about who this man was. his voice however, felt so familiar. she just couldn't figure out from where she heard it. things just werent working up in the noggin. whatever it didnt matter. his voice left shivers down her spine as she nibbled on her lower lip, a gentle grin gracing her tiers. his hold was vigorous, something she relished about men. how protective their hold could be. lisa drew her body closer that way the gap between them would close. he was tall, hell she could barely reach him. instead she pulled him down by his collar and cocked her head to the side. his eyes were tempting and the doting liquor was evident enough. she could smell it from his lips. she knew he was just as wasted as she was which made it all the more fun. "then show me what that mouth can do." whispered the female over the loud booming base of the music afore she could graze her tiers against his luscious ones. lids half open as she nibbled on his lower tier and turned her body over so that her back was against his chest. her body flowing with the music as she rolled her figure to the beat of the rhythm. whilst keeping his arms around her waist, keeping him close to her as possible. she had made up her mind by the time she cocked her head to the side and closed her eyes; she was going to break the rules today.
⁰³ lalisa m. 8 months ago
@⁰³ seokwoo k. father was being too arsed about the achievements of her brother yet again. that fool was head over heels about the things his son could do that it overshadowed her own achievements. yes, lisa was jealous. this was nothing new coming from the manoban household. her mother who didn't have a taste of work in her life. in fact she was just the same. lisa felt suffocated whenever she came home to the waking sound of footsteps rushing to her brothers side. 'did you eat? are you tired? want me to cook you your favorite meal' god, her mother was more than exasperating. she was lamentable.

it was all an inordinate amount of for lisa that she had to get away for the night. jisoo was busy and was most likely studying in the library - to hell for studies. she wanted to unwind. yuta would be the best call when it comes to a party but neither was he available. for his hair was as red as a hot cheetoh. instead she decided to go out alone. as dangerous as that may sound. her time at home and the tough practice at cheer was tiring enough. a good drink was all she needed. dressed in a tight ebony dress that hugged her natural petite figure, lisa strutted the nightclub that night. ignoring the calls and the shouts of her parents who tried their best to stop their daughter.

she was here all an exorbitant amount of that the security knew who she was. stress was making her careless. it had only been half an hour since she's been in the club. the music making her mind turn to dust. she was drowning in shot after shot as she danced among the crowd. dancing had always been one of her favorite past times. body against body, she was in the heat of the moment and before she knew it, her mind went blank. all she could think about was the music, her soul and the devils drink.

not far from the corner she saw a familiar face. she was too drunk to tell who it was but she definitely felt in her bones that she knew them. even from a far, she called the figure over by pointing her finger outward and inching for them to join her. one drink in her hand, her feet shuffled to keep balance. lisa mouthed the words 'dance with me!' with a cheeky smile following along. was she wasted? definitely. out of her god damn mind. again, did she care? to hell, as if she did.


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the way i would prefer to attend saebom more than my actual uni pls

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ha-ram [A] 6 months ago
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