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⁰³ hoseok j. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ yerim k. It was one of those days in which Hoseok had just wanted to lounge around and think about absolutely nothing. Class was a nightmare, the paper that he had completed for his required Biology lab was absolutely horrendous, and worse? His client refused to pay him for the article that he had written up for them regarding jellyfish. Jellyfish, seriously, he had to research for hours just to make sure everything in his article was accurate.

So yes, he wanted to be mindless, speak to nobody, interact with nothing. Honestly, he was quite out of it when the young girl seemingly popped out of nowhere, enthusiastically asking him a question. Great, just what he didn't want to do. "Huh?" He asked at first, not having completely processed her question. Of course, it only took another moment for him to know she was asking him about some green thing. Something that he really didn't pay much mind to all the time, other than recycling whatever needed to be and being aware of electricity in use. Hoseok wasn't a crazy person about it, but he did what he could without having to go far out of his way.

"Sure, and just how would you like me to help? Is there something I should sign?" He referred to the clipboard in her hands, though his words may have offered that he was willing to do more than that, possibly his enthusiastic looking smile suggested that he was a big greenie himself. In actuality, the smile was present due to the girl before him seeming quite cute and nothing more. "You've been standing out here long?" He asked as he held his hand out for whatever petition it was that she was having him sign.
⁰¹ yerim k. 6 months ago
@⁰³ hoseok j. the days were beginning to get longer and the weather a little hotter, but that didn't stop yerim from standing outside in the courtyard during her free time to gather petitions to save the planet. she stood there with a floppy oversized straw hat to protect her from the sun, a huge smile on her face that was brighter than the flowy yellow sundress she was wearing as she greeted every person who walked by. "hi, are you interested in saving the planet?" she'd pitch, alternating with, "a signature today can save the world tomorrow!" and other cheery phrases about saving the planet.

as usual, people tried their best to ignore yerim - nobody wanted to stop in the middle of their busy day to sign a petition for who knows what and she knew that. but without persistence, nothing would get done and she simply just had to catch passerby's attention better. being a pretty young girl, yerim didn't stop herself from using any means possible to save the planet and liked to target easy looking men on days where it seemed nobody was around.

a young fellow, definitely older than yerim, but definitely a student passed by and that's when she decided to casually wedge herself into his day. "hey there!" she exclaimed with her eyes twinkling, her clipboard practically making eye contact with him, "do you want to save the planet today?"
⁰³ hoseok j. 6 months ago
@⁰³ yoorim h. Who'd have thunk that after years of writing to one another, Yoorim and Hoseok would finally meet. And what more of a coincidence was that than the fact that they attended the same university. If he could recall correctly, Yoorim was a cute-looking girl with quite an innocent face. The photo that he had been offered at the time of his service was one in which she was wearing her school uniform, looking as proper as can be. Yet, despite her seemingly innocent expressions in her school picture, the two seemed to write with such familiarity.

And thus, when they began writing to one another again after all those years, it was as if there were no space in the time in between. Their familiarity with one another and their realization that they indeed attended the same university caused them to finally decide that they should meet each other. Hoseok wasn't sure what he was to expect of the girl that he was soon to approach, all he knew of her was measly what was provided to him during their time as penpals and her words that were probably given much thought. And all she knew of him was the latter and how he looked with his military uniform.

In other words, they only knew what the army and her school wanted them to see. And so, as Hoseok approached the gaming girl, he was not quite sure what to expect. Yet, as he approached, it was quite obvious that the girl before him was the Sooyoung that he had always written to and, as of late, texted. "Wow, who would have taken you as a gamer girl. You dead yet?"
⁰³ dohyun l. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. it was just a kiss, he had to keep reminding himself. even as doyoung came in closer, even as he was tugged in, even as their lips met, he had to burn the knowledge that this wasn't anything special into his brain. and yet, he found himself getting swept away by a multitude of emotions. brows furrowing as his face heated up in an intense fluster, he tried to remember the fact that this was happening out in the open instead of in the intimacy of a closed room. even then, he couldn't seem to pull himself together. it could be completely meaningless to doyoung but to him, his heart was clenching from just being so close to another person. he knew he must appear pathetic, getting so caught up in something as casual as a kissing booth but he couldn't help it. he was so desperate to be loved. "w- wait," he gasped, pulling away as if to catch his breath, his trembling hands gripping at the other's shirt. "sorry ,, i- i,," his voice trailed off, a crimson tint of embarrassment painting the tips of his ears. "okay ,,, sorry ,, i'm ready,,"
⁰³ yoorim h. 7 months ago
@⁰³ hoseok j. yoorim's steps were bouncy as she strolled down the sidewalk towards the courtyard. she was excited but nervous for meeting this long distance buddy of hers. did she even remember what he looked like? the photos back in high school felt so long ago but they both couldn't have changed that much could they? her walk takes her to a shady table/benched area, where she sets her backpack and textbook down. the girl tips her head back with a deep sigh, before shifting to one side in order to pulling her phone out of her jeans, it has pockets! she glances at the time, just two minutes early to their planned meeting. perfect just enough time for her to get in a quick game of among us, her manicured thumbs fly across the screen as she begins her quest for murder, deception and panicked communication.
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰³ dohyun l. The desperation and longing is present in the older's eyes, easily distinguishable as Doyoung gazes into his orbs, no judgement present in his eyes. He stares earnestly into the other's deep eyes, gaze flickering to his awaiting lips before nodding. "... Alright." And with those words, he leans in, placing a kiss upon the elder's tiers. But it is not just a simple kiss, a meeting of lips so fleeting that the moment hardly exists; no, it is a kiss, a rendezvous of their lips upon each other's. With his lithe fingers gripping Dohyun's chin the slightest, he pulls him deeper, tilting his head and closing his eyes; sure, this was for the club, and mostly for Dohyun. But that didn't mean that he couldn't enjoy it and besides, it had to be a kiss worth seven dollars. Tongue swiping out against the older's bottom lip, Doyoung leans over the counter to deepen their connection.
⁰³ youngjae c. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. [ content warning ]

despite the crowd, youngjae was cornered by a few bullies just a few yards away from the school festivities. since he first enrolled into saebom university, high status students solidified their places by forcefully subjugating students like youngjae at the lowest of the social structure. "if you want us to stop, you'll have to get a kiss from that damn booth over there." one states, having had enough once youngjae was collapsed on the ground. "look pretty for the man behind the counter and give him some of your mom's money." one adds with a particularly cruel tone to his voice. without questioning their intentions due to his desperation to return home safely, he stands from the concrete sidewalk and approaches the kissing booth as he was instructed. "um," he begins, briefly meeting doyoung's gaze before sliding the fee across the table's surface. "have you had a long day today, doyoung?" he asks in a soft voice, retracting his hand from the bill as he feels his cheeks blossom a bright red in anticipation of what's to come.
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰³ lalisa m. (h) her eyebrows furrowed, causing a crease to form on her forehead as she looked at her friend puzzledly. did she really sound like that? jealous? no, it couldn't be. she had no feelings for the man, and their intimacy was only brief. she pondered for a moment, wondering if she had chosen the correct words as she was thrown completely off guard by her remark. as of this point, it was like she was in a tug-a-war between trying to save their friendship or digging a hole for herself to bury in, and that option seemed more to her liking as the crowd slowly grew, everyone's eyes and attention all focused on the girls. it wasn't like they were going to have a cat fight, right? one thing's for sure, they were definitely not on good terms right now.

"it's okay. let's just settle this once and for all." she didn't want to attract anymore attention, and she hoped the other had read her mind as she broke away from her gaze, running her fingers through the strands of her own dark hair. "we can talk at home about it. i'm sorry for making you upset over the weekend but, i needed time to reflect to tell you why i should apologize too. i hope you understand, lisa."
⁰³ dohyun l. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. doyoung is pretty. really pretty. he's always seen him from afar or would catch a glimpse when he sees him with sihyeon but to be this close? he was breathtaking. dohyun, on the other hand, probably looks like a mess in the other's eyes, completely frazzled and red from a mere touch to his cheek. even yejin, his first (and last) love, hadn't touched him in an act that was this gentle and he had to catch himself before he leaned in for more. willing himself to stay still instead of shying away like a coward, he stood his ground and managed to lock eyes with the younger. his breath tickled, teasing as if taunting him about what was to come and dohyun swallowed hard. "r-ready,," he hated how he stammered but he was still trying to will his heartbeat to slow down.
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰³ dohyun l. To be quite candid, of all the people who had come upon him out here in the courtyard and accepted his proposition, he had little trouble distinguishing those who truly had an extra dollar or wanted to support the club versus those who were taking the chance to relieve their touch-starved lives. Doyoung easily recognizes him as the latter, but he won't judge. If anything, he feels almost bad. He's the guy with the kid, isn't he? He'll make the seven dollars worth his money. A small smile spreads across Doyoung's lips, hands reaching for the bills and placing them into the jar. "I see that." The next destination of which his hand makes its home is upon Dohyun's cheek, trailing to his jaw while Doyoung's frame leans slightly forward over the counter. His next words are a soft breath against the older's lips, a ghost of a whisper which dances across the space. "... Ready?"
⁰³ dohyun l. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. he wondered if he had looked too eager, calling out his name like that. they weren't close enough to be on a conversational basis but dohyun simply knew him as sihyeon's older brother, the girl who used him as a wallet despite him only carrying about eleven dollars on the daily. gripping bills even tighter, he manages a nod. it's ridiculous, he thinks to himself, that he's so nervous about being kissed at this age. then again, it's been so long that he fears he's forgotten how. "um ,, i have seven dollars," his voice is quiet, inching a step closer to the booth as he avoids meeting eyes with the male in front of him.
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰³ dohyun l. Doyoung chews rather loudly on his gum as he looks over the school courtyard, watching the students run through the area—quite honestly, he feels rather exposed standing in the midst of the green courtyard at a booth which yields a sign with "ONE DOLLAR, ONE KISS" sprawled across it in red paint. But he assumes that life could get weirder, and he doesn't mind kissing a bunch of curious people for a good cause. As Dohyun comes into view, Doyoung can't help the of his eyebrow; he looks familiar, though Doyoung can't quite pinpoint just where they must have met. After all, the former knew his name. "Do...hyun, is it?" Eyeing the bills in his hand, he asks, "Did you come for a kiss?"
⁰³ dohyun l. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. gripping the seven dollars in his hand, dohyun rushed through the courtyard in desperation to find the familiar face before anyone could recognize him. he couldn't believe what he was doing. was he really so lonely and in need of romantic affection that he would pay for it with the money that could go to buying eunbi one better meal? the guilt ate away at him within seconds but he was already there, the kissing booth perfectly in view. just once, he promised to himself. just once would he allow himself to be spoiled for just a moment and then he would continue to give his everything to his daughter. it had been so long since he had last been kissed, his entire life having been devoted to eunbi after his first relationship, and he couldn't deny that his heart was ready to burst in his chest. approaching the booth, he cleared his throat in an attempt to catch the male's attention. "d doyoung?"
⁰³ lalisa m. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. as much as lisa could understand her friends side, there was still a sour taste left in . the reasoning was a little - she didn't know how to expound it but she definitely didn't like it, that's the end of that. "you know how ridiculous you sound right now jisoo? you're making it sound like you still have feelings for the man despite you saying that you don't. if your feelings dissolved then why are you so pressed? it's not like i had with him. i kissed him and that was that." crossing her arms against her chest, she sighed and took a deep breath in to recollect her thoughts. in hopes that she wouldn't let this small matter get to her. "the bedroom part, i admit. i was wrong for that and i apologized. twice. what more do you want? i was intoxicated and looked for you the entire time but couldn't so one thing led to another." the peering eyes of bystanders aiming at the two in the heat of the moment didnt seem to bother her anymore. she felt like utter for the last few days. it seemed like one thing came after the other and at this point, the girl was reaching her limit.
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰³ youngjae c. A heavy sigh leaves his lips一he had been the one to suggest the kissing booth fundraiser, but Doyoung hadn't expected it to backfire, exploding into flames right before his eyes. Johnny got sick, so Doyoung offered to cover his shift. It seemed that everyone was backing out, and it came to be that the senior vice president had been stuck with the responsibility of carrying the most shifts. Not that he minded kissing people... it was just strange. Well, if it got the club money then he didn't quite mind too much. Leaning forward onto the booth, cheek in palm, Doyoung heaves a soft sigh whilst chewing his gum一minty fresh breath, both for the pleasure of the customer, and himself. A quick flicker of his gaze to the watch on his wrist tells him he only has thirty minutes left before he can pack up the booth for the day; God knows just how many people he had to kiss already thus far.
⁰² doyeon k. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. she could sense his hesitance in sharing his past, brows furrowing in concern as he tried to open up to her, "if you're still not that comfortable in opening up, you don't have to, cheol." she spoke softly, eyes gazing upon the male softly as she took a sip of her drink. her lips pursed as she listened to him, heart hurting at the thought of him having no one to turn to; she found solace and loath at the fact that someone went through something similar to hers一 probably even worse. "that's understandable though." she said, nodding her head once before continuing, "it's hard to tell someone about what's going on in your mind if you're used to writing about it instead."

she noticed the small curl of his lips upwards, the smile that decorated his features making her smile even more. "as long as i'm not a burden of your time." she retorted, feeling rather happy that he was warming up to her. "free meals sounds like a treat, so alright, that's a deal."
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰³ lalisa m. (h) There. She said it.

Eyes wide, mouth parted open and the stare that just happened to somewhat feel eerie. From the looks of her friend’s face, she knew what was bound to happen as she tried to prepare herself by clearing , and struggled to find the right words to explain as to why she never mentioned Seungwoo to her. Besides, what was there to talk about anyways? It wasn’t as if their relationship was going to last long and it never just felt like THAT. “I—” She struggled to break in between her sentences, leaving her to feel frustrated. “Because Lisa, I didn’t think you’d ‘makeout’ with your captain in MY bed of all the people. Plus, he and I didn’t date that long so he wasn’t relevant to speak of.” It was clear in her voice that she felt agitated, especially when it came down to a heated conversation. Upon hearing the whispers of a few passerby, she tried to collect herself again by letting out a low sigh. “Listen, ok. I admit it was my fault for never telling you but of all the people, I was just wondering how it came down to him— wait no I don’t wanna know but what I’m trying to say here is, I would’ve been ok if it was another guy.”
⁰³ lalisa m. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. there must've been a reason for her friends behavior, why she was more angrier than expected. its one thing to make out in your friends bedroom, she couldn't blame her for that. lisa would kick her in the for the same reason if the tables were turned. she listened to the girl and what she had to say before it even clicked, lisa was already wide eyed. mouth agape as she just..stared. she couldn't do anything more than just stare. no wonder. but was she going to act out? there was a little bit of disappointment in the pit of her stomach. jisoo didnt tell her this and knowing them, they've been best friends for as long as she can remember. "why didn't you tell me this?" lisa raised an eyebow as she recollected herself. "we're suppose to be friends. you couldn't tell me, 'hey lisa, your captain of the cheer is seungwoo? did you know we had history? crazy right? its fine im over it though.' like that didn't cross your mind to let me know?"
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² doyeon k. Oh. Such words made him pause, not expecting ones that seemed to bore holes into his very soul. They were all too much the same, wondering what horrors such a gentle girl must have had to face to feel the same way he did. And how much stronger than him she must be to keep smiling despite it... she was truly something special. "I also..." He started, scared of just how much he should be revealing to the girl before him. "My life before coming here, I suppose I wasn't much allowed to speak my mind." As if that wasn't the understatement of the century, he thought to himself, having to so often go out of his way not to be seen or heard lest he have to face his family. "Writing was all I had back then. I'd like to think I do better for myself now, but...It's still a lot easier to let my thoughts out on paper than in person." It was the reason so many people didn't like trying to get closer to the older boy, feeling so shut out by his often all too curt words.

Seeing that radiant smile Seungcheol couldn't help but smile as well, shyly looking away so the other wouldn't see how much she was perking up his spirits."I can make time for you, regardless," He promised, such bold words making him feel a bit nervous. "Let me buy you a proper meal next time, yeah?"
⁰² doyeon k. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. "i'm only stating what i see." she started, shaking off the words he just said before continuing, "i wouldn't even dare say it if it wasn't the truth." she admitted, knowing well enough that being lied to about what they really are is the worst thing. doyeon could see how well put he was, now that she could see behind the intimidating expression he tends to put on during their time in class; it was somewhat easier for her to read him and how kind he truly is.

her heart sunk at the knowledge of him easily relating to the content she put out, the unimaginable destruction it can put on people caused her to visibly frown, flashbacks of her mother's emotionally scarring words leading her up to face her emotions through a plethora of words written down of a piece of paper. "i was ultimately... scared of opening up to people." she mumbled, eyes casted down on the ground as she continued, "the feeling of being seen as vulnerable has always been the reason why i tend to lean away from telling anyone how i really feel; hence why i like reading and writing so much."

she looked at him with an even brighter smile, nodding happily at the question. "of course i do! i wouldn't pass up on the opportunity even if i did." she said, noting the shock on his face making her burst into a fit of quiet laughter. "i'd be sure to text you when, but i can work around when you're free as well though. there must be a lot on your plate as a teacher's assistant and stuff."
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² doyeon k. "You're all too kind," Seungcheol spoke, a smile tugging at his lips. "Calling me a muse and someone who cleans up well...you're going to make my ego swell all too much, Doyeon." Especially when such compliments came from the likes of a girl like her, someone who seemed so...together. Someone who had such a genuineness to her heart that he couldn't help but to believe her. And it was all too refreshing after spending his time with so many others with motives unknown, someone gentle with her heart on her sleeve...

Reading and writing as a safe space. Such words were ones that touched the depths of his soul, even if his face didn't dare give it away. He remembered all those long nights at the library when he was scared to go home, or hiding in the closet with a flashlight and book securely in hand... Perhaps that's why her poem seemed to strike such a chord with him... "I know that feeling all too well," He responded simply, eyes flickering with a genuineness they didn't often reflect. "I was never quite good at reaching out to people when things got hard...reading and writing have kept me company during countless tough times."

Seungcheol held the drink close to him as he took another sip, unable to hide his surprise when the smaller accepted his proposal. "You...you'd like to?" He found himself unable to hide his look of shock for a minute, taking a breath to compose himself. "Any time you're free then, I'd love to."
⁰² yeji h. 7 months ago
@⁰³ jungkook j. honesty. it was something yeji had always prioritized amongst everything else, considering it was the one trait her mother had always reminded her to heed no matter the circumstance. and through honesty, yeji had never found herself in a complicated situation due to layers of deception and fake promises - being honest from the start to the end has allowed her to build the relationships she contently resides within. so why was she sabotaging a friendship she has come to cherished in the past days with such blatant white lies? it was clear as day how uneasy it made her feel; the constant clearing of , the shuffling of her feet and fidgety hands that flew to grab anything she could within her proximity. was she trying to convince jungkook things were alright, or was she convincing herself? yeji will never be able to answer that. she was too afraid to answer it, anyways.

although she did not have her mother around to fuss over her irrational fear . . . of /something/ deterring a source of happiness in her life, the space she had physically placed between the two of them served as a reminder to herself. a reminder that there should have been boundaries set, boundaries that should never be crossed, no matter the state of sobriety. from the very beginning, the . . . friendship? the undefined relationship they both indulged in was void of anything definitive. the spontaneous first comment that grew into a round of bickering texts, turned into a random first meet. from that point on, things merely accelerated into unforeseen events that brought the two closer day by day. all until, well, that night. the night that yeji had just so conveniently forgotten. but her mind and heart worked independently. for when her mind turns blank with empty memories, her heart tenses into a dull ache, into some sort of longing she couldn't quite name. for when her mind struggles to comprehend even a single thought of him, her heart fluttered within her chest as if it recognized the lithe digits that gingerly held her wrist.

what happens now? what happens when boundaries are crossed? what can she do if he easily steps over the line she had drawn? the million thoughts that cluttered her brain simmered down into one observation - how comforting it was to have his fingers tame her rebellious strands. one observation turned into two: how strong his cologne was, but not to the point that it was sickening, no. just strong enough to draw someone in for another sniff, for his sillage to remain when (if) he disappears - just sweet enough to crave during those bad days. yeji doesn't understand any of it. . . she couldn't see why he easily renders her flustered. when, how, why had these changes occur? she doesn't understand why he'd protect her when there was no reason to as the two of them were only. . . 'what were we?' though, the question laid upon the tip of her tongue, the only thing her sealed lips could muster was a small hum that accompanied a nod. "still . . . you helped me." 'but why?'

the fluttering of her hands that continuously brushed along his shirt came to a halt, pathetically falling into the opening of her bag as her attention was drawn away from the distraction. . .to face the person she had been distracting herself from in the first place. 'had he always been this bold?' for the nth time that day, yeji found herself completely speechless over how lost she felt. she couldn't grasp at the loose threads of that night, much less comprehend why the latter was doing what he was doing now. and yet, amidst her confusion, the younger girl remained fixated in her spot, eyes locked into his own unreadable ones. and the silence seemed to stretch - despite the sounds in the background of loud laughter, thuds of tables and booths being set, they all blurred into white noise that yeji paid no mind to.

the only thing she could focus on now was - him. the specks of gold seen within his brown irises, the tiny scar that was only seen under the ray of sunlight, the way his lips moved to form words . . . words that had her heart sink into her stomach. was she that obvious this entire time? she swore, with how close they stood, he could hear the sound of her swallowing the invisible lump forming within . "i . . ." she cringed internally at how that one syllable appeared as a croak, piping down into complete silence once again. but she couldn't run away now. not when he had her in his grasps, quite literally and figuratively. she had to own up to her lies. . . she always does. "i'm sorry i lied. . . you're right i- yeah, i just, i don't really know how to face you. uhm -" but just as she built the courage to begin, the appearance of other club members has her body reacting all too quickly to part ways from the elder, vacant hand reaching up to pull the hand that held her face away. but she doesn't let go - not yet. "we can talk. i promise. after this slot ends? . . . i'll . . . wherever we go, i'll tell you then, okay?" before he was even given a chance to answer, however, the orange head diverted her attention to the front of the booth, leaving him with only a mere squeeze of his fingers as assurance. a weak one, but a promise nonetheless.
⁰² doyeon k. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. doyeon was mentally freaking out at how her words seem to come over as small stutters with him; usually she would be fine with speaking to almost anyone that wants to interact with her but there was something that was making her nervous and she wasn't truly certain on what it was. her brows were furrowed at the response of the male, shaking her head lightly as she raised a hand and places it on his shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. "hey, give yourself a break. you look great." she complimented, disliking whenever someone compares themselves to her一 she was nothing more than them.

the way his words of encouragement filled the girl's heart with joy. the small smile she sported turning into a bigger one as he shared his sentiments about her writing. the small little girl inside of her who wished to become a professional in this career was jumping for joy as she spoke, "it must be all the years of me reading." she humored, reminiscing back to the time where the only thing she did was read to escape the hurt from her past. "reading and writing has always been my safe space." she added, taking a small sip from her drink.

"you deserve it, cheol. truly you do." she answered him, not noticing the way his cheeks were flushed lightly; eyes widening lightly in surprise at the question, caught off-guard that he wanted to take some time and take her out. "oh, uh sure! i don't see why we can't." she answered, eyes forming crescents as she showed him a warm smile.
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰³ lalisa m. From the look of her friend's eyes, she could tell there was no way their conversation was going to end beautifully, as a result of their conversation touching upon a personal topic. Yet, there was no time to waste on sugar coating, especially since she wanted to beat around the bush and get this over with. Besides, what else was there to hide now when everything happened right in front of their eyes that night? It was all too much for her to carry, since the weight was gradually pushing her down and so, after listening to the lass standing in front of her, she gave in a heavy sigh, one that expressed the great amount frustrations on her mind. "It's okay, I understand but there's one thing I haven't mentioned to you, ever." Her lips pressed together to form into a thin line, as she pondered in her thoughts momentarily. "The guy you kissed, he's my ex."
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² doyeon k. Seungcheol could only hope he hadn't said the wrong thing, all too used to tripping over his words. Such lovely words of a poet flowing through his head and all he could come up with was 'you look nice', he chided himself internally. It was only rectified as he saw the faint blush spreading across her cheeks, a small feeling of victory at the thought of making someone so lovely flustered by the likes of himself. She was so completely out of his league, he thought, not wanting to unnerve her with the thought of more advances despite how much he wanted to say. "Nothing compared to you," He thought aloud, not daring to mention how embarrassingly long it took him to get ready for their meeting.

"It's not often I get such sweet gestures," Seungcheol admitted as he sipped on his coffee, all too pleased at the simple gift even if his face didn't show it well. And he found his mind absently thinking how nice it would be to stay like this, to better know someone like Doyeon who he'd so immediately felt an uncharacteristic kinship with from their shared poet hearts. "Giving you muse is a pretty grand claim," He thought aloud, shrugging off the thought. "I'd just like to think I know talent when I see it. So many years reading all the poetry I could get my hands on, and yours would so easily fit right in." He offered up a small smile in return for her own, his cheeks finding their own way to flush a light shade of pink. He shouldn't get used to such a comforting feeling and he knows it, but yet he can't help but enjoy the small connections that he so often deprived himself of. "I'd like to, though, since you've treated me with such kindness..." Seungcheol started, wondering if his words were all too brazen for the nature of their relationship. "Let me buy you dinner sometime? I- only if you want," He stumbled over his words, all too confident that she'd say no to the small proposal.
⁰³ jungkook j. 7 months ago
@⁰² yeji h. when her fist came into contact against his chest, the impact albeit light and not meant to hurt, left the junior feeling sore - not in the way where it physically brought him pain, but in the way where the hit made him feel like his breath had been stolen, all its uneasiness fading into the winter air as the chills awakened his other senses, and he was left painfully aware of the shift in attitude that had somehow creeped its way between the two youths. the awkwardness that grew upon the both of them appeared to be inevitable at this point, the tension so thick that it was suffocating, making jungkook downright self-conscious, and he loathed it. he wasn't one who would catch on to social cues too easily, and he wasn't one to think too deeply into each and every action. so when he does realise the gravity of any situation, it was often (if not always) too late to salvage it. he was always left to fumble in the dark alone, no explanation nor guidance to direct him towards the light, out of the tangled mess that his incompetence had led him to.

"i'm sorry if i made you uncomfortable," he wanted to mumble out so badly, in hopes he wasn't going to be pushed away by whatever it was that he did - because it was plain to see that she was lying through her teeth. yet, he remains silent whilst he listened to her excuses, staring blankly at the fidgety figure, before he mutters a soft "i see," accompanied by a piteous curl of one of the corners of his lips. it was funny to see her back him once more, like a repeat of the morning after the house party; the images of her silhouette moving further and further away from him burnt on the forefront of his memory. there was a strange turmoil of emotions swirling in his heart, a sharp pang in his head as if his body was reminding him of the distress he had been through. this series of recollection felt all too familiar.

a sudden wave of fear washed over him, afraid that this drift in their friendship (could he even consider what they have a friendship? he didn't know anymore) could never be mended. he feels his stomach twist and his heart tighten oh so tightly in his chest, and although he couldn't comprehend why he was feeling this way, he knew he didn't want the one month or so bond he had built with yeji to go to waste. unconsciously, he was tailing behind the orangehead, his feet following her on their own accord and once he has closed up the distance, he extends an arm out for svelte digits to gingerly curl around the shorter's wrist, turning her around and shuffling nearer until they were standing foot to foot. he doesn't know why he was reaching out to brush the curtains of hair away from her face when it was painfully obvious that she was trying to hide herself away, but he combed her stray tresses and tucked them behind her ear anyway. "you don't have to thank me, i would've. . . . protected," his voice came out hushed, so soft, it was as good as a whisper, and he wasn't sure if she could hear him but he continues to murmur anyway, "yeah, i would've protected you, in any case."

before he could inform her about her shirt, his eyes had caught sight of her visage but, why . . . was her face so red. was it just the sun gracing her skin to compliment ivory with pink flushes of helios' kisses from above, or was there something more behind the crimson tinted on her cheeks? numerous times today, jungkook has come across a blushing yeji and though he finds it adorable, the unsettling flips in his pits caused him to focus on the more severe matter at hand, pushing the thought aside. "uhm, yours is still with me, in my room," she was taking too long to find a piece of clothing in her small backpack, calling forth the lad's impatience as his hand now inches down to cup around the curvature of her face to gently tilt her head up, to force her to look at him directly.

"can we, err, can we," he took a long inhale, mentally cursing himself for appearing this clumsy when he was the one who practically cornered them into this position. "can we talk? you're avoiding me - don't lie?" there was a shake in his timbre, and by now, his features had dropped to paint a look of pure dejection. he didn't care much of his pride now, no. he decided that whatever was troubling the lass was worth sacrificing his ego for, he didn't mind sounding a tad bit desperate for her time, for her patience, for her to open up to him. "look, we could talk over a meal - i'll pay - or you could come over to my place to get your shirt back and while we're on the way, we can talk about what i did wrong to make you this . . . antsy. how's that?"
⁰² doyeon k. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. her eyes met seungcheol's as he spoke, finding a small sense of familiarity upon looking at his features; she neve expected to interact with the male other than from their small ones in class一 with that being a very rare occasion as well. his compliment was enough to make her cheeks glow a warm red, a flustered smile adorning her lips as she spoke, "oh一 uh, i- thank you. you... you look really good as well." she returned his words, mentally cursing at herself for stumbling over the small phrase.

a sigh of relief escaped her chest, feeling rather happy that he liked the drink that she brought. she took a sip from her own drink before humming softly, smiling at him once again. "you don't... you don't have to thank me." she started off, looking away to push her hair back before looking back at him. "consider this as my thank you for giving me muse to start writing again." she continued, giving him a shy smile before shaking her head at the offer of the latter. "trust me you do! but please, i don't think you need to return the favor, cheol."
⁰³ jungkook j. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. his eyes remain narrowed, unwavering on the young lady stood in front of him, and he zoomed in on each and every one of her features; his gutsy staring didn't come from newfound courage mustered out of thin air - no, he was rather reserved when it came to approaching his female counterparts, let alone gawk at one - but from the fact that she seemed oh so familiar to jungkook. why was that so, where has he seen her before? the male tried racking through his mind, into the depths of his memory, but he was obviously struggling to recall the latter, evident from the way his brows knitted in utter concentration, teeth grinding through jaw clenched tight that was hidden behind lips pursed into a thin line.

"huh . . . really . . . it feels like i've seen you before though," his brims drops further into a frown, and he ends his thought in a huff; has he mistaken her for someone else instead? that was possible, considering how the lack of an attention span always causes him to miss out on even the most obvious detail. quickly, he nods his head in salutation, reciprocating her friendly demeanor with a grin stretched from ear to ear. though, in his brain, countless of faces that he has met in previous encounters were being filtered through, and the mention of being a freshman served as a form of a lightbulb moment for the junior - so that's why she seemed familiar to him.

without bothering to contemplate why the latter would hide the fact that she has at least, seen jungkook a few times prior to their current bump in, he sticks his index finger out at her, excitement painted over his visage as he finally managed to piece a rough sketch of the girl who has frequented the basketball team's pre-season games. "hey, you're the one who has been watching us play though! the one who always sits on the front row, middle seat? that's you isn't it?" he didn't mean to raise his voice, but the sheer elation of finding someone who was most likely a fan of his team had made him exclaim (nearly yelling) his realisation.

her crimson cheeks doesn't go unnoticed by him, having been observing her ever since he made himself known, and he wonders if she was catching a cold, or worse - a fever. "oh, are you alright though? you seem a little red," growing concern for her has him bent forward to scrutinise the reddish hues that stained her countenance, unaware of how he was closing up the distance between their faces. "do you want a hot coffee, i could go run and get one for you."
⁰³ jungkook j. 7 months ago
@⁰³ chaeyoung p. winter trees lined the avenue as several groups of interest stood scattered around the courtyard. despite the low temperatures and lack of a picturesque view, club rush was still bustling with overly excited students - some hastily scrambling up to every new face they find with the intention of enrolling them into their organisation, others lingering by different booths in hopes of discovering a new club to ignite a new passion within them - as they covered almost every inch of the patio. a certain junior could be found amongst the crowd; one of the many who weren't attending to help nor invest in hobbies, but merely present for the free treats and gifts that were given out in a bid to attract new recruits. the male was invested in his initial conversation with his group of friends, his hands gesturing animatedly as he shared whatever was on his mind, the guileless boyish simper deeply etched onto his countenance a clear indication that he was enjoying the attention poured onto him. jungkook was so absorbed in his own little world that he had built that he missed an all-too-familiar voice calling out for him. though, that was soon torn apart the moment he was tugged at. a sharp turn of his head reveals the culprit who broke him out of his momentum -- his very own childhood friend. he was about to retaliate, throw one of his many childish fits but the tone in her speech threw him off, and the wide grin that hung upon his lips quickly morphs into a frown. she wasn't always this serious, so what had caused her to seem so agitated?

jungkook doesn't hesitate to drop everything else, deciding that chaeyoung needed his help urgently -- why else would she barge into his circle when he was in the middle of a conversation, right? he was trying to figure out what could possibly be the problem as he grabs onto her wrist, guiding their bodies through the throng of people to find a quiet corner before he hushes out, head dipped down to meet the latter's gaze through furrowed brows, "what's wrong? did something bad happen to you? who do i beat up?"
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² doyeon k. That smile was so radiant, he thought to himself, his own lips twitching up at the corners as she came up to him. And suddenly he wondered how he'd never noticed such a girl in class, someone with an infectious happiness even in what seemed to be some of her darker times... Seungcheol envied her in his own small way, the way that she could keep being such a warm person despite any turmoils she'd been through. If only he could be like that, he thought, pushing himself to try a little harder for her sake. "You...you look nice today." The words were barely audible and yet they were a small triumph for the older, with Doyeon accidentally taking on the role of a teacher for Seungcheol before he could be hers.

"Iced is fine," He reassured, taking the drink and holding it in both hands. So long as it wasn't sweet, he thought to himself, taking a small sip before focusing his attention once again on his true priority. "Thank you for the coffee, Doyeon," He started, not noticing his own slip up of calling her by her name for the first time. He couldn't remember the last time he'd gotten a gift, finger's tracing along the coffee cup's design as if it were fine china, oddly sentimental about the coffee brand that was scattered all around campus. "I don't deserve such fancy treatment when I didn't do much...but I'll be sure to return the favor."


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