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⁰¹ yoohyeon k. 1 year ago
Yoohyeon blinked a few times when she heard her words. She has heard of doppelgangers before but she didn't think they would look and sound alike. "Hyejin?" She asked still in disbelief. This could be a great misunderstanding. She questioned herself whether or not to press the issue. If this person was truly a stranger, she may come off as someone insane. Besides, why would Hwasa lie to her about her own identity? It wouldn't make sense.

"I guess I may have been mistaken." She said while pulling away with hesitancy still in her voice as she investigated the woman before her. Everything was still the same but this isn't Hwasa? "You look very similar to a dear friend I've lost contact with. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, my apologies." She said giving her a small bow.
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⁰⁴ hyejin a. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yoohyeon k. Hyejin blinked and stopped singing when she heard someone speak to her and paused the song before turning around to face the stranger with the intention to greet but the words died in when she saw who it was. The name that she had almost forgotten, the name that had been lost in years of having to live a life that was not hers, to hear that name brought in her a wave of emotions. It had been forever since someone had called her by that name and it had been forever since she had seen the one who had already pulled her into a hug. Her hands were itching to return the hug but she couldnt. She was no more Hwasa.

She gave a light pat on the other's back and tried to mask her emotions away as best as possible. "I am sorry but you have got the wrong person. My name is Hyejin" It was easier to lie. She had been lying for so long. Although lying to someone she had considered a family was harder than she had expected.
⁰¹ yoohyeon k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ hyejin a. It was one of Yoohyeon's rare day off and she was determined to spend it doing absolutely nothing. She deserved that luxury. She passed through the student lounge hoping to get to know a few more of the students and make more friends at the school. From her recent breakdown, she knew she needed to start having a balance. A balance means actually being social and not avoiding contact with people.

She stretched her arms in the air walking into the lounge and seeing if anyone was in. There was one person and she remained in her spot before forcing herself to walk over and introduce herself. If she wanted to be alone, no harm is done. It gave her another pause when she heard her voice, knowing it sounds familiar but quickly striking the thought out. "I hope I'm not interrupting you." She said walking over and giving the girl a bow. "I'm Kim Yoohyeon, I'm trying to meet more people and--" Her body froze when she finally caught a glimpse of the girl's face. "...Hwa-Hwasa...?" She may not have been very good with faces but that was definitely her childhood friend. "Oh my! I haven't seen you in so long! This has to be fate!" She said while moving in to give her a hug. She thought and worried about her for so long, not hearing a word when she had disappeared from her life.
⁰⁴ hyejin a. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yoohyeon k. Hyejin was finished for the day and if it hadnt been for the club activities, she would have left for home. Calling it home still felt a little weird but it was much better than having to live under the same roof as her 'parents'. Not that they didnt love her, they did. They loved her very much but she didnt like the way they looked at her at times. It was sad and almost suffocating. Shaking her thoughts away, she took a seat and looked around hoping to find some company. It was quite empty at the moment. She took out her phone and played some music instead. Perhaps it would pass her time. Music always helped anyway.

With her head bobbing along to the music, she sang in between whenever her favourites lines came up. She would close her eyes once in a while, her hands would move as she sang some of the notes.
⁰¹ seokwoo k. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ felix l. /when you assure my daughter i've made a new friend i can't help but smile as i look at you in surprise but i'm happy, happy that you're kind enough to indulge my baby girl and also myself
thank you, its my own recipe
/grins happily before i look at the tupper box you swap with me, bowing my head in thanks before i take the recipe you give me, noticing its handwritten too
/i'm about to agree to promise and be honest with how i feel about the food when i notice you talking to minseo instead, lowering the recipe cards to watch you both
"of course! appa taught me to be honest no matter what, even if its hard
but this looks tasty so i don't think there will be any problems"
/minseo taps the top of the tupper box with her small hands, beaming at you since she was the one who was asking me for new recipes to cook for her in the first place
/smiles at her and places my hand on her head, stroking the back of it with my palm before i look at you again, nodding my head a little
ah, right
i should give you my number properly
/i know you technically got it on my flyer for us to have even met, but its not the same as giving a number to someone in person, is it?
/so i lift the front of my jacket a bit and dip my fingers into the inner pocket, slipping out a card with my name on and number, its for musical purposes and side gigs i do but its nice enough and important enough i'd like to give it to you
/and i do just that, holding it out with both hands as i bow my head toward you politely, imploring you to take it and when you do i lean back again
i don't mean to cut things short but this munchkin needs her dinner and to make a start on her homework
as do i
/pushing myself up i help minseo down before i hold her hand, like yours it disappears entirely into the palm of my own as we stand side by side
thank you. i hope to hear from you soon?
/asks but leaves it open, picking up my belongings and the tupper box from you, minseo waving at you with a bright smile on her chubby face
"don't be gone too long, oppa!"
goodnight, felix. get home safely
⁰¹ felix l. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ seokwoo k. /quite literally all i can think about is how small my hand was in yours very suddenly, and i know i have small hands but something about the way yours engulfed mine just holds my attention
/listens carefully as you explain how you know me, my face immediately brightening when i realize just what that means, that all along you're the one i've been looking for
now that makes sense...
/flushes just a little when i realize you slow down, it must've been obvious that i was trying to keep up with you, letting my head hang a little
i've been trying to figure out who it was, i just didnt catch a face 'cause everything was happening so quickly.
i wanted to thank you, ever since then, so-- thank you, really.
i am okay, promise!
/nods a little, perhaps overeagerly as i maneuver to give you a thumbs up, glad to just be in your company because it feels... right, i reason
/seeing your daughter instantly has me perking up even more, eyes shining as you lift her up and she introduces herself to me, both making me blush and laugh a little
hi minseo, its very nice to meet you.
dont worry, i think your appa made a new friend anyway.
/smiling up at you, i offer you my friendship in that verbal kind of way, perhaps a little selfish in wanting this to be more than just an exchange of recipes
/all the way back to the student lounge, i walk in step with you as best as i can and make small chat with minseo, clearly hitting it off with her
/back in the lounge, i trade tupperboxes with you, unable to keep the smile off my face the entire time while i take the recipe from you, quickly scanning it over
ohh, this looks really good--
oh, right--
/snorting softly, i rummage in my bag that was hanging off my back, quickly pulling out my own handwritten recipe, offering it to you with a smile
there you go.
you have to promise to do the same, okay?
let me know how it is, and stuff.
right minseo?
/looking over to her, my eyes almost sparkle as i task her to holding you accountable for it, though its all just in jest, evident as my eyes crinkle into small crescents when i look back to you
⁰¹ seokwoo k. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ felix l. /when you just stare at your hand like that i look at my own briefly and wonder if i wasn't supposed to do something, but then you took my offered hand so i suppose that isn't it
/confused i brush it off when you answer me and i flash you another smile, a soft 'ah' coming from me when you ask about how i know you
about a week ago you took a bit of a tumble when cheer leading right? i was nearby when i saw you falling
i'm the one who caught you
/admits sheepishly and when i notice you skipping to keep up i slow my steps, smothering a laugh at how cute it is to see you trying to keep up
i had to leave after so i couldn't stay to make sure you were alright, i'm sorry
but i saw you when i was doing track again so i noticed you were out and about and seemingly just fine
are you?
/asks as i turn my head to look at you while i lead us off of campus for a brief walk, stopping by school gates and smiling when i see a certain mini me coming out from the school
/minseo calls out to me as she comes running over, ponytail bouncing before i lean down and swoop her up easily in one arm, lifting her up against my side and kissing her forehead
hello princess
i'm sorry i'm late. here, this is felix. he goes to your appa's university
"hello! you're cute"
/presses my lips together as she's forthwith as ever, listening as she continues to politely greet you
"my name is minseo. please look after my appa at school! he needs more friends too-"
i think that's quite enough
come, let's go see about these meals and recipes shall we?
/hoists my daughter up a bit as we walk together, back to the campus and student lounge together, setting minseo down in a chair beside my own before i offer you the tupperbox i brought
if you don't like anything with it please tell me
ah, and here's the recipe
/fishes a photocopy of a handwritten recipe out from my pocket, dipping my head a little as i hand it to you, minseo peering over the table and swinging her little legs as she watches us
⁰¹ felix l. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ seokwoo k. /while you've forgotten our meeting, its all i can really think about for the week between then and now, wondering who you were since i cant really seem to find answers
/all i really want is to be able to tell you thank you, because i cant imagine the embarrassment from falling and potentially hurting myself right from the beginning, and you saved it from me
/but i force those thoughts from my mind for now, because i have something very important to get to tonight, and its not wondering whose arms caught me that day
come on felix, get your head on right.
/rushing off to the lounge, i very nearly trip over myself to get in there, but i manage to enter smoothly and smile when i see you there, my own prepared food tucked under my arm
hi, its--
/pausing when you say "its you" like we've met before, my head tilts a little like a lost puppy, trying to process what you've said
/but then i hold out my hand to shake your own, my eyes widening when i look down to realize that my hand essentially disappears into yours, and when you pull away im staring at my palm for a long second before i refocus
oh, yeah, for sure!
i dont mind, but--
/clearing my throat a little, i offer a small smile and ruffle my hair slightly, feeling a little out of it because you know me but i dont know you, at least i dont think i do
we can talk while we make the pit stop but--
you know me? where have we met?
i'd hate to not remember, or know, or-- whatever.
/words fail me for a moment, and i fall silent before adjusting my hold on the food i prepared for exchange, smiling and following after you with a little skip in my step because my legs just so happen to be a little too short to keep up
⁰¹ seokwoo k. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ felix l. /its been a while since we had our run in back on the track field, i've seen you around and you're fine but it seems you really didn't see my face that day because you don't recognise me when i run past for my training
/its not bother though, i forget about it a week later and end up with a new problem, minseo is growing bored of the safe dishes i cook for her and wants something new
/which leads me to where i am now, after my last class and waiting in the student lounge with a tupperbox under one arm and my phone in my other hand
/i'm waiting for you, ironically, because you're the only person who bothered to message me and take me up on my flyer's offer around campus about swapping recipes
/its late and most students are either off back at their dorms, home or running to some part time job they're doing, for me i have my daughter waiting for me to come and pick her up
/shifting on the spot i feel my phone buzz and upon looking i see its you telling me you're coming and will be here soon, making me look up as i hear someone approaching
/blinks when i see you and realise exactly who it is, recognising you with ease before i bow my head politely, pocketing my phone and holding out my hand
its you
ah- right. hello, i'm seokwoo but you can call me rowoon
you don't recognise me... its okay
/smiles to myself, knowing i did leave pretty fast, when i finish shaking your hand i look at the tupperbox under my arm before i look to you after
ah... i know i agreed to sit down with you and talk things through but do you think we could make a quick pit stop before we do?
it's not far
⁰² taeyong l. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. it seemed that taeyong couldn't stop digging his grave every time he opened his mouth. mentally smacking himself in the forehead, the physics student let out a loud sigh and scratched the side of his cheek, nibbling on his lower lip. "well– okay, to be fair, she was the–" the prince began to say that miyeon was the one who had asked him first, technically. but he figured that would just be snitching on her, and that's not what friends do. plus, zhan already had a foul impression of him; why should he ruin the man's impression of miyeon too?

"... yeah, i suppose i did use her to experiment," he muttered quietly, tasting the words bitter in his mouth, but he figured he could it up. "anyways. we're good. we're still friends. and she's fine– so. i'm just going to get back to my assignment, if you're okay with that..." taeyong puffed out his cheeks, wanting to just crawl into a black hole and never return.
⁰³ chaeyoung p. 1 year ago
a small sigh slipped past her brims, flopping back into the couch as nimble fingers flickered through the sheets resting between her hands. lips pursed together and she takes a moment to rack her eyes over the little notes scattered all over the paper before scrunching her nose in slight displeasure. the lack of motivation she had lately for anything let alone school was real.
“ me.” she curses under her breath, sinking further into the couch, hoping it’d swallow her whole.
⁰⁴ youngdae k. 1 year ago
@⁰³ youngjae c. parties stopped being exciting during freshman year for youngdae. it was the same thing every time: drink, smoke, party, black out, wake up in bed hungover. but that didn't mean he was going to stop doing it. it was something to do and even as repetitive as it became during his senior year, it was still fun.

youngdae sipped on his molly laced vodka through a straw. the straw to get drunk faster. the molly to feel something. music blasted through the lounge and he began to feel it in his body, it was speaking to him on a spiritual level and he began dancing to it, getting lost in the high to the point where he didn't realize he was in the same room as that group of bullies everybody avoided and nobody liked.

it wasn't until somebody approached him and actually began to speak to him that he came back down from his high, trying to communicate with this stranger who seemed too sober to be here if he was able to have a conversation. his eyebrows raised, hearing the words but not understanding what was going on. youngdae cupped his hand to his ear, shouting over the music, "what!? i can't hear you!"

ah, he felt bad because even through his drunk goggles, youngdae could see that this kid was roughed up and as his body tried to sober up, he looked around the room and immediately knew who had done it and what was up - his adrenaline kicked in at this moment, realizing that this kid was probably asking for help - he wasn't - and pointed toward the door outside, mouthing "let's go outside!" and leading the other out there so the fresh air could get him sober enough to deal with this situation.

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⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰² taeyong l. Originally having resigned himself back to his textbooks, the senior looks up again in shock. Did he hear him right "...Dont...swing..that way??" He parroted slowly. Blinking slowly, as if waiting to be corrected that he'd heard wrong. "...So you used miyeon to experiment?!" He hissed, leaning in, his studying effectively abandoned once again. then continued "Of all the students.." He pinched the bridge of his nose. The senior had no idea what else to say, or do. Anger, disappointment, annoyance were all emotions that came to mind at the moment
⁰² taeyong l. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. knowing that the man before him, a mere stranger to taeyong, technically, knew in detail of the first time he slept with a girl?

needless to say, the poor boy was /mortified/. he was going to have to have a talk with miyeon, something about /discretion/.

biting the inside of his cheek, taeyong bore a hole into his notes until the elder spoke. hesitantly, he lifted his gaze to meet zhan’s eyes. it was jarring to have almost been threatened to finally being concluded that he was “alright”. taeyong supposed in this kind of situation, he should take whatever he could get. “thanks,” he muttered a bit awkwardly.

“uhm... yeah, she’s my good friend, i— i don’t really swing that way?” taeyong blurted out, before he leaned back in his chair, scratching at his cheek with the back of his mechanical pencil. “at least... i don’t think i do...” came the quiet afterthought.
⁰³ youngjae c. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ youngdae k. [ content warning ]

"someone is following me." youngjae murmurs beneath his breath, casting a glance over his shoulder as he hurriedly shoves his books into his backpack. he can make out the figure of /something/ in the darkness as night was beginning to fall down the hallway. "something... behind me," he mutters, repeating the sentence over and over as he abandons the rest of his books on the table, hurriedly trying to avoid the /something/ he knew had the evil intent of killing him--

with his gaze casted over his shoulder and his ears ringing as panic prickled over his body, he doesn't notice the small group of athletes standing in his way. "the in' mute kid isn't watching where he's going. is he deaf too?" one claims, causing an uproar of amusement in his friends. he pushed youngjae backward, causing him to fall as he stumbles over his own feet. he glances backward once more, and the /something/ is now gone in the presence of a real threat.

youngjae redirects his gaze to the tall figures looming over him, and their smiles appear as if there were blood on them. he's unable to speak despite the tears gathering in his eyes. "d don't hurt me, please..." he stammers beaneath his breath, and it causes the bullies to instead grab him by the collar, hoisting him up. "we were just on the way to a party. just looking at you, we can tell you're a lightweight. maybe for an experiment, we can test to see how much you can drink 'til you're knocked out." his friends eagerly nod, excited to make a show of one of their favorite punching bags. "but first, you'll need to look the part to get in."


youngjae knew the next day, he'd be welcomed to huge splotches of bruises all over his body. he could hardly move due to the pain of the bullies beating him up, with one even using a baseball--but they thankfully avoided his face for the timebeing, nervous a high status individual at the party would notice youngjae's bruises and have him reported. he knew they always went to such lengths during the beatings to ensure he wouldn't be able to slip away and run home without having their permission.

when they finally entered the party with youngjae's frame being supported by one of them, one of the athletes calls for the tap. suddenly, different students of matching uniforms encircled youngjae, gawking at the student who occupied the lowest ring of campus social structure. they fill two glasses of some substance youngjae doesn't recognize. he tries to turn away as they pinch his nose and attempt to force his jaw open for the drink. the smell of alcohol causes youngjae to recall his mother and the odor the entryway always had once she returned from her night of forgetting her marriage and children ever existed. 'i caused her to abandon me,' he thinks, trying to turn away.

a punch lands solidly against his cheek. his jaw slackens from the pain, and the many arms that surround him eagerly force the alcohol into his mouth. it dribbles down the corners of his lips, wetting the arm of the athlete holding him up straight. once the two glasses run empty, the now wet arms free themselves from youngjae's figure, allowing him to collapse to the floor in favor of a new toy at the party.

youngjae rests against the filthy carpet, staring into the space where people danced without bothering to glance downward at the floor, too preoccupied with the nice clothes, booze, and faces. after some minutes pass, he realizes his head has a fluttering sensation, and his body feels light--like he could do anything. he was no longer the youngjae confined by his wrongdoings and instead a college student at a party.

he gathers himself before he stands up from the floor. he wants to finally experience the freedom of life just like his peers--he can't stop smiling from the excitement after the weight of the world was lifted from his shoulders. if he were to finally join amongst the ranks of his peers... he'd have to give away his first kiss, right?

a certain male student drifting at the edge of the crowd catches his attention. despite the visible glaze of intoxication over his eyes and the rosy hues in his cheeks, his sunshine smile doesn't fail. "hello," he says, addressing youngdae. acting entirely out of his usually reserved character, he rests his palm against the wall as a somewhat perfect replication of all the romance scenes in the anime he has watched. "you look really nice, and..." he releases a boyish laugh upon feeling butterflies in his stomach. "i'm nervous, sorry." he adds, pairing it with his soft, bright smile. "but, um, i've never kissed anyone before." he says, finally meeting youngdae's gaze. "w-would you kiss me, please?"
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰² taeyong l. "Oh god, pleasse stop" Zhan grumbled, his nose wrinkled in discomfort, "Miy already refused to spare me the details. I'm not trying to hear it again" the senior ducked his head back into his textbook. "You're alright I guess" He says, at least this taeyong kid didnt seem like some of the other questionable characters on campus. Which, Zhan guessed was as much as he could ask for, it was uni after all. And their school had developed a questionable reputation.
"So, are you two.. just friends then?" He questioned cautiously after a moment of silence.
⁰² taeyong l. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. there was not a modicum of doubt now: zhan /definitely/ was in on the news. mentally cringing, taeyong absentmindedly nibbled on his lower lip and averted his gaze back to the safety of his notes. it was obvious that zhan was protective over miyeon... which he was really glad for. sure, taeyong cares immensely about his petite, loud-mouthed and adorable friend but he was relieved to know she had a support system of her own too. she deserved it.

wrinkling his nose slightly, the prince gave up all pretences of appearing unaffected. he let out a soft sigh and lifted his shimmering brown orbs upon the older man. “if you must know, i made sure a hundred times almost that she was sure about her decisions. and i treated her with utmost care. so...” he trailed off, not knowing what else to add. the atmosphere was charged with an odd, paradoxical electricity. on one hand, it seemed that their discussion was over; on the other, it felt like the pot was just on the verge of overflowing.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰² taeyong l. "She told me she helped you study for anatomy" The senior didn't look up from his work, simply continuing taking notes "Something about it being as educational for her as she assumed it was for you" He let out a humorless chuckle, once again leaving the exact meaning of this words unsaid. It wasnt that he was angry, to be fair, it wasnt his place to be angry. But it wasnt something he'd expected miy to talk to him about, much less in the details he was told. Having known her since they were little, Zhan also couldn't get past seeing her as the kid that used to annoy him in the schoolyard in elementary school. As someone he felt was his responsibility to protect. Even though she was grown enough to make her own decisions. Zhan finally say his pencil down, looking up from his paper. "She also said it was what she wanted" he leaned back in his chair, scrutinizing the younger in front of him "So I guess there isnt much else to be said"
⁰² taeyong l. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. mech eng. right. their studies were closely linked at times, but their faculties were worlds apart. “that makes sense...” he murmured, rubbing the back of his nape in confusion. if zhan was mech eng, what did he have to do with a student in physics like him? taeyong would have been more than ready to simply dismiss the oddity and return to his work. but there was a very familiar name piercing through the stillness of the room.

suddenly, it was twenty degrees hotter in here.

clearing his throat, taeyong forced down the blood rushing to his cheeks in favour of levelling the senior with a calculating gaze. it seemed that this zhan was close to miyeon; at least, that would be an explanation for the mild intimidation tactic sprung on him out of nowhere. hence, the intensity could only mean one thing...

“oh, really? well... what did she say?” taeyong tried to pry, not wanting to reveal his assumption.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰² taeyong l. Zhan winces flinched at the sudden yelp from the degenerate sitting in front of him. "jesus christ" Zhan mutters, rolling his eyes "I'm MechEng," He explains, he had figured the sophmore wouldnt know who he was, nor was he usually this bold with strangers. But the related party between the two was Cho Miyeon, whom he not only considered his good friend, but also his baby sister. "Miyeon told me about you" He said simply, there was no need for hostility. That usually wasnt his play either. He ducked his head back into the textbook in front of him. Letting the implications of what he said brew in the youngers mind
⁰² taeyong l. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. for the most part, his time in the student lounge had been the most peaceful he had ever experienced. who knew it could be this pleasant? perhaps he should come here more often—

out of nowhere, there was a man plopping down in front of him. since he had been blasting his music as usual, taeyong hadn’t been aware of the company until the stranger was in front of him. with a loud yelp, the prince startled and jerked his airpods out of his ears, doe-eyes widened as he stared at the person in front of him.

“jeezuz, don’t scare the living crap out of someone like that—“ the poor boy grouched, clutching onto his chest for a moment while he gathered his scattered wits. then, the other’s words registered. a small frown of worry took over his features. “hi, zhan. yeah, i’m taeyong. err... i don’t think i know you? i know all of my seniors in physics, at least—“ taeyong blinked with a small pout forming on his lips.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰² taeyong l. Due to recent events, Zhan had seriously been slacking on his studies, more so than he would care to admit. And with the first round of exams coming up, the senior new he needed to grind hard if he wanted to achieve the grades he was looking for. The library had been significantly busier than he’d liked and the disaster he called his bedroom proved to be too distracting. Which left his least favorite option, the student lounge. There wasnt anything particularly /wrong/ with it. It simply wasnt his preferred study location on campus. But beggars cant be choosers, and his current gpa was screaming beggar.

Armed with his new laptop, his ipad, a stack of textbooks, and enough redbull to cause a heart attack. The senior scanned the room, fortunately, the lounge wasnt busy. Unfortunately, his favorite table was occupied, and not just by anyone. By someone he had a bone to pick with.
“Seat taken?” He asked, pointing at the chair across from the sophomore. But sat down before a reply was given. “ Lee Taeyong, right?” There was a flat look on the senior’s face as he rearranged his belongings across the table. “I’m Zhan.”
⁰² taeyong l. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. at times, taeyong liked to settle in the student lounge in between classes to get his work done. there was something inherently infuriating about having to sit amongst chatty students that made him blast his music and focus on his beloved greek symbols. today, there seemed to be significantly few students. perhaps it was because right after lunch time, which meant either students were out stuffing their faces with food alongside friends or people were just getting back to lectures.

either way, the physics student was grateful for the relative peace. the few people milling around were unfamiliar to him, which meant that he would be left alone to his assignment. quantum physics was really kicking his right now; he couldn’t for the life of him figure out the intricacies of the time-evolution component of the schrodinger equation.

airpods in, taeyong released a big sigh and began reading through his class notes while keeping his assignment open up beside him. hopefully with enough time, he would be able to absorb the information properly.
⁰² doyeon k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. the girl was thankful she had no classes due to her vacant time, not wanting to leave so soon due to the enjoyment she felt with his small words. it meant a lot to her that someone gets how she feels about writing and how it's also a form of emotional release for them. "that's so nice of you, seungcheol." she said, tone filled with gratitude as she spoke. "you've got a good heart for helping out like this, so thank you. really."

"maybe all those hours of reading books did pay off" doyeon humored once more, watching the older collect his things as she smiled at him. she waved her phone as she nodded, taking note to text him soon enough about, well whoever knows what. "i'll be sure to contact you immediately, mister choi." she answered back, unaware of the light hue that painted his features.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 1 year ago
@⁰² doyeon k. He shouldn't keep more of her time, and yet it was undeniable how much he was drawn to the author before him. Like a twin flame, one that ignited his excitement for writing once more through her desire for knowledge and friendly demeanor. "I've definitely built come connections in publishing over the years...it's only natural to want to help new talent." And maybe there was part of him that wanted to see her again, to foster a companionship that he'd never quite made with another. It was selfish, certainly, and yet he couldn't help himself. They were meant to meet like this, and he certainly couldn't turn her away simply because of his own anthrophobia.

"You're a true artist, that's for certain," Seungcheol spoke up, rising from his desk and grabbing his bag. He was already late for his next class...and yet, all he wanted to do was stay. "Text me if you need anything at all, miss Kim," He offered, the other's pet name unknowingly bringing a light pink hue to his cheeks. "I'd like to hear from you." Saying such bold words was quite a feat for him, pink cheeks burning as he looked away nervously.
⁰² doyeon k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. it was a foreign feeling for doyeon to have this fluttery feeling of some sort roam around her, most especially from a compliment about her writing. his words of encouragement and wanting to help her out in pursuing her dreams made the girl's eyes sparkle with excitement, "you would?!一" her words were rather loud, catching herself midsentence and clearing , the blush on her cheek deepening a shade. "i'm sorry i- i got a bit excited. but i would keep that in mind, thank you." doyeon felt grateful that someone was willing to lend a hand for her to reach her goals in life; feeling the muse to write flooding back to her.

she hummed at what he said, agreeing completely. "writers are like any other artists一" she started off, squinting her eyes slightly to think of the bext thing to say next. "the paper is our canvas to vocalize how we feel. it's kind of like free therapy if you ask me." she humored, giving the older male a cheeky smile. the was quick to catch the ghost of a smile forming on his lips, feeling relieved that she was able to make him crack, even just a bit, "sure it is." she teased, playfully shaking her head. "that i couldn't disagree with. i have so many notebooks filled with my thoughts back at home. keeps me in check in a way."

the younger watched him scribble down something on the post-it note, taking the note from him only to notice that it was his number that was on the paper. her hands quickly fumbled to open her phone and type down his number, texting him a small 'hi' to make him keep hers in return, "i uh, texted you a hi. thank you for giving me your number, seungcheol." she carefully said, not wanting to overstep her boundaries since he is a teacher's assistant in one of her classes. "as long as you listen, i'm pretty sure everyone would agree that you're already doing enough to help out." she rambled lightly, relaxing at the observation that he's slowly loosening up himself. "i've never gotten that much support in my writing. it means so much, thank you, 'cheol."
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 1 year ago
@⁰² doyeon k. Seungcheol nodded slightly at her words, countenance seeming to brighten up an inkling. "I don't say such things lightly." He never said much lightly at all, in fact, words so sparse that they were all too carefully chosen. "I hope you're pursuing writing outside this class...if you need help getting published, I'd love to lend it." It was all Seungcheol could do, after all. With natural chatting abilities far gone from his roster, writing and helping was about all he could manage successfully. His own little ways of showing he cared when words couldn't.

"We all go through things we don't deserve. Writers, at the very least, are the few that get to use such pain for good." Feeling the pretense oozing from his words, Seungcheol opted to again change the subject, hoping to keep the smaller's attention for even a moment. "It's more like a journal," He joked slightly, a small glimpse of a smile playing on his face. "Only so that my thoughts don't run from me too far."

His hands roamed around the desk for a moment before reaching a sticky note, easily jotting down his number and turning it to her. For her to take, if she so chose. "You can call me Seungcheol," His words came out a bit gentler with each word exchanged, as if visibly seeing the walls that so tightly guarded him starting to relax. "I assure you that you're no bother to me. I don't know if I have all the answers, but I'd like to at least help. Consider it supporting a blossoming talent, if you must."
⁰² doyeon k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. the way his tone greeted her caused a few goosebumps to rise along her skin, now unsure if she did the right thing of approaching the older male. she shifted her weight along the heels of her foot, biting down on the inside of her cheek as she waited for him to respond to her small talk一 she was never really a fan of that in the first place; her smile grew larger at his words, feeling her heart jump at his word. “i’m glad that makes you happy, mr. choi.” she responded, her cheeks sporting a light hue of red at his compliment. “oh wow一 uh thank you, mr. choi. i’ve never really gotten that compliment from anyone.”

her lips were pursed as she listened to him stumble with his words, a small smile forming on her lips as he fumbled to say the right thing. “I’m sorry that you’re familiar with that sort of feeling, mr. choi. No one deserves that, honestly.” doyeon lighty mutters, disheartened at the thought. “Look, if you have a diary, the secret is safe with me.” she mused, a soft laugh escaping her lips before continuing. “oh i couldn’t, mr. choi一 i might distract you from your work.”


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