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⁰¹ yibo w. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "You wish," Yibo raised his eyebrows to match his challenging tone. "But you're on. After your arm heals and my ankle stops being a , we're doing this," Yibo determined with a firm nod. It would be just unfair if they carried the match out injured. In fact, Yibo did not want the engineer student to be in disadvantage. He smirked at that thought competitively.
"You should be thankful I provide refunds," the younger bared his teeth and nodded his head at Zhan's bandaged arm. He had too much fun with that.
"Alright? Alright?!" he wasn't satisfied with that, letting out a scoff of disbelief. "Wow, okay. Facts, but still," Yibo bit into the inside of his cheek, opting to stay quiet instead of pushing his argument.
"Lead the way, Airhead sir!"
⁰⁴ zhan x. 8 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. “oh really?” Zhan couldnt back down from a challenge “time and place, then get ready to get smoked” he says with a smirk.
“Airhead customers a supplying your business, you should be thankful” Zhan resigned himself to his new nickname, usually his intelligence was a point of pride for him but in this context. He didnt mind so much.
“Your company’s alright” Zhan laughed before adding “the ground probably only loves you because of the amount of time you spend with it. clumsy”
“Come on, I’m starving” Zhan changes the subject, making a b line for his room
⁰¹ yibo w. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "Hm," a thoughtful hum was his response. The fact that the other took it so genuinely simply made Yibo somewhat self-conscious. He would swim in the attention for sure. "Guess we'll have to test who's really the best," he challenged the other with a smirk.
"Then you've been lied to," Yibo determined. He retrieved his hand, tucking it deep into the pocket of his loose jeans. "But I guess Airhead customers tend to mistake the companies, mhm," he retaliated. Was this normal, Yibo wondered. He had never been called names like this, bad in a good way.
"Am I squatter now? Dude, I don't care, I can do Morse codes on the door if that's what you want," Yibo shrugged, the smirk of joy apparently permanent on his face. "Of course I am, everyone loves my company," Yibo raised his chin smugly, but it was definitely a lie. "Even the ground loves me."
⁰⁴ zhan x. 8 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. “Nah, I don’t really think about it that way. it just happened to be what i’m best at.” Zhan says humbly in regards to his position on the basketball team. In truth, the role was a daunting one as he had never been good in the spotlight, but after the past three years on the team he was proud to say he’d gotten quite good.
Zhan roles his eyes at the younger’s sales pitch, but he couldnt help but laugh at the corniness of it, not minding the arm that was perched on his shoulder either “Pretty sure I booked Clumsy airlines” He teased, officially deciding that clumsy would stick, whether the other liked it or not.
“Well listen, if you wanna pop a squat in the hall to eat, be my guest.” Zhan pouts, “But I’m gonna eat in my room, i guess you’re welcome to join me”
⁰¹ yibo w. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. Yibo's eyes narrowed at that, dropping from the face of the engineer to focus on the oath he walked instead, preventing more falling and possible injuries. "I did actually," he could have pretended not to have heard, but that would slightly hurt his pride. And that was a big deal. "The star of the show then," Yibo let his eyes roll a little, it wasn't anything personal. Only that he wanted the position since high school with no luck so far.
"You're welcome for the unforgettable experience," Yibo put a hand on the taller male's shoulder, putting on a salesman smile he learned from TV and his own dad. "Thanks for choosing Not Clumsy But Cool Guy airlines. Consider coming again," Yibo pursed his lips into a thin line, his cheeks slightly puffing out as he patted Zhan's shoulder rather comfortingly. Those lines were a mess, but it felt oddly satisfying. "Inviting me straight to your room? That's a bold move," Yibo teased with a smirk. "But I don't care. Anywhere's fine," he shrugged leniently.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 8 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. “Uh huh, sure you did.” Zhan rolls his eyes sceptically, He’s certainly wasnt as stoic as he’d first come off, Zhan thought to himself as the pair walked on, there was a cute boyish charm about him that he appreciated “I usually play power forward”
The smile that grew on Yibo’s face had an infectious effect on him, making his laughter echo through the halls “I think in my twenty five years of life, you’re the only person whos ever tackled me like that” he retorts playfully “so in and out of game, i’d know without an ounce of doubt it’d be you, clumsy”
“Yea if course I can call it in..I’m not super picking about food but was there anything you wanted to order in particular?” Zhan agreed easily, he could really eat just about anything. But if Yibo was paying, he wasnt gonna complain about having to make the order “Also, where did you wanna eat? my room? your room? i think the lounge is also open”
⁰¹ yibo w. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "Oh, I had a weird feeling I was answering the obvious," Yibo scratched the back of his head, staring blankly in front as he realized how lame that was. He knew that was the question, but still his brain decided to betray him yet again. "Shooting guard," Yibo confessed and swallowed thickly. "You?"
Yibo either had a spring in his step or his limp was getting visually worse and pain-wise better as he escaped a certain death after the remark. His grin doubled in size and intensity as Zhan made bodily contact with his, unable to put a finger on the cause of that. "Right," Yibo had a very inappropriate retort clawing at his throat about that tackling and he would have to fight an army of gremlins and then some to even attempt to not blurt it out. "So if you happen to be tackled like that during a game and blackout, it would be clear that it was me tackling, huh?" It was a childish thought process of an annoying brat that didn't know when to stop. Not when it came to other human beings. "Sounds good. I uh... Ehm, can you order though? Because, like, what if I get yours wrong, you know? Whole point lost," Yibo dramatically gestured at the last part. It was a half true statement. He was worried about that yes, but more so he was worried about the interaction with the server dealing with the orders in front of a third party.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 8 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. “I meant what position do you play in basketball” Zhan clarified with a laugh “I’m in my fourth year now” He answered, noting the adorable change in intonation when yibo sounded uncertain “You’re in first right? They’ll usually email you a training schedule for the semester, so just look out for that” He adds.

“Thanks” He says again as he gathers the first aid kit, and makes sure the bathroom was cleaned up. He was about to follow him out of bathroom, but freezes and looks back at Yibo with wide eyes thinking something was wrong until the boy opened his mouth again, Zhan’s expression changed from confusion to shock as he processes what Yibo said. “Wobbly legs?!” He asks incredulously, “Don’t run away from me!” He bolts out after him, body checking him playfully when he catches up to Yibo “I’m a basketball player, not a football player, I dont find myself being tackled very often” He falls into step next to him easily “Sushi? should we get take out?”
⁰¹ yibo w. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "Basketball," Yibo said simply, turning to wash his hands again. "So you uh what year are you?" The question was cautious, he didn't dare to guess for once. "'Cause like I don't really uh know when the - the practice is?" That was meant to be a statement, one that would make him look less cool. He just wasn't paying attention when the details were explained.
"Right, let's go," Yibo nods and wipes his hands on the back of his jeans, lunging out to grab his bag and skateboard. He put the backpack on, turning around to glance at Zhan. "Wait," Yibo called out, hand held up in warning. He remembered his research. With Zhan on the ground, dressed and standing properly, Yibo gave him a once over. Yes, long legs. "Now I'm disappointed. You should have like withstand the impact, not fall over," Yibo gave Zhan a look, teasing him again as he was slowly heading out. "Wobbly legs," he gave him a small grin and rushed out the restroom. That was Yibo breaking character and it was odd.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 8 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. “Yea?” Zhan’s eyes glimmered in excitement, he’s heard they were getting new teammates this year but hadnt met any of them yet “Good on you man, I heard it was quite competitive this year. What do you play?” He was equally impressed by Yibo’s shot.

Zhan thought he spotted a quiver in Yibo’s lower lip following another clumsy comment, this made him hold back a little, not wanted to upset the man that had just bandaged up his cut. Zhan bent and straightened his elbow a couple times “Looks good, thank you” He moves to hop off the counter, “Dinner? I’m starving” He suggests, quickly throwing his shirt over his bare torso.
⁰¹ yibo w. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. Yibo blinks. Long legs. Splayed on the ground they didn't seem so, he might will have to research that new information. "Dude, I made the team this year," Yibo says in a small, impressed gasp. That's exactly the coincidence he was thinking of a moment ago. For a moment he stayed dazed, gaping at Zhan, but quickly turned his attention back to the matter at hand as Zhan winced. "Sorry," Yibo gritted his teeth slightly, Yibo waits patiently for the wipes, taking them. "Thanks, Mr. Airhead," Yibo said nonchalantly, eyes fixed on the wipes as he takes one out, running it over the wound. There is just a tiny hint of a pout quivering at his bottom lip, but Yibo holds it back. He is not clumsy! And with that thought, he tosses the wipe into the same garbage bin where Zhan's shirt went. He reaches for the bandage this time, starting to wrap up the elbow gingerly, making it tight and loose enough to allow movement and blood flow. "Okay?" Yibo asked as he tucked the tail of the bandage into itself, not having any clips or pins on him, and stuck a finger from the unwounded side of Zhan's arm under the bandage to try the tightness.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 8 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. “Long legs” Zhan kicked his legs up as if to prove his point. He tries to twist his arm in a way that makes the cut more easily accessible to Yibo, “Yea, I’ve been on the basketball team since first year” He mutters, not wanting to talk too loudly for fear of distracting Yibo as he cleans the cut.

“Ouch” He winces as rocks are picked out from underneath his skin. Zhan tries not to flinch too much, but finds it difficult. Nevertheless he finds the heart to tease his make shift medic “Okay, mr. not clumsy.” He chuckles. But digs through the first aid kid with his good hand until he finds a handful of antiseptic wipes. “I think this is as good as it gets” He places them on the counter closer to Yibo
⁰¹ yibo w. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "You don't fold-" Yibo muttered in confusion as he didn't quite get the fact that the other really did not fold that way. Yibo tried not to glance at him with soft judgment. He pursed his lips instead and nodded with eyebrows slightly furrowed. Yibo let his hands airdry, but kept the water running, not wanting to get any possibly germs of the restroom on his hands, shaking his hands midair, splashing water. He watched the shirt being tossed, the shot clearly trained. "You play?" Yibo asked, impressed by the throw. It would be a nice coincidence if he did play basketball as well. "Athlete and doesn't fold that way," Yibo muttered in amusement afterwards and sighed. He took a hold of Zhan's wrist of the injured arm and lifted it up slightly. "Hold still," Yibo commanded and slightly bent the elbow. This way, he had to duck to see the wound, that's why he wanted him to sit the other way around. Yibo frowned once the question was asked, looking up from his awkward bent position. "Yeah, plenty of times..." he trailed of for a second, "to myself," he admitted, not giving it further thought. The process was like that; awkward and barely professional. It would almost look like a new parent attending a child, only the roles would be reversed. Yibo washed the elbow, making sure not to tear the scabs, however picked with his fingers at whatever felt like dirt and small rocks that could have nestled there during the fall. It wasn't the most sanitary environment, not the mention Yibo's approach. But still, it was the best he could do. "Is there any alcohol or something in that first aid kit?"
⁰⁴ zhan x. 8 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. “Facing the mirror?” Zhan repeated confused, but obliged either way. He climbed onto the counter, attempting to tuck his long legs under him awkwardly before giving up and turning around and swinging his legs over the edge “I dont fold that way. Is this okay?”

While Yibo washes his hands, Zhan begins taking his shirt off, being extra careful of the area around his wound, not wanted to reopen the scabs. He stares at the blood soaked shirt in his hands for a moment, debating whether it would be worth trying to clean it. But thought better of it and in one fell swoop tosses it into the garbage bin on the other side of the room. Zhan leans back against the mirror, the effects of the adrenaline and energy drink were starting to wear off. His eyes suddenly shot open, he remembered the reason why he’d been on his laptop in this first place, the case studies.
Some quick mental math told him that as long as he stayed diligent for the rest of the semester, taking the zero on these assignments could be balanced out. “ it” He muttered to himself, deciding the stress wasnt worth it.

“I probably should’ve asked this before, but you know what you’re doing right?” Zhan turned his attention back to Yibo.
⁰¹ yibo w. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. Yibo followed the guy around, waiting in front of doors while the other grabbed the much needed items. Once they were in the restroom, he watched Zhan settle everything on the counter. In the meantime, Yibo placed his skateboard against the wall, tossing his backpack in the same corner and walked over to the other. With a thoughtful expression, he looked around. Sitting on the toilet lid was neither the most hygienic option nor was it the most spacious spot. "Can you uh sit up there? Facing the mirror?" Yibo asked, running his finger under his nose as some sort of habitual, idle gesture, before pointing with that finger at the counter. Not waiting for an answer, he proceeded to clean his hands thoroughly. "If not, you can just stand there I guess," Yibo shrugged slightly while washing his hands, throwing a glance at Zhan through the reflection in the mirror.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 8 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. [[just gonna continue the plot here c: ]]
After first stopping in Zhan room to grab a clean shirt, then the kitchen for the first aid kit. Zhan led Yibo into the bathroom, he figured the use of running water would be helpful, but also he had no intention of cleaning up blood stains from his sheets if it came to it, not that he knew how anyways.
“Um...I think that’s everything...” He inspects their small haul after placing everything on the counter. “Where do you want me?” He directs the question to his companion, looking around for a place to sit.


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