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⁰² yoonah c. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ youngho s. ⤷ to: <[email protected]>
⤷ from: <[email protected]>
⤷ date: March 3, 2021, 13:09PM.
⤷ subject: RE: The Cost to Recreate Spring

Mon Cher Jon,

It’s always a joy to hear from you. Or read, for that matter. Do not worry too much about quick replies, i understand being busy way too much too. But i hope you’re doing well; taking care of yourself, mentally and physically and all of that. Exams must be stressful but I know you’re going to be more than fine with them! I say that with full confidence but am anxious about my own. Ironic, isn’t it?

But you’re right一 spring has always been beautiful, a sentiment quite opposite to the cobbler colored brown sugar and cinnamon of autumn. I’ve never really cared for seasons until I grew into teenhood and then more. And ever since I began my journey with art, I think I even began finding joy in the weather changes. Just like how it’s an inexplicable sentiment to lay under an orange tree at Parc Monceau in the afternoon with a book or just even idle, especially with a cheap bottle of Pinot Noir and a pastrami sandwich. I wish you could experience it for once; i am absolutely certain you will love it! And if you can’t enjoy Paris in all it’s glorious spring, here’s my gallery of moments there with the hope that at least it’s a vicarious moment you’ve lived.

The Treachery of Images… I always forget that I am friends with a fellow art-lover. Surrealism may not be my forte but I do like indulging in the deeper meanings of ‘What May Be’ or as we say it in French ‘Qu’est-ce Que Cera?’. Would spring be what it is with a different hue of brown or green? So much to ponder, per usual! By all means, I will never stop you from continuing your philosophy on this! Or anything, for it’s far too interesting!

Thank you, Jon. You are too kind to me, a mere stranger you’ve met through email. I am doing alright一 classes have picked up and being a fine arts major means my work is mostly in the atelier. And I will admit I have new projects to work on but I will not lie and tell you that I am overwhelmed with muse. I don’t think I have had such an inspiration slump in such a long time and it’s scary to think about what it means; does my muse for painting and sculpting have an extent, is it simply a folly or a true desire and passion? Bof, I digress! :laughing:

Still, amidst it all, I wait for the day we come across each other一 and hopefully, we are both proud of what we have become! And if you don’t sign my copy of your book! :angry: :knife: I jest!

Oh, thank God for this! You’ve got great choice, I must admit! The last list you sent me was absolutely amazing, I enjoyed every single film! And as tradition follows, here is my list of movies I’ve watched lately! Don’t laugh at me for such a juxtaposition of genres comparative to my usual horror and thrillers! :laughing: :triumph:
一 Midnight In Paris
一 Scarface
一 My Girl
一 Love, Simon.
一 Call Me By Your Name
一 Blue Is The Warmest Color.

Let me know how you like them!

Love always,
Isabelle C.
⁰⁴ youngho s. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² yoonah c. (sh) . . .
│ To: <[email protected]>
│ From: <[email protected]>
│ Date: March 2, 2021, 12:55 PM
│ Subject: The Cost to Recreate Spring

Dear Isabelle,

First, I'd like to apologize for the delayed response. Things have been hectic and busier than usual with it being exam season. It should honestly be a crime to make students study during this time of the year. No one wants to be cooped up inside with their face stuck inside a hefty book while it's nice enough to be outside without sweating like a dog or with the possibility of getting hypothermia. But then again, who says we have to stay cooped up inside? Maybe one of these days I'll take my studying outside.

Some people say reading under a tree in perfect weather will solve most of one's life problems, but I have yet to find that out for myself. I'll bet the people who said this are from Paris. People are always photographed picnicking outside, and they look pretty happy to me. Or is it because they're tourists picnicking in one of the most romantic cities in the world? :laughing: I wonder if freeing oneself of ones problems could also be accomplished by somehow imitating the sensations felt in a perfect weather setting. It would definitely take more effort on our part (fixing a light source as strong as the sun, the wind, the smells, & not to mention, the sceneries), which is why people probably preach about appreciating the spring season. For some strange reason, discussing this reminds me of The Treachery of Images by René Magritte :laughing:. Even if someone were to perfectly replicate the spring season, would it still be called spring or would it now be called an imitation of spring—even though its conditions are flawlessly similar? :thinking: But back to my previous point, Mother nature does all of the work, and we simple exist to revel in her beauty. :laughing:

On a less philosophical note, I do hope that you've been holding up well. I can wait to hear more about the projects you plan to take on this season. I'm sure there will be plenty that you're perfect for. Someday you'll have your own exhibition, and I'll be there.

As per usual tradition, here's a list of recommended movies:
  • The Imitation Game (2014)
  • The Theory of Everything (2014)
  • Crazy, Stupid Love (2011) [ in spirit of spring, don't @ me ]
  • The Intouchables (2011)

Warm Regards,

P.S. “To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation.” — Yann Martel, Life of Pi
[post deleted by owner]
⁰³ jisung h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. The combination of his body being unwillingly moved and the sound of a familiar voice protruding his unconscious state, had him heave out something similar to a grunt. This feeling felt too good to leave so soon. Yet the shaking didn't stop even after his "protests," so he found his eyes opening to stare at the male beside him. His eyes squinted for a few seconds as he simultaneously tried to adjust them to the brightness within the room and recall where he even was. . Right. He was supposed to be coding.

"Sorry," Jisung muttered, throat still scratching with the hint of being asleep. He pushed himself to sit up straight, hand covering his lips as he yawned. "You didn't have to make me anything. I already ate before I came." That was a lie, of course. But he felt bad enough that he even fell asleep in the first place and he definitely didn't feel like he deserved to eat something the other made (even though anything Seungwoo touched, Jisung would waste no time to scarf down). He could eat later. Well, if he remembered.
⁰⁴ seungwoo h. 8 months ago
@⁰³ jisung h. after a very strange night of sleeping well, probably because he forgot to buy more instant coffee and without coffee seungwoo's body had decided to shut down. the extra rest showed as seungwoo had enough energy to make food and in general be ready for the day - but that also meant he would probably need to spend a few extra hours in the computer lab before or after the coding club meeting getting more of his projects done.

seungwoo shouldn't be surprised at the sight of a sleeping jisung, but it still shocked him a little when he opened the door and jisung's head was perched upon the keyboard - writing out a string of 'zzzzzzzzzzzzz' on the screen. seungwoo couldn't help but chuckle. lucky for him though, the extra energy meant that he had more time to make extra food that he felt that poor jisung might need, plus he had coffee. he felt bad for waking up jisung, but he also figured jisung would be more comfortable somewhere else, like the couch on the other side of the room. shaking jisung's shoulder, seungwoo spoke "wake up sleepy head, i got food for you-"
⁰³ jisung h. 8 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. Leaning against his own arm, Jisung's eyes fluttered constantly in an attempt to keep himself awake. The night before was another night of him working on a project without giving himself a break, and keeping himself up to the point that he almost didn't realize what time it was. At the sight of the sun rising, filling the sky with various shades of pink and orange, he realized how badly of a mistake he had made; Thursdays were always his busiest days and he had almost no time to nap in between classes. Most importantly, his first class was in 25 minutes. He had ran back to his dorm in an attempt to at least change into a new set of clothes and brush his teeth, but still ended up arriving to class a measly 4 minutes late. Then, he spent the rest of his morning dragging his corpse from class to class.

Of course, he then forgot he had to meet with his coding club today and even THEN he had more classes afterwards. "Was a college degree really worth it?" he found himself contemplating every year. It must be, because he was still here and he had set himself in too deep to ever prepare himself to drop out. Finally, Jisung's eyes grew too heavy to fight and he found himself asleep, head rested beside his computer's keyboard. Ah, this sweet feeling, one he didn't allow himself to feel much. He could stay forever in this moment.


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theblueberries 1 month ago
⁰¹ yewon c. 2 weeks ago
⁰² doyeon k. 36 minutes ago Reply
the way i would prefer to attend saebom more than my actual uni pls

not me reminiscing about this hardcore rn
ha-ram [A] 6 months ago
ha-ram [A] 6 months ago
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ha-ram [A] 6 months ago
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┊total: 12

― total: 41 students.
narcotic 6 months ago
aghkjfds i'm sorry, can i get chaeyoung back? forgot to hit the point req T_____T
morosis 6 months ago
Wiggles booteh
6f86d2a681200aeea6d0 6 months ago
nijiro murakami pls :smirk: BHHDJ PROMISE ILL KEEP UP
oddtheundead 6 months ago
hewwo~ may i have choi yuna added and reserved pwease?
pixels 6 months ago
hi, uh, can i get wong yukhei added pls?
LeeJunhyuck 6 months ago
Can I be reserved for Park Jisung?
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