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⁰⁴ hayi l. 5 months ago
@⁰³ yoorim h. she snickers softly at her own joke, taking the other girl's hand as she hops onto her feet. "yeah cause its a secret. we can't let the rest of the world know about how funny i am. we gotta give everyone else a fighting chance, right?" she gently bumps her shoulder against the other girl's arm, unable to reach her shoulder due to their height difference. she hums to herself for a moment before shaking her head. "mm... nah its really not my thing. i'd probably just end up trying to sneak stuff into the punch and watch everyone make a fool outta themselves."
⁰⁴ youngdae k. 5 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. oh, freshmen were so fun. especially the normie freshies. he kept a straight face as he clowned this guy, but began to break a little when he turned around to look at "the girl" behind him. as he began to walk away, youngdae couldn't help but continue to play the part. "i already did my freshman year," he explained, and mumbled under his breath with a dead look in his eyes staring directly at the stranger, "she caught me in my dorm room and i've never left campus since." then, just for a little icing on top, he relaxed his facial features and sat up with his body and neck limp, feigning as a living corpse to spook the guy just for funsies.
⁰¹ yibo w. 5 months ago
@⁰⁴ youngdae k. The remarks were not agitating enough to make Yibo react in any way other than just a simple narrow eyed look, letting the other know that he did not appreciate the judgment. But these thoughts were obliterated the moment when the 'behind you' cliche line followed. With a blank face, but a visible thick swallow, Yibo rolled his eyes at the strange man. "You're insane," he ground out, rolling his head around as if tired, faking a neck stretch to actually peek behind his shoulder. There was no one. No one he could see at least. Invisible shivers ran down his spine nevertheless. As the other carried on, the freshman was ready to bolt it, if he had his skateboard on him, maybe even smack the other for this mockery. He was ready to leave with the fear of having the bloody urban legend follow him to the dorms gnawing at all of his senses. "Why don't you do it? You might score yourself a date instead of creeping out pedestrians, " Yibo scowled and started walking past the weird guy.
⁰⁴ youngdae k. 5 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. his eyebrows raised in judgment at the other student coming here to study, not that he was one who could judge - his activity being a hundred times more strange. "well, this is a peculiar place to study, isn't it?" he commented, chuckling as he knew /he/ was peculiar, but didn't see the other to be any brand of weirdo he was familiar with; then, his chuckle burst into a half hearted laugh as he shook his head to the other's words. this fella over here had his words and his face all out of sync. "ah, i see," youngdae said compliantly, "so there are other people out here studying at night and i should be wary of them? the students. the ones who just happen to be here in the middle of the night. studying. in the garden." he sarcastically nodded his head, "i'll be careful to keep it down for all of these students flooding this garden in the midst of the night, especially the girl that's been behind you all night." youngdae honestly couldn't help but mess with this kid, "it looks like i spooked her - she's crying. why don't you her to her dorm?" he pretended to look up and down behind the other student, "make sure she gets a change of clothes, too; a lady shouldn't be walking around covered in blood."
⁰³ yoorim h. 5 months ago
@⁰⁴ hayi l. her face twitches into a smile, letting out a wheeze from the pun, shaking her head as her laughter shakes her frame. "i forgot you were a damn comedian but all ing right, let's go. it's leg day for me and you as well. save the earth or whatevaaa." she announces as she's standing back up, giving the latter a hand so they can begin the looong looong, painful and treacherous journey to the boba shop. "are you going to that ball thing? i was thinking about it but i don't have anything to wear and like, do i really know /know/ enough people?"
⁰² sihyeon k. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jisung h. (sh) It's truly gorgeous, how the scintillating sunrays perfectly gleam over the multitude of flowers that watch the two friends, one of which were yellow roses―the symbol of devoted friendship, and it's fitting, for there was no other way to describe her relationship with Jisung than those. Although the scenery is absolutely breathtaking, the moment he takes her other hand in his, she looks to him, and she finds herself mistaken; He is the view. Easily, he is more bewitching than the bushels of flowerbeds and it is him who grasps her attention with his proposal, that takes her by surprise, but her response comes naturally. "How could I say no?" She answers with a bashful laugh, giving his hands a gentle squeeze. Admittedly, she'd been anticipating for a certain someone to ask her, but it'd be a sin for her to decline such an offer from someone as down to earth as Jisung, she knows. "Of course I'd love to go to the formal with you, Ji."
⁰⁴ hayi l. 6 months ago
@⁰³ yoorim h. if it hadn't been for the the text messages for her friend requesting her presence then she would have probably would have fallen asleep under the warmth of the sun, surrounded by the smell of fresh flowers. eyelids heavy, sleep threatening to attack at any moment when she's pulled out of her drowsy state by her friend's voice. "oh! hey hand-some," she snickers at her friend, ready for a full day of hand puns to come. "i also have my car but is it leg day for this handy dandy lady?"
⁰³ jisung h. 6 months ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. It was now or he'd never ask. Jisung continued to walk in silence for a brief few seconds until he finally reached where he desired. From where they stood the sun washed over the garden with a brilliant glow, shades of pinks, yellows and oranges glistering around them. Turning so that they were now facing each other, he gently held onto her hand and gave it a squeeze, more so to calm himself than anything. "You are completely allowed to say no," he started and before he could back out, he spoke again, "I was wondering, would you like to go to formal with me?"
⁰² sihyeon k. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jisung h. (sh) The gesture, it's incredibly sweet, and it only further proves how he's one of the most romantic guys she knows, but it's why he's asked for her arrival that she figures there'd been a specific something he wanted to do. She lets out a laugh just as he does, scrunching her nose up at him with a cheeky simper. "As much as your beautiful girl admires these flowers―" perhaps her heart skips a beat upon the name. "I'm sure there's a small catch, and whatever it is, I'm sure I'll agree."
⁰³ jisung h. 6 months ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. Automatically, his thumb rubs circles into the expanse of her skin. His head nods again and is followed by a hum to confirm what he had just said. "What? I can't get my beautiful girl some flowers?" He questioned, eyebrow raised playfully as his feet began to move slowly against the garden's path, a particular destination in mind. "Actually, there's very much so a reason for the flowers, as well as me asking you to see me today." Ah, the anxiety was already starting to come back.
⁰² sihyeon k. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jisung h. (sh) Her surprisal is well evident across her visage, blinking up at him though her fingers naturally lace within his despite so. "For me?" She asks, almost as if to made sure she's heard correct, as a flushed simper makes home over her lips. A lucky one she is, indeed, with him by her side. Now, she remains in awe upon how nicely strung together the bouquet is, which only has her press her cheek to the curvature of his shoulder, hugging his arm to her whilst walking beside him. "I've missed you too, Ji. But, why the flowers suddenly?"
⁰³ jisung h. 6 months ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. He almost jumped at the sound of his name, though he held himself together and allowed himself to fix his eyes in her direction. "These are actually for you," he replied with a wide smile, his nerves easing up at the sight of her warm gaze. Hand laid out flat for her to put her own in his, his head tilted slightly without even noticing. "Walk with me?" He knew he didn't tell her the occasion for him asking her to meet him yet, but sooner or later he knew it would ease out of him. "I missed you."
⁰² sihyeon k. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jisung h. (sh) It doesn't take long for her to reach the garden, her curiosity blooming within each step as she makes her way over. Eyes of hers lay scrutiny across the passing students until she undoubtedly recognizes one of her very best friends, watching as he stands there ever so heavenly, that it takes a moment for her to register the beautiful bouquet he holds in his grasp. "Jisung!" She calls out, flashing him a smile. As she reaches, she gestures to the flowers, "Who's the lucky one?"
⁰³ jisung h. 6 months ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. He stood, chest heaving slightly as the more seconds that passed, the more tense his form became. Why was he so nervous? The woman that he was waiting for was one of his best friends, he had nothing to be scared of. Still, why did his heart feel like it was about to leap out of his chest? Jisung murmured words of encouragement to himself and adjusted his grip on the arrangement of roses, gaze lilting from square to square.
⁰³ yoorim h. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ hayi l. it takes the girl maybe two minutes of walking and squinting down at her phone to find her friend, but once she spots the familiar figure, she's bounding forward with a coo. "haaaaayi" she squats down, poking a finger into the elder's side. "boba awaaaits us. we could either walk there in like 10 minutes, or speed walk and be there in 8 minutes."
⁰³ dohyun l. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ hyewon k. (h) the fall had only left him with bruises but he wish he had been rendered unconscious. at least then, he wouldn't have to deal with the mortification he was feeling after embarrassing himself in front of a complete stranger. slowly pushing himself off the ground, his cheeks tinted a bright red, he managed a nod as he took her hand and got up on his feet. "y yeah, i'm alright." he couldn't help but laugh at himself. "sorry, i wasn't expecting anyone to be in here. i probably scared you, huh."
⁰¹ yibo w. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ youngdae k. "What?" was the only thing forming in Yibo's brain, in all the languages he could speak. This was strange, even stranger than the scary story, that chilled him all the way to the bone marrow. "I wasn't shuffling around. I came here to study," Yibo ran his eyes over the other guy, giving him pointed look, perceiving him for what he appeared to be; high like a kite. "Spook me? Ha," he let out an incredulous scoff, shaking his head and looking away. He couldn't give himself away so easily. He was a cool guy after all. "As if. But you could spook someone else. Do you have no regard for the faint-hearted?" Yibo chastised the odd guy, playing off his own horror by pretending to care for an accidental passerby. "No - what? Just... can you keep it down? Or not talk about creepy, weird stuff?"
⁰⁴ youngdae k. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. the loud shouting in the midst of what was a quiet night snapped youngdae out of his immersion. he looked over his shoulder to see a student telling him off for a reason he'd probably understand if he were sober. the guy's words didn't stick to youngdae's brain, as he didn't have one, and all he could do with give this stranger a kind, inviting smile. "hey man, what's up?" he inquired as if the other were a buddy of his, then stopped his equipment from recording before turning his body toward the dude, "i heard you shuffling around earlier, did i spook you?" he gave a small little stoner laugh. "you wanna come join me?" he asked, looking around at his stuff, muttering to himself, "damn, i didn't bring a joint with me."
⁰¹ yibo w. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ youngdae k. Exactly for the silence, for the calmness of the night had Yibo chose the garden to study. But what the actual was this? In the silence, one he thought of as 'calming' turned into dreadful. Why were there no other loud students making ruckus to drown out the voice of this man? Each and every word sunk into Yibo's brain like a needle into a voodoo doll, each puncturing a different body part to shudder and grow goosebumps. He must have been kidding, this dude... right? Yibo whipped his head around after a thorough shiver, the Japanese literature in his hands now just a forgotten object. What was this story? Who was he talking to, some group of kindergarteners that believed this ? Well, in all honesty, it might as well have been Yibo sitting right in front of the guy, trembling in fear. 'Freshman', the word echoed in Yibo's preoccupied mind as he scanned his surroundings in search for the damned culprit that filled his brain with pure nightmare fuel. Why was it freshman? Why the gardens? By the bloody part of the story, Yibo was already packing up, stuffing his backpack with his book and everything with shaky, sweaty hands, trying to stay as calm on the outside as he could. But that was it. The next part hit and he was frozen mid-motion as he was reaching for his skateboard to 'bolt to his dorm room'. "ing hell," he muttered under his breath, swallowing a lump of distress. His eyes narrowed dangerously, ready to punch the crying bloody girl if he saw one when he turned around. He was not going to die. Not tonight, not now, not by a ing whiney little that had too much free time cutting open freshmen because she was just plain ugly. That was the brave mindset. "Dude, what the ?" Yibo called out, eyes zoomed it on the bundle of blanket and some recording set up. "Are you for real? Talking this out here, in the open?" Yibo tried to sound as steady as he normally would when confronting someone, but god give him strength to keep that face on and not pass out from his pounding heartbeat.
⁰⁴ youngdae k. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. the garden at night was chill, okay. the way the flowers glow in the moonlight, the sound of crickets chirping, the leaves rustling in the night breeze — it was just the perfect atmosphere to get youngdae /in the mood/, you know, for doing a podcast about real traumatizing urban legends that totally happened, especially at this school. he had his equipment set up on the floor as he sat next to it, almost completely hidden from any passerby, and a nice warm blanket over his shoulders so he could snuggle and admire the moon into the late hours of the night as he recalled the legend of the bloody girl that was seen on campus.

he had his podcast voice on, enunciating his words and deepening his pitch so that he would sound cooler, and the flow of his speech was as smooth as butter, trying to be as easy to listen to as possible. "there have been sightings of the bloody girl right where i'm sitting right now, actually," he explained to his recording equipment as if it were a person, "it's said that if you're alone on campus, you could catch a glimpse of the bloody girl and she'll follow you to your dorm." he took a break to pause, looking around as he heard footsteps. "when i first started college, there was a senior that told me the story of how he met the bloody girl during his freshman year," he snickered a little bit and shook his head, "he was alone in the library until nobody was there anymore and when he was done, he decided to take a shortcut through the garden when he saw a girl sitting on the ground with her face buried in her hands. my senior thought she was crying and went to console her, putting his hand on her shoulder asking her if she was okay when he noticed that she had blood all over her clothes. and then when she pulled her hands away from her face, that's when he realized that she wasn't a person. blood covered her face that had a huge creepy smile plastered on it. he freaked out, apologized, and bolted to his dorm room," and he took another pause, just for dramatic effect this time, "but by the time he got to his dorm, she was already there, next to his dorm window with that same smile on her face."
⁰¹ yibo w. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ youngdae k. Yibo wasn't able to concentrate. Whether it was the nerves of having to finish an entire book for his Japanese class, overnight, that he neglected or the fact that he was missing a very anticipated motorcycle race, it didn't matter. His room proved to be too distracting with his bed and his laptop lying there, both luring him to procrastinate. Instead, he took his backpack, skateboard and was off to the garden on the campus grounds. He knew he wouldn't be the only one there, but with some music to keep out the noises, it would be manageable. Unless he forgot his headphones. Which was exactly the case. Not in pockets, not in the backpack, but back at the dorm, neatly beside his laptop were those headphones. Yibo sat down on a bench near a light source and decided to start reading anyway, straining his eyes and mind to focus solely on the book. The casual sounds of the outdoor weren't that difficult to disregard. However, what was not so easy to ignore, was a man going on and on about something Yibo unconsciously listened to. Some kind of oddity that he had no knowledge about, loudly and expressively. Did that person have no shame at all, talking to himself without a care in the world?
⁰¹ hyewon k. 6 months ago
@⁰³ dohyun l. hyewon was just about done with the garden until hearing someone shriek. her attention turned over to find a male on the ground, flat and face first. she wasn't sure if it was okay to laugh or to pretend and hold it in. it would be rude but - he sure was the comedian. "are you okay?" the freshman called over as she stood up from where she was and jogged towards the other. never once seeing him before, she was unable to recall who he was. no one either came to the garden. it was more like the schools secret place. crouching over, she held her hand out and smiled.
⁰³ jungkook j. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ joohyuk n. Svelte digits gently rapped along the black camera body before he drops his arm to reach out for the latter's hand, holding it in a firm grasp whilst he shook it, an amiable smile tugging at the corners of his lips as a final touch of friendly display for the man standing in front of him. The taller radiated a type of warmth which immediately led Jungkook to slip into a comfortable ambience, completely at ease with being himself and unafraid that the dark haired would make passing judgements for his way of speech or his looks - anything, really. "Joohyuk! -- are you also a freshman?" Psychology major? He never would have expected that answer, having assumed that he would be someone from a business or design major; he hasn't really met anyone who studies psychology yet pursued photography so enthusiastically anyway - or perhaps, his impression of psychology majors was built up by the images projected in movies, where they needed help in more ways than one.

Nonetheless, Jungkook decides that the lad would make a good companion, and immediately shuffled over closer to him. Besides, he had lost his way around campus while exploring the grounds and was hoping Joohyuk could direct him to the entrance. "I'll teach you! It's really not too difficult once you know how to configure the exposure and use the right lens for your shots," chirping a response, the younger stood on his toes in a bid to boost his height a little, to sneak a peek at the images his new friend was taking. He probably should've informed Joohyuk that he was lost, knowing he would lose track of time and forget that he was even lost in the first place. But, teaching someone about photography didn't sound like a bad idea, especially since he could indulge in sharing his adventures. "I can't be sure if I enjoy being a photography major yet, since I started not too long ago. It's quite simple for me now though! Since I already know the fundamentals of it," which explains why he was in the university's garden instead of in class - he doesn't say this of course. "Do you have classes later? If you don't, maybe we can go around this whole place to take some pictures -- this garden is huge!"
⁰³ dohyun l. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ hyewon k. (h) his class had been cancelled so dohyun figured he had some extra time to himself before picking up eunbi from her daycare. it had been a while since he last visited the garden and he couldn't hide his eager heart as he practically ran across campus. ever since he was young, he had loved plants. he found it amazing that they continued to grow and thrive through harsh weather conditions and in a way, he was given hope through them. if they could blossom and flourish against wind and snow, then he could certainly do the same against his own struggles, right? rushing past the garden gates, he was ready to greet his precious babies when he suddenly caught sight of a person sitting on a nearby bench. completely taken off guard, he let out a(n embarrassingly loud) scream and tripped over his own feet.
⁰² hyunjin h. 6 months ago
@⁰³ yunho j. (I'm so sowwie for the late response!! ;-;)

Not minding to wait a bit, Hyunjin continued to take in the garden and take some more photos, especially because of how beautiful and majestic it felt. It would be different if the tables had turned and instead of a classmate, it would be his parents, they would be extremely upset and become frustrated with Hyunjin if he were ever late for him. They would both make sure to scold him and lecture if Hyunjin was ever late on them, telling him how disrespectful he was to them and as a son. Hyunjin was one to take it and not talk back to them, it was just part of his nature to. But it would be very different if they spoke about anyone like that to him, especially those that he cared about in his life, he's never done it before but would stay up for them in a heartbeat. 'Maybe we should of exchanged numbers...or something~.....aigoo~.....how could I be so forgetful??...' Hyunjin would think, blaming himself for not exchanging numbers or contact Information between the two. Frowning a bit to himself, it would soon fade as soon as he heard his name being called out, making him look over at the direction it was being called from. Blinking at first, Hyunjin would smile softly as he held his camera with one hand, the other hand reaching up a bit to give a small wave. "ah! Yunho~....you made it~" He would say before holding his camera with both hands, making his way up towards the other. "Are you ready to start on our project?....or did you want to settle in first so you can munch on something before we start?" Hyunjin would ask in his soft tone, knowing that since they attended a university, every student had different schedules, and it made him worry if the other had a class before coming here or had skipped lunch, wanting to make sure that he was comfortable first before starting on their project together.
⁰³ jungkook j. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ joohyuk n. It was the start of a new semester as snow melts to make way for sunnier days, and a newly enrolled student could be found frolicking the vast expanse of this prestigious university. Curiosity and wonderment filled every crevice of his mind, a mind that never ceases its buzzing for something new, a constant thirst for adventure, and it leads him to trudge down an unknown path, excitement practically fizzing through his entirety in burning desire to seek for avant-garde ideas. His surroundings albeit new, served as quite an interesting experience to the freshie, tickling all five of his senses to absorb each unveiling of an area yet to be explored. No more the bare wands that told of winter's magic, the green flags poured in, blooming bright with the parade of earth's next season. He adored spring for various reasons; the weather that lifts to a warmer note, the flowers colouring dull landscape in vibrant hues from beneath crystalline water flakes, there were much for his eyes to feast on, and much aesthetic to fuel his passion -- photography.

Unbeknownst to Jungkook, he had followed the trail that connects to the school's garden, footsteps that treaded along creamily tiled concrete soon integrating into green carpet, fertile soil underneath the sod softening his pace. He took in the beauty of nature that was bestowed upon him, a hint of amazement reflecting in his pools of hazel as he stood in his spot, staring at how the humble dandelion is the gold amid the green, a little sunshine close to the earth, born to shine. He stares, in a trance, at how the many different petals when put together, painted brilliant hues, and it ignites an inner smile, the kind that burns warm and long -- what a way to be welcomed. A sharp inhale to embrace the gentle scent of spring's essence was finished by a choking exhale when a figure twisted in a weird pose was in the male's line of sight. What was that? A statue? From this distance, he couldn't really tell. But when the assumed statue moves to bring the camera down, Jungkook realises he wasn't alone in the garden after all.

The smile worn on the stranger's countenance seemed friendly enough, and making new friends was something the freshman thoroughly enjoyed, hence without thinking if the latter was here to spend time alone, he had already approached him with tentative steps, clearing his throat once he closes up the space between them to make his presence known; careful not to startle the other party. "Hello! Do you like taking pictures? Your posture was a little weird . . . First time? I could give you some pointers! I'm majoring in film and photography, had a good amount of experience since I was young--" his hands were already outstretched, palms faced up as if waiting for the other to hand over the black device. Jungkook was excited, to say the least, now practically bouncing on his feet, he looked similar to a child awaiting for candy. "Ah! I'm Jungkook by the way! You are?"
⁰¹ hyewon k. 6 months ago
@⁰³ dohyun l. most of the students on campus don't walk through here, the garden area. it was the most treasured place of the campus. a very pulchritudinous area that deserved all the love. at least to hyewon, it deserved the love. thus why she joined the gardening club. everyday she dropped by after or before class to check up on the plants. everytime she stepped foot into the garden there was always something to look forward to. for example, on sunny days, her and her roommate miyeon would visit the garden and spend most of their leisure time catering to nature. it was stressful being a uni student so this little place was her reliever. sitting on a bench by a shade given by a tree, hyewon sat down and took pictures with her camera. she dropped by to check on the growth of her azalea's. call it a little typical but - they were a comely color of sakura pink that made the season of spring the most gorgeous season of the year. it was quiet as per usual. nothing else but a mundane day for the young freshman.
⁰² hyunjin h. 6 months ago

@⁰³ yunho j. As he finished his classes for the day, Hyunjin went to meet up with a classmate that he was paired up with for their photography class named, Yunho. Before being paired, the two hadn't officially met each other, nor did they exchange numbers, agreeing to meet here at the specific time. But this was a good opportunity for Hyunjin to come out of his shell, wanting to talk to others and get to know them, instead of being like his family, with being so high and mighty. Hyunjin was the complete opposite of them, wanting to show that he could be hard working too, that he cared and wanted to listen to others, instead of being selfish, ignorant and greedy with the family name, business and money. Some of the students in the university recognized who he was, either wanting to befriend him because how well known or the money that his family made, or would give him glares, thinking that he was the worst like his family. He would just walk away, keeping quiet to himself. Now he was here, alone, waiting on his assigned partner, with his backpack on his shoulders and camera hanging around his neck. As he waited, he let out a small sigh, enjoying the peace and quiet, before he moved to the side of the garden, taking a hold of his camera, and shooting a few photos for his sake since it looked very beautiful just being here.

One of the photos he took:


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