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⁰² doyeon k. 6 months ago
@⁰² wonwoo j. she shook her head at how ridiculously far the latter's father would go just to prove him innocent from the vile actions he would do to his own son, further channeling doyeon's hatred for the man. "he's a monster. i'm sorry but he's just a monster." she says, not even feeling that apologetic for what she had said, knowing well enough that he would understand that she has no filter with words when angered. "i just hope this is the last time you have to go through anything like this." she mumbles, wincing lightly as she looked at him, bringing a hand up to cup the side of his face gently, thumb prodding against the skin softly. "you're safe with me now."

the pat on her head caused her to chuckle, heart feeling a bit lighter at his attempts to calm her down. "i was still taller than you at one point in time." she mused, giving him a small smile. the hand that was on his cheek now grasping onto his wrist and guides his hand to hold the ice pack she made for him, standing back up to walk over to her bathroom to grab the basin hidden under the sink that she uses whenever the other comes over all beaten up. after filling it with water, she grabs a clean face towel and heads back to where he was. "you know what to do." she motions, patiently waiting for him.

she hums softly, now readying the cotton pads and ointments to disinfect the wounds that were more visible around his arms to observe the damage done. "i know" she starts off, reaching over to grab the towel that was soaked in the basin and wringed it before starting to clean, "i just want to make whatever you want this time." she finished, placing the cloth back in the basin before grabbing a gauze pad and poured some hydrogen peroxide on it. "this might sting" she warns, albeit the fact that he knows that well by now. her brows furrowing as she gently dabbed around the area of the gash, her lips pursing to blow on it, like how she did with all his other "accidents" before.
⁰² wonwoo j. 6 months ago
@⁰² doyeon k. there were a lack of words in the dictionary to amount to how grateful wonwoo was for doyeon. for how she cared for him and unhesitantly patched up every single wound that was left on him, physically and metaphorically, for just staying beside him when she could of ran the other way. even now, opening her arms for him after not hearing from him for months on end when it was the perfect opportunity to cut the last remaining strings holding their relationship together. he was thankful and content knowing that in this world where it seemed like everyone turned a blind eye, she was there and that's all he needed.

"i wish they were." he let out a soft, dissatisfied sigh knowing that even after all this, it was the tip of an ice burg that no one was ever willing to dive in to look deeper into it. "he could easily deny it and say that it was some random guy jumping me on the street or some other crazy story as long as he was clear in the end. i'm sure he would even pay off investigators if he had to." he rolled his eyes in annoyance, knowing his father's records of handing over cases filled with money to keep the fire from under his . "he's already cut me off completely so all i can do is hope that this was his warning to keep my mouth shut." it was the only logical explanation for wonwoo to meet the wrath after these years and part of him wanted to just cower away, to run to safety but he was filled with resentment for the man he called his father and he wouldn't go down too easily. he wasn't raised to do that after all.

his trembling hand moved to rest on the top of her head to pat it gently, an action he had done since he could remember, after he grew taller of her of course, usually as a teasing action to show he finally beat her height but this time it was in an attempt to comfort her, seeing how distraught she was about the situation. "yeah, i think it would be better to get cleaned up first. i'm sure half of these aren't as bad as they look right now." he let out a light chuckle, knowing the routine by now, looking like a disaster but once the dirt and blood washed away, he always looked at least a little better. "anything is fine, you know i'll eat just about anything."
⁰² doyeon k. 6 months ago
@⁰² wonwoo j. doyeon had been the only one who truly knew the extent how how horrid the latter's father could be on him, the memory of how she first saw them still haunting her up to the present. ever since that incident, she had grown protective over the male; making sure that he was safe from harm's away by letting him stay by her side. they were both victims of the "perfect family" agenda and she was more than grateful to have him in her life; the person she cares for the most.

a small shush left her lips at the hiss he let out, heart breaking even more upon seeing how much pain he was bearing at the moment. she knew he must've been under his father's 'care' for more than a day due to the extent of his injuries and judging by how tired he was. a silent sob of frustration left her lips at his words, knowing that they were true; who would believe the words of two college students against an old and wealthy man, but she didn't want to give up so easily. "but aren't... aren't these wounds and injuries of yours enough to testify, wonwoo?" she asked softly, eyes going over his tattered clothes with dried crimson stains all over them.

she closed her eyes for a brief second to calm herself down from the extreme emotions she was feeling, catching her breath before speaking once more, "But I don't want to talk about that anymore, what matters is you're here with me, safe." she said, looking at him with a small smile, heart fluttering lightly at the reassuring squeeze he gave. "do you want me to run you a hot bath so you could freshen up before i clean your wounds or clean your wounds then hop in the bath?" she questioned, sitting up rather straight, letting go of his hand to fix the position of his head against the ice pack. "and i'll be making you something to eat, what do you want?"
⁰² wonwoo j. 6 months ago
@⁰² doyeon k. despite the state he was in, a short chortle slipped past his busted lips as her warning echoed through the otherwise empty apartment, a wave of relief washing over him knowing that she was okay. that he had made it to her before anything could happen. in an instant, in a natural instinct, he pushed away the painful grimace that was plastered on his face to smile at the female as she came around the corner. it was a habit now, pretending to be okay even when he clearly wasn't, especially when it came to doyeon, despite the fact that she was well aware of what was happening behind the scenes of his 'perfect family'.

he practically melted into the couch once he reached it, letting his tired body give out finally now that he was in a space he believed to be safe, his eyes fluttering shut just for a moment. he hated hearing how the female's voice broke by he could manage, it would be the sight of her so distraught at the sight of him that would do it for him. he hated putting her in this situation but he felt as if he had nowhere else to go, not at the moment and if he were to tell the truth, he didn't want to be alone. the thought of being alone was frightening. he didn't expect much from her, just to be in the same space as her was enough for him. her presence alone was always comforting to him and that's all he needed.

a pain-filled hiss left his lips as cold met his hot skin, reactively jerking away from it at first before leaning his head back into it, practically dropping his head into her hand. "i can't just tell everyone, doyeon. it isn't as simple as that. i could tell the whole world but without any sort of proof or backup, it won't do anything. you know the type of power he holds." he mumbled, glancing at her for a moment, his hand squeezing hers with as much strength as he had. he wouldn't argue because he didn't want to to. he wanted to be with her. "okay...i will."
⁰² doyeon k. 6 months ago
@⁰² wonwoo j. as the sun started to set, warm hues of orange and purple decorated her room. normally doyeon would adore how beautiful the scene was but worry filled her mind more than anything else as of the moment. she was frantic, thoughts of what's the situation of the person she holds dearest to her heart could be; it was agonizing for the girl to go another hour without any sort of update from the him. she knew the capabilities of his father yet she had no fear whatsoever against the male; anger and hatred filled blinded her at the mere thought of what he does to his own son, making her sick to the core every time she remembers the first time she found out what happens behind closed doors.

her thoughts were cut however upon hearing her front door open, heart dropping to the pit of her stomach at in worry that someone might've sneaked into her house. her steps were slow and quiet as she reached over to her closet to grab the bat she keeps hidden in case situations like this call for it; or if any of his father's henchmen decide to pay her a surprise visit. she made her way out of her room carefully, senses on high alert as she peeked through the hallway, hearing heavy footsteps dragging along the floor of her entry way.

"i have bat! don't you dar一 wonwoo?" her voice dropped from being threatening to broken all in a matter of seconds as she let go of the weapon and ran to the boy's direction. tears welled up in her eyes at the sight of him, barely standing and skin littered with different shades of bruises, others looking rather old behind the fresher ones and wounds that were probably from his escape. she was quick to /carefully/ wrap her arms around his frame to guide him towards the couch in her apartment's living room. "w-who did this to you?"

"j-just hand on, okay? i- i'll be right back." her voice was beyond broken at the sight of her childhood bestfriend beaten up this badly, heart aching at the deadbeat sight. she rose up once again to grab the medicine kit inside her bathroom before hurrying to the kitchen to grab some ice and proceeded to make an ice pack from the clean cloth inside the kit; cursing under her breath as her hands were trembling too much at the overwhelming sight, tears blurring up her vision which she wiped before walking back to the couch.

she sat down next to him, trying her best to silence her sobs as she pressed the ice pack to the bruises on his face, "please, tell me, wonwoo. you can't keep hiding this from everyone." she begged, her free hand reaching over to hold his in a tight yet comforting grip, letting her tears flow freely now. "stay with me instead, please."
⁰² wonwoo j. 6 months ago
@⁰² doyeon k. // CONTENT WARNING.

as the sun hugged the horizon, painting the skies with shades of pink and oranges, wonwoo inched down the sidewalk aimlessly as fast as his legs could carry him in a state where his whole body felt weak, each lift of his legs felt like dragging twenty pounds behind him.  
he should have expected this, he let himself become too carefree in a two-person war zone. he knew that his father-- no. chariman jeon was aware of his arrival into his home country the second he stepped foot out of the airport. he suspected that he was disowned by the chairman a couple of years back when wonwoo fled his home in the middle of the night. he knew that he was just another subject that wasn't on the same team as the older male, meaning that there was no holding back in 'punishment' to betraying him, for going against him.  wonwoo was careless and he paid the price for it.  yet he didn't care. not for himself at least. 

despite the bruises that painted his skin, the dried crimson color on his face and hands, his worry wasn't for himself but for those wonwoo still held close to him. for one person in particular. her cries on his voicemail still haunting him as he dragged himself to her apartment, silent prayers leaving her lips that she was safe and untouched. he would take a hundred more punches and a million more kicks if it meant her safety. he was sure he would even die for her. but if he did that, then who would protect her then? he vowed to her that he would stay alive. only for her. 

dragging himself up the stairs that led to her door, he stumbled a couple of times, the simple task feeling nearly impossible at the moment. he was beyond tired. he would be fine with just laying across the stairs, to take a break but the mere thought of doyeon alone in her apartment, harmed or worrying herself to death pushed him to take those last few steps to her door.  
his hands shook as he put in the passcode that she had told him beforehand, thankfully overcall rather than on text, and slowly entered the apartment. he wasn't even sure if she was home but that would be all the better. giving him time to clean himself up at least some, knowing that in this state, she would lose her mind. 


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