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room 101!
strictly ic only. this room is for in person roleplaying only. remember to use brackets if speaking ooc. please do keep ooc interactions to a minimum. 

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⁰⁴ zhan x. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. @⁰¹ miyeon c. "Hey Baby," Zhan smiled at the sight of his boyfriend, leaning over to give him a quick peck to the lips before turning to his childhood friend. His smile quickly melted, and his eyebrows furrowed in concern, as he held the door open for his boyfriend. "Miy? Have you been crying?" Toeing off his shoes and dropping the bag on the floor to pull her into a warm embrace "Whats wrong sweetie?"
⁰¹ yibo w. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. @⁰¹ miyeon c. He didn't expect this get together. Lying in bed watching on his laptop, the least he could do is get decent and not walk the corridors in a shirt and underpants. It was Miyeon and Zhan, both knew him in and out, he didn't have to maintain anything. Yawning, he made his way from the second floor to the first one, suddenly picking up his pace as the door opened to let in the very familiar tall figure. "Don't close the door," Yibo warned as he scurried towards the cracked open door, queueing up behind Zhan, joining the party.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. @⁰¹ yibo w. before yesterday, miyeon had never once imagined that the term "heartbroken" was anything more than a silly metaphor--but, as she stared at her tear-stained reflection in the dainty dorm mirror, makeup brushes beating her skin as she tried to paint on a happy face, she could indeed confirm that it felt like her heart was broken in the most literal of senses. hearing zhan's knocks, the girl wiped her cheeks once again before making her way to the door, cracking it open just wide enough for him to enter. "hi, zhannie," she chimed, forcing a bright smile onto her lips that didn't quite reach her eyes, tiptoeing to press a customary kiss to his cheek. "come in. you can set the bags on the counter if you'd like."
⁰⁴ zhan x. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. @⁰¹ miyeon c. The senior was dressed in his usual garb, black joggers, plain (albeit fresh) t-shirt, a demin jacket to shield from the windy night. Armed with a bag of snacks and liquor (soju and baijiu as requested) from a convience store he'd stopped at on he way over, Zhan strolled through the familiar halls of Saebom's dorms. Admittedly he'd been more preoccupited as of late and hadn't spent as much time with his childhood friend as he'd liked. Thus, when she'd texted asking for drinks, he had been more than happy to comply.
"I come baring gifts" He announces as he knocks on the door to Miyeon's shared dorm room.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 6 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. oh. /oh my./ as taeyong worked a third finger into her wet opening, miyeon's face scrunched a bit in pain, breath hitching in a sharp and distressed inhale because she could physically feel him spreading her hot walls and it kind of felt like her insides were being torn apart? pearly teeth sinking into her plump bottom lip, the girl let her eyes close as she gritted through the dull stinging, trying to focus on his silly story even if just to escape reality for a few moments.

"o-oh really? if it was that good maybe- maybe i should buy one too," miyeon's giggles escaped her in labored puffs of air, nails digging ever so lightly into the dips of his soft hips as her body fluidly adjusted to his . much to her chagrin, the pain took its time subsiding, just as if to sweetly torture the petite girl, though it gradually succumbed to a sort of pre-ic pleasure she had yet to experience--one that had her hips awkwardly gyrating with each of his dainty fingers, mind going hazy with primitive desire.

"i'm okay now, yeah. 's all good," she breathed out, eyelids reluctantly fluttering open to be met with his wide, concerned eyes which made her feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside. miyeon brought one hand up to brush her fingertips soothingly across his cheek, pressing the softest of kisses to his shoulder in appreciation of his unadulterated care. "tae, i- i think i'm ready," were the words whispered against his skin, tone surprisingly assured in contrast to the chaste blush staining her cheeks, hot body pressing flush against his as she nuzzled her face into his nape, s pillowing against his bare chest.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. there was an undeniable tsunami of relief that crashed over him when he found out that this wasn't miyeon's first time ever. technically. at least she had experience with... taeyong stopped his train of thought there, conflicted between picturing his friend splayed out on this very bed, experimenting with her toys and keeping his mind blank.

"well- uhm, that's good– that's good. admittedly, i have to say, the real thing is way, way nicer, ha," taeyong let out in a soft breath, before he laughed to cover up his embarrassment. he figured he needed to even out the scale in talking about embarrassing stuff. besides, he was literally his friend on her bed. stories of past experiences hardly compared. "i've tried toys too, but, i suppose once you... know what the real thing is like– it, yeah, it's kind of hard to go back," he confessed with pink cheeks, giving miyeon a small smile.

it was the slight twitch of her hips against his fingers that made him realize that she was ready for more. swallowing thickly, taeyong made sure his ring finger was amply coated with the lube before he gently slid it into her. the fit was tight at first, but with a couple , he felt the muscles relaxing. he spread out his fingers as much as he could every other time he slid the digits back in, trying to make sure miyeon was as prepared as could be.

"funny story, actually, this one time, i was with a guy, and he and i were fooling around with one of my s. this guy... he seemed to like the one i have so much that he... asked if he could keep it," taeyong snorted quietly, shaking his head with light chuckle. "i told him no, obviously, because first, i paid for it, and second, that was my favourite one! i did direct him to the store where i bought it, though.. hopefully he's enjoying himself wherever he is," the prince finished, glancing down at miyeon again. "h-how are– are you feeling okay?"
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. if one finger felt like a refreshing drizzle, familiar and soothing, then two fingers felt more like a downpour on a sunny day. mildly irritating and uncomfortable, although undeniably seductive. miyeon tensed a bit as taeyong slid his slender digits deeper into her needy , abdomen taught with uneasiness, though she found herself gradually relaxing as her walls stretched to accommodate the intrusion. as another scarlet red blossomed across her cheeks because /oh my god why does he want to know that/, the feathery nuzzling of his nose against her milky skin made the girl giggle ticklishly, prompting her to answer.

“mm, uh- yes,” was her response, carried in a puff of soft air as she exhaled shakily, feeling the remnants of pre-ic pleasure returning with each brush of his fingers.

miyeon rested her hands lightly on his hips, forehead once again lodging on his slender shoulder, averting her gaze to his lap because she was both embarrassed and desperate to focus on anything other than the bewitching sensation between her legs.

“i have a few s that i’ve tried,” she started, kind of just blabbering the words, not so much focused on the meaning as on the intention, “and a . it’s not super big or scary or anything but- it’s kind of nice? maybe 4 or 5 inches. not sure how it compares to, you know, the real thing...” as she trailed off, finally registering that this was probably information he didn’t care about, miyeon flushed again, turning her face—cheek pillowed against the edge of his collarbone—to blink at taeyong with those kittenishly hooded chocolate eyes of hers; and in that moment she realized she had hopelessly fallen prey to an unforgiving spell of both lust and love for her friend, one that rendered her obedient to his words and had her hips jerking subtly against his hand as if pleading for just a bit more.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. there was that confirmation he had been dreading.

his chest constricted with guilt, fear, trepidation– he forced himself to at least hear her out, not wanting to give himself high blood pressure from jumping to conclusions.

and boy, was he glad he had listened.

wordlessly, the man sat there, breath heavy but steady as miyeon tried to convey that she was confident about her choice. was it right to say that taeyong was... relieved? not that he had been desperate to lay her, far from it – but rather, he had been recently craving the intimacy one really only achieved through . it was the mutual understanding, closeness, occasional affection and hundred percent vulnerability that the simple, primal act of nature gave him that had him /relieved/.

in a way, too, he supposed he understood his friend. it was daunting to give your first to some stranger, but it was equally daunting, if not more painful, to have to wait for a potential 'the one' to give it to. taeyong recognized that being the middle ground was actually quite the best outcome.

leaning into her tender touch, taeyong couldn't repress the smile twitching on his lips even if he had attempted to. "of course i'll take care of you, yeonnie. i always do," he replied honestly. it was nothing but a fact: taeyong was one to put other peoples' care ahead of his. this only linearly increased with how much he cared for that person. needless to say, miyeon was quite high on that chart.

before he could say any further, their lips were being introduced to each other in a gentle, fluttering kiss. it elicited nothing of the usual sparks he felt when he kissed a man, yet it aroused no bile or agitation similar to past experiences with a woman. whether this was him branching out, or simply being platonically attracted to his friend, taeyong found himself enjoying this simple, sweet kiss. once they parted, he was feeling much calmer about the whole ordeal. which was ironic, considering /he/ wasn't the one about to lose his ity.

for now, the young man opted to ignore the glaring fact that miyeon was quite prepared. lube, he supposed he could understand... condoms? whatever, not that it mattered. all he had to focus was on the present. the present being his gorgeous, lovely miyeon spread out in front of him, eager to acquire her new milestone.

grabbing the bottle of lube handed to him, taeyong flipped open the cap and drizzled a copious amount onto his long digits, making sure they were well-coated and warmed the liquid up. "have you uhm... have you ever... experimented?" taeyong queried in curiosity, attempting to strike a conversation to distract miyeon from any possible discomfort. without waiting for further instructions, as he was sure the poor girl was still worked up from having been pushed so close to the edge, the elder carefully worked his two fingers into her throbbing . the tight heat eagerly welcomed him, momentarily rendering him breathless once more. still, as he slide the fingers in deeper, he nudged her cheek with his nose. he gently encouraged her to respond to distract herself.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. as taeyong continued to finger her, his dainty finger caressing all the right nerves, miyeon did her best to quell her whimpers by pathetically biting her lip but it was /so, so hard/--her breathing was labored, thighs quivering like never before, hips rutting down against his hand as he finger ed her to within an inch of her . she could feel that familiar intensity coiling in her stomach, abdominal muscles clenching in anticipation of the release of the deep and momentous earthquake of tension within her--but suddenly his ministrations stopped, and the tension quickly subsided, leaving in its wake a feeling of sheer emptiness.

glancing at taeyong from beneath long lashes, eyes stained with tears of pleasure that never quite had the chance to fall, miyeon felt most of her lust dissipate as she took note of the nervousness etched into his pretty features. upon hearing his question, her milky skin flushed a darker shade of pink, and she heedlessly buried her face into his bare shoulder to hide her embarrassment; though his words which at first startled her quickly made the girl soften, eliciting some sort of warm fuzziness within in her chest because how had she been so lucky to find a friend like him?

"no, i- i haven't," was her soft answer, eyes slowly peeking up to meet that boba-like gaze of his, trying desperately to calm the rapid palpitations of her heart as she took a few deep breaths before continuing. "but i'm ready, tae. i- i don't need it to be romantic, or with the right person..." miyeon trailed off, almost feeling like she wanted to cry because it was hard to explain to him how much she had been wanting this, how much she trusted him, how he was the only person whom at that moment she knew with complete confidence would do his best to take care of her.

"i am comfortable. i promise. it's just- i'd be scared to do it with anyone else," she whispered, in such a quiet yet sincere tone laced with such raw tenderness that it almost scared her. lifting her head from his shoulder, she gingerly reached up, gently cupping both of his cheeks in her small palms, fingertips brushing lightly along his cheekbones.

"you'll take good care of me, won't you, tae?" it was more of a statement than a question, one replete with remnants of all the platonic love she held for him, one that she fondly breathed out before leaning in to lightly mold her plush lips against his in the most delicate of kisses, hoping to both placate his apprehension and show him how serious she was. after a few moments that seemed to last for an eternity, miyeon broke their kiss, instead nuzzling her nose against his in a feather-like touch, a small smile drawn on her lips, one hand moving from his cheek to subtly tug open the top drawer of her nightstand (in which she had stashed the necessities, just in case).
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. undeniably, miyeon's quiet, melodic whimpers were getting to him. it was the fact that she was being so vulnerable, so raw with her emotions and pleasure that was causing the blood to gather downstairs. taeyong let out a shaky breath of his own, mind swirling from the firework of different thoughts and emotions, some foreign, some familiar.

probably the tipping point for taeyong was hearing his name slipping past those glistening cherry tiers. the prince barely swallowed his curse, feeling the beginnings of his press against the cotton of his briefs. it had been a while since he had been with someone; taeyong had almost forgotten what it felt like to be the cause of someone's euphoria. "i'm here," he whispered, continuing to let his long digit slip in and out of the wet heat that refused to let go of his finger. not that he was complaining.

soon enough, he was steadily brushing against a squishy part inside the younger, one that had a different texture than the rest. judging from miyeon's immediate reaction – those porcelain white thighs /quaked/ – he figured he had hit jackpot.

the prince continued to aim for those bundle of nerves, wanting to bring miyeon immense rapture, until he was met with those large brown orbs, pupils almost fully dilated. this close, he could count every single one of her eyelashes, hear her laboured breathing like it was in his ears, and watch the flawless skin splotch a darker red. unconsciously, he his lips, suddenly feeling the weight of what they were doing.

did 'more' mean... a bit more? or was 'more' the signal to go all the way?

conflicted, despite having known from the get-go that this could be a possibility, taeyong stilled his hand, leaving his finger buried inside her. he felt awkward bringing it up, but taeyong had to know. he needed the air to be clear between them; for them to be on the same page, before he did something he might regret.

"miyeon... by more... do you... want to go all the way?" he breathed out, still unable to fathom he would have ever found himself in such a situation. "because- i-i don't want to ruin the mood, but... i- i don't have any- er- c-condoms with me, or lube, and- wait-"

suddenly, a realization struck him.

"wait, miyeon, have you done this before?" those large, boba eyes widened, heart palpitating. taeyong wasn't entirely romantic in that sense, since he had given up his ity to some hot jock in highschool without a care and no regrets. however, this was miyeon. sweet, friendly, amazing miyeon. he didn't want her first to be meaningless, even if he cared for her deeply as a friend and would make sure it was a pleasurable first.

"i just- i want you to be comfortable and i would hate myself if i ever took something from you that you weren't sure you wanted to give."
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. in a sharp puff of air, miyeon's body automatically tensed in anticipation of his actions, her hands anxiously gripping the sheets beneath them, expecting it to be painful or uncomfortable like in the stories she had heard from friends. but then her chocolate eyes widened, and /oh my god/, a humiliatingly kittenish whimper breathed past her rosy lips as he plunged his slender digit deeper inside of her, her hot cavern quickly and greedily molding to the shape of his finger. it wasn't that the sensation in itself felt good, per se--in fact, it barely felt like anything at all--but she was undeniably aroused by the pretty boy's amatory attention, how his gaze was glued to her body like nothing else existed, the noticeably growing bulge in his briefs a testament to the fact that she wasn't the only one whose mind was flirting with salacious thoughts.

"tae," she breathed out, tone unhinged, plush tiers pursing into an embarrassed pout as he tugged his hand back only to let it sink in again and suddenly she was whimpering again, cheeks flushed a rosy pink as a wave of pleasure wracked her petite body, obvious in the slight quiver of her milky thighs. as if by instinct, her hips rutted forward slightly, causing miyeon's slender fingers to wrap around his bicep to steady herself; but such movement forced his digit deeper inside, a soft groan escaping her because /holy / she swore that part of his finger brushed against her g-spot, sending a tingling hotness flowing through her tummy, as if the flood gates of euphoria had finally been cracked open. although her toys were certainly much larger and more filling than his lithe finger, there had always been something missing, the absence of a component she could never properly identify--but maybe it was this, the human-to-human contact, the sound of another's uneven breath and the rapid beating of their heart, that she had been missing.

forehead resting on his shoulder, hand still holding his arm for support, miyeon took a few moments to let her panting die down before turning on her cheek, staring at his handsome countenance with half-lidded eyes. a crimson red matching his own had blossomed on her cheeks, s brushing ever so lightly against his bare chest, hair falling messily over her face and back. "tae, please, just a bit more. please," the words escaped her in a whispered whine, and the younger barely registered that she was the one speaking, drunk on her own sinful desire--her attention focusing on his gorgeously plump lips, which were now just a few inches from hers.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. for a long, charged moment, he thought he had ed up. he had asked miyeon for one too many things, and he was going to be kicked out, blocked, reported–


oxygen rushed into his lungs, revitalizing his poor lung tissues. wordlessly, he watched as the younger settled herself more comfortably and then arranged his fingers into a pointer. this felt like a fanfiction come to life, but he was too deep into whatever they were doing to care.

attentively, taeyong watched as miyeon trailed his finger further than his eyes had ever gone upon a girl. the skin was flushed and glistening. not akin to how when a was deliciously engorged with arousal, he idly noted. good to know humans more or less functioned in the same way. sort of.

pressure on the tiny bulb – /oris/, miyeon taught him – evoked a small whimper that immediately captured taeyong's attention. he filed away the fact for later. his cheeks continued to grow closer to tomatoes, but he kept his determined gaze on the wondrous sight in front of him. the more they traipsed forward into his uncharted territory, however, the less sure he was that miyeon was... experienced. or was she just really timid with new partners? emotions conflicting within him, he repressed any sort of rambling that could make it worse and just focused on his friend before him.

most of the words sounded familiar to him, which he was grateful for. though the notion of retaining anything he had learned flew right out the window when he heard the melodic notes flutter past her rosy lips. if that wasn't evident enough to her pleasure, the way the tip of his finger seemed to be inside the moist heat spoke volumes. taeyong may be abysmal at biology, but he was /well acquainted/ with the carnal pleasures of the body.

forcing down a thick lump lodged in his throat, taeyong decided to be the instigator. it was a role he was quite familiar with, though the dynamics were slightly different right now.

the prince twisted his wrist so that the inside of his wrist was facing upwards. the diagrams in the textbook were slowly making sense; he was connecting the dots between the theory and what was before him. lowering the timbre of his voice, he murmured, "and this leads into the , right?" before sliding his long, slender digit further into the heat that only him in. the tight heat was not dissimilar to the delightful heat of a male's , though certainly more moist.

carefully keeping an eye on miyeon's face for any sign of discomfort, taeyong tugged his hand back, only to let it sink in again. he might be gay, but not even he could deny the shivers of arousal that were zipping down his spine. it was more the prospect of being able to bring someone he cared for pleasure that was arousing than the actual anatomy of his partner.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. taeyong's left hand brushed against the smooth curve of her crotch that led into the warm depths of her and miyeon felt her thighs quiver slightly in anticipation, another shaky breath escaping her because something about the close promixity made her /throb/ inside like never before. it was akin to multiplying how she felt while touching herself tenfold and then injecting steroids into that feeling. plump lips pursing into a small pout, her chocolate orbs once again took a coup d'oeil of his masculine features and lean body, especially now that he had come closer, wanting to just lean over and--

show him?

the question snapped miyeon out of her licentious trance, and she blinked a few times, eyes widening, trying to make sure she had heard correctly. how could she do that, when she barely knew herself? not only did she expose herself to him, but now she had touch herself too? in front of him? cheeks painted pink, the younger of the two internally debated the issue, the rational part of her mind vehemently opposed but this dark side of her asking why not, she had already come this far, what's the point in stopping now

"alright," she mumbled, in a deep breath, trying to ignore the embarrassment scalding her cheeks and neck as she lowered herself a bit against the headboard, adjusting her body so that it was easier for both of them to see. gently, she grabbed his hand with hers, molding it into a fist with the exception of his index finger, which she left erect so as to use it as a pointer. "this," she started in a soft voice, dragging the tip of his finger around the folds, "is the . and this," she stopped at the top of her crotch after, pressing the tip very lightly against the small bud that was , unable to help the whimper the action elicited, "is the oris."

then, using her free hand, she spread her folds with thumb and middle fingers, exposing to taeyong's sight her puckered, deep hole which was already oozing juices, finding herself quickly looking away in pure mortification. "and this is the l opening, which leads up to the , then the cervix and the womb." her voice was so quiet, almost barely audible, as she dipped the tip of his finger into the hole, feeling the opening automatically clench around the part of his digit, coating it in a thin sheen of wetness. a pretty little mewl was heard, followed by teeth gnawing into her bottom lip to keep quiet, just glancing at taeyong through vulnerable and half-lidded eyes, not forcing his finger in any further--that was something he needed to do himself.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. female or male, there was no difference when responding to stimulus. taeyong was beyond pleased to hear that little puff of air miyeon let loose; it was a sign that she wasn’t not enjoying this, at least. it was the confidence booster he needed. a girl’s body was new territory, but he was a quick learner.

pleased that his rambling had accomplished its goal, evident from the way his friend visibly relaxed against the headboard, taeyong had his next compliment on the tip of his tongue when miyeon pushed the soft mounds together. /oh/. admittedly, the straight line her cleavage formed was alluring in its own way, almost as if it were an arrow pointing to the treasure at the end of the line.

once again, the prince was thrown off track completely when miyeon’s bold words came through. had he paid closer attention to her tone, he would have hinted that tiny bit of shyness. how could he, though? not when he was presented with the sight before him.

dear god.

the diagrams were a pathetic attempt to encapsulate exactly what a female’s crotch. well, he supposed the textbook didn’t want half the class to be aroused by a ing diagram, but- wow. taeyong’s brain was short-circuiting, for there was just so much to /look at/. where did he even begin??

inhaling deeply, taeyong couldn’t help but level the pink wetness in front of him with an intense stare. her skin was glimmering from the gentle sunlight streaming in through the curtains. so girls had their... own pre-? this was their self-lubrication? vague snippets of his class notes floated in his memory, but were quickly lost by his still flailing brain. “it’s /so/ different—“ the elder of the two choked out, a nervous titter slipping past his lips. while he wasn’t exactly enticed by the sight in the way he knew some of his straight or biual friends were, the young man couldn’t deny the allure. but he felt /something/ in his belly. was it arousal? curiosity? did this mean he liked girls? god, everything was a mess in his non-existent brain.

figuring he’d ponder on what this meant for his uality at a later time, taeyong flickered his heavy gaze up to miyeon’s face once again before he proceeded with letting his curiosity take over. leaving the hand that miyeon hand placed on her thigh, his left hand brushed against the smooth curve of her crotch that lead into the warm... cavern. taeyong was so used to handling an appendage; the lack of one was an experience for sure. “a-admittedly, i don’t- i don’t know where to start,” he tried to shake off his nervousness with a chuckle.

“do you... want to show me?”
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. amazing? her?

miyeon's brows furrowed a bit in confusion, not quite understanding the meaning behind his words given that all she had done was undress. regardless of their meaning, however, she could practically feel the sincerity and fondness in his tone, her attention captivated by the bright smile gracing his pouty lips--and suddenly the tension within her muscles was dissipating, back sinking back a bit more comfortably against the headboard because /right/, taeyong was her trusted friend and this was their own little safe space, one in which they could explore and be intimate without fear of repercussions.

as he brushed the calloused pad of his thumb against her right , a soft puff of air sounding oddly like a whimper emanated from between her cherry lips, and miyeon's own gaze mirrored his transfixed one, both astonished and mesmerized by how instantly her own body reacted to his touch. she found herself giggling once again as a result of his nervous tongue, a certain tender feeling ading her consciousness because in spite of their precarious situation, it seemed that all taeyong could think about was how good of a pillow her s would make and /how cute was that/.

"i'm sure we do," the girl mused in a soft tone, another giggle wracking her chest, her own dainty hands moving to cup the underside of her s, fingers brushing his, mushing the two mounds together slightly, creating a sort of visible cleavage for him to observe. the same butterflies continued to dance in her stomach almost mockingly, constantly reminding her of her own inexperience, but miyeon was beginning to feel bewitched by her own lust, desire and affection urgently burning her skin.

"and what about here? how different is it?" although it was a shy inquiry, spoken in the sweetest and most bashful of tones, her actions were most certainly not--thighs finally unclenching, exposing to taeyong her most intimate area, a sheen of wetness adorning her pretty pink folds. her left hand had gently grabbed his, leading it to trail down her soft stomach until it rested on her inner thigh, wondering if he could feel the heat pulsing through her , see the evidence of her arousal on the sheet below them, which now boasted a small wet patch of its own.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. motionless, like a statue, the young prince sat, afraid that any movement would send his friend skittering away. for this was not a small deal. to open up to someone so intimately, to trust them with their bare bodies — it was a great honour to even be witnessing such ethereal beauty be revealed to him.

and what truly great beauty it was.

taeyong had to inhale sharply to suppress the loud cough that would have escaped his lips upon being presented with the voluptuous s. he had known a girl’s chest was different than his, but to see it up close and personal. /wow/.

what the elder hadn’t anticipated, however, was miyeon to go an extra step. before he had the courage to voice out his assurances that this was fine, his friend was already sliding off the last layer of her defences. all air got punched out of his lungs. the tiny glimpse he had gotten before she pressed her thighs together had his mind spinning. momentarily winded just from the experience, taeyong stared down at the younger, his own face flushed a similar shade. finally, he gathered his scattered wits and flashed her a bright smile. one speaking of his royal blood.

“you’re amazing,” was all he could manage, really, before he refocused his gaze upon her chest. taeyong had sensed that she wasn’t entirely ready to open herself to him completely, which was absolutely fine for him. he had a lot to process as it was.

long, slender fingers reached up to cup the now freed s, marvelling at the shape and weight and smoothness and— wow, everything. unable to stop himself, as it was a habit of his with his bed partners, taeyong grazed his thumb against her right . his gaze remained transfixed upon how quickly the skin puckered up and hardened. “i guess- i guess, they’re kind of the same, huh? i-i mean- like, for guys and girls- well, except, the obvious difference—“ suddenly the young man stammered, cheeks acquiring a beet-red hue.

“though i guess girls make for better pillows—” he couldn’t stop his rampant tongue even if he wanted to. perhaps it was his nervousness that loosened his tongue, trying to dispel any awkward air that might coalesce.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. oh god. as taeyong's thumbs trailed lightly across her thighs, stopping at the hem of her , miyeon started to feel a bit dizzy because /wow/ did that trigger an intense throbbing sensation between her legs.

she was sure that the wet spot on her had grown substantially in the past few moments, engendering a nauseating hesitation within her--what if he thought it was weird or gross? but the hesitant look on his face, the admiration in his eyes, the sweetness in his voice were all indicators that taeyong would never think something like that. so, taking a deep breath once again, the girl whispered out a short-winded "yes," the anxiety imbuing her chocolate orbs slowly making way for trust and affection.

almost as if in a trance, miyeon reached one hand behind her back and unclipped her bra, a soft sigh of relief escaping from her cherry lips as it fell down her arms, feeling significantly less restricted and almost like she could breathe easier, despite the vigorous pounding of her heart. although the hue adorning her cheeks continued to grow darker, she carefully discarded the bra to the side and allowed her hands to trail down her stomach, feeling the soft skin for herself, before hooking her fingertips on the hem of her now fairly-soaked and pulling them down her long legs, thighs pressing together again because this was the part she had always been most scared of--to show someone else her most intimate part--and she wasn't exactly sure if felt confident enough to show taeyong just yet, though she knew she wouldn't resist if he asked. there was a sweaty stickiness between her thighs, so wet and thick that the girl shifted a bit uncomfortably, almost swearing she could smell it. capturing her bottom lip between pearly teeth, she peered at him hesitantly, afraid to make any other movements, though the soft voice inside her head was incessant in its pleas for him to touch her again.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. if there was a god, they would have taken mercy on taeyong right about now and just ended him. horrified, taeyong barely halted his palm from smacking himself straight in the face before he released a soft breath. "i'm sorry, i mean–" he began to explain himself, but let out a light yet shrill laugh at her words. who was he to deny the truth? "you should know, you've watched me scroll on insta all class–" the older of the pair exhaled in a chuckle, the hand that was cupping her moving to ruffle his loose blonde locks.

"it's– it's nothing to be embarrassed about, though–" taeyong quickly chimed upon seeing his friend's flustered state, so he was relieved to hear the tittering giggles that slipped past her cherry lips. pleased that he hadn't ed up this unfathomable but intriguing opportunity before it even began, the young man allowed his friend to let her own gaze wander. he was not one to be self-conscious about his body in any form at all, but it was odd for him to have a female friend of his witness him in this state of undress. he didn't have the largest girth – taeyong had experience far more /filling/ fulfillments – but he made up for that with decent length. idly, he pondered over how many men miyeon had experience with, and whether he would be able to measure up to any of her past partners.

if they were even going that far? at this point, taeyong had no idea; he decided to simply stick with the flow for now.

tenderly, he smoothed the pads of his thumb across the silky skin of miyeon's thigh, gauging her reaction. once he deemed it safe enough to proceed, the prince let his hand casually tend towards the dip of her hips, just faltering at the hem of her . still not entirely confident, he switched gears and proceeded back to her chest. nibbling on his lower lip, taeyong gazed down at his friend, his sweet, cute, gorgeous friend, and whispered softly, terrified if he raised his voice anymore it would shatter their renewed moment, "do you think i could see more?"
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. watching in fascination as taeyong undressed, her eyes shamelessly roamed the unmarred expanse of his skin as it was exposed, her mind emptying of all thoughts barring how pretty he was. she had never seen anyone undress so casually, so completely without inhibitions--and his body was absolutely gorgeous as if carved by god himself. lean and taught in the stomach and arms, with just the right amount of muscle; almost immediately miyeon began to feel self-conscious again, although his words in part reassured her, another pink blush blossoming across her cheeks, unused to being complimented so openly. she was slowly getting used to the weight of his hand on her , relishing in the tender warmth-- and then she heard the words he blurted out, and the girl felt like she just wanted to crawl into a hole.

oh no.

slowly, in horror, she glanced down at her and- /oh my god/ there was a small yet substantial wet spot beginning to form. out of instinct, her thighs pressed together in a feeble attempt to conceal her embarrassment, hands once again moving to cover her flushed face. it was something she couldn't help, really--the sweet wetness just seemed to naturally form whenever she so much as got slightly aroused.

"you really didn't pay attention in class, did you, tae," the girl mumbled, almost in a whine, but as she actually processed his words she realized that, just from the phrasing, he had most likely never seen another woman --and that in itself made her giggle softly, shoulders shaking as the laughter wracked her body, finding their situation to be almost ironic. letting her fingers drop so she could see taeyong again without obstruction, a pretty smile now dancing on her lips, her own hooded gaze slid down to his briefs, curiosity getting the best of her. she could see the faint outline of his bulge, which looked surprisingly large, but miyeon found that she couldn't decipher if he was erect just yet, or leaking precum--as they had learned about in class.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. for a moment, he let his gaze linger on how he could see the tiny, almost invisible hairs on her delicate body rise before he refocused his full attention on the pretty girl before him. another moment was lost, however, in relishing the way her tongue poked out to swipe at her luscious lips. taeyong may as well have been a in that moment, for how flustered he was. especially given this was entirely new territory.

giving miyeon a nod, taeyong gingerly slid off the bed and shucked off his hoodie, leaving him topless; he was known to sometimes not wear any t-shirts underneath. the prince carried onto undoing the buckles of his belt. (though he didn’t know why he bothered, given how skin-tight his ripped jeans were.) within no time, he was shimmying his long legs, limbs that stretched on for miles, out of the clinging fabric, leaving him in his simple briefs. while he did have a bit of body hair around his calves, the rest of his skin was hairless; an unmarred expanse of pale skin similar to miyeon’s. figuring he wouldn’t need his reading glasses much, he slid them off his angular face and set them on the bedside table before rejoining his friend on the bed.

now that they were of similar states of undress, taeyong oddly felt... emboldened to make the first move. with less hesitation than the first time, the prince reached out and tenderly cupped the supple mound of flesh. a whoosh of air fluttered past his lips at the unfamiliar, but pleasant weight.

“you’re really pretty, you know?” he murmured softly, giving his friend a timid smile. while his hand was busy familiarizing himself with the gentle curves, taeyong allowed his hooded gaze to slide down the length of her beautiful body all the way to her .

before he could stop himself, and you know, /think/, he blurted with wide eyes, “girls get wet patches too?”

way to preserve the moment.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. miyeon's teeth sunk deeply into her plush bottom lip as his fingers grazed her , the touch itself making her shiver a bit, his warmth quite a welcome emancipation from the slightly chill air. she had touched herself plenty of times, but to have someone else do it was an entirely different experience--her skin tingled, goosebumps erupting across the alabaster expanse as she felt her breath shallow, an unfamiliar hotness permeating her lower stomach.

the girl was breathless with anticipation, her instincts urging her to do things she had never dreamed of. hearing his gentle question, her only answer was a shy nod, gaze finally shifting back to his handsome face, flushing a bit from the admiration etched into his features. her eyes subconsciously capered across his countenance, taking note of every little detail, tracing the delicate outline of his lips which seemed so plump and inviting--at this point, her own lips had parted slightly again, and her pink tongue peeked out to wet them, throat dry from how nervous she felt. miyeon's dainty fingers gripped onto the blanket beneath them, searching for an anchor to keep her tied to reality before she was swept away in a sea of her own desire, staring at him through heavy-lidded eyes, almost pleading for taeyong to touch her again.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. clearly, miyeon wasn’t unaffected by her own proposal. it would also be a pointless lie if he said he wasn’t slightly by her minute reactions. there was something incredibly arousing about being a part of the cause for someone else’s lust. it seemed that wasn’t entirely limited to men for taeyong.

“okay,” the older breathed out in relief, the corner of his pretty pink lips curving up in a smile. “that’s great.”

now that the uncertainty of the outcome was cleared, he could finally allow himself to be pulled in by his friend’s captivating nature. gaze riveted onto miyeon’s back, taeyong watched with bated breath as the young woman began to peel off her outer layers. sure, he had seen women in bikinis, so taeyong had a /general/ idea of what females looked like underneath their covers, but the fact that he was going to get a further, more intimate glimpse had him leaning forward eagerly.

shifting to the side to give miyeon ample space, taeyong remained wordless. he simply... admired. no doubt that his friend was beautiful. creamy, porcelain skin that blanketed the softest curves. the pink bra did a semi-decent job of covering the soft mounds they supported. the further down his eyes slid, the closer the shade of his cheeks matched miyeon’s underwear. they then out-reddened he lacy fabric upon hearing her speak.

after all, this was still a “study” session.... right?

hesitantly, taeyong made his way towards his friend, then stopped in front of her. god, should he settle himself in between her legs? or beside her? would that be crossing a boundary, or would it be acceptable? fumbling, the young man pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose, unsure of where to land his darkened orbs.

“uhm.. right.. i-“ he flushed, then shuffled just a tad bit closer, enough to the side that he wasn’t completely between her legs, yet not entirely to the side. halfway seemed decent.

taeyong spared his younger friend one more glance, making sure she was okay with everything, before raising his hand to gently caress the supple, clothed flesh. his thumb ghosted over the skin peeking out over the hem of her bra; even though he wasn’t on the receiving end of the touch, a shiver zipped down his spine. he hadn’t anticipated just how soft to the touch the skin would be.

after a few moments of simply caressing the milky white expanse, taeyong cleared his throat, offering the younger a small smile. “would... would you be more comfortable if... if i stripped too? i feel awful just... having you semi- on your own,” he murmured gently. even if it wasn’t someone’s first time, becoming intimate with a new partner — or whatever the heck they were at the moment — was always a bit daunting. taeyong would do anything to have his friend comfortable too.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. miyeon couldn’t help the way her chocolate eyes widened in response to his answer, slowly lowering her hands from her face, plush lips parted in a surprised albeit almost sensuous manner. her gaze followed his out of reflex, noticing that it furtively traced the curves of her body—and something about that look ignited a fire of lust within her, heating every inch of her milky skin, causing her breath to noticeably hitch a bit, mind suddenly a bit hazy, almost like she was in a dream.

“i- it won’t,” she replied in a breathless voice, trying to quickly rack her mind for her next course of action. god, this was turning into some poorly scripted o, and it seemed like they were the two unfortunate actors—but she felt her excitement and nervousness grow, butterflies dancing about in the pit of her stomach. taeyong’s words elicited a bashfully happy smile from the girl, and she softly admitted, “i really want you as my friend too.”

gingerly sliding off of the bed, miyeon turned so that her back was facing him, slowly ing her top and tugging it over her head, an action that was followed promptly by the sound of her ping her skirt, letting it carelessly fall to the floor. arms wrapping gently around her waist, miyeon glanced down at herself, feeling utterly self-conscious—this was her first time unclothed in front of anyone else besides her roommate, after all.

although she had a quite slender and petite build, her skin was flawlessly milky, small waist creating subtle curves down her sides, and her s were a bit larger and perkier than most other girls their age—something she was quite proud of. slowly turning around, donning a cute pink bra and set, she climbed back onto the bed and rested her upper back against the headboard, feeling as if her cheeks were on fire. “um- feel free to touch wherever. and use the textbook if you don’t know what something is,” mumbled the girl, gaze flitting toward the wall because wow it was hard to look at him in her current position, so exposed and vulnerable. fighting against her instinct to press her thighs together, she forced her legs apart, knees bent slightly, revealing herself to his inquisitive eyes.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. his pride took a bit of a blow there for a second, never having fathomed he would be berated by someone younger than him. perhaps it was the royal blood in him speaking. nevertheless, he ignored it, for he knew his friend didn’t mean him any harm. it was the truth, anyway. taeyong just simply could not spare one about biology, no matter how hard he tried.

the sophomore was busy drowning in his inner turmoil, trying to wrack up some other way to incentivise himself to learn, when miyeon shifted and swiftly shut the book. curiosity piqued, he figured she had an idea up her sleeve, so he devoted his full attention to her.

only to have the air seep out of his lungs like helium whizzing out of a balloon.

“uh-“ taeyong replied eloquently.

it took a moment for his supposed high iq brain to absorb what was being conveyed to him right now. miyeon wanted to... show him... the real thing. now, he was no innocent man by any means, so there was only one connotation he could attach to that suggestion. the pink smattering on the younger’s cheeks only confirmed his suspicion.


once again, taeyong was rendered speechless, but for an entirely different reason. very early on, the young man had been quite aware of his affinity for men. girls had still flocked to him, but they were only confidence boosters. the most he had done with a female was kiss their cheek. in middle school.

“i- i don’t know what to say,” laughed the prince, though he couldn’t stop staring at his suddenly bashful friend. the more he stared, however, the more he was intrigued by what lay underneath her trendy clothes. “well, actually... i wouldn’t... i wouldn’t be entirely opposed to it,” he finally admitted, flashing the younger a timid smile of his own. “as long- as long as this doesn’t ruin our friendship. i really want you as my friend,” he added quickly. not without a furtive glance at those soft curves on her chest he had always had a niggling curiosity about in the back of his head.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. watching taeyong struggle to name even the simplest of organs had pearly teeth sinking into miyeon's lip as she desperately tried to bite back her giggles, not wanting to encourage this lackadaisical behavior of his. "c'mon, tae, you're not even trying," she pointed out in a stern tone, although the girl was unable to conceal the charming dimple of a beguiled smile. this was no time to be playing around, after all; the day of their midterm was fast-approaching, and not even his honey-coated words and sweet smile would be able to save his grade if he failed.

at his last words, miyeon felt herself unconsciously nod in agreement, though a faint shade of crimson dusted her cheeks as the meaning behind them did not go unnoticed. and suddenly, an absolutely atrocious idea popped into her head--one that would put even the teenage writers of cringey harry styles fanfiction to shame--and she cleared , averting her gaze so that her eyes were focused on her lap, fingers twiddling with one another. and for whatever reason, she allowed herself to be entertained by this idea. admittedly, it sounded ridiculous, but his purpose in coming here for her to teach him, right? this could be a better teaching method than any other. at the same time, however, the thought made her feel flustered and nervous and scared all at once--and then there was an odd excitement bubbling in her chest, a warm sensation spreading throughout her, the flush on her milky skin darkening substantially.

closing the textbook and setting it on the bed, miyeon decided to be brave for once because-- it, what was the harm in asking? they were close enough now that he could just laugh it off if he wanted to. "um, i- i could show you. the real thing, that is," she breathed out, shyly meeting his eyes, searching for any sign of reaction. "because, um, you said you're more of a hands-on guy and- i mean- we're friends, right? and- yeah, oh my god, i can't believe i just said that," miyeon trailed off abruptly before covering her face with her hands in shame, immediately regretting the words she had just spoken--though she looked at in embarrassment him through the cracks in her fingers, feeling like she wanted to run into moving traffic.
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. the soft giggle that flowed past those sweet lips caused a smile to crack through taeyong’s ire. he was really blessed to have her as a friend. then the textbook came into his field of view and all the colour of joy vapourized. scrunching his nose at the wretched binder of pages, taeyong glanced down at the section that was open. the one thing he was /least/ familiar with.

not even his herculean efforts could have concealed the grimace on his face.

“i-“ he began, cheeks acquiring a light dusting just staring at the diagrams. they weren’t something he had ever seen up close; vague memories from his school years of biology and -ed had been the only thing keeping him somewhat ‘informed’ of how the other gender worked.

“right. uhm... i mean... i- this is where the... baby-making happens, right? it’s the- uh- something that rhymed with uranus-“ the flustered prince pointed at the uterus. biting down on his lower lip, taeyong scratched the back of his neck before giving up. he had lasted a grand total of ten seconds. a new record in his books, he supposed.

“i don’t know! urgh! i’m more of a hands on guy, you know? i’ve never- i mean- /you know/,” the pretty boy whined, pulling his cheeks before giving them a light slap. that would be his reasoning for the heavy blood flow to his face.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² taeyong l. while miyeon didn't abhor biology with the same fiery passion as taeyong, she certainly wasn't the class's biggest fan. the content was undoubtedly boring and redundant; however, doing well in the class relied almost solely on how well one could memorization the body parts and their functions, and luckily retaining such information was one of her strong suits. she watched as taeyong frustratedly ran a hand through his hair, a smile dancing on her pink lips, finding the duality of his intelligence to be extremely amusing--he could do all of these complicated physics problems with no issues, but kept mixing up the spleen and kidneys?

"if you say so," she hummed with a soft giggle, dainty fingers brushing the hair out of her face before they grabbed onto the course textbook, flipping to the page with the diagram of the female reproductive system. although the diagram was indeed labeled, she had kindly placed sticky notes over the words so he could remove them and check the answers as he moved along. holding up the book so he could see the pages, she angeled her body so that she could watch as he worked, wanting to make sure that he didn't cheat. "okay, tae. identify all the female reproductive organs and parts of the , and tell me what functions they serve."
⁰² taeyong l. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. biology. dear god, taeyong hated biology. it was the bane of his existence – who the hell thought it should be mandatory for a /physics/ student to know the million scientific names of each goddamn muscle in his body? the only parts of the body that taeyong needed to know, he was /very/ familiar with. the rest, that was the doctor's problem.

luckily for him, he had scored jackpot in his first year biology class.

miyeon had been a godsend to poor taeyong. she had taken his struggling in and given him support and company through the miserable project they had to do right off the bat for the class. seriously, the processor was a sadist, taeyong was convinced. though in a way, he supposed it had brought the bundle of joy that miyeon was into his life, so he hadn't exactly gotten the shortest straw. over the days, they had quickly become close friends. he might at biology, but he was sure that their /chemistry/ was off the charts.

which brought them to now: taeyong was in miyeon's room for their planned midterm study session. he wasn't sure how successful he would be in the upcoming test, but he would sue himself if he let the poor girl's efforts on him go down the drain without trying.

breathing out a sigh of exhaustion, taeyong slid off his round, black-rimmed glasses and ran a hand through his blond locks. "okay- okay i think i got it now. maybe? urgh, just quiz me and get this over with," he complained with a pout, facing miyeon as he sat cross-legged on her bed.
⁰¹ yibo w. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. "You have us," Yibo's words sounded like a promise. It was a promise to his best friend. "And you have your roommate," he added gently, running a hand up and down Miyeon's arm in a comforting cycle. He was not good at comforting, but he saw this gesture done on many occasions and he put it to use. Practice makes perfect, as he always says. He let Miyeon take her time, hand not stopping the motion. There was an already established attachment between Yibo and her, just because he went far enough to consider her his best friend. He never had a best friend, not other than his grandma and his prized possessions. None of that could replace a peer that went through such similar situations in life as Miyeon and he acknowledged that. The weird connection that caused two assigned project partners to bond, especially when one of them was a stubborn jackass like Yibo.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. as yibo squeezed her closer, miyeon just turned her face so that it was completely buried in his shirt, hidden from his view, just to conceal the tears she was desperately trying to blink away. it wasn’t fair for her to cry on such an auspicious occasion. “i don’t think that’s ever gonna happen,” she mumbled into the fabric of her shirt, laughing softly; though her chest was constricting again, and suddenly it was hard to breathe. but she didn’t want him to see her like this—just a few more minutes and it would pass, and she would be smiling again. it was a waiting game at this point. so that’s what she did. sat there silently, pressed against his warm body, trying to focus on the beat of his heart and the coins of the chattering of the actors on the screen.


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