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⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. "renjun please, please look at me," the begging that never sound so much in need than anything else, he can't lose someone whom he truly like especially like this. his composed look have been broken down into a frown and the eyes that only seen nothing but him, he knew he have to fix this somehow especially not letting him go like this.

as much as he would ever want to cut ties with his family like how his eldest sister did and how much he hate his own family to the point he witnessed his own mom being killed on the field while trying to protect him, seonghwa have been swore to himself that once the fight between his own against someone else, he was free to go and continue what he was planned for. "baby, you haven't listen everything yet and first thing, i like you a lot too," the confession in between the seriousness but this wasn't it, the confession was the later on but now, "but i have a big plan, the biggest towards my own that doesn't have to involve with my family. yes, no matter what I'm still a mafia but that doesn't mean i can't do something good in order no one can connect me with my dad nor my brother."

seonghwa stood up and walked towards him before guiding him to stand as well to the open space balcony which was nearby while the food casually placed on their table first. with the hand that held onto renjun's tightly, he leaned towards his lips to give a kiss, "when i met your dad and talked to him about it while you're away with your mom, he knew who am i but he told me that as long you're safe–" the deep breath with his eyes fixed on him, "as long, no one touches you or even the business that your dad built to pass it down to you– he would let me take care of you for long as i can. baby, i have my own team whether on the mafia side or the business side but i just want you to know who am i truly am and my heart, my heart yearned so much for you despite how truly mess i am," with the eyes finally look down after telling everything, that was when he knew his hands slowly loosened the hold with the younger one.
⁰¹ renjun h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ seonghwa p. his eyes followed the waiter as he walked away before his eyes darted to those sitting around them, wondering if any of them could hear the conversation between the two, above the chatter of everyone else and the music that filled the space. his eyes eventually found a way back to seonghwa, questioning him and all his words silently. "so you're never truly away from your family...from all that..." he mumbled as if still trying to wrap his head around the information once again.

from a business standpoint, he would take a big risk. it could be detrimental to the business that his father had worked so hard on in the future once he took over if the information ever got out. but from an emotial look on it, he hated the idea of turning and walking away despite how understandably confused and terrified he was at the moment.

"i like you...a lot. i don't know what kind of hold you have on me but i don't even want to fight against it." he started, shifting in his seat to sit up straight. "i think it would be better if you didn't tell me anything about you work or whatever you want to call it. keeping me out of the loop in any way would be the most ideal decision for us." his words came out more serious than he attended, almost as if he were making a business agreement rather than discussing the relationship between the two. "if something were to happen in the future, i can claim innocence." his lips pursed into a thin line as he went silent once again. "even if it could be a hindrance to my own well being, i don't want to know about it."
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. as much the reaction from renjun seems to be what seonghwa was kind of predicted, the shock and the empty thought just suddenly clashed in but despite while letting him to take in the information he has finally spilled to someone whom he fall for, for someone he want to protect and for someone who deserved everything. seonghwa raised his hand up to take order by the waiter that ready to take some, he just ordered some dimsum, their specialities food and two non alcoholic drink since he knew how light weight renjun can be.

once the waiter walked away with their orders as seonghwa's glance continued to find renjun's, as one lost in ocean of the light yet surrounded by the darkness. "indeed, i left my family in order to do my school and my personal works but unfortunately no, I'm still doing them because once it started, there will be no end." with a sigh coming out from the older's mouth but this is it, this was what he held back to tell him everything without missing any information left.

"no matter what, renjun baby.. I'm here, i want to protect you and i want to do everything with you. i don't want to let go of someone who i dearly held tightly because the last time i did, i regretted so much. as much as you can think of any  but I'm telling you this because i like how you see me as me, so right now is your choice," the inhaled of the deep breath was shown without his glance taken them off, "I'm prepared for this, for whatever you think to stay or you can leave after the dinner."
⁰¹ renjun h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ seonghwa p. "Oh- thanks. and you look really nice." he chuckled sheepishly, not realizing that it was so obvious that we ws questioning his appearance, comparing himself to those around him. his parents were keen on the family always looking the best when attending dinners and events and the habit followed him, clearly.

his chest expanded with a deep inhale of air as he took in seonghwas's words. it was a lot of information to take in even in such a couple of short sentences. if being honest, he wasn't sure how to react, he was stuck in a moment of woe. his finger nervously fumbled with the end of the hem of his shirt, as he racked through his brain for any sort of reaction, for even a couple of words. "oh-" was all he was able to get out in that second. renjun really didn't have much knowledge of gangs or mafias other than what shows and media would depict of them. cold, ruthless thugs that were no good and dangerous. but seonghwa, he felt so different than that. he always felt safe in the older male's presence, safe and well taken care of.

his eyes strayed to the view, focused on the colored lights of the city surrounding them as he finally organized and put his thoughts into a cohesive order, weighing out the good and the bad of this newly given insight to the male across from him. "you- you said that you left your family right? so that means you don't get involved with that stuff anymore? i mean- you won't be after you finish whatever it is you have to 'handle'?" was he playing this off too easily? as the thought of letting go of the male came to thought, he face a certain fear he only felt once before. maybe he had grown attached to seonghwa, maybe he would reach for even the smallest hint of good if it meant holding onto him.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. "you look just fine, baby," the comforting words when he noticed how much renjun take a glance of the places especially when everyone dressing up like there was no tomorrow and formally. as much as this was the surprise and he doesn't want him to feel small because what seonghwa fall for was for someone to be himself around him and giving a comfort smiles, not to mention the feeling of protection he need to take care grew.

pain in the eyes, the shaking orbs and those lips, it was shivering and he knew he have to something quick before the waiter would come to take orders. "look, this took me a while to actually open about who am i to you. i want to have someone who willing to come, stay and be with me for me, and you did them all so i thought this might be a good time to say, especially having this romantic dinner with you." seonghwa said it with a smile before leaning back to his seat and his hand raised up for the waiter to come over.

maybe he should not said it, maybe he should, maybe maybe— all these thought coming in his mind when seonghwa looked into renjun's eyes, but he was composed from the outside, he knew eventually if he were to choose to leave him, then that was it and he can't hold him back as much as his heart yearned for one and only. "i was thankful, that i was able to conceal what i do other than being in school. everything were on back up because renjun ah.." he leaned forwards knowing that he can't say it out loud because what will normal people thinks are just criminal and that's it without knowing the real person. "I'm actually a mafia, technically my family are. i left my family to do something different than being mafia, even though the works are quite dirty and i still have to handle.. i can't easily tell you because, I'm afraid you're gonna give me the look that anyone else would, maybe like being evil or murderer or even like criminal."

"I really do like your company, your embrace and you, so i thought after hanging out for quite sometimes and you coming over my place frequently– i have another plan after the dinner, and probably a back up after hearing what's your thought after knowing who am i," he paused the last part only to lean back his seat to look outside the view with the soft voice. "the view is indeed flawless," but yet inside, he was all prepared for this.
⁰¹ renjun h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ seonghwa p. the older's words sparked some kind of curiosity inside him, wondering exactly what he meant but too distracted by everything going on around them to think deeper into it or even ask about it, the curiosity quickly fading away as his focus became occupied by something else in the busy restaurant. his eyes scanning others seated nearby them, wondering if he even dressed in the right style for the restaurant or not. maybe he should have looked into it more beforehand.

he struggled to keep the focus on the menu as his eyes scanned over the number of plates they offered, his brain scattered with the number of things happening around the two of them. opting to set the menu down for a moment, his eyes searched for seonghwa's, pulling himself back to the ground with them. "the best of the best...this week has already been soo amazing but this is like the cherry on top."

in a matter of seconds, the perfect picture that renjun created of him and seonghwa in his head began to dull, the way he spoke unsettling him beyond comprehension. he was scared to know the truth. what did he mean who he really was? what did he do for work? was this whole thing just some sort of unknown ploy and renjun was just being used as some kind of pawn, and an easy target for some big unknown scheme? his heart raced in his chest heavily with a wave of worry washing over him. was he going to get heartbroken for the second time in such a short span of time? despite the storm raging inside him, he remained seemingly unphased on the outside. he was beyond confused at this moment but he wanted to hear him out nonetheless. "wha- what do you mean? about...anything you just said?"
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. "background check huh? I'm glad that i have another way to hide the real– i mean the actual work I've done, and i might thought to tell you about it.." the hesitation in his voice were getting much more obvious and his thought were nothing but words to put on. how does he want to say, how much does he able to spill the real him and how badly will renjun able to take this in, for someone like seonghwa whom only know nothing but mafia works, killing, illegal things and much more etc.

the way he noticed how he reacted to his chinese made him sigh in relief especially when among all the language, chinese was the hardest thing ever to learn and memorized every single words– now that they were both sitting while settling what to eat with a deepest frown that seonghwa could actually ever did, especially when coming to the country that he was not yet used to it nor probably because the taste bud that he used to eat when he was younger gotten little much different. "anytime, i just want to give you the best of the best especially us hanging out for the whole perfect week."

seonghwa placed the menu down and eventually reach his hand out with a soft sigh and the glance on the table, "there's so many things i have to tell you but first, because right now as we get closer– there's so many things I'm afraid, especially towards you because.." he look up at renjun after his hand reached out for him, he gently give a small kiss at the back of it, "first, my background and who i really am than what you see me, and second, you're not just renjun. you're someone special right now because if you're not, i wouldn't bring you out here nor being here in china with you."
⁰¹ renjun h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ seonghwa p. even for renjun, it was like scheduling an appointment to see his dad, it's always been that way which he was used too by now but he knew that if there was an actual chance of the other meeting his dad again, it would be in a different setting than the comfortable one at his house. "mm, that's a for now. my dad has a habit of doing background checks on everyone he, my mom or i get involved with. if you didn't notice, my house is covered in cameras and has complex security systems. he's a bit of a safety nut." his words were mostly a joke, assuming that the background check would come up clear.

renjun crossed his arms as he leaned against the wall, feeling overwhelmingly shy suddenly. maybe because the public display of affection was new to him. the kisses between them always held in the privacy of the older's apartment or in his car. as the door opened, a deep exhale left his lips as he forced his flush to disappear in hopes that he didn't look like an absolute disaster, even if that was an everyday occurance. a natural disaster he was.

hearing seonghwa's chinese, renjun nodded his head in approval behind him. walking behind the waiter, his attention was taken by the decorations of the restaurant, straying from the traditional decorations in most restaurants. it flexed its price by its decorations. after settling in his seat, he peaked at the menu curiously. wanting to joke with the older like he usually did, he opened his mouth to speak but quickly caught himself, thinking that any sort of joke would be appropriate in this setting. "thanks, hwa. for coming with me, and this...and just giving me a nice week."
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. the word really came out of his mouth after hearing from renjun and indeed, it was hard to meet his dad even though he rushed out during dinner time with both of them but somehow after knowing that he was a businessman, sooner or later they both will eventually meet on the same platform. "either way, i got your parent's approval which mean i can take you anywhere and anytime," the little tease from the younger one retreated back from the older feedback which got him to squeeze his cheeks gently at the same time with the pats on the older's shoulder.

he continued to stare, from the headlock to the trap at the corner for this cute boy, he can't help it but to laugh and leans his head to his ear for the soft whisper, "more of they will know you have the biggest fun among them," with the smiles painted on jaewon's face as he leans his back to the wall of the elevator but his glance staring at how red renjun's cheeks was, to give a kiss on the red cheeks right before they reached the highest floor which greeted them by the soft music and the ambience of the fancy slash romance kind of dinner.

after saying for the reservation with his basic chinese speaking despite of him still learning and the waiter guided us towards the other end of the restaurant where anyone can see the view easily as well to take a photo of it, not to mention outside at the balcony area. pulling the chair for him first after the waiter left us with the menu on the table, jaewon look around before giving another kiss on the cheek and dashed across the table to sit as well. "order whatever you want baby," the greeting of the big menu in front of him and thankfully with the english translation for each and every dishes showed
⁰¹ renjun h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. "yeah my mom tends to like my friends more than me. she practically babies yewon and jaemin when they're here." he rolled his playfully, a forged pout forming on his lips, acting as if his whole life wasn't based around his mom's loving nature and still treating renjun like a kid even at this age. "but she did like you. so did my dad, even if he wasn't around much, he was busy with meetings that day. so eventually, you'll have to meet him again so....have fun with that!" he teased, letting go of jaewon's hand to pat his shoulder in a sympathetic nature, a toothy grin taking over.

he bit the inside of his cheek to keep his thoughts from being voiced freely, knowing that it'll open up a floodgate of issues which he didn't want to even think about, not when this was the last night the two would be together on this break as well as not wanting to risk ruining everything the older had planned for the two of them. he opted to let out a small hum in acknowledgment and replied to the peck with another quick one.

being trapped in the headlock, renjun pushed at jaewon's side, attempting to get out of the hold while whining loudly in protests, which echos down the hall, catching the attention of people passing by before the door of the elevator closed. "h-hey! don't- don't stay stuff like that in public!" he stammered, lightly pushing jaewon's face away as his own heated up once again, this time darker than before, leaving the heat to spread down into his neck. "I don't think my friends would appreciate it either!"
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ taehyung k. (sh) blood rushes through her veins quickly the moment he leans in closer towards her, causing her to hold her breath briefly as she listened to him speak, with her eyes still fixed on the menu. however, as soon as the subject of yujin's death comes to light into their conversation /once again/, she closed the menu and set it aside, averting her gaze onto the lad and finally, meeting his pair of brown orbs since their last meeting at the spring formal.

"no..." she managed to murmur form , thinking carefully of the details of past events from the deepest recess of her mind and piecing everything together, such as the recurring nightmares she had of him, the note he'd left behind and so on that didn't add up together. therefore, she knew exactly what he meant when nothing made sense, when everything seemed to be out of the line. yet, for the sake of letting their friend rest in peace, she shrugged it off as she settled back into her seat, relaxing the tenseness in her muscles though she itched to say something as well. "so, do you know what you're going to order?" she asked, hoping to change the subject.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. "you know, my cute boy, you can always ring me up anytime you want especially overseas because i have my own jet," he lifted renjun's hand to give a kiss on the back of the hand. "you deserve this, especially like hey– we get to meet your mom somehow, and not to mention how your mom were heart eyes on me than looking at her cute son but yet my eyes were fixed on you."

with the frown painted on his face for the strong disagreement and the tightness hold on the hands which made him stay on his seat while staring at renjun. "who said no one is looking at you? I'm here now, even if there isn't anyone else I'll be here with my arms open as well as honey's cuddle," leaning in for the another peck on his lips to somehow shush him with all the negative things about relationship or even anything related. the soft laughter filled the now quiet car without the sound of the engine, alone the radio were off as well, jaewon lifted his free hand to give a soft pats on the head. just how much people hurt him to the point he turned out like this.

the loud gasps gotten out by the older when he was being called for being older, jaewon shaken his head only to mention that he was only three, with the strong highlight by the number three. the empty hand that were let go only to last for a few second when they both walked out of the car and once it's locked, jaewon's smiles grew wider with the happiness that the last day were to spend beautifully like this, like how his plan were be, until he decided to headlock renjun for a moment as they both walked into the elevator and trap him at the corner of it after clicking the highest floor of the building. "I'm glad you're not afraid of height, and one more time you called me old–"  with his deeper voice with a hint of a little growls towards renjun's ear, "I'm gonna make tonight the hardest before you get to see your friends."
⁰¹ renjun h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. having a hold on jaewon's hand now, he brought it into his lap, brushing his fingertips over his knuckles slowly. "i'm happy that we'll at least have one more fun night together! next time we see each other will be at school." he scrunched up his nose at just the mere thought of school. "you'll be alright until we get back though, right? i feel kinda bad for leaving you but i really want to see them." he pouted slightly, holding onto a couple of the other's fingers.

he couldn't help but to snort at his words, shaking his head . "please, jaewon. i'm twenty-one and i've been single since being old enough to date. no one is looking at me and i'm sure as hell that no greek hunk will come and swoop me up like a prince or something." it was one thing that always lingered, renjun's insecurity and low self-esteem that always seemed to make itself known shamelessly in moments like that. "i've...always been good enough to well.... and be used for people's entertainment but never enough to be liked or even loved." he let out a deep exhale before forcing those feelings to the back burner again and smiled at jaewon. "they would know where to find me if i never returned anyway." he shrugged his shoulders, waving it off with a motion of his hand. "heights? no, not really?" he mumbled, peaking out the window to look at the tall building which he only stepped foot into a couple of times.

feeling jaewon's gaze on him, his cheeks flushed once again, curious to what he was going on inside his head. just as the kisses beforehand, the one stolen just now released a wave of feelings that he was unsure how to describe. renjun was well aware of the fact that the kisses, the hand-holding, and sweet words were nothing more than a part of whatever they were and wouldn't grow to into something more yet each time, each soft press of jaewon's lips against his skin, renjun's heart did flips that were painfully similar to what he felt before, for someone else. maybe he was stupid and would never learn his lesson of giving himself up to someone completely in every way. maybe it was all he was worth and he should just take what he's given without expecting more.

giving jaewon's hand a gentle squeeze before letting it go, he was quick to unbuckle and open the door to get out the car. "come on, i know you're getting old but you aren't /that/ old you should be able to move faster than that." he teased while sending a wink his way before shutting the door.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. the hands that held together, the red cheeks blushing and the way renjun just did shyly towards the older made him smiles that something no one actually seen, in fact from the last person was jaemin and no one else. just how much this small guy can give impact to jaewon to the point he would just willing to drop everything to protect him, even if it's the matter to hide him away from anyone who stalk jaewon especially the other mafia gang.

"you're not a product, you're just being you and honestly– even though the first time we met wasn't somehow good or bad but look at us, to the point we travelled and you staying with me a few days after a stayover at your mom. i thought maybe on the last night just for the two of us before you'll heading off to your friends and I'll do some business around the area." as he said with a skillful to drive with one hand and holding onto renjun's by the moment of his poke.

"it's not that I'm afraid of it, i mean— yes i am, especially when there's people giving you look here and there, i can't help myself but to pull you close and hide with me, plus! you have to come back to korea, it won't be just me but what about your friends too," jaewon softly chuckled while driving through the carpark at the building where they both gonne have their dinner. "are you afraid of height, sweetheart?" with the car perfectly parked and the engine off, he took his time to look at how handsome yet cute he managed to dress up for tonight but his eyes, his eyes that glued on the plump lips, with the belt unbuckled for both of them and he lean in to steal a little peck on the tier.

"when your lips are addicting than anything else."
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⁰⁴ taehyung k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. just as jisoo did, taehyung's posture immediately straightened as the presence of the waiter shifted from the side of their table to another. it's only brief though, for the subject of the matter awaiting to be spoken was heavy enough to encourage his shoulders to slouch forward, shadowing over the menu on the edge of the table. both hands lower to hide beneath the table top, fingertips running back and forth over each other with a furrow to his brows. the question that was yet to be verbalized lingered between the two, eating at his gut just as his teeth did the pillow of his lower tier.

"i don't mean to be insensitive, but i have to ask.." he begins with a faint clear of his throat following suit, arms shifting to hook over the edge of the table whilst he leans in closer to her. "have you ever considered an alternative? maybe he didn't do it?" the tips of his nails itch at the apple of his cheek, body remaining in the position as honey hues overlook her posed countenance. "i don't know if it's just me, but you knew him just as well as i did. better, probably. it was out of line, especially the.. note. or, lack-thereof." taehyung's eyes run over jisoo's visage, blinking a few times before straightening up. "what do you... have you ever.. does that make any sense?"
⁰¹ renjun h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. the couple of kisses dotted on his face had renjun's cheeks blooming a rose color, the affectionate acts still a new feeling that never failed to make his stomach tingle and his heart to flutter. he squeezed the male's hand within his smaller one gently after his fingers slipped into the spaces between the other's, fitting almost perfectly like two puzzle pieces.

"i would like like to respectively disagree. i'm a product of those two. before them i was so painfully awkward." he chuckled lightly at the memory of himself just a few years ago before his two best friends came into his life came to mind briefly.

sitting comfortably in the passenger seat, he let out a small laugh at jaewon's words. "now you choose to be all fancy? right before i leave?" he joked, playfully poking at the older's thigh, unaware of the events that would take place tonight. "afraid that a cute greek guy will sweep me off my feet and i won't return to korea?" he added, raising his eyebrow curiously. "trying to make an unforgettable impression huh?"
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. watching how the younger one chirped with his hand cutely reaching out towards him as if it's just a normal thing between both of them, even while on their way to formally meet his mother whom he was dearly missed and the way how his mom actually showed the lost motherly feeling for jaewon, despite of him having a decent memories about his own. no words can described how much he enjoy and appreciated him without actually know whom he actually was. jaewon kept in his phone down to his pocket just to take renjun's hand only to turn to look at the mirror that were just facing towards the bed, he leans in to give a little kiss on top of his head down to his cheek and lastly a small peck on the lips.

"those two demons are cute as you, but not that lovely like this," he smiled while putting on the shoes as well as they headed out just nice with the car he managed to rent for few days, especially till the last day before he could send him off to his friends for the new week. with the key that given by valet together with the car ready at the entrance. "after you," he opened up the door just for him and once he got in, jaewon immediately dashed to the driver's seat as the excitement grew inside him.

with the almost silent drive along the way and all those sneak glance to the younger one that staring at the view of the city, thankfully with the gps of his phone that guide to the restaurant he reserved for both of them. "I've reserved a nice view for tonight dinner, maybe most likely before you go off meeting the rest of course," as he focused on driving with a glance looking at the mirror to watch his reaction, jaewon can't be helped but to think how will he tell him.
⁰¹ renjun h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. renjun was beyond grateful that he wasn't spending the first week of spring break alone, knowing that if it weren't for jaewon tagging along that he would be hibernating in his home with his mom, wasting the week away, cradling his homesickness in an unhealthy manner. absolutely delighted by the company, he really never took notice of the small things. how easily jaewon agreed to come, how he willingly listened to renjun's rambling about his home that he adored so much.

he also didn't take notice of the other male's change in demeanor today, taking control of the day rather than following renjun around wherever he wanted to go without a single complaint. he didn't even question when he was told to dress up nicely for dinner tonight despite the fact that the two had been eating out every night since arriving, of course, minus the night they visited his home and his mom cooked a large meal just for the two of them. it was safe to say that renjun was completely oblivious to whatever jaewon had up his sleeve as if he wasn't always completely oblivious and clueless when it came to the male.

"yeah- i'm ready!" he replied as he stumbled out of the bathroom, still attempting to get his shoes on. "sorry, i got distracted by two demons." he joked, referring to his phone that buzzed with multiple text notifications.

"let's go!" he chirped, offering his hand to the older male, an action that became quite natural in the last couple of days.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. on their week at china despite of jaewon being dragged somehow unintentionally yet intentionally because first, he was going with renjun and secondly, just for a week with him without bothering about school or work was definitely a good decision ever. even though to him, he knew that he doesn't know much about his background, alone to notice that two bodyguard were tagging along neutrally without him realising at all. perhaps maybe tonight seems to be the good time for him to tell renjun everything, his family, his background and everything, with a hope of him not to run away after putting his heart down to someone whom he slowly growing fond and unsure feeling.

luckily with his little research and stuff to the city where he only came when he was younger but not now, not much of knowledge to know where he could able to get a reservation but somehow the infamous rooftop restaurant with the best dishes were recommended by his friends from china too. whereas while they were still in their hotel room that they both shared, with his eyes glued on the phone and secretly messaging for his plan to both of the bodyguards that were tagged along without looking a glance to the younger one whom still getting ready in the bathroom.

"are you ready yet? we might be late for tonight dinner, my dear."
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ taehyung k. (sh) there was no excuse to deny how nervous she felt sitting in the same room with him again as her eyes continued to glue to the available options in the menu, searching for something that suited her appetite on this very gloomy day. however, with his eyes lingering on her, the pace of her heartbeat picked up its speed immediately as her mind began feeling hazy than usual, struggling to focus on what to order. yet, nothing seemed to have appealed her taste, given the reason that all she ever ate and survived on was a bagel and cup of coffee throughout all four of her years in college.

on the other hand, she wondered to herself what went through the mind of his while continuing to pretend to be occupied, surfing through the plastic pages of the menu. then, hearing his voice breaking through her thoughts, finally she managed to perk her head up slightly enough to see his face until hearing the waiter break in, causing her to adjust her posture as she sat up straight with a forced smile on her lips. "just a cup of water please, thank you." as soon as they left with their /drink/ orders, she returned to look at the menu but with it flat on the table. "what were you saying?"
⁰⁴ taehyung k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. the tips of his own fingers linger over the corners of the menu, running up and down the sides as they faintly imprint the flesh. jisoo's eyes are on the menu, and taehyung's hover over her countenance. more specifically, her visage. he couldn't help but wonder: what was she thinking? certainly her thoughts wouldn't be similar to his own, for perhaps they would be considered selfish.. low, even, for the anniversary that daunted this date annually. instead of reminiscing over their lost friend, he sits before her and - quite evidently - stares. she looked beautiful, just as she had the years spent by his side, just as she had at the spring formal. the compliment tickles the tip of his tongue, yet is swallowed back as her voice reels him into reality.

"yeah." a hand elevates to adjust the tie around his neck with a faint clear of his throat, eyes overlooking the menu. to be honest, it was hard to have an appetite on this day, so the options weren't the most attractive. in fact, taehyung most likely wouldn't have eaten but this gives him more time to spend with her, and he'd take as much as he possibly could. upon seeing her again, jisoo had become someone so unfamiliar to him. even her gestures had changed with age, and there was a part of him that wished to relearn everything he'd previously known about her.

"jisoo? can i ask you a question--" "hi, can i order your drinks?" his posture immediately straightens, forearms rubbing along the edge of the table as a hand flee to palm at the nape of his neck. "water, please."
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ taehyung k. (sh) all the memories came rushing to her brain from the moment she stepped foot into the cemetery: the sound of mourning and anguishing cries, the image of his picture frame on the table flashing before her eyes and the terrifying nightmares she had of him replaying in her mind. hence, of all her years of living, she continued to blame herself for the cause of his suicide, as a result of failing to be his moral support during difficult times. if she had been there for him, none of this would've occurred. if she had the chance to return to the past, she would've done a better job and done anything to save him but, it was all too late for that. now, it was her turn to suffocate the consequences of hurting him, the loss of jung yujin.

as soon as the waiter came to lead them to their table, and feeling the gentle imprint of his fingers behind her, she broke away from her thoughts and recollected herself as she followed after the employee, then seated herself in the chair across from the lad. upon hearing his question, she slowly peered up to look at him with lips pressed together before nodding in response, and trying her best to pertain a calm image in the public. "yeah... i'm fine." tucking her hair behind her ear, she continued to avoid his gaze as she picked up the menu set in front of her and scanned through the options given. "it's okay, i planned on coming anyways. after all, it is the day of his... death anniversary."
⁰⁴ taehyung k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. [ tw: suicide, death, murder ]

"you can follow me to your table."

with a single nod, the tip of taehyung's fingers brush against his companion's lower back as if to encourage her to walk before him, even with "after you," murmured beneath his breath. his free hand flees to the the tuxedo coat that he dons, the same tuxedo worn to their shared friends funeral. it was odd to put it on, just like it was every year that'd passed since yujin's passing. the anniversary of his death was an unwarranted reminder of everything that was left behind, every thing that was to follow the suicide. it was the only day that taehyung allowed himself to grieve.

in a way, it's the only day that the entire thing felt /real/.

both of his hands become occupied by the edges of the seat in order to tug it out for jisoo, brows knitted together. his mind is racing: an endless stream of memories, "what ifs" and questions. there were so many questions for so many people within these circumstances. so many questions that would never be answered by yujin. did you really take your own life? was it someone else? these questions gnawed at his stomach, ing him into the studies of criminal law.

"you okay?" he questions in a whisper as he hovers above her shoulder, arms working to remove the coat from his countenance before it's draped over the back of his seat as he sits. speaking of questions, there were so many for the woman before him, yet they fail to be vocalized. why hadn't she called? was she mad at him? was this awkward for her? did she hate him? it was .. odd, to say the least, for taehyung. it was as if they'd all been reunited again. if it were him, he would've allowed himself to just think of yujin as resting, but he's not so innocent. "thank you for coming with me."
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. laughing at how cute this little guy of his that made him just somehow, moved his hand to pat on his head like what older brother would usually do or perhaps like how jaewon's older brother did when he did his best. "did someone tell you how baby you can be at some point of time?" he said with the starting of the engine and straight down to the restaurant he brought them at. somewhere further but along with the bright street and where people actually used to shop and hang out at. "I'm not completely back, not too sure and not confirmed yet but well- you can always drop a message and I'll send some, plus– who would ever kidnap this wild child?" jokingly laughed at the little joke even though he knew how wild jaemin can be.

with the eyes focusing on the parking, his mind just somehow refreshed at the time when they both were quite affectionate and close even though how badly tsun jaemin can be but unknowinly the amount of patient he have for the latter to compare to his works especially when come to being strict with s. even though most of the time he can be kind hearted but work is work to compare once they timed out of everything– once he parked at the spot nearer to the restaurant, he turned off the engine before running out of the car to the opposite side only to open the door for jaemin, "to the gentleman, sir," with the pretentious pose like a bell boy with a wide smile.
⁰² hyunjin h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. () no worries! There’s no rush ^^ take your time~ I’m a bit slow on my end too~

*pouting a bit when I see you shake your head, I nod mine to tease you, showing you that I mean what I said and would never take it back*
I know I will, Seungie~....and that’s alright, everyone expresses it differently.
I use my words and actions to show mine, and I also do hope that it is enough for you because I know you deserve the best and the most out of us two.
However you express your emotions, I’ll always accept and appreciate it, no matter what.
And your poems....they’re unique and one of kind to me, they’re always going to be the ones I cherish deeply.
*seeing how shy you become makes me smile warmly and reassuringly to you, as I look into your eyes, wanting you to know I mean every word I say*
*humming happily at your words and at the bite, once I swallow it, I can’t help but to giggle at your stutter, finding it adorable as I watch you, feeling warm and bubbly knowing that you’re enjoying the food too*
‘...he’s so precious~....how did I get so lucky~...’
*I think to myself, before enjoying my own meal as well, before taking a moment to stop and listen to you, giving you all my attention and soon responding*
Of course I would come here with you~....I would never miss this for anything in the world.
I should be thanking you for taking me out on my special day and for choosing me to go on our first date with.
It means so much to me and I just want to remember this day and continue on with you, Seungie~..
And I love it that you got dressed up~....I’ll always love anything that you wear~....but it makes me feel special that you would dress up....especially very handsomely.
*I would glance around, as if I’m looking for something before leaning and whispering in a teasing way*
....very....very handsome and stunning, I should be careful, I wouldn’t want someone to steal you away, mister~..
*I would let out a quiet huff before I smile softly at you as I keep my eyes on you*
⁰¹ jaemin n. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. sometimes, Jaemin wonders how Jaewon manages to put up with his childish antics and temper. Even back in the days when they were younger, it had always been Jaewon giving in to every of his wants and needs, at times when he was being a brat, the other always found a way to put up with him. To say that he’s amazed, almost in awe was an understatement. Jaemin waits in the car as it comes to a halt by the the roadside, just infront of the bubble tea shops he usually frequents when he has time, more often than not, taking the opportunity to leech of the discount and free toppings his friend had to offer. He says that, but it was nothing more than an excuse to visit his best friend and spend that time with her and gossiping about the latest in school.

“thanks.” he mumbles as he takes the drink from the senior, already sipping on the sugary goodness, god, did he love bubble tea so ing much. “why are you back though?” the question comes off a little more aggressive than he expects it to be, but it’s with no bad intentions and he didn’t know a better way to put it without sounding awful about it. “not that i’m complaining. y’know. at least now i get free lunches if I ever need.” a chuckle leaves his lips, watching as the car turns into a location he has never been too before. He realises it isn’t far but remote enough that one needed a car to visit. “oh. you’re not trying to kidnap me right?”
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 1 year ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. () sorry ive been so slow ive been so busy lately >< promise to reply to our other thread soon!

*shakes my head a bit, still in awe that you thought about me like that, not sure I deserved to be put on such a pedestal when I never felt like much before I was with you*
I hope you do, Hyunjin. I know I'm not the best with ...ah... showing my feelings in person, you know.
I'm not very chatty, and I can never find the right words...
I hope pen and paper is enough to show you that I care...
*bites my lip shyly as i look at you, seeming to get flustered just looking in your eyes, I still can't believe that you care about me of all people*
I'll eat well, babe.
*smiles a little as you take the bite, perking up as you seem to like it before getting flustered again as you feed me, clearing my throat shyly before leaning in to take a bit*
*hums out at the taste, enjoying it before focusing on my own meal, atmosphere nice and calming so that I can just enjoy all the time that I get you to myself*
Thanks for coming here with me... I don't often have an excuse to get all dressed up like this...
⁰² hyunjin h. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. You really mean a lot to me, Seungie~
But you're also the special one, my knight in shining armor, as well as my prince...
*smiling warmly back at you as I watch you lean into my touch, wanting to just move my seat so I'm much more closer to you*
*listening to your words, I can't help but to blush deeply, with how the media perceives me, it makes me feel like I'm the bad guy, but it makes me feel so warm deep down knowing that I'm always in your mind when you're writing your poems, even I always have you in my thoughts too, especially when I'm going around taking photos with my cameras, wanting to just take photos of you*
I know I'll love it, and if it's from you, then I'll treasure it deeply, keeping it in a special place for me to be able to see everyday.
*as much as I want to lean over and kiss your blushing cheeks, our food soon comes, making me pout on the missed opportunity but shakes it off, knowing there will always be more in the future as I look over the food with a happy smile*
Woah~....I will, baby~....you have to eat well too, alright Seungcheol~?
*taking a hold of my utensils, I do the same with my spaghetti, blinking as I look up to see you feeding me before I give you a loving look with my eyes, leaning in to take a bite, as I part my lips*
*after taking a bite of yours, I hum in delight, enjoying every bit of it as I chew it and soon swallow it, before lifting my fork up to feed you too*
Thank you, love~....but you too, say ahh~
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 1 year ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. I'm happy you think so highly of me, really...
You're the special on, Hyunjin.
My princess....
*smiles a little at the sound of the nickname on my lips, leaning in against you, savoring the feeling of your touch as I let out a pleased sigh*
yeah, I hope you like it. It's special. And I mean, I don't know if you really like poems, but lately I can't get you off my mind and uh... made more than just the one you saw with the bear.
*blushes slightly, finding such an admission embarrassing, glad when the food comes and we can focus on something else*
ah, it looks good... eat well today Hyunjin, okay?
*twirls up a piece of pasta from mine, holding it out to feed you, wondering if such an act was too embarrassing to you in such a public place, but really wanting to be the Prince Charming you so wanted me to be*
say ah, baby..


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