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⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Leaving such a fantasy and going back to real life was devastating, to say the least. It had only been a few days with Hyunjin, but it felt like lifetimes, every fleeting touch burned into his memory and making his body feel deprived without it. He'd killed his own spark this time, trampling it without a care for anyone and anything else. Some damn 'knight he was, he'd scoff to himself, wondering why the smaller would choose such an adoring name for a boy like him. He was a coward, a man who'd take someone's innocence and then leave them when morning came. It wasn't the first time he'd broken someone's heart, and given his track record it likely wouldn't be the last. A pathetic, drunken, waste of space just like his father before him, Seungcheol thought to himself, downing another drink in the early hours of the day before reluctantly getting ready to open up the bookstore. A college degree and some flowery poetry wouldn't fix what was broken inside of him, generations of trauma falling at his shoulders and yet he was letting himself repeat it.

Maybe it was good to cut off Hyunjin this early, before he could get more attached. Before Hyunjin had to see all the ugly sides of his personality, to see the friendless drunkard who could only show his heart in stanzas and prose. He wasn't enough to be someone's, anyone's, but he certainly wasn't good enough for Hyunjin. His Hyunjin, the boy who lit up a room with his smile alone, who was so brazen about what made him happy, the cute little thing who loved to be called embarrassing pet names like princess that made Seungcheol's cheeks go red. He couldn't allow himself to love that boy, not when it meant bringing such radiance down to his level of life. If only his head was the authority on such a decision, it would be easy...but he knew where his heart laid. And it was still stuck room 203, waiting for him to go back and get it. What good was a heart anyways, he reasoned to himself, drunkenly stumbling to his desk at the bookstore and sitting behind it as nobody entered the store. They never did these days, his whole life just some redundancy in a system that would do well without him. His head fell to the desk as he felt ready to all but disappear, left with nothing but time and his own thoughts to keep him company now.

It was better like this. It had to be.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. It took some time for the younger to awake from his slumber, with the sun shining through the blinds of his window, hitting his eyes making him furrow his eyebrows together before slowly opening his eyes. That was one of the best nights that the younger ever had....probably throughout his life. How he wished his dream could come true now, with the poet coming into his life. His heart was filled with so much warmth and he wanted to show Seungcheol all the affection that he held inside. However, what he didn’t expect was his world to be crashing down, and going the opposite way compared to what he had hoped for. When he didn’t feel the other under his arm, he would slowly sit up and look around his room before whispering to himself as if the other would show up as he said it. “....Seungie?....”

Rubbing his eyes to clear the grogginess, he felt himself more awake as he called out once more, but a bit louder. “...Seungie~?” That was when Hyunjin looked around and noticed how the other’s clothes had disappeared, making him widen his eyes, thinking to himself. ‘...he wouldn’t just....leave....would he~?...’ With that, the younger would push off the blanket, aware that he had to do laundry later to clean his sheets before getting up, feeling his hole still filled up with it leaking down to his inner thighs. Deep down in his gut, he knew that there had to be a reason why Seungcheol wasn’t there with him, but he couldn’t help but feel that it was something bad. ‘Maybe he left a note?....or a text?....’ He needed to clear his head and to clean up as well, so with that he head to the bathroom and freshen up for the day before coming out, dressing himself up for his classes that would start in about an hour. Hyunjin still couldn’t clear his mind with why Seungcheol wasn’t around, looking around after he had cleaned his room, placing his clothes from yesterday and replacing his sheets, placing the others in his laundry basket, trying to distract himself from not being too worried but he couldn’t help himself but to feel worried and scared that something had happened. Finally, grabbing his phone which was on silent, he looked through, his eyes widened as his lips slowly started to quiver. ‘...you need to come home right now, young man!...’ ‘...weren’t you the one that got drunk, hyunjin?...’ ‘....this really sounds like you...’ ‘....is this really Hyunjin?? The one from the Hwang family??....is he now a ??...’ ‘...I knew he had a dark secret...didn’t think he would be the one spreading his legs...what a .’ Messages from his family scared him, knowing that he was in deep trouble, while seeing his friends messages, as well as the media, linking the gossip site news article to articles based on him and family were spreading, would make the younger slowly slide to the floor as he teared up. ‘...so that’s why he left....he...doesn’t want anything to do with me....’ he would think to himself before trying to see if there were any messages from his knight but would feel his heart break a bit more as he didn’t see anything from him, making him drop his phone as he pulled his knees up, hugging them closely, letting tears stream down his cheeks. “....maybe...I don’t deserve someone like Seungcheol....maybe....I don’t deserve love....” he would mumble to himself, wanting this nightmare to end. He knew he had classes today and would have to visit his family once again, even if he didn’t want to. The younger began to debate whether or not to text the male or call him, just at this moment, he let himself cry, holding himself himself, feeling not only heartbroken, but feel like he was alone and pathetic.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Seungcheol was the first one to wake up that morning, so rudely awoken by his vibrating phone that seemed to just refuse to stop going off. With a quiet grumble he slipped away from the smaller in his bed, rummaging through his floor-strewn pants to pick up his phone. And god did he wish he hadn't, face going pale as he read the messages. 'Cheol, I saw this rumor about you...' 'that boy you left the party with...' '...is it true that..' 'on the gossip site, it sounded like you...' His eyes just skimmed the page, and yet it was enough to put two and two together. Everyone knew about this, this stupid little secret that he deluded himself with. His full heart was on display not just to Hyunjin but to everyone, the private musings of his own head out for anyone to see, and it was his own damn fault. He was the one who kept letting himself slip up, who kept coming back to this damn room and who wanted Hyunjin so damn badly... But it was clear now that he couldn't do this. He wasn't one to put himself out there, quite enjoying his life of anonymity. And that slipped away when he let himself falter with Hyunjin, letting himself falter and tell the smaller so much of his heart.

He couldn't stay here, he decided in the heat of the moment, quickly slipping on his clothes before leaving for his place. Time with Hyunjin was all just one good dream, but soon enough Seungcheol knew that he'd have to wake up. And if this happened for even a moment longer, Seungcheol wasn't sure if he'd be able to pull himself away again.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Letting out a small whimper from the movement, the smaller would move to lay on his side, facing the other as he held him. “...I’ll make sure to clean you up too, my knight~....” He would mumble softly before letting out a small quiet yawn, feeling the rush of drowsiness hit his body. Hyunjin would wrap his arm around his torso, nuzzling his face into Seungcheol’s neck as he started thinking to himself. He couldn’t wait for what holds for the two, having the two root for each other in the sports that they were both in, getting to read his book and keep it close to him, making meals for the two or even going out and exploring different places together. It felt like a fairy tail that was all to good to be true, that the younger did not want it to end. Feeling his steady breathing, Hyunjin would look up, watching the male sleep for a moment before leaning up to gently place a kiss on his lips before snuggling into his nape once more, whispering. “....good night, Seungcheol......my savior....” With that, he would close his eyes too, letting sleep hit him as he moved into the dreamworld.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. "Right...in the morning, princess..." Seungcheol mumbled groggily, moving to the side so that he could hold the smaller in his arms properly. It would be all too easy to get used to this, the feeling of being wanted, an odd domestic side of life that had been all too absent in the way he grew up. And yet, it terrified him. It was scary that Seungcheol even for a second thought about how cute Hyunjin would look cooking something special just for him, how cutely he'd cheer for Seungcheol at his track meets, or how Hyunjin would read his poetry and understand his heart... It was all too overwhelming for his little heart to take, not sure how to even begin to decipher all that felt too foreign to him these days. And so instead he took the easy route, letting his eyes fall closed as he just let sleep overtake him, absently holding Hyunjin just a little closer against him.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. ‘Was this what it felt like to care and fall for someone?...’ Hyunjin would think to himself as he looked at the older. He knew he wasn’t one for hooking up like some of the other college students, which was what was special about the younger. He saw something in Seungcheol that he hadn’t seen in anyone before, making him wonder how could someone like the older exist and wind up into his life. “mmm....yes, Seungcheol?....” The photographer would wonder what had went on in his mind, curious about what he wanted to say, tilting his head as he looked at him with curiosity. Hyunjin had admitted to what he thought about the other, but was also daydreaming about having the other around and continue what they had, including being in the same sheets again. Closing his eyes, he would lean into the other’s touch, blushing softly red as he purred softly, but felt a bit a ping in his heart, hoping that he had said something else, but smiled warmly regardless, “mmm....you should too, my knight.....if I’m exhausted, then so be it~.....I’ll have to clean up in the morning then” He would whisper with a small giggle.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Such affectionate words made Seungcheol clam up with just how genuine he knew the smaller was. God, it was so much easier when it was just pointless hookups with no feelings. But Seungcheol /liked/ the smaller boy, in ways that ran out his vocabulary and turned him into a complete wreck. "Hyunjin..." He spoke up, not knowing what to say. What could he say, really? Admit how he felt and face it all head on? Pretend he wasn't already dreaming about the next time he'd end up in the sophomore's sheets? "...You should get some rest," He settled on plainly, fingers running through the smaller's hair to try and soothe him. "I don't want to make you too exhausted for class tomorrow."
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. His heart was skipping a beat as he would feel like he was swooning over the older’s words. Hearing how tired the other had been, made Hyunjin coo softly at how sweet he sounded, turning his head to find his blanket on the side before reaching a hand out to grab it and throwing it over the two of them, wanting to make sure his knight would stay warm if he was going to spend another night with him. Blushing softly at the kiss to his cheek, his own heart fluttered, and it felt so different but in a way that Hyunjin wanted it to more and more with Seungcheol around. “Hmm~...you’re the sweet one too, Seungie~....” Soon the younger would pout before leaning up to kiss his forehead delicately. “....but I’ll always worry about you, handsome.....I can’t help myself when I’m with you....you just...make me feel some sort of way~....” He would whisper before humming softly to himself, kissing the Seungcheol’s cheek as he snuggled him closely.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. "I should be thanking you for wanting to keep me around, princess," Seungcheol sighed out tiredly, cozying up to the smaller boy, leaning into all the affectionate touches that made him just bristle in excitement. If only Hyunjin knew the effect he had on the older, Seungcheol thought, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. His heart was all too warmed my the smaller's sentiments, something that made his frenzied heart even harder to explain. "You're too sweet...don't worry about me, angel."
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. The tightening hold made the smaller fall for him a bit harder, making him let go of his bottom lip as he snuggled against the other closely. He would close his eyes as he unconsciously leaned into Seungcheol's touch, letting out a small happy sigh, as he nodded weakly. "...thank you for staying with me...my knight~..." Hyunjin would whisper, leaning up slowly to press a kiss on the other's lips ever so gently before pulling back, letting his hand the male's back in an affectionate way. "...you can stay with me for as long as you want, Seungie.....I won't judge you...nor will I mind.....you know I'll always be here for you.....even after when the day ends.....I'll be here and if you call or text me.....then I'll be on my way to you...." The smaller would say, wanting the other to know that he wasn't going to go anywhere and that he was always going to be there for Seungcheol.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Stay with me. He shouldn't have wanted those words so much but they seemed to make his body stop tensing all at once, holding the other against him just a little tighter. "I...I'd like that..." He mumbled earnestly, letting himself absentmindedly pay with Hyunjin's hair. It had been so long since he felt so comfortable, just letting his eyes fall closed as he listened to the sound of the smaller's quick beating heart. It was nicer than he wanted to admit, letting himself fall into comforts he wasn't expecting to like so much. "I just want to stay with you...just a little longer..." For once, Seungcheol didn't want tomorrow to come. He just wanted to let himself fall into this feeling as long as he could.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. As he heard that pleased sigh, Hyunjin would give the male a light squeeze, cooing softly as he felt him cuddling closely. He knew that it wasn’t in his place to make the other stay or what they should have themselves be as. But the smaller would only hope that there could be something between the two that was special, not wanting the poet to just walk away from this. “It’s alright, Seungie~....it was wonderful...and I loved every moment of it...” He would say, for the first time with someone, letting himself wear his heart on his sleeve and saying what he had thought, instead of holding it in. When he heard the next few mumbled words, Hyunjin did frown softly, not wanting the other to leave, but didn’t feel any sudden movement of him wanting to move. “...please.....stay with me...” he would say in almost like a whispering plead, biting his lower lip as he wondered to himself. ‘..I sound so pathetic~....maybe he doesn’t think of how we see each other...the same way I do~....’ Hyunjin couldn’t help but to think to himself, biting his lower lip harder to hide his frown, as he buried his face into Seungcheol’s hair.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. It didn't take long for his little bliss bubble to pop, reality slowly creeping into his mind. Should they be doing this? Where would they go from here? They were all questions that Seungcheol didn't know how to answer, truly. But he did know how warm Hyunjin's hold was, finding himself cuddling closer to it as he let out a pleased sigh. He didn't want to go home, run off... he wanted to stay here, held right against the smaller's chest where he belonged. "Sorry I got...carried away," He spoke as he remembered all the words that he'd said to the other while he was losing control, and just how rough he was with the younger's body. Seungcheol wanted to pretend he didn't mean every word he said back then, that he wasn't nearly as whipped as his words had made him out to be. "I should go," He mumbled, but his body showed no signs of moving, all too eager to stay right up against his spent lover, reciprocating warm kisses and letting himself feel what he did.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Keeping his eyes closed as he continued to pant lightly, Hyunjin would caress the male's back gently with one hand and run his fingers through his hair with other as he held closely too, not wanting to let go. '...woah~....' The smaller thought to himself as his mind was filled with thoughts of what had just happened, as well as Seungcheol being the one and only in his thoughts. Letting out a small hum as he enjoyed the gentleness of the other's nose against his marked up neck and from the kisses, Hyunjin would bite his lower lip before opening his eyes slowly, looking up towards the ceiling as his legs began to loosen around the other's waist, letting them rest onto the bed, keeping them spread open as the male laid on top of him, letting out a quiet giggle. "..well...I enjoyed it~....and meant every word I said during it...." Looking back at his knight's eyes, he would slowly close his eyes once again as he was caught in a sweet kiss, kissing him back affectionately, mumbling against his lips as he replied. "..I-I am...but...I want to be with you, Seungie~...." As he rolled his hips, Hyunjin would let out a whimper, slowly moving his hand from the male's back to cup his cheek, caressing it softly as he kissed his lover's lips adoringly. "...so do you, Seungcheol....you have no idea~.."
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Seungcheol's mind was completely scrambled from such bliss, heart beating out of his chest as he held the other close against him, chest panting. Hyunjin was all too good already, clouding his mind from any thought except for how to get closer to him. His nose gently brushed up against his marked up neck as he left light kisses against them, soft sigh spilling from his lips before chuckling at the smaller's words. "You just had your first time and you're already asking for more?" He teased, finally looking back to the smaller to capture his lips in a sweet kiss. "Aren't you all overstimulated by now, baby...?" Seungcheol rolled his hips up playfully as if trying to prove his point but it only showed how overstimulated he was, twitching as he let out a quiet moan. "I swear Hyunjin, you're gonna make me go crazy..."
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Once his lover had let go of his hands from holding it above his head, Hyunjin would hold him closely as he hugged his neck, one hand in his hair and the other gripping his shoulder, as he wrapped his legs around his waist, pulling him in so he was close to him. "...ahhh~.....I...I need you....Seungcheol...." His was hard as his tummy felt like it was swirling, feeling warmth deep down knowing that he was also getting close himself from the thrill that the had gone through. "..mmmm~....m-me too~....." He would moan out before let out a mewl right as he felt the male grab a hold of , pumping him as his hand went to claw at the male's back.

Holding him closely, Hyunjin arched his back as his eyes widened from the sensation, in total bliss, from how he having Seungcheol's shoot put deeply inside him, feeling like his soul had left him as he too had released, riding out his . with his lips slightly parted as he moaned out by the other's ear. The feeling of being filled up, especially by the one person he had cared and was special to him, felt out of this world. "...seung......seungie~....' His own would shoot out, having it spray on his lover's abs and his own tummy, blushing deep red, as he panted, letting his hole take in as he can before feeling it over fill as it began to leak out of his hole and down onto his sheets. But at this point, the younger didn't care, as they both rode out their loving bliss, Hyunjin would slowly move his arms to hug the male's neck, holding him closely as he caressed his back, with his own head tilted to the side for him to bury his head in more. Panting softly, he would close his eyes slowly, staying in his position as he did not want to let go of his knight and wanted to keep him inside of his hole. "...........hah......that was....a-amazing....you did s-such a wonderful...j-job...love~.....I wish I could k-keep you inside me....or go for another round.....but I don't want to tire you o-out too much, babe~..."
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Seungcheol was definitely on a cloud nine that he'd never experienced before, Hyunjin's lewd begging paired with his excitement making it hard to hold back. His hands moved back to his lover's waist as he pulled him closer, unabashed in his own sinful moans as he harshly pounded into the smaller's body. "Oh , baby...God I need you..." His eyes were glazed over with want as he felt himself getting close, pooling inside of him in a way he couldn't hold back anymore. "C-Close.." He barely managed the word out, head falling back as he got closer to his euphoria with each . Before he was pushed over the edge he let his hand wrap around the smaller's own length, pumping him in time to let him feel as good as he did.

It didn't take long for Seungcheol to reach his limit, Hyunjin's cries for him paired with just how tight his body was against him making it all too easy to let himself go practically seeing stars in the complete bliss . With a cry of his lover's name Seungcheol's hips harshly jerked up, hand holding the smaller's hips down as he forced himself even deeper inside his tight body. "H-hyunjin...!" Thick ropes of spilled out of his body with each rut of his hips, burying his head against the smaller's nape as he rode out such an intense high. "H...hah......"
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Hyunjin would mean every word he said to the older, as he was enjoying the pure bliss that the older had given him. All that mattered to him, in the this moment and for the days they've been around each other, was Seungcheol. He just couldn't get enough of the male, seeing him flustered the way he was, he would protect hum, being there for him and showering him with kisses. The growl that was released by his knight made the smaller want to grip at his hair or claw at his back, but couldn’t as his hands were still hanging from above his head. “...Seungcheol.....m-more~...” he would beg out to the older, letting him tug his hair and feeling the rough kiss that the male gave him. He would kiss him back just as rough, feeling how everything was going, wishing he could be on hands and knees for his lover. His tummy formed a knot as his was building up inside him as his own twitched from the excitement and the pleasure. Closing his eyes as he arched his back a bit, Hyunjin would let himself call out, not wanting to hold back anymore. “...oh Seungcheol~....I-I’ll always belong to y-you~!....~...”
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. No one elses. He shouldn't let his heart flutter at such a thought, one he knew wouldn't come to fruition. But God did he love drowning in the feeling of being wanted, pretenses all out the window when they were in such a state. For tonight, Hyunjin was his, and that's all that mattered. He'd be the one to see the smaller so vulnerable, so beautifully overstimulated as he pounded into his body. "Hyunjin... God, baby..." The words came out as a growl when he couldn't stop himself from moving harsher, rocking up against his lover's sweet spot with each harsh movement.

He needed to be gentler, he knew it, but he only found himself filled more with want at each growing moment, tugging the smaller up by his hair to capture his lips in rough kiss. Muffled moans against his lips only made his body more excited, twitching from the lewd cries of his name. He couldn't hold back like this, his release building up inside him with each rough , eyes already blown out with lust as he saw the smaller underneath him, contorting such an innocent face into a look of unadulterated pleasure. "God yes baby... let everyone in this complex know who you belong to," Seungcheol purred out playfully, nipping the smaller's ear as each forced him in deeper.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Some of the flaws that Hyunjin was aware that he had were being possessive, becoming jealous as others would stick around to something that was his, being clingy, especially with wanting kisses, huggies, and all the other things in that couples do. He didn’t ask for much but was a bit scared about how the male in front of him would take it. There were a few more flaws, like him being clumsy and sometimes oblivious, but the last one was his family. Would someone like Seungcheol be able to go through a family like his, high-maintenance, selfish, and ignorant? What would he think about his family if he ever witnessed them physically and verbally hurting Hyunjin? And even though he had never had one person catch his eye, now there was his knight, making him want the other to be his and only his from here on out. “R-Really, Seungie~??....you want to be mine?....ahhh~.....I....I want to be all yours...ahh~....and n-no one else’s~...” Hyunjin would call out, looking up at the other as he couldn’t stop himself from letting out more louder pleasurable moans as it filled his dorm room. His attention moved to his hands as he watched the other hold them down above his head, blushing deeply as he enjoyed that quite a lot, more than he thought he did.

“.... S-Seungcheol~.......mmmm~...I...I love it when y-you’re....ahhh~....going so r-rough on me~....we should go gentle....ahh~....b-but........I want you to have me h-however you like~...” Maybe it was just in the moment, but the younger let himself go, not wanting to hold but his thoughts anymore as as he turned his face to the side, letting the strands of hair get in his face as he left his mouth hanging open, releasing more lewd noises. He was definitely going to receive a noise complaint but he didn’t care, all Hyunjin cared about and was all over his mind was Seungcheol.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. There was something oddly terrifying in the possessiveness he felt for the smaller, thoughts of need and claims not ones he cared about often. Hell, he was used to being tossed away, traded in for the next best thing and used merely as a bedwarmer. Maybe that's why he'd never cared so much about doing such things to someone else, leaving when things got hard and his emotions became too unpredictable. He didn't need to feel loved, he didn't need someone to lay their claim onto him, and yet... "God yes baby, I'm yours." Seungcheol would certainly love to blame such words on the adrenaline rushing through his body or the desire clouding his mind, things that gave him plausible deniability for the words that spilled past like it was second nature. His hips snapped up at a tauntingly harsh pace as he forced himself even deeper into the smaller's tight body with each movement, pinning the younger's hands above his head as he continued to explore every inch of the smaller.

"Hngh...I'll never get tired of those beautiful moans..." Moans that he only further tried to elicit with his rougher movements, sinful cries only pushing him further as he pounded into the smaller's tight body. With every particularly harsh movement the bed pounded against the wall, enunciated with lewd skin slapping that made his mind hazy. Maybe he should have felt bad for their neighbors, or been worried about their inevitable noise complaint... but with every eager moan of his name he couldn't help himself, the sound of it moaned against his ear only serving to make him more wanton.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. ‘...how could someone as him be so perfect~?...’ Hyunjin would think to himself as his eyes scanned over the male on top of him, moving his arms to wrap around his neck. This had never happened before where Hyunjin would be so vulnerable to someone, not even to any of his family members. It scared him and made him nervous at first, unsure if Seungcheol was going to use him or end up pushing him away, but no. He never once felt that he could that to the smaller, letting himself open up to him instead. The blond wanted to know everything about his knight, just being able to call him his, seeing like this, and how he treated the smaller was already plenty for Hyunjin. He appreciated big surprises and all, but didn’t need anything extravagant or fancy to be happy like his family. So after hearing his words and looking up into his eyes, Hyunjin would smile warmly, yet reassuringly to the other, nodding lightly. “I promise...you’ve been the only one who has ever seen me like this...this vulnerable...but I wouldn’t want anyone else seeing you like this either.” He would admit to Seungcheol, assuring him how special he had been but also craving to be special as well.

Hyunjin knew that it was the other’s choice to make, while he was willing to only let the male be the one to see him this way. Leaning up to kiss who he had hoped to be his lover when he was ready, planting kisses on his lips lovingly, as well as his flushing cheeks. As he began to pull back, Hyunjin couldn’t help but to whimper and cry out, missing the feeling of his deep inside him. “...c-come bac-ahhh~...” He would whisper out before his own moan cut him off as he rolled his head back from the amount of pleasure given to him. His fingers ran into the the other’s hair while his other hand gripped his shoulder as he too, looked into the other’s eyes. “...S-Seungcheol~....” His name slipped past his lips so effortlessly and it made Hyunjin feel honored to be able to be the one to say it the way he did as he moaned out by the other’s ear, holding Seungcheol closely to him.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. He could hardly believe he was doing this, completely blissed out as he succumbed to the want that had been consuming him for longer than he'd like to admit. The feeling of not only liking men but in particular liking Hyunjin, coming back to him in a way that he so rarely did. Seungcheol wanted to know him, to learn every inch of both his body and mind and commit it to his memory. Because Hyunjin was a masterpiece, a gorgeous whimpering mess that only Seungcheol had ever been fortunate enough to see. "Don't let anyone else see you like this." A command Seungcheol knew he had no right to make, and yet the words growled out on their own accord. Just this once, he wanted to be special. He wanted to be the one to know what the younger looked like when he finally reached his own euphoria against Seungcheol's own body.

Maybe Hyunjin wasn't his, but he was for tonight, leaning against his lover's gentle touches before he took him by surprise with a roll of his hips. The older couldn't help the surprised moan that spilled from his lips at the action, hips instinctively rutting up to meet the smaller's own. What a tease, he thought with a grin, leaning down to kiss Hyunjin properly before heeding the other's request. But two could play such games, pulling almost completely out of the smaller's body before rocking his hips up to meet his own, so eagerly engulfed back into that tight heat that made him melt. "Hyunjin..." The name came out like a swear in his wanton state, holding the younger's hips closer as he started up a faster pace. How was he ever supposed to be sated again when he heard such angelic moans like that, when the smaller's body fit his just perfectly and his eyes looked back at his with such warmth..? Hookups never felt like this, something so personal in a way that he could swear Hyunjin could see right through him, knowing his grimmest secrets and wanting him anyways. He could no longer be anything but hopeless, his heart racing as he held the other so flush against him.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Never having to be in this type of position in front of anyone, Hyunjin couldn’t help but to feel flustered and shy, being at his most vulnerable state in front of the other. Even though his hair had been tied back, he still managed to get some strands covering his face. He knew his hair tie wouldn’t hold as long, so it’ll sooner or later come undone but he didn’t mind that at all. Letting the male guide them in their deep kiss, the smaller did his best to focus on the their tongues, swirling it around against each other, before a bit louder than before as he felt the pressure of Seungcheol’s tip sliding into him. His hands would grip his shoulders tightly, as he pulled back from the kiss, rolling his head back as he felt the wave of pleasure, mixed with pain sweep through him as the older pushed himself all the way inside, and letting out a few whimpers. The younger’s eyes would tear up but he did his best to stay still, while his hole was twitching around the male’s , panting softly as his ity had been taken away by the person he cared about.

Leaving his eyes closed for a moment before opening them to look up at the other, he would breath out. “...y-you’re so thick, Seungie~....Jesus.....” He would admit before looking down at the male, smiling warmly as he knew he was trying to distract him from the pain that he had felt. It felt like someone had tore up and stretched him out for the very first time, and it was, but he would let his hole adjust to the older’s length, letting go of his shoulders with one hand to run through Seungcheol’s hair gently, stroking it, appreciating how thoughtful he had been to the smaller. “...mmm thank you, my knight~.....you’re so damn...perfect, Seungie.....” Rolling his hip a bit, he would bite his lower lip and look down at the other, leaning in to peck his forehead affectionately. “...I think you can move inside me.....I’m ready~...”
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. He wondered why he felt so many nerves inside him as if it was his first time, the overwhelming need to protect the smaller clashing with his need to have him. As much as he didn't want to hurt the other it was nearly impossible to hold back like this, lover spread open and waiting for the older to lay claim to such a marvel. God, Hyunjin was beautiful like this, letting himself take a moment to admire the smaller in such a blissed state, hair falling across his face and making him look even more like a piece of art. Seungcheol eagerly guided the kiss as their tongues teased against each other, holding Hyunjin close as he finally let their bodies become connected. The older used all of his willpower to push in slowly despite just how inviting the smaller's body was, squeezing around him so tightly that it made his mind hazy. Once he was finally fully seated he couldn't hold back his moans, stifled against the younger's lips as he held himself back from moving.

"Oh my god..." He swore under his breath, not used to such intensity. It was like Hyunjin's body was made for him, coaxing him in just right that he couldn't help but get addicted to the feeling of being with him. But in his clarity he tried to turn his attention to the smaller, ignoring his own bliss to make sure that the other wasn't in too much pain. No matter how rough they got caring for Hyunjin was like second nature to him now, scattering innocent kisses across his chest to distract from any pain he may have felt, letting his body relax against him in the meanwhile. "You're so damn good, angel."
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Leaning into his touch as his knight d his cheeks, causing them to become strawberry like cheeks, he would smile warmly as he mumbled before he started to bob his head on the other's length. "..mmm...the princess and his knight in shining armor~..." As Seungcheol would tug his hair slightly harder, Hyunjin could tell that what he was doing was right, using what he had learned from movies as well as some a, wanting to please the male as well as make him as happy as he can be. The smaller wanted to taste what it would be like for the poet to release inside his mouth and deep down his throat, wanting him to be forced to take in and swallow, knowing that he would have some spilling at the corners of his lips and down to his chin. But knew that all of that can be for next time as this was going to be their special night with one another. The blonde did feel nervous and scared, because it was his first time but with Seungcheol there with him, it would disappear and the pain that he'll have to endure at first will be worth it.

His head would be tugged back hesitantly, making me the smaller pout a bit after that lewd pop noise escaped his lips, before speaking. "Yes, babe?..." Giving him another pet name before being gasping in surprise, hearing the other's words as he was pulled up to be only be pressed down on the bed, closing his eyes as soon as Seungcheol initiated their kiss, kissing him back passionately as he heard the male's shoulder with one hand while the other cupped his cheek. "Jesus Seungcheol.....your moans are like music to my ears~...." He would mumble against his lips as he looked up at him as his back was to the bed, spreading his legs a bit more for him as he nodded lightly. "I-I know it'll hurt....but I'm always ready for you, Seungie~....I need you too." He would reassured his knight, closing his eyes as his kissed back, letting his tongue brush against the male's lips, while his nerves were bouncing everywhere throughout his body as he waited for the other.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. "How cute," Seungcheol hummed out, stroking the smaller's warm cheeks in a way all too gentle for the compromising position they were in. "Ah...you can be my princess, Hyunjin..." The words came out breathy as the younger started to bob against his length, barely able to finish his thoughts as his mind became hazy. "S-, Hyunjin..." The smaller's sweet moans vibrated against his length to only drive him more crazy, tugging his hair a bit harder with every . He wasn't going to be able to last long like this, the delicious feeling of hitting the back of his lover's throat paired with such a sinful gaze from the smaller tearing away his last bit of composure as his pleasure continued to build. God, how he wanted to let himself finish like this, spilling down Hyunjin's eager mouth and wiping that devilish smile right off his face... but they had other plans for tonight, and he wouldn't forgive himself if he didn't make Hyunjin /his/. Last night he'd been too nervous to dare make another move, scared of just how bad he wanted it. But tonight caution was out the window, leaving Seungcheol to finally chase after all he'd wanted.

"Baby..." It was hard for Seungcheol to allow himself to pull away from Hyunjin when he was taking him in so well, reluctantly pulling away with a pop so lewd that it made him shiver. "Hyunjin... I need you." He didn't waste more time on simple words before pressing the smaller against the bed, bodies tauntingly rolling against each other as Seungcheol captured his lips in a kiss. The lewd taste of himself on Hyunjin's lips made him let out a low moan, only pulling him closer before positioning himself against his awaiting body, such a feeling alone eliciting an excited shiver. "Tell me if it's too much," He warned one last time before his resolve wore any thinner, hips rolling on their own accord between rough kisses.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Hyunjin was used to doing things on his own, and burying his own wants, needs, desires and emotions deep down whenever he was with his family. Even though there were many amazing individuals at the university, none of them could ever compare to Seungcheol. ‘...does that make you my princess then?’ Hyunjin would hum against the other’s member, blushing red at his words, wondering to himself before he pulled back slowly, letting his hand that rested on his base to him as he spoke, looking up at the other with more of a soft expression as he spoke his words. “Hmm...I guess it does make me your princess....but only if you want me to be your princess.” He would smile warmly before kissing the other’s tip once more before continuing. “...with all that you do....protecting me and being there for me...I don’t mind being gentle for now....but I’ll be your princess and help relieve any stress you must go through.” He would say teasingly, adding in another wink to his words before he went back to the male’s length.

Listening to his words, he would playfully roll his eyes as he hollowed his cheeks together, using his tongue to coat with his saliva, swirling it around as he let out a hum, letting the vibrations run through his hard length. Moving his head lower to take in more of him, Hyunjin would pull back his hand, resting it on the other’s thigh as he continued to himself, letting out a moan as his hair was being tugged. God...it felt amazing to be tugged like that. He would understand why people in the movies and even the a would love hair pulling, slowly making the smaller want it too. Closing his eyes for a moment, he would let his tongue stick out underneath his as he felt him moving down his throat, slowly opening his eyes to show his first lewd expression while him. His stroking on himself would pick up as his eyes were set on Seungcheol, loving and feeling pleased with how he was making him react with his lewd .
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Staying by his side...Seungcheol wasn't one to ever consider himself as a kept man, but even he had to admit that such a thought felt nice. Having Hyunjin around to learn more about, to confide in, to hold, to see in the ways that others couldn't... even at such a time as this, it had a way of making his heart flutter. Yeah, maybe he /could/ get used to this. "Hm, does that make you my princess then?" He gently taunted, only to be silenced by another pleased moan as the other continued to tease his length. For someone who the older so adoringly deemed an angel Hyunjin was certainly anything but, seeming to revel in finding new ways to taunt the one before him. That cute wink, daring smirk, sinful eyes gazing at him as he sunk to his knees...he wondered if the smaller even knew what he was doing to his poor heart, but seeing that devilish glint in his eyes made him all too sure he did.

"God, Hyunjin...you're the y one," He countered, fingers affectionately running through his hair as a gentle praise. Seungcheol barely remembered to breathe as he stayed so transfixed on the smaller boy, absently tugging on his hair as he felt the younger's experimental kisses and against his wanton body. It was easy for his composure to melt away like this, Hyunjin's warm, wet mouth all too inviting as he took him in inch by inch, tightening around his thick length as his head fell back in pleasure. Seungcheol had to stifle a low moan with his hand as he bucked his hips up against the smaller's mouth, desperate for more friction as he lead the other. "Just like that baby, you're so good..." He praised, not able to stop his hips from moving in time and forcing himself deeper down the smaller's throat. His mind was in a complete haze like this, watching the younger touching himself in excitement while taking him in so that he could hardly handle himself.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. The feeling of the poet’s fingers ing deeply inside him, repeatedly hitting the same, sensitive spot of his, along with the curling of his fingers, made him melt under his touch. His own fingers and his toy, that sat in his drawer by the bed, did not compare to how deep Seungcheol’s fingers would go inside him. It made his curious mind wonder how it would feel to have the male’s warm rod deep inside, filling up his tight, little hole. The thought made the smaller whimper, his mind filling with lust and wanting, not minding if he’ll tear or be in pain, as long as he was close to Seungcheol, that was all that he wanted. His gentle hand would the other at a slow pace at first, wanting to as he rubbed his thumb ever so slightly against , feeling the precum soak up his finger. “You’re so thick, Seungcheol~.....thicker than I’ll ever be~...” Smirking a bit to himself as the other would into his hand, continuing to , only picking up the pace slightly. “Then I always want you, Seungie....from the very start...I don’t plan on letting you go...you’re too special and my only knight that I want to keep.” Hyunjin would whisper, letting his heart play on his sleeve, wanting the other to know that he had wanted him to be by his side.

“Get on your knees.” Hyunjin would hear, making him gain goosebumps, almost letting himself drool in front of the male, not only surprised by the sternness of his voice, but how dominating and compelling it sounded to the smaller. “...you’re gonna be the life of me, Seungcheol.....that was so...y~....” He would say his thoughts out loud in a whisper, before letting out a cry when he felt the fingers slip away from his tight hole. But he would close his eyes as soon as he felt the poet’s lips on his own, letting a muffed moan escape at the rough kiss, following him to the bed, opening his eyes to watch him sit on the edge. Kissing him back with the stolen kisses, Hyunjin would wink playfully before moving to his knees on the floor, letting himself come face to face with the other’s thick . his lips, this was the first time that he had come close to someone’s member, and all he could think about was stuffing his cheeks with it, being slapped with it and having the other’s deep down his throat, as well as his hole. “...perfection~....I want it so....so badly, my knight~....” He would mumble before holding in his hand again at the base so he can bring it to his lips. At first he would kiss the tip gently, letting some precum land on his sweet lips before parting them, lowering his head down to begin the male’s . Thankfully the smaller didn’t have a gagging reflex, but as soon as he slowly , taking in his , he wanted more. His bright eyes would look up at him, as he bobbed his head, while his free hand slowly traveled its way to himself.


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