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⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 1 year ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. it was truly a topic which doyoung wished not to touch upon―like the time he had given her /the talk/ which mostly consisted of doyoung being very straightforward and biologically correct. but not dissimilar from that time, he needs to keep her best interests in mind as her brother. "you asked," he replies quickly with a small laugh, lifting a spoon to his lips to test the broth. "recently like... the last few weeks? if you have, or still are smacking face, please let me know so i can avoid those places," he says, look of distaste upon his visage.
⁰² sihyeon k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. she makes a face over to him upon his words, totally not wanting to hear about her older brother's . . . kissing techniques or whatever, but she guesses that she brought it on herself. "gross." a laugh slips out, soon raising her chopsticks up to her lips to take a good bite of her pho. she delightfully hums, nearly ready to take another, until his question catches her off guard. she's sure that if she found just a snippet of his kissing endeavors gross, he, too, found hers disturbing to hear about, so she isn't too sure about how to answer. ". . . well, define recently."
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 1 year ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. having finished fixing up his own bowl, he joins her at the table with his food, perfectly spiced and seasoned to his desire. he's been feeling extra tired lately, having taken on some extra afternoon shifts at the cafe; pho is the perfect medication for that. "first off," doyoung says pointedly. "i don't /smack/ face. i am a very good and well-paced kisser. and second, i don't do it out in the open. the door's always closed." a small gulp is heard in his throat, but there's no food. "have you smacked face with anyone recently?" he really just wanted her to be safe... she wasn't the topic of the news post, was she?
⁰² sihyeon k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. "yeah, i'll let you know, loser." she reassures, though she's sure that the time won't ever come―all just to ease his worries. after having prepared her bowl, she leisurely settles herself down upon the dining table, fully expecting for him to accompany her. only until his words suggest something that she, quite truthfully, didn't think he'd admit. with her brows furrowing, she pauses, squinting at him. "excuse me? you're meaning to say that you're one of those 'disgusting' people that smack faces, and i mean /smack/, out in the open?"
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 1 year ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. she shows obvious distaste at his words (he's hoping it's at his words and not his food), but he still presses on. "... well, if you change your mind, let me know. cars aren't as expensive nowadays." preparing his own bowl, he blinks at her words. getting caught by a professor sounds like... terror. well, he definitely spent a lot of time in the library and would Not want to see his sister in there face. "well." doyoung says curtly, pursing his lips whilst he thinks back about just a few nights ago, chase atlantic's album reverberating through the art studio. he's always been a poor liar, after all. "not in the library, at least."
⁰² sihyeon k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. as he passes the bowl over to her, she's already reaching for the spices and ingredients to put in just as his offer garners her attention. "i'm sure," she answers almost immediately, presenting him with a subtle frown. "it's okay, i enjoy the walk. more picture opportunities. plus, i hate driving."—and because she already takes enough of his money. for a cup of coffee? sure, she'll ask him. but, for a whole car, she wouldn't. "oh my god, i'd never. that's just risking one of my professors, or worse, /you/, walking in." she makes a face, scrunching her nose in distaste. "tell me you haven't done that."
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 1 year ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. he purses his lips while gathering a handful of noodles into the bowl, drowning them in the boiling liquid on the stove. the air is filled with the famous scent of pho, but doyoung's eyebrows are furrowed the slightest as he slides the bowl across the counter. "you walked? you sure you don't want a car? like... as a birthday gift maybe?" of course, her birthday's not for a few months but he was determined to always give his sister the best. "people are actually disgusting," he says with a roll of his eyes. "please don't /ever/ do that."
⁰² sihyeon k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. "yeah, well, can you blame me? i've been seeing you everyday for the past twenty years. i can take an extra ten minute walk." she clicks her tongue upon the roof of with a playful squint, now reaching to lazily tie her hair back. "i had a small snack earlier, so not too much? but yeah, i was in the library to study just now and bro, i could literally hear two people making out behind the shelves. people are crazy."
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 1 year ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. his sister makes her presence known with her laidback aura as she enters his home and doyoung makes his way away from the door into the kitchen. "you always take your time, i'm not surprised." unlike her, doyoung prided himself in his punctuality. grabbing a bowl from the cabinet does he ask, "how much do you want?"
⁰² sihyeon k. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. in comparison to her older brother, she doesn't find herself fond of the university gossip, barely even checking it. and that is why she remains oblivious as to the latest post, that could bare some resemblance to her situation, as she flashes doyoung a cheeky smile. "yeah, yeah, i'm here," nudging him, she saunters in comfortably. "if you had told me you were making pho, i would've came sooner. i was taking my time."
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 1 year ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. when his sister shows up at his door, there's no lie that doyoung's wondering if the latest gossip post is about her; gardening and photography? there can't be another, surely. it's not as though doyoung cares about gossip, but when it pertains to his sister... "come on, i made pho and it's getting cold," he says with a roll of his eyes, letting her in.


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