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⁰¹ jaemin n. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jeno l. “oh shush. we all know how much you do.” jaemin tilts his head back in laughter, giving it a little shake. “you sound pretty much insatiable, baby.” he jokes, carding his finger through jeno’s soft black strands, settling them gently at the back of jeno’s nape as he plays with the little hairs. There’s a fond, warm gaze that settles upon boyfriend’s face as he presses little kisses against his shoulder blade. Jaemin releases a sigh, a contented one, he heart is thumping loud in his chest and he feels a surge of warmth and emotions coursing through his vein, he’s not quite sure why. But was a reason really needed when he has the love of his life tucked by his side giving him all the attention he needs and he wants? Jaemin considers himself to be lucky. He knows of many would die to be in his shoes (perhaps bed), jeno popularity in school is not unheard of. but then, there jeno was, his. “do you not want kids?” there’s a little raise of his brows, though it disappears almost as fast as it comes. Its the look on jeno’s face that gives him an answer and he doesn’t want to press on about it, it wasn’t really important anyway. However, his next sentence has jaemin chuckling. heavens, if he could only gush about how cute his boyfriend was being right, he would. Instead he settles for a quick chaste kiss on his lips. “Yes, not now though, perhaps tomorrow. I just want to be with you today.” he says softly, there’s a little tug in his heart knowing they might not have this much time on their hands when jeno starts his fourth year and he starts taking on jobs or when they both get busy. His eyes waters at the mere thought and jeno’s words. Jaemin’s not really one to cry, not infront his boyfriend at least, but he sniffles a little. “ugh, i should be hating you for making me feel so soft. But i really love you, jeno. I know i say it too much and some might say it’ll lose it’s meaning but there are days where i feel like my love for you is so overwhelming i have to keep telling you that, maybe twice as much to make up the number of years that we’ve lost. If you ask me, there’s nothing i rather have in this world if i don’t have you. i, too, would do anything for you, jeno.”
⁰³ jeno l. [A] 6 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. “Shh, you know I do. Say that again and I might just show you how much I do,” Jeno mumbles with a mischievous glint in his eyes, sending off a wink as he presses a few lingering kisses along his shoulder blade. If Jeno knew this was how he would feel, he would’ve asked Jaemin long ago. The fear of being apart no longer feels viable—he’s in too much of a trance, too in love with the man in his arms. But despite this, he knows Jaemin loves him just as much, especially with the way he looks at him. Though the topic of kids has him scrunching his nose for a mere moment, but he lifts up a brow in intrigue as he mutters, “You want actual kids?” It’s soft with no offence to it as he imagines them with their own. He nearly laughs at the imagine, but nods his head in agreement that it would be too soon. Heck, marriage would be too soon on this day too, but he knows down the like, he’d love the groom to be Jaemin. Jeno coos at the imagery, nearly vibrating for a few seconds, “Need puppy now. Want to go on walks with you,” he huffs. His short-lived frown draws away when their foreheads rest and Jeno feels both his chest and smile bloom when they lock eyes and Jaemin shares his words. “If you’re ever feeling lonely, sad—even with a thousand miles between us, I’ll catch the latest flight just to get to you the next day. I’m just that ing insane about you and I’m not sure if I like the fact that I’m not joking. I’d really do anything for you, Nana.”
⁰¹ jaemin n. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jeno l. “Shh.. you love my cute , you love it a lot.” Jaemin shamelessly gives his a little wriggle, breaking into a fit of laughter after that. A sigh of contentment leaves him the moment their eyes meet and within those, he sees the amount of love, happiness and joy but most importantly, a future for both of them. They’ve might not be ‘official’ for very long but it’s evident that they had been in love for ages, it might have taken a while, a couple of rough years but fate was always a little funny wasn’t it? “Kids?” He raises his brow in amusement. “If you meant a little puppy.. then yes, but if you meant those that would make googoo eyes at you for milk whenever they get hungry... then maybe not... not yet.. at least” he mumbles to himself, giving his nose a little scrunch. “was thinking maybe a puppy the same breed as tiny, like a smaller version of him, it’ll be cute and tiny could have a companion when especially when we’re not around.” Jaemin gives a few nods of his head, watching as the Jeno bring his hand up to his lips, pressing a few kisses to it and like this, he falls in love with him all over again. It wasn’t always the big things that Jeno did for him but this little loving gestures that he loved so much. “I know. ugh, you’re so sappy you know that?” He jokes, lowering his hands down to the other’s side, giving it a gentle rub as he leans to press their foreheads together. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you too, baby, you mean so much to me. I could be miles away for work or anything but if you call me, i would take the next available transport home just to be with you.” he leans giving his boyfriend’s nose a little boop, puckers his lips for the kiss but just as he’s so close, he pokes the tip of his tongue out before pulling away to lean back against their share with a mischievous grin on his lips.
⁰³ jeno l. [A] 6 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. “Been seeing your cute since we were kids—you think I would’ve gotten tired of you sooner if that was the case?” Jeno can’t help but to laugh at the few silly questions, but there’s an evident glint of fondness in his gaze; one that could never be mistaken from pure love and joy. He inches forward in the split moment that Jaemin sticks out his tongue, chomping near his face as a threat to bite before snickering out in amusement. “Woah, baby. You’re already thinking about more kids? Are we ready?” He muses, feigning a rather fake shocked expression, but he lifts up a hand to cup the other side of Jaemin’s face, pushing him into his lips as he presses a fat kiss to his cheek. “Mm, I’d love that though. Are you thinking of a small puppy? It would be so cute to watch Tiny play with a shorty since he’s so fluffy and big.” As they sway, Jeno can’t help but to smile wide, stringing out occasional airy laughs before simmering down into silence when Jaemin’s warmth envelopes his hand. His expression falters into one of endearment but slight seriousness, lifting up his hand to his lips to press a few smooches to his knuckles. “Everything of mine is yours too, Nana,” he pauses, leaning in to leave a chaste peck to his lips, “And that includes my time. You know I don’t mind driving to see you whenever—even if you end up being two hours away. I’ll always come see you if you want me to.”
⁰¹ jaemin n. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jeno l. “are you sure you wanna see me everyday, my love? what if you get sick and tired of me...?” his words are teasing as he sticks his tongue out at the other, though, he was almost certain he would readily agree the moment the other had raised the idea, as sappy as it sounds, it’s not surprising considering how they could barely live without each other. “ plus.. we could... bring tiny with us.. maybe get him a little brother or sister.. don’t you think it’ll be cute to have a puppy sibling for it?” It’s the warm press of jeno’s lips against his cheeks that catches him off guard, his eyes crinkling into little crescents at the sudden affection, a round of soft laughter escaping from between his lips as he cradles his lover in his arms, rocking side to side as much as movement could allow them. He wishes they had more days before he had to leave for a short shoot over the weekends and plenty more to come after that, maybe he shouldn’t have taken up the projects, but with him being young rising talent in the industry, taking too many breaks between his job was not entirely up to him. A little part of him regrets, knowing he’ll be awfully busy with school and his job, there was even chance he might not even be able to catch him between their schedules and he would never show it on his face but it tugs on his heartstrings when he sees Jeno being a little clingy baby and all he wants its to bask in his embrace and never let go. “but baby... you can’t always be giving in to me. I love that you want to pamper me.. but i want to pamper you in return too” He says softly, lips forming into a little pout as he tilted to the side, lowering his hand to place it gently on top of jeno’s. “Everything of mine is yours only.”
⁰³ jeno l. [A] 6 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. Jeno’s blinking behind the frame, facade rather pure and innocent as he stares at his lover with a small smile on his face. Though upon the many pet names, his lips curve up and eyes pinch into happy crescents with the scrunch of his nose. Ever since they started officially dating, one could say they were easily in the honeymoon phase—being unable to rip himself away from Jaemin or feeling the /dying/ need to cradle his boyfriend in his arms. “Move in with me after this year. We’ll find a different place together so we can see each other everyday,” he responds with a huff, turning his head to meet his lips half way with a smug grin before peppering more kisses along the side of his lips. Jeno finds himself slumping back further when the kiss on his head leaves him melting, continuing to rub his cheek into Jaemin’s frame to rid away the tingling in his face. He squeezes at his waist, using Jaemin’s shoulder to push up his glasses with a breath. “Don’t be ridiculous—I don’t want to tire you. Use your spare time to rest, baby. If anything, I skip most of those lectures anyway. I’d rather us have fun if you’re going to be with me. I’ll come to you too.” Jaemin’s career was one that Jeno would never budge with—if anything, it was one thing he had on his priority list to never meddle with since he truly wanted him to be happy and successful. It’s no denying that their schedules were sporadic, but Jeno can’t seem to love him any less. He shoves his face into his neck, teeth lightly but playfully grazing at the skin with his fingers ghosting under Jaemin’s shirt to clutch at his frame. “Mine.”
⁰¹ jaemin n. 6 months ago
@⁰³ jeno l. With the gentle nuzzle against his arm, Jaemin tears his attention away from the television, eyes softening as he releases a little chuckle at his boyfriend’s little antics, Jeno had always been so endearing but even more so when he’s being so soft like he is right now, Jaemin would like to think he’s the sole reason for this side and he much prefers it to his “biker bad boy’ image. “Dearest..” he slips an arm around the other’s middle, his attention now solely for his boyfriend as he pulls him closer, holding him flushed against his body in a warm embrace as he hears the other out for the his suddenly grumpiness. “You know I would love to..” a reply comes almost immediately, pressing a gentle kiss upon the other’s hair. It’s a thought he, too, had been entertaining for a while now, maybe not in this current share house but an apartment both of them could call home together in the future (Jaemin refuses to dwell on something he can’t do now which would make him upset.) “Now, if you haven’t realise, I can barely leave your side.” he replies softly, nuzzling his nose against the other’s cheek, pressing fleeting kisses against it. “You’re kinda stuck with me jen, for a long long long while. I promise call you everyday.. face time you till you get so sick of me and voice” gently, he rubs little circles against the other’s back in a comforting manner. “Hey... Plus.. the schools not far from here, i can always visit you.. lurk in your engineering class and surprise you, watch how handsome my boyfriend is when he’s being so studious..”
⁰³ jeno l. [A] 6 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. Here they were on Jeno’s bed, huddled up under the blanket and cradled against one another comfortably. A sight that’s never to be seen with others unless it was Jaemin: Jeno had the side of his face pressed against Jaemin’s shoulder, arms hooked around his middle as he reeled him into his side. His attire, on the other hand, lacked his usual tight, biker, ‘bad boy’ façade as he slumped in his oversized hoodie, sweats, and eyes ridden with his rounded specs like a soft boy. “Baby,” Jeno grumbles, turning his attention away from the television to press his lips against the flesh of his shoulder. He squeezes him once, leaning in to nestle his nose into the crook of his neck as he flutters pecks, “Don’t want you to leave. Move in with me?” He means it, but he knows that isn’t a plausible solution—at least after the few days they have left. Jeno continues to grumble, muffling his complains into his lover’s shoulder with a slight frown, rubbing his face into his warmth. “I’ll miss you so much when you go.”


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the way i would prefer to attend saebom more than my actual uni pls

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