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⁰³ jisung h. 5 months ago
@⁰¹ felix l. "My lifesaver, then." Without much thought, Jisung found himself curling closer to his friend and rested his head gently against his shoulder. As his eyes glazed over the lights of the city and the stars that shone in the sky above them, he could only wonder how he still managed to end up beside the brightest one. A groan left his lips and his body jolted at the much expected assault of the other's hand. "And for that, I will forever be grateful! I'm still paying the gods and goddesses in the sky for placing you with me." A firm nod followed his words, briefly lifted his head to flash a smile. Though, it didn't last long as the emptiness began to settle in his chest again, mind beginning to tread down its dark path of misery. It took a few minutes of silence before he spoke up and asked, "Why does it hurt so bad?"
⁰¹ felix l. 5 months ago
@⁰³ jisung h. "not a lifesaver." felix shook his head despite the smile on his face as he settled down next to his friend, letting out a soft noise of glee the second the blanket was around him. he slipped an arm around jisung, pulling him closer, letting him rest against his side. even if he was the one who enjoyed cuddles and the like more, there was no way he'd pass up a chance to be an anchor when needed. "you're quite literally asking to get your beat right here and now." he narrowed his eyes, slipping a hand to jab at jisung's side. "you're right though, i do love you too much."
⁰³ jisung h. 5 months ago
@⁰¹ felix l. A soft smile immediately graced his features before he could even catch himself, puffy eyes shaping themselves into crescents. "You're a lifesaver, sunshine," he spoke quietly, but more than loud enough for the other to hear as he gratefully accepted the drink. Without a second thought, his hands were already moving to wrap his blanket around the other, thankful that it was more than large enough to hold the both of them inside and keep them both shielded from the air of the night. "I'll have you know, I was fully prepared to fight for my life incase you 'beat my ' but I knew you loved me too much to even do that," he paused for a second, a mischievous glint in his eyes, "I mean... not that you'd WIN or anything."
⁰¹ felix l. 5 months ago
@⁰³ jisung h. there was a little skip in his step while he climbed the stairs, phone tucked into his back pocket and two water bottles in his hands as he made his way up to the rooftop. felix had always been ready to give his all to his friends, but jisung was even more special than that. other than chris, jisung was one of the closest people to him, and he would drop everything for his best friend. so as he pulled open the door to step onto the roof, struggling a little with it because damn why were these doors so heavy, there was a bright smile on his face. making his way over to the way over to jisung, the boy gently thumped his shoulder with one of the water bottles. "yah, figured you'd need this." plopping down next to him, felix jutted his bottom lip out in a small pout. "share the blanket, han jisung, it's freezing."
⁰³ jisung h. 5 months ago
@⁰¹ felix l. Whenever he felt like he needed a place to clear his head, the rooftop was always the first thing that came to mind. Yeah, it wasn't the most original place to hide away, but he somehow always managed to sneak his way up here when nobody else did. For that, he was always extremely grateful. His hands gripped gently at the blanket that was loosely hanging from his shoulders, the pounding in his head nagging him for not bringing up a water bottle for him to rehydrate himself. It didn't matter, anyways; no matter how much pain he was in (funny, because his heart was currently feeling as if it had been ripped out of his ribcage), he would withstand it all if it meant he could be with his favorite person in the world. Felix. Just the name alone was enough to warm him up, even as a cool breeze whiffed against his face. It was often that Jisung joked that Felix was his heart in human form, but now anything even related to a heart he felt was never his.
⁰² jeonghan y. 5 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. Sooyoung's enjoying this, Jeonghan thinks to himself ― the chuckle, the words that fall from the lass' lips, it's as if she enjoys having this sort of power over him; as if she wants to flaunt the way she still holds something significant over his own heart and he's nothing but an unwilling victim for it. But a part of him knows that this isn't the Sooyoung he knows, which then begs the question: how many things have changed in what felt like a long time that they haven't seen each other?

Does it even matter, when her very words right here and now do nothing but to break his heart even more?

He takes a deep breath, wonders quietly to himself if the woman he loves has always been this cruel, and he moves his gaze upwards, jaw clenching. But his lips curve into a smile as cruel as the laughter that spilled from her lips just moments ago. The visage he makes when he looks at her feels too foreign on his face, too harsh on such gentle features, and he clutches on his shirt. "I... I looked for you, Sooyoung! Even when you left without a ing word or even a trace of you in our―my―apartment, I still looked for you!

Do you know how much it broke me when I couldn't find you anywhere? And yet you―" He lets out a scoff, disbelief evident in his eyes, "―What? Do you enjoy doing this? You left me first, Sooyoung. You don't get to act like that."
⁰³ sooyoung h. 5 months ago
@⁰² jeonghan y. Sooyoung chuckles.

It's a sound that follows a silence that almost seemed everlasting, so quiet it was almost deafening, and her dulcet laughter pierces it in a swift motion. She knows it seems cruel for her to do so, out of pocket even, but she can't suppress it. And if she could have, she doesn't know if she would have wanted to. He's lucky she didn't scoff. It would've hurt more if she did.

The way he talks about her departure is getting redundant, for even she could never forget the way she had left him. Whether he believed it or not, she had genuinely loved him even as she had left him. If he would have allowed her to, she was hoping to spend the rest of her life with him. Her ego wouldn't let her admit it out loud, but she wasn't ready to say goodbye to him. And, perhaps, she still isn't. But she doesn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that she might spend the rest of her life searching for bits of him in everyone else.

"It would have." Just three words, but they make all the difference. "But you couldn't have. You still don't get it, do you?" An exasperated sigh leaves her lips before she turns to lean into the railing instead, eyes focused on the nightlife below them. "You keep asking why I'm here, but in your head you're still questioning why I left." Another chuckle. "While your lips tell me to go, your eyes tell me to stay. Am I wrong?"
⁰² jeonghan y. 5 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. Jeonghan doesn't miss the way Sooyoung takes a step back, and can't say that he's surprised either. His eyes linger on her visage, looking for any telltale of whatever it is that she's actually feeling right now ― is there regret? Guilt, most likely, one of the most common emotions he finds in the people he looks at, right next to adoration, he supposes. He used to know her so well, has once been confident in how well he could read her even without her saying so. His jaw clenches at the question being returned, and this time he stays right where he is, doesn't make a move to approach her; doesn't make a move to walk away either.

That look of indifference ― it's making him want to take that way and see for himself what she thinks about all this.

"Would it have mattered?" Jeonghan replies, after a moment of silence. This isn't the stage, this isn't the runway ― eyes are the windows to one's soul, or so they say, and so he wonders what she sees in his eyes when she looks at him again. Perhaps she could give a word to whatever it is that he's feeling right now ― whether it's anger, heartbreak or something else. He's inclined to believe that eyes are truly the windows to one's souls, because when he looks at her eyes, he sees that indifference straying away, but the both of them are nothing if not stubborn.

"Would it have mattered if I had run after you? When clearly, you didn't want to be followed?" His hand that trembles above the railing hides itself by his side, sliding into the warmth of his pockets as well. "You still haven't answered my question. Why are you still here? What do you want?"
⁰³ sooyoung h. 5 months ago
@⁰² jeonghan y. The moment he takes a step forward, she takes a step back. It’s involuntary—a reflex, if you will—but she must do so and keep the distance between them to protect herself. Not from him, but from her own self. For she wishes that she could fall into the warm embrace his arms and bury her face in his chest like she did in the past. She’d apologize to him and hold him so close, so tightly that it’d make up for her absence in his life. Oh, the things she wishes she could do. She wishes the circumstances were different.

But they weren’t, and they never will be.

She had expected Jeonghan to be angry. She really did. She knew it was justified, too. But, somehow, his words cut deeper than she had expected them to.

He wasn’t wrong, and she knew that. She knows she did him dirty, and she knows she has no right, but there's a lump in that threatens to choke her and she has to try her best to force the searing tears to sink back into her eyes, seeping slowly into her soul and filling her entire being with sadness. He was right. She didn't deserve to. She didn't have the right to miss him, when she took his heart into his hands and shattered it right onto the ground. It was her fault, and that's why they're in this situation today. But that was why, even after she’d broken his heart, she had still continued to love him from afar as she had no idea what she was supposed to do with all the love pouring out of her heart when he was no longer there to take it.

“Did you?” Sooyoung counters, not missing a beat. The question slips between her lips before she can even catch it, but it’s too late to take it back and all she can do is maintain her façade of indifference. “Well, I guess the question here is,” she pauses, taking a step closer to him all on her own this time. “If I hadn’t come here, if I had chosen to run ten minutes ago… would you have wanted to?”
⁰² jeonghan y. 5 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. That he does, but Jeonghan doesn't say anything to reaffirm Sooyoung's statement. He wonders if she thinks about whether or not he looked for her at one point after they broke up, wonders what she thought about all those times they've spent away from each other, wonders if she ever thought about him after she left. He doesn't know if he wants to hear it come from her lips (he fears the answer), and so he keeps those thoughts to himself, visage still guarded from showing any more than what he'd rather keep hidden. Fist clenching inside his pocket, his eyes slightly widen at her words the moment their eyes meet, and it feels as though a second passes.

A moment.

And once again, Jeonghan's laughing, such a cruel, cruel tone filling the otherwise serene midnight. It's amusing, truly! How she lets those words leave her lips as if she isn't the very reason why they're in this situation; as if she believes that those words will quell the anger that is so stubbornly swirling within his chest. It fills him like thorns, and it burns as much as it stings, much more vividly than he expected — especially when so many months have already passed by, a /year/.

He places a hand on top of the railing, before he faces her with his body this time, taking a step forward. "When did you become such a comedian, Sooyoung-ah?" he says, and he can't control the mocking lilt that seeps into his tone. "Could've fooled me if I hadn't known better — it was too easy for you to pack your bags up and disappear without a word, wasn't it?"

He takes another step forward, and the mocking simper from his lips disappears, gaze hardening.

"I'm surprised you're not doing the same thing right now — I wouldn't be able to stop you, even if I had wanted to."
⁰³ sooyoung h. 5 months ago
@⁰² jeonghan y. "It is," she murmurs, learning forward against the railing, gaze settled on the specks of light illuminating the city below them. "You knew I was attending uni." For a moment there, she wants to ask if he looked for her, since that's what his question seemed to imply. But she decides against it, for what would happen if he had? Although, to be frank, she already had a feeling that he did. It would be far too cruel for her to wish that he did search for her when she was the one who had walked away.

The coldness in his tone makes her wince and she has to turn her head to the side to hide it. His voice used to be her own brand of lullaby, but now it's reminiscent to nails on a chalkboard. Sooyoung's not used to seeing this side of him, not used to the gap between them that seems to grow with every fleeting moment. It was foolish for her to think any amount of preparation would've readied her for this moment.

"I've heard," she states as nonchalantly as she can, although she doesn't go into much detail. She's kept up on news about him since she's left—although there wasn't much, given he took a hiatus shortly after—so of course she knows. She turns to look at him right when he does, too, and their eyes meet once more. It's electrifying.

To read about him in the news or see his magazine covers in passing was one thing, but to see him again in flesh was something else entirely. She really thought she would be fine, that she'd be able to smile and greet him like any other old friend upon meeting again. (But they're not friends. There was too much between them. There *is* too much between them to be friends.) And in his eyes are months' worth of memories she can't just disregard.

"Contrary to what you may believe, it's not easy to leave you alone."

And once again, she is hopeless drawn into his orbit.
⁰² jeonghan y. 5 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. Jeonghan's surprise is well-hidden within a strictly managed visage on his countenance, because he didn't really expect Sooyoung to stay. There's a nagging feeling in the back of his mind, weighs heavily at his guts like a cruel reminder of a lonely, lonely winter. (She had run away once, who's to say she wouldn't do it again? She seemed to have done it so easily.) Rather amusing how they'd meet again on the bloom of a new spring, he thinks to himself, before he fixes his stance. He tries to be more at ease, even if that proves to be quite the difficult chore. He can't tell if /he/ wants to stay, or if he wants to run away too, because he isn't too certain if he can control his words, control the way his thoughts go toward.

But his feet stay rooted in his place anyway, and he desperately wishes he has a knife or a fork or spoon or something. He lets his one hand slide onto a pocket of his pants, and he almost doesn't catch her words when they fall from her lips. Too soft, too gentle, almost as if saying anything any louder would break whatever it is that they have (but it is already broken, isn't it?). "That a fact?" he says, in reply to her whisper, and he moves his gaze away from her. He looked for her, really.

Perhaps he didn't look hard enough. Maybe she just didn't want to be found.

"What else?" He internally cringers at the tone he takes, but tries not to show it. "I came here to study. Maybe you didn't hear, but I've been on a break from runways since last year," he continues on, and he leans his head back, focuses his eyes at the sky instead. A sharp inhale comes after, before his eyes turn back to her. (It stings even to look at her.) "Why are /you/ here?" he asks, here pertaining not to the university — but here right where he is, at this rooftop, when she could have tried to run away (though there's no guarantee about what he would have done if she had; if he'd chase after her or let her go).
⁰³ sooyoung h. 5 months ago
@⁰² jeonghan y. Her umber orbs meet his and there's an internal struggle on whether she should keep looking or divert her gaze away. She had known that, one day, they'd run into each other again. One day, when they were older and more successful, and she could justify that her decision to leave him was for the greater good. She had come to believe she'd grown accustomed to his mere existence, pushing the memory of him into the back of her mind and remaining indifferent when his name was mentioned in passing. Yet, as she looks into his eyes, she realizes that she was utterly mistaken.

Because, in his eyes, the memories of their past come surging at her. How they met, their first kiss, the first time she fell into his sheets, and the last time she saw him. The laughs they shared, the jokes only they knew, and the way he'd fall into her welcoming arms every time he finished a show. Every single memory and all the little things. Like the way he would pull her close in his sleep, the way he’d kiss her forehead goodbye before he left the apartment, the way he'd always take her with him when he had domestic shows, and the way he'd always come home with flowers if he had to go overseas without her.

When he laughs, Sooyoung can't help but flinch, snapping her gaze away and looks down at her feet in an effort to look at anything but him. What could she even do in this situation? Would she laugh as well and fight fire with fire? Would she break down and cry? No, she couldn't, not in front of him. After a brief moment of hesitation, she starts to walk towards him. There's no other option for her, unless she really wants to be a and run away once more. She owed him this much, at least. Her steps are slow and heavy, like her heart is, and every step closer to him only elevates the sinking feeling within her. She stops in front of him and pauses, unsure what to do once more. It's a curious situation for them, really, to reunite here of all places at this hour.

"Yes," she nods, "this is where I've always been." Her voice is faint, a whisper at most, although she's sure he'll pick it up. There's no other sound ading the space but their own breathing anyways. There's a long silence before she speaks up again. "Why are you here?"
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 5 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. Indeed, she was shaken up by the whole world and all the responsibilities thrown at her. All the burdens she had to carry was all too much on her shoulders from the moment she learned how to walk, read and write. Yet, never had she realized how fatigue she must've looked, especially with all the makeup she had tried covering for her eyebags, dark circles and acne that formed from a lack of sleep.

Upon his response, she rolled her eyes immediately as she walked her way to the edge of the rooftop, setting her cup of coffee down on the edge to cool before turning her body back to face him, arms crossed agaisnt her chest. "Oh really? What's your field then? I suppose you're not part of the STEM field at all if you get to go out freely out of class like that." Tucking her hair behind her hear, she closed her eyes briefly as she exhaled out a sigh, letting the warmth of the sun sink into her skin.
⁰² jeonghan y. 5 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. Perhaps it's the melancholy shrouding the evening, but Jeonghan doesn't notice another presence until after he hears the door close with a loud bang. He flinches in his place, head immediately moving to look at it — only for him to freeze right where he is, hand left hanging underneath his chin as he loses his initial composure. Eyes wide, breath hitching in his throat, this is the effect of the woman has on him — an effect that he never really expected to have died down in the past months of his life, but a whirlpool of emotions begins to form inside his chest. It's all too different from the void that laid heavy in the very same spot almost a year ago, when the lady that stands a good distance away from him decided that he was no longer worthy of staying by her side.

Ha Sooyoung.

It's a name that has stayed far longer in his mind than he would have wanted — He had wanted to pick himself up and leave the past behind, as easily as she had done so. He has thought over, time and time again, what he would say had he met Sooyoung again; what he would do had he met her again. He thought he would have been prepared by the time they did. But he doesn't think any amount of preparation would have had him ready for this moment — not when Sooyoung looks like she wants to run away.


Anger rises within him, as well as something reminiscent of the emptiness he once felt — before it transformed into a crack, one that he hasn't been able to fix since then. But instead of words coming out of his lips first, he laughs. Loudly, would've been sweet had it not been for the lack of humor within it. "Oh?" he starts, looks at Sooyoung with an expression between anger, amusement and disbelief. "So this is where you've always been?" What a coincidence! This place seems to be both of their escape, he supposes, and he can only laugh at that.
⁰³ sooyoung h. 5 months ago
@⁰² jeonghan y. It's another one of those late work nights. Spring break had finished as quickly as it came, and Student Council had been putting more hours in to catch up on the work that had accumulated in their absence from campus. And as the female representative for the computer science department, Sooyoung had no choice but to come out and help.

The night is cold, so cold that it sends chills down her bones as she sneaks out of the building, but she willingly subjects herself to the unsympathetic nip of the air in exchange for a small midnight stroll. Just thirty minutes, she tells herself, and then she'll go back to work with the others. Her feet walk on their own, all too familiar with the path she's taking across campus and where she usually seeks solace.

It doesn't take her long to reach stairs leading to the rooftop of her favorite library. It's her personal haven within the humongous campus because of its spectacular view of the Seoul skyline. Her slender digits reach out to open the door, and unfortunately for her, it turns out she's not alone tonight. That's alright, she thinks, until she finally focuses on the person leaning against the railing. And for once in her life, she wishes she were hallucinating.

Yoon Jeonghan.

She's freezes in place, never in her right mind imagining that she'd run into him here out of all places, and a frenzy of thoughts rush through her mind. But it's a mistake on her part for she should've reacted sooner, because the door closes behind her with a loud bang.

And in a fitting manner, " is the only word that comes out of .
⁰² jeonghan y. 5 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. It has been a while, Jeonghan thinks to himself, when he has seen a day without cameras flashing all over his face and without having to wake up after only two hours of sleep for either an early schedule or a shoot right after an interview. He has only recently come back to studying — never thought he would either, having been content and certain that his future was meant to be in the runway, the same flashes of cameras and same eyes gazing upon what he has to adorn as he walks down the carpet. And he knows it still is, but—

—there are far heavier things that weigh on his mind.

It's been months since he came home to an empty apartment, and it isn't as cold as cool breeze the night has to offer today (and yes, he /is/ still at campus grounds even after his classes have long ended, as he wanted to finish another paper of his). It marks the start of his break from modelling.

He doesn't think there'd be anything as cold as that.

His eyes find their target at the moon, and with a soft sigh, he leans forward against the railing, resting his elbows atop said metal. This view isn't the same, he thinks to himself, but he revels in it regardless. Placing his chin above his palm, he lets out yet another soft exhale.

The moon is beautiful tonight.
⁰⁴ seungwoo h. 5 months ago
@⁰² christopher b. "honestly, most of the older profs here are looking for that hefty and sweet retirement plan after a while. or a super long contract so that they can't get booted." seungwoo chuckled, looking at chris with a fond smile. in the cool air of the evening that was upon them, the smell of smoke made it all the more memorable - the way it crisply cuts through the air. winking at chris after his statement, he chortled. "of course, or if there were exams... they were all jokes. i had a friend in another retired profs class way back before i even came to saebom tell me that the his prof would just ask them to send in a line or two about their favourite foods for participation marks... which was half of the course mark. that prof really did not care at that point."
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 5 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. after the hand shake between both of them that seems to be awkward but somehow towards him, there were some sister figurine that reminded him of his own sister when he was younger. the soft ah coming out from his mouth when it took him a while to realise all the bottling up she has and the way she lashed out at him, he reached out to gentle pats on her head with his own head shaking in the respond.

"don't worry about it, totally understand the pain and all so i thought before your panda eyes get deeper and your hair getting weaker than the volume that were supposed to be live, no offence taken" he mentioned at how the lady in front of him working so hard despite the amouny of restless he can tell and the color showing around her. "class? ha, save the world as if. i get to escape anytime i can because consider, the lecturer seen my grade and result despite of me skipping classes almost ninety nine percents of the time but i do study in library instead but if it's a group study, then that will be different story," he snorted of the reminder at how much he almost moved each time when there were a group discussion so he was not much of the social person in class especially on the day time.
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 5 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. Family, friends, school and her mental health. Everything was slowly taking a toll on her as time flew by. One problem after another, that was all it seemed and she couldn't help but feel frustrated, taking her anger out on another individual. Yet, he didn't deserve being lashed out against, nor did she deserve any of his help for getting the coffee she desperately needed.

After cooling down the coffee and watching as the steam fades away, she took her very first sip and let out an exasperated sigh, feeling a bit relieved as her muscle relaxed. Perking her head up and glancing from his extended hand to his face, she reached out to give him a firm shake before retreating her hands to the warmth of the cup. "It's okay. I should apologize for being rude to you in the first place. It's just, no one has ever just randomly come to the classroom and drag the T.A away?" Her eyes rolled playfully until the corners of her lips broke out into a smile. "But criminal justice huh? Shouldn't you be in your class right now and learn how to save the world."
⁰² sihyeon k. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. "yeah, i would go for our usual midnight walks, but i spent the entire day dancing and my body needs a rest," she heaves out an exaggerated sigh as she neatly throws her blanket up, only for it to land flatly across the cement (before she layers another one on top). "so, i hope you don't mind the plan change to just . . . vibe and just stargaze, heh." she pats the seat beside her for him, flashing him a small smile. "tell me about your day?"
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. taking the puff from his cigarette while watching how she was taking the deep breath from the air, the color he saw was slowly turning to lighter than earlier on surrounded with all the loud talking and madness over the exams. somehow the feeling can be mutual that he could able to understand the frustration sometimes, yet the little exercise to get her a coffee seems to be good and the way he tried to figure and read her, somehow the feeling of the independent were coming out really strong especially when she was so ready to flip jaewon once she was being dragged out of the class.

when she showed him the cup in the air made him turn around to face the scenery from the rooftop and continue to puff until the end of the cigarette as he threw on the ground to step on it, looking at the sky with a gentle voice towards the lady, "that's good, sorry not to introduce myself earlier while i know your own name. jaewon is the name, criminal justice and same year with you," with him turning to the side when the latter came and reach out his hand towards her.
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. Upon arriving to the roof of the building, the rays of the sun shining down upon them and the small refreshing breeze passing by, she couldn’t help but feel... relaxed. For a moment, for a minute, she felt a little relieved from the load of work in the classroom, with all the students blabbering on about their grades and load work of assignments. Not to mention, everything listed in her hefty schedule overworked her too and drained every ounce of her energy. Nonetheless, explains why she needed some coffee to get that back up but it seemed like it was never going to help at all. And so, perhaps getting some air with the lad would’ve helped the very least.

Shifting her focus from the scenery to him, she quirked an eyebrow while taking a sip from her cup of freshly brewed coffee before removing it from her lips. “I think I’m okay now. Seems like my blood vessels have calmed for now until the coffee kicks.” She replies, holding the cup in the mid air, enough to show him. “All thanks to you and um, no I don’t smoke.”
⁰² christopher b. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. [ tw: mentions of smoking / recreational drug usage! ]

"oh my god, for real? damn, and i thought my prof was the only one with a wild retirement plan." chris remarked in between hearty chortles, a half-smoked joint in between two fingers as he held onto his taller friend for support. his friendship with seungwoo was one of his weirder ones if he could say so himself, not really understanding when and how it started (seeing as they don't really have any commonalities - not majors, classes or even interests) but also not really questioning it after the taller quickly proved to be great company regardless. he was also one of the only friends and people who knew of his vice for smoking. he might not openly admit it, but he's really glad he made a great friend out of the taller. "did he also not administer any exams and gave everyone a free distinction too?"
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⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. "seven minutes and no more, i promise you that you will be feeling much better than anything else right now," with the ensure of the man after loosen his hold on jisoo, from the name he remembered after calling him to get her coffee. with the graceful guide to the rooftop, that was where he let go of her wrist and took out his cigarette before lighting up one. walking towards the edge of the walls with the glance of the view outside and once he turned around to look at the beauty, he smiled with a gentle voice, "now scream, punch the air or unless, you want a smoke too?" he offered his own with a likewise seeing how her expression, the tired face and the weak, exhausted body she has, jaewon just simply trying to read someone that he never met, or probably the color around her.
⁰⁴ seungwoo h. 6 months ago
@⁰² christopher b. seungwoo laughs heartily at chris's joke, sunsetting behind their heads as they lounge around on the rooftop. in one hand is a slightly watery iced coffee, seungwoo's other is brushing his hair back so that his bangs don't cover his eyes. he likes to keep eye contact with those he's talking to anyways. there isn't a certain timeline seungwoo can pinpoint where he and chris ended up as friends, but he's glad about it. he's good company as always. "honestly, that reminds me of one of my old profs. he retired the year after and you can tell he stopped caring the first week of the semester."


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wonholic [A] 5 months ago
― ❝ ᴘᴏᴘᴜʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ❞

✦ freshmen
┊females: 4
┊males: 6
┊total: 10

✦ sophomores
┊females: 5
┊males: 6
┊total: 11

✦ juniors
┊females: 2
┊males: 6
┊total: 8

✦ seniors
┊females: 3
┊males: 9
┊total: 12

― total: 41 students.
narcotic 5 months ago
aghkjfds i'm sorry, can i get chaeyoung back? forgot to hit the point req T_____T
morosis 5 months ago
Wiggles booteh
6f86d2a681200aeea6d0 5 months ago
nijiro murakami pls :smirk: BHHDJ PROMISE ILL KEEP UP
oddtheundead 5 months ago
hewwo~ may i have choi yuna added and reserved pwease?
pixels 5 months ago
hi, uh, can i get wong yukhei added pls?
LeeJunhyuck 5 months ago
Can I be reserved for Park Jisung?
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